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William Tyndale was burned at the stake because he helped common people obtain and read the Bible in their own language.  

If you think this could not happen again, I have some ocean front property I would like to sell you located 70 miles west of Miami. Lovely view of the water, great fishing, and boat launching rights.

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Black text is Catholic propaganda


December 15, 1999-  Example of the Pope's Grab for Power modern times


“Florida politicians and clergy put aside their differences to join in a 'Summit of Faith' recently. The two-hour public event, which drew 100 people to Tallahassee, was meant to address the problem of Florida's 'spiritual poverty,' coordinator and former state official Jim Towey said.

Towey, a Catholic, is organizing a project called Awakening 2000. Its participants sign pledge cards that remind them to pray and reach out to poor people....

Speakers included Gov. Jeb Bush, House Speaker John Thrasher, and Major Harding, chief justice of the state Supreme Court....Religious leaders participating included Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ; Walter Richardson, pastor of Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church; Rabbi Solomon Schiff of the Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami; and Archbishop John Favalora of the Miami Roman Catholic Archdiocese." (Religion Today, December 16, 1999)

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  This Jeb Bush is the boy who entertained Steven Hinkley at the family Bar-B-Que just before Hinkley shot at Ronald Reagan.  Please don't forget that.


Jerusalem - Towards the Jubilee Year 2000

It is the 28th in history and was proclaimed by John Paul II for the year 2000. The Apostolic Letter "Tertio Millenio Adveniente" was published on Nov 10th 1994. It fits into the preceding Jubilees but with a special significance, being the beginning of a new millennium, a fullness of time and a closing of a millennium marked with sad and joyous events.

The preceding five years are considered preparations for the great spiritual task:


1. The Immediate Preparations for the Jubilee: 1994-1996

The Jubilee of 2000 has to be prepared with great care so as to avoid it becoming a mere touristic or popular event. The preparations have to take into conscious consideration of the following:

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  Read that, Get ready for Vatiwood and Hollycan.  Hire the Chinese to make 50 boatloads of gongs and trinkets. Rosaries and scapulas "made in Shanghai" by Buddhists.  Novinas and candles for sale. Tetsel's cash register will ring around the world in Catholic Bookstores and parish sales areas, as the Pope sings, "What a Friend we have in Jesus."  The Vatican Bank will be doing marginal lending in the billions form that mother lode.


2  Asking pardon for the great crimes committed in the millennium

The Church looks first within herself and then outside herself in the world, where great scandals were committed in the past 10 centuries.

The present millennium opened with the Great Schism with the Oriental Churches on 1054, of which faults may be imputed on both sister Churches led by reciprocal intolerance and ambition to dominate. The middle of the millennium saw the Protestant Schism: the Lutheran in 1530, the Anglicans in 1534, the Calvinists in 1541, all preceding the Waldensian schism of 1215.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  Why start at 1054?  Answer:  In circa 825 a woman, Pope Joan, rose clandestinely to the office of Pope.  She was actually known as Joan of Anglia back in England.  She gave birth on the way to celebrate the Mass at the Laterine, and her priests stomped the baby to death on the cobblestones.  This is still a touchy matter which will NEVER be confessed by any Pope.  They DID thereafter use a "groping throne" to make sure, by feeling the important parts, that subsequent Popes were of the correct gender.  From the 1200s onward, it became unnecessary to use the "groping throne" since the Popes verified their gender quite generously by providing bastards in abundance prior to rising to the thorne of, er... Peter.

If the Roman Catholic Church is so repentant, why are they scheming to take over the Greek Orthodox Church and Mount Athos?  Also, Luther did NOT form a schism.  He obeyed the Scripture which told us what to do with Whores: Revelation (Apocalypse) 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

The millennium also saw the end of the Crusades which sought to recover the Land of Christ and his Tomb. It was often a cruel undertaking and ended disastrously from the religious, political and military point of view. There were 8 official Crusades which lasted almost 2 centuries: from 1095-1291.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  How about confessing sending the scum of the Holy Roman Empire to Jerusalem-- men who were trying to get life indulgences promised by the Pope so that they could return to Europe and rape and pillage til their death without losing heaven?

