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The Islamic Virgins

Please, help me to understand this


The ultimate attainment of heaven in the Islamic faith is to be the nearest to its god.

There are, apparently, various levels or degrees of that. If an adherent of Islam produces the highest deed in the faith, he is awarded that level of heaven, the nearest to the prophet or the nearest to Allah.

I think that I understand that if an adherent of Islam blows himself up with a bomb and in the process kills many innocent people, provided he does it to defend his belief, that level of heaven is guaranteed to him.

Fair and square.

It is apparent that this way of killing people is not equated with innocence of the victims. That is, in their estimation, no victim is innocent in the process of killing to defend Islamic devotion.

For instance, all those killed and wounded in a terrorist attack are not innocent in the eyes of the Islam's deity. The objective of this god is to subject all humanity to one religion, whereby nobody will need to be killed!

Religious fanatics kill to satisfy Allah and receive the reward.

The guilty, and infidels, are all those who do not agree that Allah has everything under control!

Well, I am told, since I do not understand this violent religion (from my point of view), that the faithful hero arrives in the highest heaven and is awarded the eternal blessings of rivers of honey and everything he wishes, not the least of which is a harem of pure virgins to enthrall himself in eternal sexual pleasure!

This is where I need some explanation. Pardon my ignorance, but I would like to know where all those virgins come from.

Apart from the honey, there must also be a strongly flowing river of those damsels, in order to physically satisfy the faithful killers in the highest heaven. Not counting, of course, those many virgins constantly entering the mansions of gold where the prophet lives since the eighth century!

Those virgins must be coming from somewhere. Millions of them need to be in supply throughout eternity.

However, since a virgin is only virgin one time, what happens to them after they are used?

Now, imagine a heaven where there are more women than men! In the course of eternity, besides of lots of honey, which will eventually taste awful, imagine a level of heaven where virgins come in, are used, and then discarded to give room for the next! Or, is it that those virgins, upon being used, are somehow disposed of and dumped somewhere? Otherwise, I cannot imagine a level of heaven with so many women without one day some sort of revolt against the few faithful men! Revenge for abuse, I would call it.

I don't know.

It seems that those virgins will either continue to be used after losing their virginity, otherwise they are pure like the wind but with no brain! This way, those innocent creatures can endure their sexual slavery for eternity. With no brain to think!

Another thing that strikes the inquisitive mind is that here on earth, to kill an innocent virgin, caught in the crossfire, is regarded as an act of bravery and faith for which the faithful is rewarded with a lot of virgins in heaven!

It must make sense, mustn't it?!

Why does Islam appreciate so much the value of virgins in the seventh heaven while here on earth they have not so much merit? It is also apparent that in the Islamic faith, the highest level of heaven is where sexual intercourse is practiced in the most pure form possible: for pure pleasure, not for reproduction of the species, we understand. Usable virgins take at least ten years to grow.

Now, please help me to understand what is this thing called pure intercourse in heaven. How does a faithful Muslim in heaven behave with a woman? Do these innocent virgins appear suddenly all naked in front of the faithful hero, ready for the ultimate act of sexual pleasure? Does she enjoy it without ever practicing a heroic act?

I don't know.

This characterization of the Islamic heaven is the limit in fantasy! Perhaps heaven is just that, after all: IGNORANCE!

Again, I ask, those virgins must be coming from somewhere. Of course, the god of this faith sanctions all that sexual activity in heaven: having lots of sex in between drinking cups and cups of aloe honey. And, of course, there will be no venereal diseases in that heaven, for cleanliness will be paramount. Changing sheets and all the rest will follow strict rules, as it is obvious.

Otherwise, it is all spiritual and nothing mechanical!

Since the pope tells us that his god is the same as Islam's Allah, the only difference being in the name, I have to conclude that he, the pope, is also going to participate in the sexual orgy. That is very strange, since he never had that experience on earth (we are told to believe another fantasy!).

Well, it seems that the pope is more Muslim that we think! According to this belief, the pope, being, of course, guaranteed a sumptuous mansion in the seventh heaven, next to the faithful of Islam, its prophet and all the elite, will have a house daily supplied with honey and virgins! Since every pope was awarded that privilege in heaven, it makes sense to imagine a long row of mansions with truckloads of virgins arriving every hour!

After so much sex, I think the pope will give it up and join Peter in a game of darts!

From a reader

Editor: Steve Van Nattan-- It is important to understand the Semitic peoples. The Jews, unless they are born again, have extremely filthy minds and mouths. They may show great dignity and speak with the bearing of high breeding one moment, and then launch into the most filthy discussions with sexual filth pouring forth. Many a person has been brought speechless by a filthy mouthed Jew, for they are impossible to keep up with, and their women can be the worst.

I had a customer whose piano I tuned who illustrates this. This lady was from the East Coast of the USA, and from high bred Jewish stock. She moved across the country to an area near us and bought a southwestern mansion. I realized she was a walking profanity dictionary, but only later did I hear of the depth of her filthy mind. She had gone to several social functions in the area, and at least twice, she told other women that if they were unable to service their husbands sexually, she would be happy to entertain their husbands. She actually thought she was being helpful and considerate to the other women. One woman must have been pretty close to murdering this Jewish lady, considering the white hot hate she had for her after this trick. The Jewish lady finally sold out and moved away, for, even though the people of the area were not born again, they had no stomach for this sort of "kindness".

