The present in the light of the past, and filtered through
prophetic passages from the King James Bible

Steve Van Nattan




Or, is Turkey actually Gomer in Bible prophecy?


This it a rather long rambling article on the rise of Turkey, its possible exit from the EU, its destiny with Russia, and Turkey's possible destiny as the new Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East.

This will be news to all of you I suspect. It is NOT being even hinted at by the media owned by the Hidden Hand, nor by Alex Jones and the extreme right. No one seems to be watching Turkey, and they are soon to be center stage.

This article, unlike most blog posts, develops from past to present with the past starting at the top of the page.

Let me promise you this-- you who read this whole page will never again look at the Middle East the way you do now. And, the mystery behind President Obama's strange relations in the Middle East will become crystal clear.

It is ironic that President Obama is very cozy with President Erdogen of Turkey, and it is instructional that the Turkish ambassador dined with Chris Stevens, the assassinated ambassador of the US to Libya, just twenty minutes before Stevens was killed. Obama refused to take calls. Did Obama and the Turkish ambassador know what was coming? Maybe the Turkish President Erdogen has gotten the best of a very gullible President.

Or, did the Turkish ambassador actually call on Stevens to tell him to stop shipping arms through Turkey without the Turks' permission, and did Stevens tell the Turkish ambassador he had no say in the matter..... America is an exceptional nation and trespasses where it wants to.

PHOTO: Erdogan has had six meetings with Vladimir Putin from June 2014 to June 2015. It has become very clear that Erdogan and Putin have secrets they are not telling the gullible Wog from the USA. The smile of Erdogan says, "Please believe me, I am just a dumb Arab." And, our US diplomats believe it.

Frankly, I have the creepy feeling that the whole Middle East is making a fool of the USA and playing President Obama and John Kerry for chumps..... like the village goons. I have to wonder if the real story in Benghazi is that Stevens was running guns through Turkey, and the Turks decided to show Obama who was boss. THAT would explain why neither Obama nor the Bag Lady Hillary can talk about the whole mess. They wish not to be fools twice.

In any case, Turkey has made it very clear to the 39th Airborne Division of the USA that they cannot launch attacks on ISIS from Turkey, and the US cannot transport troops through Turkey. You will soon learn why.




In my last speculations I didn't make any connection between Turkey and IS as this article does.  That's something that wouldn't have occurred to me in even my wildest speculations because the Arabs hated being ruled by the Turks because the Turks were far from nice to them.  I kick myself though for not seeing this developing when Turkey refused to help the US attack IS.  Although I admit I'm always wrong, the admission doesn't lead me to seeing what's really taking place. 

If Turkey can pull off using IS as its surrogate army to regain control of the Arab world I'll be astounded.  The way I can see it happening is if Turkey provides the logistics to IS, yet controls IS with an iron fist.  In other words, the leader of IS would have to essentially sell himself to Turkey and depend on Turkey to keep him alive while giving him what he wants.  That way, at the end point, Turkey can replace IS with its own military which will not have been degraded by fighting.

If this is what's really going on, then I predict it will backfire on Turkey because of the problems associated with trying to manage the modern Arab world.  However, if Turkey would rule in the way I said I would have to rule the Arab world, then Turkey would destroy the infrastructure of the Arab world for the purpose of keeping them in the stone age so that it could exploit the resources of the Arab world.  In the past Turkey had the manpower to subjugate the Arabs, so I'm sure they fully believe that they can do so again.

That's as far as I'll go out on this limb.  It would be very interesting to see what would happen to Turkey if it tries to use IS to attack Israel.  That might preclude any other type of backfiring on Turkey when Erdogan is standing there singed and smoldering like Wiley E. Coyotie from having messed with Israel.


Steve Comments:

They were civilized under Ata Turk in 19__, and since then, they have been rehabilitated by the civilized world by being invited into the EU. Why toss this to the wind and go for the prize of rule of the Arab world?

What is the key-- Google this.

Lothrop Stoddard in The New World of Islam- 1922

The Ottoman Turks, or "Osmanli," were originally merely one of the many Turkish hordes which entered Asia Minor after the downfall of Byzantine rule. They owed their greatness mainly to a long line of able sultans, who gradually absorbed the neighbouring Turkish tribes and used this consolidated strength for ambitious conquests both to east and west. In 1453 the Osmanli extinguished the old Byzantine Empire by taking Constantinople, and within a century thereafter they had conquered the Moslem East from Persia to Morocco, had subjugated the whole Balkan Peninsula, and had advanced through Hungary to the walls of Vienna. Unlike theirMongol cousins, the Ottoman Turks built up a durable empire. It was a barbarous sort of empire, for the Turks understood very little about culture. The only things they could appreciate were military improvements. These, however, they thoroughly appreciated and kept fully abreast of the times. In their palmy days the Turks had the best artillery and the steadiest infantry in the world, and were the terror of Europe.

