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The Alpha Male Wolf--
Model of many pastors and churches

A term originating from the animal kingdom, in which some species arrange individuals into a ranked order. For example in wolves, the pack order is split into two chains of command, one chain for the male, and one for the female. At the top of each chain is the 'Alpha' animal, and at the lowest of the chain is the 'omega' animal.

Thus, the position of 'Alpha Male' means the male in charge of all the other males in his social group. This position can be seen being fought for, for example in school, by way of social interactions, group contests, or simply fighting to determine who is the 'hardest'.

The position of Alpha Male is seen as one of the most socially desirable (in wolves as well as humans) as having it enables a male to make decisions about how their social group/pack is run, to exact submission and obedience from subordinates, and generally to control things and boss others around at will. The power of the alpha male is matched only by that of the alpha female, who is just as in control as the alpha male is. Though in human society, individual ego and desire for authority often exclude the possibility of a partnership at the top.

Humans seem to have a remarkable tendency for aggregating ultimate authority to one (usually male) person. Little has changed from wolves to humans in this regard; humans still fight for the dominant position, but unlike wolves (continuing the example), who challenge for dominance and alpha status nonviolently using visual, auditory and smell clues, humans often get in bloody, protracted, and vicious fights/wars to determine who is the most powerful, and hence can dominate the rest of the pack. This can be regarded as one of the great failings of humanity, the desire for dominance and control and doing things one's own way destroying social ties to the extent fighting is necessary to enforce a social order, and that fighting actively harms, even kills, members of that social order.





To you warriors for Jesus Christ, a question:
Is your pastor trying to convince you to take
responsibility for a herd of goats?

You are a deacon, visiting the saints, and teaching a Sunday School class, but the pastor is just convinced God wants you to help in the day school or the home schooling program. In that program are many unsaved people or kids who show no interest in the Gospel, but the pastor and staff bury themselves in the thing with some vague hope of "fruit some day." They may even have a couple of people to talk about who got saved through this program. The fact that God, in his mercy, saved souls is NOT proof he approves of the method. Long after Samson took the honey from the dead carcass of the lion, the Holy Spirit was still empowering Samson to destroy Philistines. But, Samson was a law breaker and out of God's will.

The work of the church, and the saints, is to edify one another. The picture in the New Testament is of saints preaching the Gospel for sure. But, once the local church was established, Timothy, Paul, and the other Apostles give the most attention to feeding sheep. If you are being asked to take a goat herd, and you already have your hands full with a vocation, a family, and the small herd of sheep God has given you, DO NOT allow a goat hugging pastor draw you into another load of work. You will destroy your home, and the sheep will fall into second place.

When Satan cannot get people to stay home from Wednesday evening activities, he will inspire the pastor to drop the prayer time and do special Bible studies or Awana programs. Anything to get the saints off of their knees. The same applies to his strategy to destroy the joy and the health of the sheep. If he cannot destroy sheep by convincing shepherds to teach heresy and use wrong bibles, he will convince the pastor and the sheep teachers to run after goats-- needy goats, suffering goats, bleating goats, goats who might get saved if we bury our lives in them. Many a church, and many a marriage, has been destroyed as pastors virtually forced faithful men and women into goat herding.

If you pastor will not let you decline taking a goat herd, do one of the following:

1. Gather the leaders and run the pastor off. He is an hireling. Or....

2. Leave and find new fellowship.

The sorrow of leaving, or the mess of driving off an hireling, is infinitely smaller than the cost of getting a letter from your wife's attorney telling you she is divorcing you, OR, being told by one of your kids that they are fed up with church and joining the Marines. Many a teen age girl has gone to bed with a scum ball and gotten pregnant in order to get her Daddy to show her some attention again. Goats or sheep, friend, which will get your whole attention?



I will tell you something that is about 90% predictable. If you decline to take the care of a herd of goats for a pastor, he will push you to the bottom of the pile. You will feel the sting of his wrath during sermons, and he will have a strained and pitiful look and manner toward you at church dinners. You will realize you are destroying his peace, and you will, if you are a sucker for jack boot preachers, feel more and more guilt.

This pastor will make you the omega of the men of the church. Every wolf pack has an alpha wolf and an omega wolf. The alpha controls the pack and sets an order downline of each wolf. The alpha male has an alpha female, and she enforces the alpha's power and force downline also, among the women .

The alpha female in this evil structure is the pastor's wife. She may assign "ministries" to other ladies, but the alpha female will never let go of control on behalf of her husband, the alpha wolf pastor.

In some filthy whore churches, the alpha wolf pastor's wife runs interference for her alpha wolf husband, usually on the phone. She will attack men and women to help her Ahab get what he lusts for.

Pay attention-- There is NO New Testament pattern to justify this. There is NO indication that some other older lady cannot be responisble for the ladies' fellowships of the local church.

