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This is getting like "Show and Tell" time in the "B" Ward of the State Hospital.  
Satan is laughing hard at the fools in the church house these days-- I am certain of that.


Bob Shattles' unorthodox evangelism strategy turns heads and then touches hearts. In restaurants and stores he will draw a crowd by shouting: "I'm in love with a man. I'm in love with a man and I'm going to marry Him one day." Once he has people's attention, he tells them that the man concerned is Jesus. A former Atlanta policeman turned Southern Baptist evangelist, Shattles also employs his eyebrow-raising approach at airports and other public places, and saw 37 people make commitments to Christ in a Shoney's restaurant in Florida after one of his impromptu sermons.

He traces his new passion for reaching non-Christians to the gold dust phenomenon that has occurred in his meetings for more than a year. Tiny gold-colored flecks will often appear on those he prays for--although he says he does not care whether the specks actually are gold or not. "My main thing is going after lost souls," he said.

Skeptics have gone to Shattles' meetings and wound up getting converted. Four people who went to a meeting in West Lafayette, Ind., to expose him as a fraud were covered with the gold dust themselves. One man later found the dust on his skin, beneath his clothes. "He said, 'That had to be God,'" said Shattles.

DECEMBER 1999-  
What next, after the gold dusk has settled?



Yet another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is the Revival falls into place! Many of you know that the leadership have been watching for a "new sound" that carries an anointing "like the Beatle's music" that would have the power within itself to alter people's minds and bring about the new paradigm without the need to preach the gospel.

Two recent events have been brought to my attention:

1. At a major revival meeting held by Faith Tabernacles (Bill and Marsha Burns) a man called Jason Burns - presumably their son?? - was announced as the musician who now produces this specially anointed music.

2. A book is circulating that purports to have found biblical codes relating to sounds and music that can heal medical conditions and alter DNA. It is being touted as the codes for sounds that will heal the world. Already there is interest from the Christian community. Although the book is couched in biblical language and the author is supposedly a Christian minister, the concept is completely new-age. Nonetheless, I see this idea being picked up by the revival leadership as another answer to their prayers! Watch out for this!




Gold Dust Phenomenon Stirs Up Questions Among Charismatics

While gold dust keeps appearing in charismatic meetings in the United States and abroad, metal tests puzzle those who say the substance is falling from heaven. Report by Andy Butcher

A Brazilian evangelist at the center of the "gold dust" phenomenon being reported at charismatic churches across the United States and Europe says she is unfazed by scientific reports suggesting that all that glitters is not what it seems.

Two independent tests on samples of the gold-colored dust that falls from Silvania Machado's head during services have found the substance to be more like plastic glitter, with no gold content.

But Machado, who attributes the manifestation to her divine healing from cancer, is untroubled by the conclusions of the analyses carried out on behalf of "Charisma" magazine. "To me, it doesn't matter what it is as long as it's from God," she said. "Some people focus on the signs instead of the fruit. I must continue to share with the world what God has done in my life and the life of my family."

Speaking through an interpreter, Machado tells packed churches how after more than 10 years of sickness, during which she desperately sought a cure through a spiritualist, she was finally healed after being prayed for by Christians. Now when she prays for others, gold-colored flecks start to rain from her head. The curious occurrence is happening elsewhere.

Revivalist Ruth Heflin--who first brought Machado to the United States after hearing about her ministry--regularly sees the same manifestation at her meetings. She believes the dust is a sign of God's glory. "The Lord loves for us to show off the gold dust because of His relationship with us," said Heflin, whose ministry is based in Ashland, Va. "We couldn't do this ourselves. He is doing it because His coming is so near."

In May, John Arnott of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) canceled a scheduled four-day appearance by Machado after sending a sample of the flecks that cascaded from her head on the first night for testing. A geochemist at the University of Toronto concluded the specks did not contain any gold or platinum but were some type of plastic film.

Machado and her team were "sweet as could be" when Arnott presented the findings, he told "Charisma." "I just threw up my hands and said, 'I don't know,'" Arnott said. "It is not up to me to judge them, but I couldn't reconcile the two, so I just said, 'We're not going to proceed with the meetings.'"

