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Some stories and accounts
of tax rebels and their acts and behavior

Again, I shall have to leave off the actual names of the parties.  

In some cases, I think it would be too harsh to name people, and in other cases, I figure that these scum might actually send the local version of their rebellion to attack me physically.

The Militia is an oath bound society, and they play hard ball.


Case History One:  
The man in the big house

This is a sad one.  The man in question was at one time a rather verbal tax rebel.  He believed the doctrine of rebellion, and he refused to pay his taxes.  Well, the IRS took him to court, and they had him convicted and locked up in the state prison.  He served his term quietly.  His extended family loved him, but they could not ever figure out how to deal with the idea that grandfather was in prison.  When he was released, he did not give up his conservative views.  He was and is very zealous for Bible based truth, and he has moved to a new church in order to stay on the narrow way.  But, do you want to know something?  He does not discuss tax rebellion with anyone.  He simply had that knocked out of him.  The big house is NOT a nice place to live.  And it is clear that Caesar wins in the end if we refuse to give him his "due."


Case History Two:  
Running away from the fuzz.

We  talk about a gentleman who has been a real blessing to many people.  He is a true tax rebel, but he gives away more cash to the saints in need than he would have paid in tax to Caesar.  His motive is NOT simply to avoid taxes and have more money to play with.

The problem is that this man has also gone the whole route in that he has no driver's license and no car registration.  He drives around very carefully lest he be pulled over by a cop.  He has a license plate on his car, but it is not his.  If he were ever stopped, he would be in a world of hurt, friend.

As to employment, few men are as clever as this man.  He does conversions of commercial operations overnight with just one other man working with him.  The other man pays him, but it has to be done outside the law.  Both men risk ending up in State or Federal court over their employment tricks.

Is this what Jesus taught us?  Does this story remind you of the life and travels of the Apostle Paul?


Case History Three:  
The church that tax rebellion destroyed

I knew a pastor who followed a tax rebel pastor.  The former pastor was "converted" to tax rebellion by two men in the church.  They worked on him and one day he "stayed to pray," and from then on the former pastor preached tax rebellion and resistance to all Federal numbers and registrations of any kind.  The former pastor and the two men in the church drove the other people mad with their nagging.  Finally the former pastor took off for other parts, and my friend entered the remains of the church to see if he could salvage it.  He persevered by God's help for some time, and a church school was implemented, but the aftermath of the tax rebellion era had taken its toll.

Today that local church has fallen into the hands of Neo-Evangelicals, and they re-registered it as a non-profit corporation.  Neo-Evangelical leaders, like many men today, see the bonding of tax rebellion with the unregistered church principles and they assume the two cannot be separated.  We will discuss the unregistered church more another time, but PLEASE understand this-- Unregistering a church from the authority of Caesar is a very smart thing to do, but that does NOT mean that tax rebellion is equally smart.  It is not.  It sure did destroy the church under discussion.


Case History Four:  
When the tax rebels call you to fellowship

A pastor friend of mine was leading the Unregistered Churches of Michigan.  He was the only leader of his kind in the USA, as far as I know, who 100% separated tax rebellion from unregistering a church.  He also had a good number of churches which truly appreciated his stand, and all of these churches had good testimonies in the community because the individual saints paid their taxes.

This pastor friend of mine was called by a Dr. Rebel to present his position to a conference of pastors in Dr. Rebel's church in a mid-western US city.  All the other men present would be in the unregistered church movement AND they would be tax rebels.  My friend went to speak to them.  He intended to keep controlled and calm.  At the last minute, the Holy Spirit lead my friend to speak on holiness and leave the topic at hand in order to avoid divisive reactions and destruction of Christian fellowship. My pastor friend really DID love these men in spite of his disagreements with them.

When my friend got up to the pulpit to speak, 40 pastors immediately stood, turned around, and stood with their backs to him all throughout his message.  After the session was over, no one would shake his hand.  A good number came to him and declared him evil and wicked etc.  He was shunned from then on.  Dr. Rebel made a lame attempt to apologize, but Dr. Rebel made no effort to rebuke the childish baby pastors for their silly conduct.  After all, those pastors were there under the tutoring of Guru Rebel.

Friends, this is the way of tax rebellion.

My friend told me that as he sat in the dinner area, small groups of Baptist pastors were sitting here and there. Almost all of them were discussing one thing-- How to destroy the present US government and start over, AND they were talking about a full blown revolution with guns and mass death of the Feds.

This is NOT what Jesus meant when He said, "This is the way, walk ye in it."


Case History Five:  
A sad story of a good family--
Actually, a pretty large number of families:

Now here is a family not typical of most tax rebels.  They are hard working and honorable.  But they are true to the cause in principle.  The head of the home claims he has never made an income.  This is because he has redefined "income" as "gifts."  Everyone knows that the IRS does not tax gifts, so the man has defined himself out of the loop.  When he does a job for someone, he refuses pay and suggests the people give him a gift.  This is subterfuge, and Caesar would not think it was clever-- It is criminal.

