Proof the Pope's Boys, Like their Infernal Father, are Still Animals.



Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998
From: Noel Kilkenny <info@reformation.org>
Reply-To: reform7@liii.com
Organization: Bible Believers Press
To: Steve Van Nattan <steve@balaams-ass.com>

Dear Brother Steve,

Just received this e-mial from Brother Anderson in Northern Ireland.


Hi there

Greetings in Jesus Precious Name

Within the past few days I received the following email the content of which reminds me of the persecution of Spanish believers under the Franco regime over twenty years ago.

If you can add to this please advise and in any case pray for those believers both Spanish and others of whom there are considerable numbers

Your's in the Master's Service

Sam Anderson

Ballyclare Northern Ireland


Greetings in Jesus Name from Spain

Radio Amistad is a Christian Radio Station which has been transmitting Evangelical programs in Spain for the past 11 years, from 17 transmitters across the nation 24 hours a day.

On the 20th February the Spanish Government gave an order to close and seal off all their transmissions.

The excuse the government have given is that Radio Amistad does not have a licence to transmit, despite the fact that they have systematically blocked any approach by Amistad for a licence and the fact that their transmissions were protected under the law as a result of a judicial enquiry held in 1994.

There are some 600 local radio stations in Spain who operate under the same regulations, but do not have any harrassment from the government.

Since this government came to power, they have consistently had a hostile attitude to Christian Radio and evangelicals in general . It is worth noting too that a number of the members of the government are members of 'Opus Dei', a highly influential businessmens branch of the catholic church.

Locally here in the Costa Brava, a Radio program being broadcast by the Baptist church on a local Radio station was stopped by order of the mayor,without any explanation. Permission has been refused in a number of situations for open air meetings and some evangelical churches have been closed.

All this in a nation which declares religious freedom and which is part of the European Union.

We would ask you to pray for this situation and send a fax indicating your prayerful support to Radio Amistad (in English is fine!!) on +34 3 7170963 .

Also if you feel it right to do so, then write a letter of protest to :

Sr . Presidente del Gobierno Español

Don José Maria Aznar

Fax +34 1 390 0333


Al Sr. Ministro de Fomento

Don Rafael Arias Salgado

Fax + 34 1 597 8501

We continue to value your prayerful support in this increasingly difficult  sitaution.

Yours in Christ,


Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  Opus Dei is a secret organization which is sworn to do the Poe's bidding.  They are NOT made up of priests, and priests are only used as leaders to whom Opus Dei members must answer.  These priests answer directly to the Pope.  Members swear to do vritually anything the Pope tells them to do.  This operation to destroy free speech and the Gospel in Spain is a DIRECT order of Pope John Paul II.  If he told them to kill the station managers, the Ou\pus Dei members would do so.  This proves that Pope John Paul II is a virtual animal, a beast of the most demonic order.  It cannot be overstated as to his hate for the Truth found in the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We long for his death so that we may dance in the streets as he goes to his father, Satan.

Learn more about OPUS DEI and how THEY ATTACKED YOUR  EDITOR.