Meanwhile, the liberals were making themselves felt in other parts of the Moslem world. In Turkey liberals actually headed the government during much of the generation between the Crimean War and the despotism of Abdul Hamid,[19] and Turkish liberal ministers like Reshid Pasha and Midhat Pasha made earnest though unavailing efforts to liberalize and modernize the Ottoman Empire. Even the dreadful Hamidian tyranny could not kill Turkish liberalism. It went underground or into exile, and in 1908 put through the revolution which deposed the tyrant and brought the "Young Turks" to power. In Egypt liberalism took firm root, represented by men like Sheikh Mohammed Abdou, Rector of El Azhar University and respected friend of Lord Cromer. Even outlying fragments of Islam like the Russian Tartars awoke to the new spirit and produced liberal-minded, forward men.

Abdul Hamid ascended the throne in 1876 under very difficult circumstances. The country was on the verge of a disastrous Russian war, while the government was in the hands of statesmen who were endeavouring to transform Turkey into a modernstate and who had introduced all sorts of Western political innovations, including a parliament. Abdul Hamid, however, soon changed all this. Taking advantage of the confusion which marked the close of the Russian war, he abolished parliament and made himself as absolute a despot as any of his ancestors had ever been. Secure in his autocratic power, Abdul Hamid now began to evolve his own peculiarpolicy, which, from the first, had a distinctly Pan-Islamic trend[45]. Unlike his immediate predecessors, Abdul Hamid determined to use his position as caliph for far-reaching political ends. Emphasizing his spiritual headship of the Mohammedan world rather than his political headship of the Turkish state, he endeavoured to win the active support of all Moslems and, by that support, to intimidate European Powers who might be formulating aggressive measures against the Ottoman Empire. Before long Abdul Hamid had built up an elaborate Pan-Islamic propaganda organization, working mainly by secretive, tortuous methods. Constantinople became the Mecca of all the fanatics and anti-Western agitators like Djemal-ed-Din. And from Constantinople there went forth swarms of picked emissaries, bearing to the most distant parts of Islam the Caliph's message of hope and impending deliverance from the menace of infidel rule.

Abdul Hamid's Pan-Islamic propaganda went on uninterruptedly for nearly thirty years. Precisely what this propaganda accomplished is very difficult to estimate. In the first place, it was cut short, and to some extent reversed, by the Young-Turk resolution of 1908 which drove Abdul Hamid from the throne. It certainly was never put to the test of a war between Turkey and a first-class European Power. This is what renders any theoretical appraisal so inconclusive. Abdul Hamid did succeed in
gaining the respectful acknowledgment of his spiritual authority by most Moslem princes and notables, and he certainly won the pious veneration of the Moslem masses. In the most distant regions men came to regard the mighty Caliph in Stambul as, in very truth, the Defender of the Faith, and to consider his empire as the bulwark of Islam. On the other hand, it is a far cry from pious enthusiasm to practical performance. Furthermore, Abdul Hamid did not succeed in winning over powerful Pan-Islamic leaders like El Sennussi, who suspected his motives and questioned his judgment; while Moslem liberals everywhere disliked him for his despotic, reactionary, inefficient rule. It is thus a very debatable question whether, if Abdul Hamid had ever called upon the Moslem world for armed assistance in a "holy war," he would have been generally supported.

Turkey was the catalyst to unite all of the Islamic world, and then Europe and Russia dismantled it in the late 1800s. The Islamic press around the Middle East and to western China and India fanned the terror of Muslims for the West. Around 1900 this was building and fearful.

There is an old resentment in all of Islam for the intrusion of Europe, and now the USA, into the Middle East. In the 1900s Europe was about to dismember Turkey, the seat of the just past Islamic Caliphate, and, according to Stoddard in 1922, all of the Islamic world was enraged on behalf of Turkey.