"Charisma" had two samples of Machado's gold dust analyzed by the U.S. Geological Survey in Washington, D.C. Both were deemed to be plastic film with no traces of gold, platinum or silver.

These days Machado avoids carrying a handbag to or stepping down from the platform at her meetings to avoid accusations that she is faking the phenomenon, reported "The Richmond Times-Despatch" recently.

One of those attending a meeting at Heflin's Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle told the newspaper that chemical components of the dust were meaningless to her faith. "The gold doesn't have to do with how man measures metal," said Debbie Kendrick. "It might not be anything we've ever seen before. It's more like manna from heaven."

Meanwhile, churches also are reporting incidents in which people's silver fillings are being miraculously renewed or even replaced by gold ones. A number of cases have been documented and verified at TACF, reinforcing Arnott's decision not to continue the Machado meetings. "I didn't want to have her here because we have had far too much of the real thing--gold teeth and gold dust--to have something suspect," he said.

But Heflin stands by Machado. It was God's presence, not the gold dust, that first convinced her Machado was genuine, she said. "I began to weep because of the wonderful sense of His presence," Heflin said of Machado's meetings. "Perhaps we should call it 'glory dust' instead of 'gold dust.'"

A full report on the gold dust and gold teeth phenomena will appear in the November 1999 issue of "Charisma." The article contains an account--documented by dental records--of an Oklahoma woman who received seven gold crowns during a healing service in Tulsa six months ago.

Received from: The Contenders -


That service seemed to light a fire in all of us. People were laid out all over the church praying and seeking God. The next Sunday during the announcements at the beginning of the service my wife called one of the worship team over and showed her a speck of gold in her hand and then it began to multiply and show up on the other lady. At that point I was so taken back because it happened at what I thought was such an unspiritual part of the service. Needless to say, it changed the whole order of the service and as people came up to see the Sign & Wonder they would get this gold dust on them as well. As people worshipped and loved God it got more and more and on one lady it was all up & down her arms. Her brother came in around ll:30 thinking the service would be over in just a little while and was taken up to see the gold on his sister and when he saw it he gave his heart to God on the spot. Oh yes, some do not believe but it felt so good. An 11 year old girl had the gold still on her face several days later and it would not wash off.



SWITZERLAND: GOLD DUST ACTIVATES METAL DETECTORS. Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 Ueli Haldemann from Switzerland reports that in both London Heathrow and Zurich Kloten airports, the metal detectors were activated as Elizabeth and Silvana, two Brazilian intercessors, walked through. Their handbags, which normally contained traces of the gold dust, were also carefully searched. "No, we are not carrying any weapons!" they told the surprised customs officials. Source: FridayFax


DECEMBER 1999- From Cross+Word


Although I have not yet had time to put all my findings into article form on the web site, I am being led to discover some pretty strange and worrying things. I believe the Lord is warning us to beware of a major new level of deception in the churches.

The gist of the new material is the MEANING of the gold miracles: that the "glory" of God is descending as the indwelling shekinah of the New Temple (The Church). This has many implications, not least of which is the belief in a Corporate Christ as the rulers of the New Order.

Many of you may already know that a man called Franklin Hall virtually single-handed launched the 1940's Latter Rain heresies. He was revered and his books were treated like handbooks to revival by the early Pentecostals However, Hall's books were bizarre and almost occultic. One of the things he promoted was fasting for months at a time in order to release spiritual manifestations.

You will not perhaps be surprised to know that Hall predicted that a "spiritual substance" would be seen upon worshippers, a fine gold or silver, as they entered into their transformation into immortal sons of god.

Al Dager writes:

That there is a definite occult influence on Hall's career is evident in other writings. His book, 'The Return of Immortality', suggests that Christians can learn how to become immortal through stages of spiritual growth. This involves experiences with "UFO's, and the UIO gravitational and levitation control."