In the period of 1095-1114 the 1st Crusade was preached by Peter the Hermit and ended with the foundation of the latin kingdom of Jerusalem.

From 1147 to 1149 the 2nd Crusade was carried on the preaching of St Bernard but was crushed by a great defeat and massacre below the walls of Damascus.

The 3rd took place in 1189-1197 after the fall of Jerusalem into the hands of Saladin. It was led by Frederick Barbarossa, Philip the Fair king of France and Richard the Lion-Heart of England. It ended with a peace treaty with Saladin but which lasted only 3 years.

The 4th was called by Innocent III and led by Baldwin of France from 1202-1204. It ended up conquering Constantinople instead.

The 5th took place from 1217-1221 and was called by Innocent III again. It conquered Damietta where St Francis of Assisi also reached in order to negotiate with the Sultan.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  St Francis could get agreement from anyone.  All he had to do was stand up wind from them.  You see, old Fran thought it was the height of holiness to never take a bath.  He should have been re-named Saint Porci. 

In 1228-1229 the 6th was proclaimed by Grergory IX and led by Frederic II of Swabia. He obtained a truce of 10 years for christian pilgrims.

The 7th was conducted by Louis IX of France during the years 1248-1254, but he was captured by the muslims and had to be rescued.

The 8th was in 1270 and was another attempt by Loius IX but he died from the plague in Tunisia before arriving in the Holyland. In 1291 the last christian stronghold in Palestine, St John of Acre collapsed and the era of the Crusades ended.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  If these quacks were serious, they would annihilate the Knights of Malta who are a perpetual reminder of the zeal of Rome to take Jerusalem and kill Arabs.

Another great blow was the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) which followed the Popes' transfer to Avignon which lasted almost 70 years (1309-1377). The return of Gregory XI to Rome, after intense persuation by St catherine of Siena, resulted in a separation of some faithful who followed an antipope elected in Avignon. From 137-1417 there were 7 antipopes. Contemporaneous with Gregory XII (1406-1415) were 3 antipopes: Benedict XIII, Alexander V and John XXIII. 2 other antipopes ruled contemporaneously with Martin V (1417-1431): Clement VIII and Benedict XIV.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  Tell us also about the Pope who was an ex-sea pirate and bought the Chair of Peter with money from crime. Tell how the Council of Constance deposed him and how he received the envoy from the council while lying on his couch stark naked.

The discovery of America in 1492 brought europeans out to conquer new lands but with devastating wars and the slaughter of indigenous peoples; all of which the Church was not loud enough in condemning. There was the trade of Africans to America as slave-workers in the huge plantations colonised without scruples.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  BUNK!!  "All of which the Church" encouraged.  To include the Indian Tribe which was subdued by cutting all the men's legs off and throwing them over the cliff.  Tell us about sweet Father Junipero Serra who made absolute slaves of the California Indians.  These were great days of merry evangelism for old Mother Whore.  Confess, you slut!!!!

There was also the creation of the tribunal of the Roman Inquisition during the 2nd Lateran Council of 1139 in order to combat the heresies and religious anarchy in Europe. It was in 1184 that it actually took shape in Verona when Pope Lucius III and Frederick Barbarossa drew up the statutes. Often princes made use of it for political purpose and thus throwing a shadow of cruelty and arbitrary persecution onto it. It certainly expressed the religious intolerance typical of the Late Middle Ages and the rebirth of the Church from the dark ages.