I have been in close touch with Mohammedans of India for close upon thirty years and I think it is my duty to warn the British public of the passionate resentment which Moslems feel at the proposed dismemberment of the Turkish Empire. The diplomats at Versailles apparently thought that outside the Turkish homelands there is no sympathy for Turkey. This is a disastrous blunder. You have but to meet the Mohammedan now in London to realize the white heat to which their anger is rising. In India itself the whole of the Mohammedan community from Peshawar to Arcot is seething with passion upon this subject.

Neither the USA nor Europe learned anything from history, and they are driving north now into Syria and northern Iraq right up to the door steps of Turkey. What should Turkey do, and what must they think? Are they next? The USA has trashed Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and not Syria. Certainly, ISIS is trouble, big trouble, but will the US use this excuse to enter Turkey by stealth and destroy them next?
The average American, and almost all American officials in Washington, especially Congress, do not have a clue what is going on in Turkey.

Gomer and Russia and Ezekiel 38-- Turkey goes for the Middle East after using ISIS as their pit bull. Turkey destroys ISIS, and Russia enters and take Turkey under his wing, along with all the others in Ez 38. This charms Israel.

Are we seeing the end game of prophecy, and will the US end up making a big donkey of itself and being shown the door?



Steve Comments:

Turkey: The Jihadists’ Fifth Column in NATO?

During the Cold War it made perfect sense to ally ourselves with Turkey against the Soviet threat to the Middle East. Today however Turkey should be regarded as an enemy country, not as an ally, as indeed should all islamic countries. Today it would make far more sense to ally ourselves with Russia against the islamic threat, but the fools in power still can't see past the Cold War days.

Turkey Inching Toward Alliance With U.S. in Syria Conflict

Since this article was written Turkey has said it would help attack ISIS. I am very suspicious that Turkey simply wants into the battle to grab the initiative at some point and take ISIS under their wing.



My contact continues

I believe your interpretation of Ezekiel could very well come to pass, although I wouldn't bet my life on it.  Definitely -- let God be true.  Like you, I can barely contain my excitement over the upcoming prophetic events, plus the Rapture.  It's hard for me to understand how the battle of EZ 38 could not be Israel's final battle, because of the way chapter 39 ends.  It's hard to imagine after reading that ending, that God could still allow 2/3 of the Jews to be killed by the Antichrist.  But I guess it could happen.

To answer your question about Turkey giving us the EMP treatment -- history shows we're incredibly vulnerable to sneak attacks, so I don't think it would be that hard to get the drop on us.  But the enemy would have to neuter us or destroy us in one fell swoop, because history shows we also have a knack for bouncing back and obliterating those who did us harm.

Regarding the relation between and Israel and Turkey, it perplexes me.  Israel buys almost all of the water it uses from Turkey, and looking at things on the map, Turkey is about the only nation in the region with enough going for it to be able to supply a reliable source of water to Israel.  I think that's huge.  Israel would love to have a stable relationship with Turkey, but maybe it has to be based on Mutual Assured Destruction -- which in these times isn't all that bad compared to the alternatives.

It's good to correspond with you about the developments.  When I had my last follow up appointment on July 25, after my hip surgery on March 31, the doctor told me not to run, jump, or lift more than 30 lbs.  As soon as my hip gets a little better I think I'll be able to help a local farmer collect and bale cardboard.  It's a lot of movement, but not heavy work and I can work at my own pace.  The reason I mention this is because it looks like realistically I'll be able to physically and financially be able to return to the IDF in one year and go over in the fall.  The next time I go over though I'd like to do back to back 3-week IDF stints and then spend about a week in country making contact with Christians there.  The website I find out about the Christian community on is

A fellow volunteer in 2011 did attend some activities at a Christian center in Tel-Aviv one weekend, but he said it was a fairly expensive deal, so I would think it would be more geared toward Christian tourists rather than Christian Israeli citizens.  Also, the guy was from Belgium, in his late 20s or early 30s, and didn't believe in the Rapture.  He did believe in spending a lot of time with a blond volunteer from Australia, so how "Christian" they were, I don't know.  Probably not very.  What I'm saying is that I want to make contact with some regular Rapture-believing Christians who are Jews living in Israel.  I hope it's possible.


A little more info about Turkey hoping to use ISIS to restore its dominion of the Arab world.

Seems more people are aware of it and openly declaring what they believe Turkey's intentions to be.

My dad used to tell me that the Turks never took prisoners.  Instead they would cut off the ears, noses, etc., of their captives and simply send them back to their own side.  That's even more brutal than ISIS, so it's a given that Turkey has no problem with ISIS's brutality, and is in fact prepared to be more brutal than ISIS in order to control ISIS. 

