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Steve Van Nattan

This page will consist of notes and observations of Hebrew Roots aspects in the Lord's Church in the past and present.



1.  PK and the Shofar

I recall that Promise Keepers had an unsaved Jewish Rabbi blow the shofar at their big rally in Washington DC.  Their last big fling spelled death to their organization.  Hebrew Roots people are very prone to overlook the Jew's need for salvation.  When a Hebrew Roots Christian group can get a real live Jew on hand, it gives them a kind of hubris and credibility that is some sort of red badge of the genuine.


2.  Chat in Hebrew

My son, Dan, spends quite a bit of time on AOL's chat rooms.  He reported finding a group of Hebrew Roots folks chatting along in almost another language.  They were substituting many English words with what they imagined were the Hebrew counterpart.  This is nutty as a fruit cake friends.  

First, this makes the Hebrew Roots thing a secret which the uninitiated cannot understand.  The Gospel has ALWAYS been fruitful ONLY where the common man could understand the message.  The Roman Catholic Church for centuries hid their secrets in Latin which the common man could not understand.  After the Reformation, Rome was forced to start teaching in the common language.  But, only in my lifetime have they abandoned Latin as the alleged holy language of God.  The result has been Catholics who actually know what they believe-- not often mind you, but it now can happen.

Second, by using Hebrew, Arabs and Middle Eastern people are put off seriously.  This is not a small matter.  The use of Hebrew by a Gringo American sends a message of Antisemitic Gospel to the Arab.  Oh, I bet you thought Antisemitism was only in Jew hatred, right?  How stupid of you!  Arabs are Semites too, and Jesus wants then to hear the Gospel without being forced to feel like the Gospel is a racial issue.


3.  Friends of ours were in a Bible study in Dallas.  

The lady was a converted Jew and her husband was a born again Greek.  Well, the Bible study leader was a Gentile, and he was Hebrew Roots crazy.  He was desperate to get Jews into the group so he could justify his ministry to supporters who anticipated a Hebrew Roots ministry.  He was so desperate for this that he brought in a number of Jews who were never born again.  Judaism did not bother him-- only credibility.  This seems to be the order of the day in Hebrew Roots groups.


4.  There is a King James Bible only church in Colorado which rejects all regular holidays, like Christmas and Halloween.  Great.  

Problem-- They have substituted with all the Jewish festivals and Biblical holidays.  What utter madness.  How can a Gringo American have any stake in Purim?  What is the Feast of Booths to Anglo Christians?  Friend, it is nice to see a missionary to Jews do the Passover in the church house once in a while.  It is interesting.  But, even the passover of the present is in no way similar to the setting and simple ritual God gave to Israel.  This is silly.  Also, it gives the impression that saints today NEED this kind of event to feel right with God.  This is blasphemy.


5.  The Secret Jesus

My son, Mike, observed that all cults, witchcraft, the New Age, and Freemasons give alternate names to God and Jesus Christ.  This is because of the offense of the Gospel.  So, when a new and mystic name is given to Jesus and God by the Hebrew Roots people, they are in fact joining those who seek to hide and conceal the true persons of the Godhead.  Freemasonry uses Adonai for Jesus.  They use Great Architect of the Universe for God.  The New Age calls Jesus the Ascended Master.  Freemasons also confound God's name as Jabulon, which is a combining of Jehovah, Baal, and On of Egypt.  This is one of their deepest secrets.  To insist on using Yahweh for God and Yeshua for Jesus in nonsense.  God is quite willing to save all men, and God knows all of their languages.  He should-- He invented them at the Tower of Babel.

Beware of giving a new saint an esoteric Jesus-- A Jesus from outside the community of faith.


6. Why did Satan find the welcome mat out in Charismatic circles with his new invention of Hebrew cults?  

Answer:  Charismatics were already babbling in tongues not understood by anyone, even themselves.  Lately, Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard Browne have been even babbling in filthy pornographic language.  I have four videos of them doing so, and the congregation in front of them were so demonized that they didn't catch one word for what it really meant.  Such people are ripe for more gibberish and blah blah blah sanctification--  Which is counterfeit sanctification.  If you are a Pentecostal, I submit that you should consider carefully how long you intend to continue blabbering and jabbering out things you don't understand.  God is a God of reason and rational words.  He demands this of us.


7.  C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis, whom we have treated heavily in this Journal, was a committed pagan at heart, and he said so.  He saw in Jesus all of the ancient pagan and Greek gods.  So, it is interesting that his writings and fantasy works drip with symbolism from the Kabalah and Judaism.  Also, he merges this with the notions of the Holy Grail, which you will have learned about in other articles in this Journal.  So, we see that this Hebrew Roots cult has been around for a long time.  