The man's sons have to work under the same arrangement, and all the men in the family have no social security number.  The family dares not buy a home because the Feds might take it.  If someone gives them a gift in check form, they have to ask someone else to launder it for them since they have no checking account.  This is because the Feds would garnishee any account they opened.

Now, these are very sweet folks in many ways, and God has in mercy helped them to survive.  But, they live hand to mouth, and they cannot advance in employment since they refuse a social security number.  This almost assures them that someone will be a beggar one day as old age sets in.  But, even if they survive by God's mercy, they are standing on quicksand doctrinally. They do NOT share Jesus' zeal to provide all things honest in the sight of all men.


Case History Six:  
A Tax Rebel Possessed of Devils

Let's call the man Dave. Dave was a typical tax rebel in many respects. He loved the Lord, knew he was born again, and was supportive of his pastor.  He disagreed with his pastor on tax rebellion, for his pastor taught the correct biblical doctrine of submission to Caesar in the area of tax.  Dave thought of this disagreement with his pastor as a small thing and not serious enough to cause any harm.

Dave started having trouble though. He was attacked in various ways. He received mental attacks of fierce temptations, and he became very violent in his mind with towering hate entering. He became terrified of this, knowing it could not be of the Lord. Dave realized that he was under attack of Satan, and he did not know why. Dave talked to his pastor, and the pastor asked Dave if the tax rebellion could be the cause of the Satanic attack. Dave denied this at first but quickly agreed with the pastor.

A deliverance session was soon set up, and prayer people were in place, as well as others with discernment. This was a Fundamental KJV Baptist church, NOT a loonie Charismatic show.

I have the video of the session as it opened, and as soon as the pastor spoke to the devil of the tax rebellion, Dave was flung violently on the floor and began raging in a strange voice. Devils were CLEARLY in control. Dave was not possessed BY devils, but, like those Jesus delivered in the Bible accounts, Dave was possessed OF devils.  He had them like my dog has fleas.  

Dave's pastor used the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus as a defense, and soon Dave was under Christ's protection. His pastor talked with Dave for a number of sessions, and here is the terrifying part. Dave confessed that he KNEW what was right, BUT, he also said that a great evil power was only very slowly releasing a grip over his mind as to tax rebellion. Dave was finally delivered, as I was informed.

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. You CANNOT mess about with pride and rebellion and expect to be immune from devils. BEWARE!

Proverbs 17:11 An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.

WARNING:  Your tax rebellion friend, the one you kind of like to hang around with--  He is a rebel to God, and he is a criminal in society.  Stand close enough to him for long enough, and you will be identified with him by Caesar's enforcers. Why would you want this trouble?  How will it glorify God?  What will your choices teach your children?  Ever wonder why your kids are getting rebellious?  Dhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?????

Again, I absolutely refuse to identify any of the above characters.  There would be no point in exposing them.  Their stories are true, and they are here as a caution to all of us to be careful from which spring we drink.



Feb. 14, 2001


The Federal Marshall seized the church Feb. 13 after 91 days of delay in order to avoid harm and actual arrests. The Marshall managed to get his wish, and for that he personally should be commended.

Here are the words of Greg Dixon Jr:

"They're giving millions to faith-based organizations. I think it's a tragedy that they let this take place.

"We were never promised anything. We've not heard anything."

"They're giving millions to faith-based organizations. I think it's a tragedy that they let this take place.

"We were never promised anything. We've not heard anything."

Here are the words of Greg Dixon Sr:

"God's people don't need a church to pray in. In the final analysis, the church isn't a building," the elder Dixon said.

The Dixons don't seem to have been talking to each other well enough, for they seem to have two different stories.
As to the curse Dixon laid on Caesar, when did Jesus or Paul ever curse the higher powers of the nation they lived in? This reminds me of the curse Bobby Jonsie of BJU laid on the Feds for taking away his tax exempt status. In that case, and in this one, God will not be cursing the Feds.This is the trauma which any local church will experience when they are big, resist the power God has set in place, lie about their tax status, and center their eyes on the guru / pastor leader of that local church. If Dixons Sr. really believes what he said about the church not needing a building, then he ought to give his brat kid a good spanking, and they ought to start renting some place to meet and get on with it. Show us you can survive in the Holy Ghost.In all fairness, I must point out that the following words from the US Marshall have been spoken thousands of times during the era of the Jesuit Inquisition, Nazi Germany, Waco, Randy Weaver, IRS erroneous raids, and any time a law enforcement officer violates the rights of a citizen:
"I have no concerns about administrations," US Marshall Anderson had said. "I am sworn to enforce court orders regardless of what administration is in."

Just doing my job sir, now please put your head on the chopping block. The US Marshall does NOT have to do evil just because some Gringo in Washington DC sends him a paycheck to do so. I want to go on record saying that the US Marshall is in this way still suspect for doing evil. Time will tell I am sure.