My line of opining still springs from your question of why things are so quiet over there.  Apparently Turkey is outfitting, supplying, and launching ISIS.  Air strikes alone will have little effect on ISIS.  Also, it's a possibility that Obama might ultimately be loyal to Erdogan, as truly the only individual who can restore the Ottoman empire.  The Turk Muslims are intellectually, organizationally, and militarily superior to the Arab Muslims by far.  Plus, I think people are going to find out again how brutal the Turks are.  I know there are a lot of Turks living in Germany, and so I suppose its quite possible that they could become the Muslim enforcers among the Muslims in the western European countries.

In a way, it's kind of exciting to see the possibility of the re-emergence of the Ottoman Empire, because it would validate that I got a lot better education than I ever thought I was getting at my father's knee.  Had Turkey not allied with the Huns in WWI, their Ottoman Empire might not have ever been depleted enough to have to give up the Arab world and Israel.  I could be wrong, but I'll bet the Turks have it all drawn up as to exactly how they plan to restore the Ottoman Empire.

Plus, in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 -39, Israel would be much more likely to let the Turks approach them than a huge army of Arabs.  Israel has had a good relationship with Turkey, and we know the Israelis are suckers for relying on the promises of their enemies over the promises of their God.  Which always backfires on Israel.  Prophetically, God has to save Israel in the spectacular way described in Ezekiel.

Now, here is news that ISIS has opened a consulate office in Turkey with Erdogen's approval. If ISIS considers Turkey friendly territory, this tells us that Erdogen IS the coming Caliph of the new Islamic empire ISIS and Hamas talk about.


If you think this is nothing to worry about you are dead wrong. Turkey has the connections with Russia, and in the recent past, the connections with Israel. Erdogen may well have plans for Israel that no one understands. Netanyahu is not talking about Turkey and Erdogen. Could there be something brewing that would soon bring Russia and Putin into the picture?

A peace maker, a loving nanny from the North, would be just the thing. Everyone in the Middle East would love it. Ezekiel 38 prophecies it. The only thing in the way is the United States of America.

Again, I must warn you to do your preparations folks. God will soon trash the USA, and not at the hands of George Soros and the mob behind the curtain. God will make sure this nation will never come back and get in his way again.


When the Turks are ready, they'll slaughter as many Arabs as it takes for them to reestablish the Ottoman Empire, and nobody will have any interest whatsoever in rescuing the Arabs.  It will be absolutely brutal beyond imagining, but no journalists will be allowed around.  The Turks imagine they'll be fabulously wealthy from taking over all the oil fields. 





I suspect Turkey wants to take up the Kurds into the fold, and they will do little of nothing to meddle with ISIS. Why would the Turks allow ISIS to open a consulate in Turkey if they intended to attack them? This also makes me wonder if Obama and the Turks have a hidden agenda on behalf of the Islamic Caliphate. Frankly, I think Turkey intends to be the over arching nanny of the whole ISIS affair. Obama would love it because he could hand off this monster to the Turks the way Bill Clinton handed off the Bosnia crisis to the EU via Javier Solana. I think it is all about a buffer zone to keep ISIS in Iraq and Syria so they subdue those two nations for Turkey. (Right click on Translate)

And, this may be what is moving the Turkish Parliament to nanny ISIS for a while.

The Turks need little encouragement to attack Syria and Assad. And, this could entrench the Turks in Damascus instead of the US, AND Turkey might well inherit the oil kingdom of Assad. AND, this would please Turkeys quiet friend to the north, Putin.




These are very thought provoking because we know something big will soon happen with regard to Israel. China could blast the US any day, and that would dispense with Israel's godfather the USA. Russia would at once become obsessed with Israel and the strategic sphere of influence they have in front of them.



Problem 1: 
Turkey needs to remove Assad in order to control Syria.  Russia supports Syria, and has threatened any US aircraft action over Syria.  How can Turkey and Russia become allies?  Do they become allies?  Does Russia wipe Turkey out in order to prevent re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire?  Also, Persia is currently helping Syria to hold off IS.  Psalm 83 about has to take place before Ezekiel 38 so that Israel can be living in peace without walls, bars, or gates.