Some famous victims were St Jean d'Acre (+1431), Girolamo Savonarola (+1498) and Galileo Galilei (+1633). It was abolished after having been reorganised several times, by Pius X in 1908 and the influential inquisitors were transferred to the Congregation of the Holy Office (today called the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith) in order to protect the purity of the faith.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  Oh, tut, tut.  So you are sorry you trashed a few Italians. Of course you are. How about Hus?  Did you forget how your pathological Pope promised Hus safe conduct, then turned on him and laughed him to scorn for trusting the old Whore?  Tell how the Pope later attacked King Wenseslaw and opened raging genocide against the Slavic people. Tell us also about Latimer and Ridley.  Your current Anglican lackey at Westminster seems to have forgotten how you used the bishops of England when you held the high ground.

Besides these, the crimes against humanity which characterized our millennium and especially this century cannot be forgotten and which in part involved the responsibility of the Church.  The two world wars (1914-1918; 1939-1945) come first to mind, costing millions of lives which were often innocent. In a particular way we recall the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 with incalculable consequences for the people of these cities that were annihilated or with irrecoverable damage to health.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  Of course, the Pope's boys would thump the USA.  How about the suicidal Japanese who worshipped their short scum of a God Hirohito, and how about the torture they inflicted on half the world?   You could not mention them since you hope to invite them soon to Mass at Jerusalem, right?  So, as is common at the UN and in all the world these days, turn your accusing shriveled mind against the US.  They are so easy to make guilty.  WELL, NOT ME, YOU JABBERY JERK.  Harry Truman, who signed your guest book "Harry S. Truman-- Baptist," dropped those bombs and saved hundreds of thousands of Japanese and American lives.  Would that old Harry could come back and drop one on your Vatican.

We remember also the events of the two great dictatorial regimes founded in Europe and which condemned millions of lives to oppression and extermination. There was the Communist regime (1917-1989) of Russia and Eastern Europe with its labour-camps and the cruel deaths it caused to millions of persons. Then there was Nazism founded in Germany with Hitler as its head (1933-1945). Well-known to all are the concentration camps where Jews and non-jewish Europeans died from hunger, cold and misery.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  How about your Whore priests who took up the cause of Hitler on US radio stations?  How about the Concordat you Popes wrote with Hitler and Von Pippin?  Come on, you old Whore, get it all out there if this is a confession.  Also, how do you explain your collusion with Communism world wide through thousands of Jesuits and Liberation Theology vipers?  Pope John Paul, you are a wimp.  You have done NOTHING about this collusion, and now you confess it.  Hey, if a drunk repents he stops drinking booze.  Don't confess your promotion of Communism and Humanism world wide unless you have stamped it out.  Make a bull.  You claim to be Alter Cristos.  Does your Cristos not know what to do with Communism and Liberation Theology?  Your Cristos is NOT the Jesus Christ of the Bible.  He cleansed the temple with a whip.  You wave your twisted cross and submit to these corrupt priests and Freemasons in the Vatican.  Repent.

Even today we weigh negatively on the history of our millennium which is ending with the massacre of entire populations in Africa through war and fratricide. To this we add the problem of hunger and the unpayable public debts gripping entire populations in the world, while others carry their excess to waste and to plunder nature.

For these painful crimes and other scandals occurring in the Church and beyond, Christians must ask forgiveness from God and from the world in the coming Jubilee with a true spirit of conversion (n.33).


3.  Acknowledging God for the great favours received this millenium

The millenium that is ending is one which saw a rise in the great religious Orders and numerous congregations of active apostolate. These have brought to the Church a great spiritual renewal in the evangelical sense which needs to be recovered and deepened. New Orders born this millenium include: new branches of the Benedictines such as the Camaldolese founded by St Romuald (951-1027), the Carthusians by St Bruno (1030-1101), the  Cistercians by St Bernard (1090-1153), and the mendicants such as Franciscans by St Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), Dominicans by St Dominic (1170-1221) and the Carmelites (1228).

During the Renaissance many religious congregations for evangelisation, education and charitable works were founded.