His teachings on attaining immortality in this life through psycho-spiritual exercises and righteous living were the foundation upon which many in the Latter Rain and subsequent movements based their immortalization theories. Hall's main point in his immortalization theory is that "the sleeping, so called, unfoundationally built church" must awaken to "a real cause and calling, that when God's word is completely acted upon and complied with, will result in bringing about the real gushers and torrents of the long, past due, RAIN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, a rain of IMMORTALITY UPON THE EARTH that so many prophets have written about and portrayed in their prophesies". (emphasis Hall's).

Hall's premise is not, however, predicated upon God's promise of immortality for the faithful after their resurrection.

This is evidenced by his following words: "Permanent, lasting freedoms from all sickness, harmful accident things and defeat will come about. Freedom from the imprisonment of all gravitational forces will also be brought upon the whole man. This study teaches one the power and secrets of space flight. Space floatation [sic] and hovering ability. It gives the Bible formula for weightlessness, the 'raising up' power of those who come to immortality." (Jn.6 chapter and Rom.2:7)."(11)

In his book, Hall gives "evidence" of his already having attained a degree of "immortality" (which allegedly affects everything that comes in contact with the immortal person's body): "Brother Hall's light colored jacket is seven years old and has never been pressed or cleaned or aerated in 7 years, since new, yet it has been worn repeatedly in many overseas countries and regularly in all crusades everywhere (excepting one). It has been on more than 200 airlines in travels. It has no spots, stains, discoloration or body odors anywhere on it or inside it - similar to the children of Israel's clothes under the Glory, Immortality Cloud of Fire Power."

The attainment of "Immortality blessings" are alleged by Hall to be more successfully attained through open-eye prayer. "Coming with closed eyes," he stated, "destroys faith."

Hall claims that there is an "Immortal Substance" that comes upon the believer who feeds upon it "from within Christ's now body" - the "FIRE - IMMORTAL - PACKED - BODY" (Emphasis Hall's).

This "Immortal Substance" is claimed to be seen on those who attend Hall's meetings, as a fine gold and silver, sparkling material that emanates from sometimes visible "Immortal Heavenly Objects" (IHO's), "Unusual Heavenly Objects" (UHO's), and "Unidentified Flying Objects" (UFO's).

In Hall's words, "The sparkling shining FINE GOLD and SILVER are seen upon their SKIN, brought about through the faith-power of impartation. The polished brass, the beryl stone appearances are even now manifested today."

He challenges the reader to see and behold these phenomena by attending "the International Holy Ghost and Fire Seminars of Brother and Sister Franklin Hall."

This sparkling material Hall calls, "The shiny metal like, Jesus' substance." While Hall has many excellent things to say about fasting from the standpoint of good health, when it comes to spiritual matters he often transcends sensibility and delves into areas of the occult.

COURTESY OF: Brother Michael Doering, Charlottesville, Virginia

This is a long snippet, but it proves that Brownsville and Toronto Blessing did not invent this Satanic craze--  Papa Roma invented it long ago.  Thus...

I don't care to make an open display of the lady who wrote this.  Let me just say that this story IS on the Web and is authoritative, not as the truth, but as an example of the fantasy Satan delivers to Roman Catholics.  It is the foundation of the Gold Dust cult in Charismania.

It was a warm September day in 1989 when I received the call from my mother. She was elated because her rosary had turned gold after many, many years of being in her possession. My mother and I had heard about the apparitions at Medjugorje through my mother’s friends and articles that they had forwarded to us. After reading so many testimonies, we knew that something was happening there. We felt it in our hearts - deeply. My mother quickly showed up on my doorstep to show me her rosary. I was totally amazed. My mother was crying. Her beautiful silver rosary that she forever kept in her coat pockets, twisting and turning the delicate beads, reciting her Hail Mary’s, had turned gold! All the links turned gold and there were gold spots on each of the crystal beads. My heart was filled with joy for my mom and I had hoped that perhaps I too would notice a change in my simple black beaded rosary with silver links. But, no. There was no change. I was a bit sad because my mother and I are so close that I thought for sure something would have happened to mine. I realized, perhaps I needed to do more… perhaps I had not done enough in my spiritual life