We might mention only in passing the Anglo-Judaism of Herbert Armstrong.  He was considered a heretic by the same people who today are building his house up all over again in Charismania.  How bizarre.


8.  The hazard in the Hebrew Roots Movement is this.  

While we reject this heresy and its Mother Goose qualities, we can become anti-Jew.  That is a real danger.  Jesus was a Jew, as were all of the Bible writers.  We stand on the shoulders of Jews in our faith.  But, Paul made it very clear that Judaism and Old Testament Law keeping was OUT for the Church age.  Also, Jesus told one of the new Gentile churches in Revelation 2-3 that the jewish synagogue was the synagogue of Satan.  To go down to the local synagogue today and dip one's cup into their stream of paganism is folly in the extreme.  

However; let us never lose our joy at the opportunity to witness to a Jew.  Let us never make mockery of a newly saved Jew who is using some silly talk about being "fulfilled" or "Jesus made my Kosher."  These Jews who get saved are coming from a powerful force of culture and false religion.  Hug them, but don't join them in the silly things.  Be patient.  Teach them.  I know what I am talking about. I have had the joy of helping a Jew come into Christian fellowship.


9. Remember this-- Antichrist will be a Jew.  

Israel would not go for a Gentile.  Language in Daniel and elsewhere in the Bible indicates this also.  So, let us not be guilty of fanning a movement into flame which will in fact be the religious vehicle by which Satan will enter and rule Zion.  I fully believe that this Hebrew Roots is one of the last, or THE last, religio-cultural event which will call the whole world to unite under one manifestation of religion and union.  How very sad to be called out by Christ from a Hebrew Roots gathering, only to look back and realize we were helping Satan get his licks in.


10.  Hebrew Roots and the female of Elohim???

Shakhina (I am using a literal Middle Eastern spelling)- Now, this word must be considered by all of us, including you Fundamental Baptists. This word is supposed to be the Hebrew word for the "glory" or presence of God, especially in the tabernacle. We have been told for years, even by the majority of "scholars" in the seminaries, that this is the correct definition.

It is also used to describe the pillar of cloud and fire that accompanied the Hebrews in the wilderness. The word has been brought, without question, into the modern Church vocabulary to describe the power of the Holy Ghost in the Church and the believer. It is often associated with tongues / healing / slain in the Spirit sessions of the Charismatic groups, but Bible believing Baptists have also used it extensively during revivals and prayer meetings, with an exalted trembling voice.

"Oh, God, send the Shakina glory into our midst and empower us." Did you ever hear that-- Maybe you SAID that yourself.

One dear pastor brother of mine has quite a ministry casting devils out of saints and sinners. Much deliverance seems to come to many through his zeal in Christ. But, when I showed him this business about Shakhina, he rebelled at once. He told me to get more research. He insisted on keeping the word, then later he rebuked me for roughing up heretics in plain English. I fear that a devil he sent out of someone has returned to prey on him as Satan did with Peter.

Shakhina is the word used in the Cabbala for the wife of Elohim.  The pagan Babylonian Jews, who refused to return to Judah, put together a blasphemous alternative to the Torah in the Cabbala in which they gave Elohim a wife. He was said to be married to Shakhina, but He left her, and He is now "shacking up" with Lilith, the wife of Lucifer. When Elohim gets tired of Lilith, He will go back to Shakhina, and the Messianic age will be the result. If you are familiar with the Minor Prophets, you will see the exquisite blasphemy of Satan in this story.

Are you enjoying the story of Shakhina so far? Raphael Patai (unsaved Jewish and Middle Eastern historian and scholar), in his book, The Seed of Abraham, Pub. Scribners, reports how the European Zionists include this devilish tale in their prayer books. These pagan Zionist Jews, in prayer, beg Elohim to leave Lilith and return to Shakhina. This story is also the basis of the doctrine of Freemasonry as set forth by Supreme Pontiff Albert Pike in his book, Morals and Dogma, Royal Arch Degree, which is THE authoritative manual of doctrine for Freemasonry. Pike got it from the Cabbala. Where did you and I get it?

I have both of the above publications on hand.

The word Shakhina is NOT found in the Bible.  Check it out.  Not in Hebrew, and not in English!

Do you say, "Oh no, how can this be? You are making it all up." Pay attention now.  In the Hebrew Old Testament, no word for the divine, or any grammatical modifying word associated with the divine, especially Elohim, is EVER feminine. Shakhina is a feminine Hebrew word.  All of the other deities in the Middle East have a wife / goddess.  This has come on down to us in many forms and is the foundation of the mother and child cult of Rome.  