The 16th century was the century of the separation of the Protestant and Anglican brethren from the Roman Church, but also a renewal in religious life within the Church. We recall the Theatines founded by St Gaetano Thiene (1524), the Barnabites by St Antonio Maria Zaccaria (1533), the Somaschi by St Jerome Emiliani (1540), the Ursulines by St Angela Merici in 1535, the Jesuits by St Ignatius of Loyola which was approved in 1540. There was also the separation of the 2 branches of the Franciscans into the Observants and the Conventuals; and later in 1528 Matteo da Bascio founded the 3rd branch of franciscans called the Capuchins. In the middle of the century, about 1540 the Congregation of the Hospitellers of St John of God was founded to care for the sick. And at the end of the century in 1591 St Camillus of Lellis founded his Congregation for the care of the poorest of the sick. The beginning of the 17th entury saw the foundation of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity by St Vincent de Paul which engaged in the care for the abandoned sick.

For the education of the abandoned youths, St Philip Neri founded in Rome the Congregation of the Oratorians in 1560. In a similar vein, St Joseph Calasanz founded the Congregation of the Piarists in 1597 in order to diffuse education among the lower classes and illiterate. A few centuries later, the Salesians and their female counterparts were founded by St John Bosco for the education of the youth.

Among these initiatives was also that of the contemplative life, which was sparked by the reform of the Carmelite Order undertaken by St Teresa of Avila in 1562.

All in all this millenium saw the foundation of 492 male congregations and Orders with 144,770 members; 2973 female congregations with 865,902 members; 163 Secular Institutes of which 53 have pontifical recognition and 110 with diocesan, numbering 80,000 members. It was a great push towards contemplation, education, mission and relief. The Missions experienced a growth of many congregations aimed at evangelising the non-christian world. Members of Orders and missionary congregations evangelised the Americas from the moment of its discovery in the 15th century; Australia and the Pacific isles in the 18th and 19th centuries; Africa in the 19th century.

During this millenium, 13 Ecumenical Councils were called in the West, following the schism of the oriental Church. From the 9th Council which was the Lateran Council of 1123 to the 21st which was the 2nd Vatican Council of 1962-65, all contributed in diverse measure to the reform of the Church.

For all these, the Church intends to thank God with a great prayer of praise and acknowledgement during this Holy Year of the Millenium (n.32).


4. The Great Prayer for Unity of the Christian Churches

If the present millenium was one of division,the new millenium ought to be one of reconciliation and re-unification among the various christian denominations through commitment and prayers by all. The prayer for the unity of christians began with Christ (Jn 17) and continues to be more insistent today. One may not single out and impute any specific blame for this division exclusively on one or other denomination. The blame lies on both conflicting parties. The division among the believers of the one same Christ is today the scandal of the ecclesial world. Today the question of unity is crucial and begs the intervention of the Holy Spirit who alone can restore true unity. Many institutions were created to work towards this end, such as "The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity", "The World Council of Churches" with its headquarters in Geneva, national and diocesan  committees.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  The Great Prayer of Steve Van Nattan:  

Heavenly Father, We are grieved at seeing this plot of Satan, hatched in Hell, to take over the lives of many saints who love you.  We pray that you will give us the zeal to rescue thousands of your children who should be leaving these ecumenical denominations and Whore churches.  Give us power in the Holy Ghost to trash the Roman Whore's machinations and schemes. Lead us to spiritual revenge as called for by the Apostle Paul.  

Also, Holy Father, Lord Jehovah, destroy the Pope now in your power.  Provoke him to insamity as you did to King Saul, and show the world his evil nature.  When he dies, dear Father, please give the Roman Church a hopeless and depraved leader who will lose power over the Roman Whore and play the fool daily.