After my mom had left, I took my rosary and put it in my pocket and went off with some friends for lunch. It was a beautiful September day. I was telling my best friend about my mother’s rosary. He was amazed. He wanted to see my rosary. I told him there was nothing different about it. But when I took it out of my pocket to show him, I suddenly noticed the Corpus of Christ, outstretched on the Cross, was…..yes, gold! I couldn’t believe it! The Cross had remained silver and the Corpus was gold. I showed it to my friend and he said, "Yes... how do like that… it is gold." I was so excited, I went home and showed my mother and we were both thrilled. We had never been to Medjugorje and I had not entertained the thought of going because the trip was so long and expensive. But we felt like we were a part of it all, and we were!

Now, here is what follows in this story to show the lust for Satanic manifestations in the story teller. The following takes place on her trip to Medjugorje with her mother.

It was now Friday, Dec. 8, our last full day in Medjugorje. The next morning we would have Mass in the sacristies (the Apparition room) then board a bus to Dubrovnik where we would finish out the remaining two days of our trip. We were scheduled to visit Fr. Jozo but we were persuaded by my mom’s friend not to make the trip. She thought it would be more enjoyable to spend the Feast of The Immaculate Conception on top of Apparition Hill. As lovely as it was, we truly regretted not going to Fr. Jozo’s. As the bus departed we waved good-bye to our fellow pilgrims and turned back towards St. James. Suddenly my mother halted. She said, "Katie, look at the sun!" I looked but I didn’t see anything. She shouted, "Look, look!" and she started crying. I said "What? What? What is it you see?" With that I touched her arm and suddenly I could see it too. The sun was pulsating. There appeared to be a large disc, which looked like the Eucharist, blocking the sun. It was giving off tremendous colors, mostly re. It was spinning. I was mesmerized and dropped to my knees and started to cry. I woman saw my face and told my mother that she had never seen such an expression on anyone before and that she would never forget it. We stared at it for what seemed like an eternity. We did not know if everyone saw it. We know some did. After it stopped, there was no problem focusing our eyes. We could see everything clearly. It was incredible. When the other pilgrims from our tour group returned from Fr. Jozo’s, it appeared they had a very powerful experience as well. Not only did they see the sun pulsating, but they saw the silhouette of the Blessed Mother, then they saw the face Jesus in three stages. Young without a beard; then with a beard; then older. We were all in awe. My mother and I wished we had been more obedient to the schedule the Blessed Mother had laid out for the week. But, what’s meant to be, will be.

As we entered the Apparition room, we all got seated and were waiting for the priest to enter to give us Mass. Guess who walked in? Yes! The priest I pointed out to my mother. The priest who I wanted to help me with my conversion. Did he speak English? What country was he from? When he started speaking, I knew he was probably from the States. But from what part?

Mass in the Apparition room was phenomenal. It was so incredible to know that all six children were in this room where the Holy Mother of God was appearing to them!

After Mass was over, some people in my group were talking to the priest and

heading for the buses. I looked at my watch and thought, I have 3 minutes to tell him I want to be a Catholic, officially, and I want him to help me.

Finally, it was my turn. I said, Father, my name is Katie Holton, I live in the United States and I want to become a Catholic and I want you to help me, but I have to leave in 60 seconds because I’m heading back home. He said "What!?" I repeated myself.

He said, "Wow…wait, you can’t say all this to me and just leave. Where do you live in the States?" I told him I lived in New York. "Great," he said. "I live in New York. My parish is located in New York City." This is great, I told him, because I worked in New York City." I quickly rifled through my bag and found an old business card of mine. He wrote on the back of it, something to the effect, "she wants to be a Catholic." He told me he’d call me when he returned to the States, so off I went.

The trip to Dubrovnik was very exciting but we were all sad to be leaving the tiny village we grew to love and call home. We met one young woman who never went back home to the States. She decided to stay in Medjugorje and work as a guide for the pilgrims. We completely understood her calling. No one wanted to leave Medjugorje.