The goddess / wife consort doctrine is also found in Freemasonry, Druidism, the New Age, and all Eastern cults invading the West since 1960.  Shakhina is the devil's ways of giving Elohim a wife.  In the epigraphs of the Middle East, there is NOT ONE case of El having a wife.  It happened in our day and through the dead heads of Charismania.  Some of us Baptists picked up on it, and we are now talking like rank pagans about Elohim and His wife.

How do you like your "Hebrew Roots" so far?

If you claim to know anything about biblical languages, the above fact will settle the matter for you-- unless you are a no good four flusher of a cemetery "scholar." If you persist in using this filthy word, Shakhina, curses and hell fire to you. You are the most wicked of blasphemers as you ascribe femininity to the Godhead. Go fill up the cup of God's wrath.

Now, more positively, just get down on your knees and confess your sin. When I discovered this business about Shakhina, I cried before the Lord for quite a while. I felt like such a fool. I had been blabbering for years about "the Shakhiiiiiiina glory." But, the precious blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. I John 1:9.


11.  Letter from a victim who escaped:

Steve, Do you have a copy of the Complete Jewish Bible by David H. Stern? It is used extensively by messianic churches to promote their agenda. Let me cut to the chase and show you some of the things I've found in it...

1. "Holy" is not in the title (but Jewish is)

2. In the lengthy introduction Stern (the sole translator) admits to using the USB's The Greek New (Age)Testament and approves of translators injecting their own theologies into their work. ie.: in Gal 3:12, Stern's translation reads: "Furthermore, legalism is not based on trusting and being faithful, but on a misuse of the text that says, "Anyone who does these things will attain life through them."

3. In order to keep the true meaning of the original NT writings (Hebrew, not Greek) familiar words are changed:
LORD or Jehovah = "Adonai" or "Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh"
Jesus Christ = "Messiah Yeshua" (as well as all Hebrew names for anything in the Bible)
faith, belief = "trust"
cross = "execution stake" (reminds me of witches and vampires)
under the law = "in subjection to the system which results from perverting the Torah into legalism" (observing true Torah is OK, just don't pervert it into legalism...)
baptism = "immersion"
apostle = "emmisary"
schoolmaster (Gal 3:24-25) = "custodian"
church = "Messianic community" (what about the Greek concept of ekklesia?)

These are just a few of many - and they are all intended to bring peoples of different culture together. Stern also claims, as do all new age translators, that his version is easier to read.

4. The actual translations are very dangerous; Stern's Gal 5:19-20 list of the works of the flesh: "sexual immorality, impurity and indecency; idol-worship and misuse of drugs in connection with the occult; in feuding, fighting, becoming jealous and getting angry; in selfish ambition, factionalism, intrigue and envy; in drunkenness, orgies and things like these."

The KJV includes adultry, witchcraft, hatred, and murder in its list - are these OK to Stern? What about the occult drug use? Is he saying drug use under other circumstances is alright, or that occult practice is OK if drugs aren't misused? This is just one example.

My litmus test for new age bibles is to read John 1 and compare it to the KJV. Stern follows suit with all new agers: the world was created "through" the Word, not "by" the Word. But sit down, Steve; Stern pushes the envelope in this chapter (and repeats it in Revelation) in v. 14:

"The Word bercame a human being and lived with us, and we saw his Sh'khinah, the Sh'khinah of the Father's only Son, of grace and truth."

All of this makes me sick, Steve, because I was duped into this movement for about 4 months this past winter. Messianics won't admit this, but they are a cult of initiates and masters seeking "lost" or "forgotten" knowledge of Jesus Christ. Their unspoken goal is to make Gentiles live as Jews and be burdened under the Law.

As I submitted myself (and my family) to the keeping this law, I saw my joy disappear, my prayer life sink to zero, and I literally thought I was losing my mind. I was afraid and becoming desperate. I realized how sinful I am and how I can't save myself from my circumstances. Wow, what do you know - that's exactly what the law is for!

Steve, please pray for me and my family - we are still working through all of this and still have several very close brethren deeply involved in the messianic movement. If you would like to have my copy of the CJB to dissect and use as ammo on your web page, just email me an address to send it to. If you need to contact me I can be reached at: Thank you.

Your brother in Jesus Christ (a Jew),
Tim McCall (a Gentile)

Well, there it is-- Off my chest.  Now, YOU go get right with the Lord on this.

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