Thank you Holy Father for sinking the Spanish Armada and making England Protestant.  Thank you father for leading Columbus away from America so that we could start with godly men.  Thank you Father for killing our Roman Catholic President Kennedy.  Thank you Father for the many Evangelical missionaries who took the missionfields of the world and drove the Jesuits and Maryknolls to drink.  Hallelujah. Glory in the Church.  Like a mighty army-- Father, please empower us to stave off the Whore in the Third Millennium and beyond.  Give the Pope and his Prostitute devils, Father, so that they will play the fool and frighten many of Rome's victims away from the skirts of that unspeakable Whore.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

And the people said.........


5.  Evangelization in the Modern World

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  "BONDAGE" IS THE WORD!

The Jubilee Year of the end of the millennium obliges the Church to undertake with new enthusiasm the evangelization of the modern world. It is a paramount duty which weights on bishops, priests, religious and laity alike. In our de-christianized western world it is necessary to fight against religious indifference which makes humanity live as if God does not exists. It is worse than theoretical atheism which at least poses the problem of God even if only to reject it. The widespread lost of faith brought with it a lost of fundamental moral values such as the respect for life in its every stage, the sense of honesty, of moral responsibility in the private life, in public affairs and administration, in solidarity with the poor, with emigrants seeking work, with impoverished countries in debt. Often this is due to the bad example of christians. It requires us to seriously reverse the course of events.

Among christians it is necessary to recover the reception of 2nd Vatican Council which is under threat of being forgotten. This involves the reading and making the most of the Word of God, the continuing renewal of the liturgy, the sense of belonging to the Church, the role of the laity, the evaluation and exercise of ecclesial ministry, an open and respectful dialogue with modern culture and the world.

It is also necessary to recover a missionary thrust towards distant lands, continuing the evagelisation initiated by the last millenium. If the Church is not missionary, it ceases to be Church. Jesus had commissioned that the Good News be brought to the ends of the world (Mt 28:10-20; Mk 18:15-20).


6.  A New Spring for Christian Life


The aim of the Jubilee is pre-eminently spiritual and seeks the renewal of christian life. It is not interested in the economic, touristic or political aspects as certain newspapers have insinuated. Crowds will come to Rome from among the poor and simple folk with the sole religious aim of receiving the Jubilee indulgence, thrusting forward a great desire for spiritual renewal that is being reborn in the hearts of the christian masses. The means of this renewal are: a long period of preparation: informative and spiritually well-organised, spreaded into the 3 years preceeding the Jubilee (1997-1999).

The 1st Year (1997): a reflection on the person of Jesus Christ because the Jubilee is a memorial of his birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection. It is necessary to rediscover and re-listen to the Saviour Jesus Christ through re-evangelisation, making more profound the mystery of the Incarnation, re-reading the Gospels, re-discovering Baptism, to take up again catechism. It is necessary to reawaken a healthy devotion to Mary who gave us Jesus.

The 2nd Year (1998): it is dedicated to the Holy Spirit and its living presence in the Church. It is the Holy Spirit that enabled the mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God, and we receive the Spirit in Confirmation like a guest in our souls. It is the Spirit that operates in the Church, distributing charisms and ministries. The Spirit guides evangelisation just as it did immediately on the 1st Pentecost day; it enables the Church and each believer to journey in hope towards the Kingdom of God; it helps discover the positive signs of the times in history which arise from its activity such as progress in science and technology; a more active awareness of ecology; of solidarity; the promotion of the laity in the Church; the desire for unity among christians, dialogue with all religions to discover a point of convergence.

The 3rd Year (1999): attention falls on the Father who is in heaven. Knowledge of the Father is indispensible for the faith. From the Father we have life, creation and history. We come from his project of salvific love. The Jubilee reminds us that we are journeying towards the house of the Father (the Pilgrimage) hence we have to feel the urgency of conversion which itself is life's journey. We must learn to rediscover the sacrament of Penance for personal purification. The Jubilee is a hymn of praise (to jubilate) to him from whom all good things come. We should all take advantage of this occassion and rediscover what true prayer is. God is love and this begs for a rediscovery of the 1st christian commandment. From this springs the preferential option of the Church for the poor manifested with sincere works of charity and solidarity. God the Father is the origin of the family hence we are bound to promote and defend the rights of the family which today is in crisis. The God that we believe in is the God of the great religions thus the setting of the Jubilee is one of promoting a respectful dialogue with the other religions.

