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Uncover the truth about The Passion:

"Three of the actresses who have key roles in this film are not only internationally renowned actresses, they are hardcore pornography stars!"
AND, The Cast
Dr. James Dumbson, Billy Graham, and Cal Thomas now are the most crass fools of the day-- They sent YOU to see porn queens.


Editor's Comment by Steve Van Nattan--
Gibson, a flaming servant of the Roman Whore, the son of a Jew hater, has done the Pope a great service-- He has exalted the Lord Jesus with all the sin and shame of all the ages on him. No hope, no Gospel. The Pope wants Catholics to throw up with disgust at the sight of a ghastly sin covered dead Jesus hanging on the cross so that they will turn for their religion to the Whore of Babylon, the counterfeit Mother Goddess, Mary. This counterfeit Mary will then rock them gently into hell. If any Catholic manages to think long enough to ask questions, the Pope will tell them to blame the Jews.

I may have shared this before, but when I studied at a synagogue in Los Angeles-- a synagogue attended exclusively by very, very old folks, most of whom had either escaped Hitler or had family wiped out by Hitler-- my friend Dr. Rosenfeld approached me with a neo-Nazi newspaper that featured articles that Gibson's old man either read or had written, and the good doctor asked me a question I will never, ever forget. Said he, "If the Holocaust never really happened, I wonder if these people could tell me: Where is my wife? Where are my daughters? I haven't seen them in more than fifty years."

This was sent by a reader and witness of the Gibson mind. If you went to see "The Passion" you may well need to be delivered of devils by a Bible believing Fundamental Baptist KJV ONLY pastor who HATES the Catholic Church and all it stands for.

For the record, I fully believe that every one of you reading these lines, as well as myself, if we had been in the mob before Pilate, would have screamed for the death of Jesus Christ. I am eternally grateful that I was NOT there, for I, at age 7, understood who Jesus died for-- for me-- and I have believed in him and love him for saving me. I am sorry so many Jews still hate Jesus. They too could believe in him and love him for the salvation he offers them.


Mel Gibson's Film "The Passion" of the Christ

Marketing strategists have advertised "The Passion of The Christ" as a Christian film that is ideal for evangelism. Critics have assailed it as either a Roman Catholic tool for proselytizing or anti-Semitic propaganda. We believe that this movie is Merovingian agitation propaganda calculated to galvanize public opinion against Roman Catholicism and Judaism""doctrinal religions which are targeted for elimination. Nor will fundamental Christians escape, for the Gospel is undergoing redefinition and Biblical Christianity is being transformed into "Gnostic Christianity."  Remember, no one in Gibson's film comes off looking good""neither the Jews, nor the Romans, not even the Apostles, whom Christ chose to carry His Gospel to the world. We expect the most appealing characters in "The Passion" will be the Gnostic Jesus and his devotee, Magdalen. (We would remind the Gnostics that John wrote the Revelation, not Mary Magdalene.)


From the evidence gathered so far, "The Passion of The Christ" would appear to be a mind control operation of international proportions. Mel Gibson said of his film, "I wanted it to be shocking. And I also wanted it to be extreme. I wanted it to push the viewer over the edge." The ABC Primetime camera also filmed scenes of visibly distraught people who had just previewed "The Passion" in church settings, with the comment that "many react to the film with ecstasy and weeping." The preview sessions were held primarily in Evangelical and Catholic churches, where experience-based spirituality is fast replacing the teaching of sound Bible doctrine.


Alice Bailey wrote in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, that "the Christian church in its many branches can serve as a nucleus through which world illumination may be accomplished." In The Emerging Order, Jeremy Rifkin specifically identified the Evangelical Church as the vehicle through which the New World Order would be birthed. Consider that the impact on Evangelical Christians of the traumatic events of September 11""replayed frequently on TV""along with a well-orchestrated anti-Muslim smear campaign, provided moral justification, in the mind of most Evangelicals, for the present genocidal campaign against Muslims in the Middle East. What will be the impact on these same Evangelicals of watching the protracted torture and cruel death of their Lord, Jesus Christ?  Consider also that, during the Tribulation period, fundamentalists of the three major monotheistic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) are targeted for extermination, at which time the Gnostic elements of these religions will merge together in a one world religion of Gnostic occultism.


Trauma-based mind control programmers and Satanic ritual abusers know that viewing graphic violence triggers dissociative states in their victims. This is especially true when victims are forced to watch the torture and/or death of a loved one. Dissociation is a disconnection from full awareness of self, time, and/or external circumstances""a mental condition that is fertile ground for altered states of consciousness. Victims of trauma-based mind control are so overwhelmed that they must "go somewhere else" mentally. In such a state, a person may become agitated, programmed or even demonized to commit acts of violence that would otherwise be unthinkable. Less violent portrayals of the Crucifixion in medieval passion plays frequently sparked anti-Semitic violence in Europe. Images of even more excessive violence done to Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ" may flash across the mind of susceptible persons for long periods of time after viewing the film, triggering latent reactions of hatred and revenge.


"The Passion of The Christ" sounds to be, not an evangelistic tool that will lead to revival, but a new level of Satanically-inspired violence, reminiscent of another film based on Anthony Burgess" novel, ""A Clockwork Orange" Orwellian vision of a hideous future torn between anarchic violence and appalling state repression" in which the main character "Alex imagines crucifying Christ, relishing the prospect of helping in and even taking charge of the tolchocking and the nailing in, being dressed in a like toga that was the heighth of Roman fashion." 


One has to wonder if the producers of "The Passion" aren"t the real Christ-haters, who derived vicarious pleasure from reenacting the Crucifixion with meticulous attention to the details of Jesus" torture.  Wonder no more. When Diane Sawyer asked Mel Gibson rhetorically, "It"s your hand in the film holding the nail?", he responded: "It is, yeah. My left hand. In Italian, "sinistra" or sinister hand." ABC was showing footage from the film in which Gibson"s left hand held the nail which pierced the hand of Christ, as a hammer pounded it into the cross. Although Gibson put a Biblical gloss on his reasons for doing this, he gave his true intentions away through an esoteric allusion.


There is an Ordo Sinistra Vivendi or "Order of the Left Hand Path" which is a Satanist warrior order that stands for "Black Magick" as well as rebellion against Christ and His Church. The name represents brazen defiance of Matthew 25:41 "Then shall (Jesus) say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels." To these Satanists, "Left Hand Path" means "Anima/Yin, feminine principle of the universe, intuitive, receptive, dark" and, according to the OSV, "The sinister Way recognises the need to restore balance through opposition (heresy); to create through destruction... The best-known archetype of opposition to stasis is Satan..."

"The Passion of the Christ" is a thoroughly Satanic production, and occultists worldwide know exactly what Mel Gibson meant by ""sinistra" or sinister hand" as well as many other esoteric signs attending, not only this film, but the entire genre of occult films that are inundating movie theaters. Satanists, who despise Jesus Christ, and their master, Satan, who has fond memories of the Crucifixion, will no doubt love "The Passion of the Christ". Everyone else, including Christians, should stay at home with their children and look into the Word of God. There you will find Jesus.

That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.

I John 1:3-4