If you refuse to manage a goat herd for the alpha wolf pastor, you will soon find you are the omega wolf of the pack. You will be shouldered out of what little ministry you have by other wolves who are kissing up to the pastor, the alpha wolf. Your wife will be subjected to belittlement as a form of punishment to you. Your kids may even be omega kids after the pastor's kids get done with them. This is the MO of the Medellin- they punish an unfaithful crack pusher by slitting the throat of the wife or daughter of the pusher.

Witness, OJ Simpson! A Black Postmaster of a very large US city told be that is what happened to OJ. He was made the omega wolf of society overnight. His life is trash today. If your local church is a wolf pack instead of a flock of sheep under only ONE Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, then you are headed for an evil end sir, unless you flee at once.

The Body of Christ is not supposed to behave like a wolf pack. Are you getting the message? Sometimes you have to know when to walk away, and I am not talking about the country song where you walk away from a poker game. You need to walk away from a jack boot wolf who has NO inhibitions in destroying your mind and family in order to force you into his mold.

WALK! God will honor a man who removes his family from devilish mob rule.


Do the following verses remind you of your pastor?

If not, find new fellowship at once.

Psalms 103:8 The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.
9 He will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger for ever.
10 He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.

Psalms 103:13 Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him.

Exodus 34:6 And the LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed, The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth,

Jeremiah 31:3 The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.

James 5:11 Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.




I cannot believe the producer of this movie to be posted. As long as it is here, you MUST watch it. This will show you the whole story of the local church as a wolf pack. If you see yourself in ANY role in this movie, you need to MOVE your family to new fellowship at once.

If you see yourself as an Alpha Male or an Alpha Female, you are a devil and will burn in hell for eternity. You cannot possibly be born again. I hate you with perfect hatred: Psalms 139:21 (KJV) Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? 22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies. Your only hope is to publicly repent, confess your faith in Jesus Christ, and ON PURPOSE become nothing, AND you must do it all on purpose and stay that way the rest of your life.

I must comment further.

When I first bought and watched this movie on DVD, it made my skin crawl. I sat in terror in my spirit, for I knew I was watching, in nature, a virtual carbon copy of church life in thousands of churches around the world, but especially in the USA. At some points, I saw people who had sent me e-mail, and I nearly lost it emotionally. The tears did come. There IS an order to the wolf pack in nature. But, the order in the Lord's Church is top down, and the Alpha and Omega is Christ himself. All the rest of us as damned to hell sinners whose only claim to a place in the family is our one on one relationship to Jesus Christ.


Now, watch the most deadly parable,
in natural life, for a real Bible believer.






This is another good discussion of the wolf pack. You will see the similarity to many local church hierarchies. I note that the alpha male and female will even control the breeding of the pack. This is done in some Fundamental churches as the pastor and his wife keep the saint exhausted with herding both sheep and goats that husbands and wives are too tired, or even separated from each other, so that they cannot "breed." The average pastor considers working at the church house and visitation far more important than making love. These pastors often have mistresses themselves. And, their mistress may well be YOUR wife sir. This was famously the case in a large church in northern Indiana.

This is the full version of the above two videos
This will make your skin crawl as you see the patterns of the wolf pack and how close they are to many Bible believing churches today. Pastors reading here- You MUST order this video. It will terrify you if you are an alpha wolf and IF you are born again. To a God fearing pastor, the video will be a great caution, and it will help you identify other pastors you should NOT fellowship with. If you have a jackboot pastor, you need to buy the DVD and sent it to him, or show it to him if you think he will take counsel. If you are an Omega Wolf, don't bother, just get OUT OF the territory of the wolf pack you are in right now.



Hi Steve,

I was looking at the area on pastors and it mentions that a section on evangelists might be coming out sometime in the future. Is that one of those works in progress projects?

The first time that I started really studying the dictator type pastors which I call Baptist popes was from reading an article called "Touch Not the Lord's Annointed" on a site by a man named Timothy Morton. I realized that the jackboots had been busy and active for a very long time. The empire churches and ministrys were not built by humble men of God back in the 1960s and 1970s but the so called mega churches like Hyles and Robertsons and their entire gang of thugs were built by jackboots and men worshippers. It was very eye opening and I realized that I had spent over 20 years sitting under jackboots of one type or the other. I am no longer enslaved by a Baptist pope and religion. While my former friends think that I am in no mans land, I truly understand that when God makes one free, they are free indeed.

I have an observation and its only a hunch but the way of things seems that someday the Bible (KJV) might be labeled a hate book. It seems hard to believe but its almost like America might someday experience what people did under dictatorships where people had to home church and meet in woods and fields. I seem to rememeber stories about the underground church in the Soviet Union many years ago. I am no expert just speculating but it seems to me that Bible Believers might be destined for home churching out of survival and not just preference. I think there are a lot of places today where being a Christian is not very healthy such as any Muslim country. Well, I will stop my rambling.

I sure do enjoy your website and the music is very uplifting. I am a coffee fan but I have not ventured into making my own yet, it looks a little involved, lol.

Because HE Lives,



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