When we finally returned to the States we were totally renewed. It was difficult to be back in the hustle and bustle but we had many stories to tell to help people on their spiritual quests. I was also anxious for the return of the priest I had met.

Almost two months had past. Still no word from my Medjugorje priest. One Monday evening in January, my mother was invited to a prayer group meeting by a good friend. My mother expressed her concerns about why the Blessed Mother had not sent this priest along - she just didn’t understand what could have happened. Her friend consoled her on the way to the meeting. "Don’t worry, the Blessed Mother will come through."

As the meeting got started the prayer group attendees gathered in their seats. The music started and they all stood singing as the priests walked down the isle towards the alter. My mother noticed one priest holding the Monstrance (a large round vessel that holds the consecrated Host). She couldn’t see the priest’s face. When he turned to place the Monstrance on the alter, she was astounded. She turned to her friend and said "I can’t believe what I’m seeing, that’s him! That’s the priest from Medjugorje!" After the meeting and Mass my mother went up to the priest and explained who she was, who I was, and the circumstances that lead up to their meeting. He was overjoyed. He said he was so upset because he couldn’t find the card that I gave him with my number on it. My mother quickly jotted it down and he called me the very next day. Of course, my mother told me as soon as she got home. I was in shock. Wow! Don’t mess with the Blessed Mother! She truly is the ultimate Mother! After he called me at work, he asked if he could come to see me that day, in my office. I said, "Of course, please come." Now, let me tell you, when a priest shows up in the reception area of a large corporation, word spreads quickly. It was fun to let everyone wonder. Of course I told them all later so they didn’t think I was ill!

He told me everything that I needed to do and to call him whenever I wanted. He said he was going back to his parish and he was going to pray for me. When he hugged me good-bye, I thought, "Well if he’s going to pray for me….I’d better pray for me too!" So I scooped up my rosary beads, my new ones that were a gift to me from my mother’s friend, and I headed off to St. Patrick’s Cathedral - to the back of the church where the Blessed Mother’s chapel is. My favorite place! I said a rosary and asked Blessed Mother to pray for me to Our Lord.

When I returned to the office, a friend of mine came up to me and asked if she could look at my rosary beads. She remembered how much she liked them when I first got them. They were heavy sterling silver links with beautiful crystal beads. She wanted to purchase a pair for her friend’s daughter Confirmation. I had handed her the satchel and she opened it up and took out the rosary. "Oh, these are beautiful," she said. "When did you get the gold rosary?" Gold?! I didn’t know what to say. The links had all turned gold and there were gold spots on each bead. It must have just happened because I was praying on them in church and they were silver! I just shrugged at my friend. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her the whole story. Not yet. I just wanted to absorb this beautiful moment alone with my thoughts.

It has been 7 years since that Easter. My continued spiritual journey has been deepened immensely over the years. I had returned again to Medjugorje in 1995. My trip was very different. The war was ravaging in the former Yugoslavia. So much had changed, but the ever present feeling of our Lord and our Blessed Mother were so very much alive.

The Blessed Mother is here to help us - to signpost us back to Christ Jesus and to teach us how to help others to get there. With Her Motherly Love She does not give up on Her children, nor does Our Heavenly Father, Who is Jesus, Who is The Spirit. Just like a husband may say to his wife, "See if you can get through to those kids of ours, they don’t listen to me!!"

The story may have seemed a bit disjoint.  This is because I had to shorten it considerably.  I ask you to get this one thing very clear--  This account is of events which happened 7 years ago, LONG before this Gold Dust thing of 1999.  I don't want to hear any blarney about there being a difference.  Gold Dust cult is Directly from the Whore of Rome and Satan.

November 12, 1999  
Ooooooooooops-- The dentist did it!


TV evangelists forced to recant claims of God's divine dentistry
'An honest mistake'

The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG - God works in mysterious ways, but two high-profile evangelical Christians in Western Canada have been forced to back down from claims that He gave them gold teeth.

A chastened Willard Thiessen, host of a daily religion program on Winnipeg television, admitted yesterday he was wrong in telling his tele-flock that God had inexplicably planted a gold tooth in his mouth.