The Pope has announced that the Jubilee will be celebrated simultaneously in Rome, in the Holyland and in a special way Jerusalem the place od the Redemption, in local churches throughout the world so as to enable everyone to draw from the great treasury of graces which the Church disposes. Special attention should be paid to the sick, the aged, the cloistered monks and nuns, the prisoners.

In Rome, the International Eucharistic Congress will simultaneously take place and a meeting of all the Christian confessions will attempt to relaunch the unity of the Church of Christ and to obtain from God the grace of reunification.

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  There is is.  This 2000 ploy is not meant to be a spiritual event.  It is being engineered to send the pimps, spiritual faggots, and bugger boys of Rome into the world to draw in all of Christendom, indeed all religions, into the Whore House of the Vatican-- The house of the prostituted wafer god.  "Eucharistic Congress" means one Lord's Table where Satan's Popish priest will be elevating the Cannibalist Cookie and blaspheming The Lord Jesus Christ.  If this happens to occur after the Rapture of the true Bride, this ceremony will very likely include drinking the blood of the Jewish tribulation saints.

Do you know what "relaunch" means?  Answer:  The Pope, possibly the next one, will trash his dirty and liberal priests, then he will turn to Christendom and say, "Look here now, I did what you wanted me to do.  Now, come to Papa, and help me start building a great New Testament Church just like Paul did." The Pope may even bypass Liberal Christianity and go straight to Fundamentalists in seeking renewed zeal for his strategy.

That is what you will have to face in 2000 or soon afterward.  Jack the wimpy Van Impe went for it, as did Bill Bright (he ain't very), Luis Piddler Palau, Fuller Scuzzy Seminary, Trinity Pabulum Seminary, Billy Graham the Guli Guli man, Robert Sham'im Schuler, the Southern Baptist Convomition, the Witchy Methodists, most of Pentecostalism, most Lutherans, the Reformed (Deformed) Church of America, Mealy Mouthed Presbyterians, TBN, Pat the Rat Robertson, Benny Hindu Hinn, Toronto Blessing, Trinity Balmy Brampton, Brownsville AOG, the Anglican un-Church, Prince Shiva Charles, Queen Elite Elizabeth, and the Protestant churches of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

In Black text:  Original text in Italian by Oscar Battaglia
© copyright Edizioni Porziuncola, Assisi
Used here for study purposes only.
Translated by Lionel Goh, SBF - Hong Kong
Courtesy of Edizioni Porziuncola, Assisi  




The Vatican's Proposal:
Toward a One-World Economic System?

During World War I, the German treasury was low in gold, its budget was unbalanced, and inflation went sky high. In 1919, the German mark was worth twenty US cents, or four marks to the dollar. Within four years it plunged in value to seven thousand marks to the dollar in January, one hundred sixty thousand to the dollar in July, and one million to the dollar in August.

Panic and madness swept the country. People carried suitcases of money to buy a sausage. And the mark kept falling-until, when in November of that year, 4.2 trillion marks were needed to equal one dollar in buying power.

The value of every pension was wiped out, and all security was gone. At that point, the people were ready to listen to anyone who could voice their bitterness. Enter Adolph Hitler.

In a 1979 Time magazine article entitled, "Inflation: Who Is Hurt Worst?" forty-three-year-old Arthur Garcia seemed to speak out of great frustration for a number of people. One could understand why, because at the time, he was supporting a wife and five children on a salary of $19,000 as a worker in US Steel's South Chicago mill. In the article, he was quoted making this statement: "You really want to revolt, but what can you do? I keep waiting for a miracle-for some guy who isn't born yet. And when he comes, we'll follow him like he was John the Baptist."