Arabs are no different. Arab men, when there are no ladies and girls present, will get filthy in their conversation beyond belief. When a lady happens by, they become unbelievably clean and cautious in their language. The ladies are just as filthy when men are not around. Arab mothers fondle the penis of their baby boys when they are young to see how soon they can stimulate an erection and to calm the baby down.

Later, the Arab mothers talk about lust and sexual performance to their young sons in order to stimulate them to lust for girls. They forbid them to be sexually involved before marriage, even killing them if they do. So, when an Arab young man finally gets married, he is filled to bursting with sexual fire and lust. Arab men are known, not uncommonly, to leave their guests at table to go into their private chambers and satisfy their sexual lust with their wife or a concubine. So, as an Arab ages, he will spend a fortune to find an aphrodisiac to gain an erection, for his penis is the measure of his manhood. Mohammed dealt with this frustration of old age by promising sexual satisfaction in Paradise without measure. I am sure Pfizer sells a ton of Viagra in the Middle East to bridge the gap between age 50 and Paradise.

I have received mail from Muslims who are angry at my book on the origins of Islam and Allah. Their language is filthy beyond anything I get from witches, Catholics, or Freemasons. I recently got E-Mail from an Arab who claimed to be converted to Christ and helping Muslims escape from Islam. He went to a lot of trouble to straighten me out on my research on Islam, though he had nothing to contribute of his own. I finally told him that he needed to do more research and to drop me from his mailing list. The next letter had two messages in it: He told me to repent and be a better Christian, and he also told me I was a son of a bitch. This is typical of the Semitic mind. They see no conflict between a serious discussion on spiritual things and the most filthy sexual and profane vocabulary in making their point.

In a video I have of Ahmed Deedat debating with Jimmy Swaggart, Deedat, in almost the same sentence, makes it clear that Jesus Christ was born a bastard, and then says of Jesus, "Praise be Upon Him." The Arab mind sees no conflict between praising a man and calling him a bastard. There is no moral base from which goodness must be gendered. A man can be a filthy dog, die in Jihad, and end up at the side of Allah raping virgins. It is a clean and holy concept which is canonized in the Koran and the Hadith. I must say, as many others have noticed, that the Mormon doctrine of many wives and eternal copulation is not far from the Islamic model, which shows that the Arabs are not alone in this peculiar doctrine.

In John Gunther's book on Africa, he tells us that he observed that white male converts to Islam were heavily sodomites in sexual preference. The call of Islam seems even more profane with Blacks in the West, for these men dress all in white, yet they behave like animals sexually, and there is no change in them morally. This is because Islam demands nothing but the Five Pillars of the convert. The rest of the past filthy life can remain as is.

I note also that Mohammed married at least ten women, and the last was Aisha, whom he married at age nine and consummated the marriage shortly thereafter. No Muslim gives this a second thought. A woman is only half the value of a man anyway, so use the tilthe Allah gave you, which means copulate and plow deep at every opportunity. The Hadith is very busy with the discussion of Mohammed's sexual edicts and practices, and his wife Aisha was very eager to describe her husband's and her bedroom affairs. Mohammed was very worried about potty time also, and he gave fine details on how to wipe yourself and how to use a leather shingle to hide your privates when urinating. He seemed to be obsessed with the idea that Allah was shy and troubled by his followers' needs to eliminate.

Thus, Julio of South Africa is right on target. The Paradise of Islam is the abode of the holy and exalted Allah, while it is also the place of perpetual copulation and gluttony. The Muslim, indeed all Semitic people, see no conflict between the most disgusting sexual behavior and the practice of religion. During the early days of Islam, Mohammed had to rebuke the people in the mosque for passing gas during prayers. In fact, the Hadith tells us that he preached whole sermons against passing gas in public. Even Joseph Smith did not progress this far.

Islam was birthed in Arabia where there is no restraint of the filthy mind, so the virgins (houris) in Paradise are waiting. Anything less would just not be enough to call the Muslim Jihad fighter to commit suicide in the name of Allah as he kills the Infidel. The pilots who flew into the World Trade Center were doubtless sexually aroused as they flew into those buildings, for they were convinced that in seconds, they would be copulating in Paradise and drinking honey (in some texts they are promised wine which is not alcoholic). I realize this is hard for anyone in a culture salted with the Bible to understand, but this is, in fact, the heart of the doctrine of Islamic Jihad-- Copulation forever.

In all fairness, the Ethiopians are Semitic, however; they are salted by Christianity, and Ethiopians do not have this filthy mind set. They are human and born in sin, but there is in their culture a restraint in private and in public which is strangely very different from their Jewish and Arab cousins. I can only assume that the effect of the Word of God, over the centuries, has sustained some salting effect on Ethiopia.

John 15:3 Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.
4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

No man can be clean, and no religion can cleanse sin from man, without The Lord Jesus Christ. This is why Allah cannot cleanse the Muslim. Allah is a fantasy which demands nothing. If you will turn from your sin to Jesus Christ, He will clean your mind and mouth of sin.