It turned out the gold tooth had been implanted by his brother Elmer, a dentist in British Columbia.

"I'm embarrassed to tears about this," said Mr. Thiessen, president of Trinity Television. "I thought I had a miracle."

There has, in fact, been a rash of gold-teeth claims by evangelical Christians of late, said Mr. Thiessen.

"I told people to please check their dental records before they declare a miracle. Please check with your dentist," he said.

Mr. Thiessen is not alone in his embarrassment.

Dick Dewert, a religious broadcaster in Lethbridge, Alta., told a CJIL-TV audience during an on-air fundraising marathon in March that God had implanted a gold tooth in his mouth after a bout of intensive prayer.

But Dr. Jack Sherman, Mr. Dewert's longtime dentist, said he had put it in about 10 years earlier.

"It was an honest mistake," Mr. Dewert said at the time.

"I was sincere in what I said. When miracles appear to be happening, it's easy to get excited and, in my case, jump to conclusions."

Praying to God to repair teeth is just another way of asking God to reveal himself through healing, said John Arnott, senior pastor for the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, a charismatic evangelical Christian group.

Mr. Arnott said about 20 of his flock of 2,000 believe God polished their fillings or replaced them with gold after praying for such healing in March.

"You're skeptical at first. It takes us a while to learn that, really, God can do everything," he said. Verifying the claims has proven inconclusive, but that doesn't matter, he added.

"It's just the Father saying 'I love you, I know all about you.' That's precious to the person."

Mr. Thiessen also maintains that God does work through dentistry.

"In the 1970s, my wife, Betty, had two large cavities in her back molars," he said. "We were poor as church mice and couldn't afford to see a dentist. We were travelling and at a meeting, and, when it was done, they were filled."

Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks--  Mr. Thiessen ought to abandon the Charismaniac binge he is on and return to his Anabaptist roots.  Menno Simons taught NONE of this latter day nonsense.

August 23, 1999

Here is the latest of the lust for gold dust.

The Introductory letter is included
and is that of a Charismatic gold duster pastor.

Hi All,

Here's a real neat testimony from a new friend in Ohio. It really shows how God can and will use manifestations. Let it bless you and make us all hungry for "More Lord."

Remember tonight Pastor Gale Kragt will be with us and tomorrow thru Sunday morning Mark Drake and Family will be ministering. Check out <> for more information.


Larry Silverman
Harvest Worship Center
Battle Creek, MI

----- Original Message -----

From: Terry J. White <>
To: Larry Silverman <>
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 1999 7:20 AM
Subject: gold dust hits Mansfield

Dear Pastor Larry,

I had asked God why the gold/diamond dust? Why the manifestations? He answered me, "To show myself real." God began to give me scriptures of other times of using manifestations and each time He said it was to show Himself real. One remains forever embedded in my mind. The time the Israelites were coming out of Egypt and spoke against the Lord, so He sent in snakes to bite & kill them. Moses went before the Lord on their behalf, and God said that if he would make a bronze snake, put it on a pole & have the people go before it when they got bit, that they would be healed. I thought it would have been much easier to just kill the snakes. I asked the Lord why he did it this way, and again, He replied, "To show myself real." Manifestations are just one way God shows himself real. I really got excited, because if there was ever a time our country needed the Lord, it is now. To me it seemed so simple, it would be an awesome tool God would use for the final harvest & an encouragement to the saved. I really began to get excited & knew we needed to start our vacation off at your church.

There are just no words to describe the awesome things God has done in the lives of my family these past two weeks. We encountered many problems on our way there, setting us back by two hours, however, I felt we were suppose to continue to go that night even though we would arrive for only the last 15 minutes of the service. Though not spoken to me personally by Roger Webb, I received a prophetic word that night as God used his message to speak to me .

There was a prayer time, at which we were all totally blessed. Roger had my own daughter lay hands on me and the power of God hit with force! To my amazement, we were all covered with gold/diamond dust. It just sparkles like diamonds! I was in awe that God would choose to reveal himself in this way. We had heard much about the manifestations occurring at your church as well as many others around the world, but had not encountered it prior to this time. I must say that it sparked a fire in me that I can't describe & also in my children & husband.