This is no longer 1979, but signs are evident that both the US and the world's economies are shaky. Things could happen quickly, setting the stage for the world to receive a man who will control the global economy in the way described in Revelation 13:16-17. This man will be the one described in Revelation as the false prophet and the Antichrist who will cause everyone to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads. This will not be an addition to the role he will play, but part of it.

It is unlikely that a one-world economic system, described in Revelation 13, would be set up overnight. Clearly, a foundation would have to be laid beforehand before it could be put into action. That means this foundation, as well as the environment to even set up this foundation, would need to come prior to the point at which the coming world ruler steps into position.

Though it seems an unlikely candidate to do so, it appears that the Vatican may be fulfilling a role to parlay it into prepping for the foundation necessary to this kind of arrangement. In a possible step toward a one-world economic system, the Vatican recently called for a new global economic authority. The document put forth by the Vatican calls for a new global economic authority that could impose penalties on member states as "way of ensuring that they possess efficient markets." This plan would involve the establishment of a central world bank to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises. It would also give this new authority the power to tax financial transactions.

The document submitted by the Vatican to lay out this plan stated: "The economic and financial crisis which the world is going through calls everyone, individuals and peoples, to examine in depth the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence."

Hmmm. This sounds suspiciously like a giant leap toward a one-world economic system. If so, and if God chooses to utilize this, we could be seeing the foundation laid toward the fulfillment of the global economy as portrayed in Revelation 13:16-18-the forcing of the world's population to take the mark of the beast.

Of course, this proposal did not come out of thin air. It was motivated by the current financial crisis which has enveloped the globe.

As mentioned, an environment prepares the way for a foundation, which then gives rise to the structure to be built upon it. The current global financial crisis is the environment which appears to be spurring the creation of a foundation, a foundation that may prepare the way for the one-world economic system.

Based on predictions by economists, along with the current European picture, the astronomical debt of the U.S. government, and the basic bankruptcy of some third-world countries, the near-future appears to present a grim picture. If we consider, along with this, the serious discussions in the International Monetary Fund to replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency, it seems we have the perfect environment to foment action toward laying a foundation for a one-world economy.

Time will tell, but what Bible-believing Christians do know is that God is in control. He has allowed this mix for the fulfillment of His kingdom plan. Since He has predicted the one-world economic system, we know that, not only will it occur, but God will direct the details toward its accomplishment.

But since God IS in control, this is not a time for panic for those who trust Him. Instead, it is a day of awe, as we see Him aligning the events for the complete fulfillment of His word; and it is a time of preparing for the return of Christ.

Doctoral work, Phoenix Seminary; Th.M., New Testament Greek, Dallas Theological Seminary; B.A., English, University of Northern Iowa Author; Conference Speaker Article

Source: Article





These and many more,

Have kissed the fornicating Whore.

Will YOU go for it???????

And the hearty souls answered,

In the spirit of Luther, Hus and Cranmer...





Malachi Martin -Tempters Hour Part 1
A Tridentine priest who was excommunicated for refusing to add Hindu worship filth to the Mass in India tells me that Martin is VERY believable. The fiction used to hide the culprits was obviously to prevent Martin from being assassinated for writing the book.

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Now, as a Bible believer I am not crying hot tears over the demonic vile mess that has evolved in the Vatican. But, I have been told by many Catholics, customers in my piano tuning trade, that the next Pope after Benedict will be the Antichrist.

When a PhD Catholic priest like Malachi Martin, who taught in the Vatican Seminary, tells us that the Vatican is a hell hole, we need to sit up and pay attention. You and your pastor need to discuss what this means to your zeal for souls. I suspect most or you do not give a damn if souls go to hell. Witnessing in the market place these days is almost nil. God help the lost if we will not give them hope in Christ.