We came hungry & thirsty and was totally filled as we were soaked in the spirit that Sunday. God was so good to us.

We took that fire with us and God opened the door to explain the baptism of the Holy Spirit to my stepson. We (my son, daughter, husband & I) anointed him and soaked him in the glory until his prayer language bubbled forth. He laid there for well over an hour! It was awesome! He will go home a changed boy!

Later that same day, I saw something sparkle from my husbands mouth. He was sitting in the shade. I asked him to open his mouth & saw a gold filling! Not only that, but the others were changing color and turning to crosses. At this I grabbed our video camera & 35mm camera. We have it on film. I ran & got my children out of the pool and they too were able to see the last of his teeth being changed! Wow!! I was so excited. I asked my husband if he wondered why God would decide to do something so awesome to him & he was speechless. What a witnessing tool it has turned out to be as all the guys at work want to see! The Christians are set a fire and the unsaved.......well what can you say to a mouth full of crosses and gold!

The gold/diamond dust continued to cover us. At times it would fade out but was never totally gone. When one had it heavier, they would spread it to the others. We had fun with it as I believe God is a God of fun. I am still to figure out why some people have such a hard time with the manifestations that seem "strange". When they want healed & God manifest a healing, do they scuff at that? When their pockets are empty & they ask God to bless their finances & He does, do they scoff at that? Do we really believe that "the Lord's ways are not our ways"?

We returned to your church the following weekend as we just had to be in the presence of God. What a blessing to be where the river is running & with such freedom! My children didn't want to leave & neither did I. Wouldn't it be great if all children felt this way about the house of God! We were so blessed to see such small children being used to minister to the adults as well as the other children. I have a picture forever etched in my mind of the prettiest little girl,approx.. 3 years old, ministering to an adult. It was beautiful! How God must feel at such a sight! God is definitely using the young people in these last days!!

Yesterday I called a friend and told her about our trip up there. She was so excited that she invited me to speak at a prayer/bible study today. I really didn't want to give up my afternoon, but God spoke to me saying, "I didn't give it to you to keep." After that I couldn't say no & looked forward to sharing God's goodness to us & of course the gold/diamond dust. I felt that the kids were suppose to go with me & share as well as to minister to them. I'm still in awe as to what God did!!!!!!

We shared all the wonderful things God did while we were on vacation. We showed the tape I videoed of Doug's fillings turning gold. It shows up so well on film even though only one actually looks gold now. (There was a transformation of color as they were turning to crosses) It shows the fillings formed into crosses. They were in awe. Of course we told them much about the church & how the children are used to minister to others. I get so excited when I speak of the moving of God there!!

Matthew, Nicole & I anointed each one & prayed over them. People were falling out in the spirit all over this house! People with deep hurts were being touched by God. One women showed up as people were scattered on the floor. She came needing a healing touch of God. She was basking in the glory of God in no time! There was crying, laughter, & yes, everyone left covered in gold/diamond dust! It was awesome! There was such an excitement in the air that I could hardly stand it. We were all blessed as God poured out his spirit among all of us. This lasted for almost 3 hours. When we left, I was exhausted. Praying for people really is tiring, but so worth it. The children were so blessed to be used of God. Many new friendships were once again formed. God is bringing His people together, no doubt for the end time harvest!

Had we not received all the blessings from God that we did including the manifestations, we probably would not have had the opportunity to share & minister to these women. We gave up an afternoon at the pool to be used of God and ended up having 10 times the amount of fun! I must say, I have never seen my children so excited about God. It has really made us take a closer look at how we are living our lives. For those that say manifestations are of the devil, I would say, why would the devil do something to cause you to move closer to God? One women asked me if we would always have the gold. I said I didn't know. If God wants to manifest himself this way, then so be it. If He should decide to remove it, then so be it. God is still God, His love is never ending! For now, I'm going to enjoy it and use it to share Jesus every chance I get!

As I sit here writing this, I am still in awe at what God is doing in our lives & others. God is igniting a fire in us that seems to be contagious! Doing "God things" is taking precedent over other things.


Terry White

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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 00:18:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: more gold from God
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Dear Steve,

Well, your headline on Ruth Heflin's gold dust from heaven is timely as there is another report of gold coming from the heavens associated with the Intercession Leader from Brownsville Assembly of God...Lila Terhune.

Not to be outdone by Ruth, whom she will be sharing the pulpit with this week at a women's conference in Ohio,...this internet site claims that at an Intercession conference this year, where Brownsville's Lila and "Toronto Blessings" Carol and John Arnott "taught"people how to intercede ...God filled cavities with gold and they have pictures to "prove" it......just click to...

And while it looks like Lila was in Toronto for this miraculous tooth repair...Carol has just returned from a trip to Brownsville where she spoke at the annual women's conference...and testified to a packed house that Jesus gave her a bouquet of flowers, specifically the kind John her husband gives her, lilies of the valley. She claims that this happened in a vision (in color) while she was laid out on the floor of her church for 45 minutes while her hands and feet "would go right up in the air"

She said Jesus did take the flowers back but gave her a veil ...She says she doesn't want a crown when she gets to heaven just a hug from Jesus..."a big hug". she also said when she heard Randy Clark say the word warrior she had a vision of a sword five or six feet long and she VIOLENTLY wielded it. I guess this is the new doctrine being taught from the pulpit at Brownsville...and to read more and see how God changed His mind on divorce just for her and her husband,,,go to..

This is what the brownsville groupies flocked to hear ...and for even more goodies from their Arise Deborah Conference where it was reported that two leaders were "struck by the glory and SPUN LIKE TOPS IN THE HOLY GHOST" and where women were "dragged through doors" and carried out in wheel chairs...

Is this what Steve Hill was talking about when he bragged to Charisma magazine that they experience.."godly disorder" ? And God Bless you, Steve (Van Nattan) as you keep standing for the truth against these doctrines of devils....There are many who stand with you........Bridget

I have a source who sends me Revival Reports because he thinks I like them.  One of these came in at the same time I got the above report.  Here is an excerpt:

Wednesday night, before Dutch Sheets delivered a powerfully anointed message, there was a short video clip shown of John Arnott ministering in a South Africa meeting where people's teeth were being filled with gold. After the clip, John asked for anyone who wanted this miracle to stand and believe for it while touching the sides of their faces. After the prayer he asked that we check each others' mouths and about 10 people went forward, some yelling and all excited because they now had gold teeth and fillings which they did not previously have! What an absolute thrill to be there and to see this happening. So John let a couple testify and we prayed again....this time more people recieved the miracle.

A third time of praying came as did more miracles!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! Then, at just about every meeting there was prayer for this miracle and every time there would be many who would discover their mouth filled with gold! Last count that I heard was over 198 people who were leaving the conference with some gold in their mouths! This particular manifestation never occurred at TACF before! COOL!

I didn't personally recieve this miracle (YET), however I had the privilege of peering into many many mouths...what a sight! One woman who had been on welfare most of her childhood had 8 new gold teeth! Another woman had 4 gold teeth &/or fillings on Wednesday and by Saturday she had 11!! (I saw her at both stages of this miracle) One man had two beautiful, perfect, shiny, gold teeth and one of them had a cross engraved on it!

I know this sounds impossible to believe, but I saw it with my own eyes! On Friday many people were granted the privilege by the Lord of actually watching the transformation happening including one medical doctor who confessed he'd never seen anything like it before. The drummer of the worship team recieved gold teeth as did one of the pastors on staff there at TACF and while officially collecting these testimonies from the saints, the man who was recording them recieved gold teeth as well! Isn't that amazing?? What an awesome God we serve!!!

In addition to this miracle there were other wonderful healings of chronic, sever back disorders and cysts being removed. And on Saturday...the wonderful "gold dust" started showing up on people's hands and in their tears as they worshipped!

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Does the Bible speak of this insanity?

Romans 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.