Guesstimate:  With Syria as the bone of contention, Russia may wipe out Turkey along with IS, because I don’t think Russia will allow the Ottoman Empire to reemerge.  That would be too much of a threat to Russia.  Persia and Russia seem to be comfortable with each other, with Persia seeming to willingly accept the subordinate role because of its need for technology. 

Psalm 83 seems to indicate that Israel is yet to defeat, and will defeat, its closest enemy nations, so they may be neutralized and escape being overthrown [since they’re not a threat to Antichrist] as stated in Daniel 11:41.

Problem 2: 
What armed forces have the ability to launch the type of invasion of Israel described in Ezekiel?  The Bible makes it sound like the invasion force is so huge that Israel will have no choice but to flee southward, while the enemy swarms over most all of it.  Russia would seem to be the candidate to constitute the largest and most powerful driver of the invasion force.  But is it?  But how could Russia sit this one out and not participate in the invasion?  Especially with Russia being the guard who is initially expected to be on Israel’s side?

Guesstimate:  You could be right about Gog being Israel’s guard until the end of the 1,000 years, because Gog gets buried in Israel.  However, the Bible says that when Gog comes to attack Israel at the end of the 1,000 years, they’ll be encamped around Israel when fire simply comes down and destroys them all. 

But if Gog is a demon, then the body of the person he first infested could very well be buried in Israel if Ezekiel 38 & 39 take place in a much shorter time frame, but then Gog could possess a second person at the end of the 1,000 years.

Problem 3: 
If Israel lets a huge military force get close enough to Israel, then it won’t be able to use its strategic nuclear weapons to stop them.  Israel is very small.  A huge invading force can overwhelm it.  As Stalin said, “Quantity has a quality all of its own.”  No nation is likely to come to Israel’s aid.  If the invasion force is indeed swarming over Israel as described in Ezekiel, all will be lost save God’s direct intervention.

Guesstimate:  It could turn out that Turkey isn’t that much of a threat to reestablish the Ottoman Empire.  Back then, Turkey was the closest powerful nation to the Arab world, and would have had a much easier time subduing it.  According to my former friend who is a Jew born in Turkey, the Turks are in fact living in the past and aren’t very well grounded in the 21st Century.

My feeling is that the Turks are trying to juggle too many balls in their delusion to become the Ottomans again.  I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it was strong delusion for America to think it wouldn’t be attacked and badly damaged by China or anyone else.  We live in the day of weapons so frightful, we peons might not know their capabilities.  And the inscrutable Chinese may very well be concealing their strategic military capabilities instead of publicizing them according to the Art of War.  The Chinese may very well be pretending to be weak.  Also, I sent you the article about the economist who believes the Chinese intend to have control of enough gold to be the ones who determine what any nation’s currency is worth.

Revelation 16:12 says the Euphrates will be dried up in order to prepare the way for the kings of the east.  Then the frog-like spirits go forth to gather the kings of the whole world to Armageddon.

Therefore, if Russia and the rest of Gog’s alliance have been slaughtered, China will come on the scene after having already defeated the USA, or to defeat the USA who comes to Armageddon under the delusion that it will succeed to take control of Israel after Russia failed.  In other words, the USA and China head to Armageddon to fight over who gets control of Israel.  The USA and/or China being deluded into believing that they’ll somehow manage to escape what happened to Russia.

At the point where great armies are arriving at Armageddon, it doesn't really make any difference which armies are left – whether it’s China by itself, or China and India allied against the USA and her allies – according to Revelation 19:19, they’re going to be there to make war against Jesus and his army.  Everyone there will be under the delusion that they can defeat Jesus.

You know the ending as well as I do, but I include it as context for what we don’t know today.  Turkey, IS, and the Arab world are probably very small fish who are merely being used to get the ball rolling.  As China appears to be hunkered down and watching, while the USA so far away (but with the ability to sail to Israel quickly and disembark an invasion force to Armageddon) could also be hunkered down as it waits things out while doing a little token bombing.  Turkey could be waiting to pounce on IS, and the USA could be waiting to pounce on Turkey after it pounces on IS.

And of my contact's observations.

I will not tell you why the US is in deep trouble. China has been producing nuclear and other ICBMs and other high powered hardware at full speed. The US has been telling we the people and the world that we have X number of nuclear missiles.

PROBLEM: I have a friend who worked at making buoys to drop in the water to listen for submarines. They tested them from time to time with a very fast snap of high voltage to see if they had any chance of surviving an EMP blast (nuclear). He said once in a while a buoy would survive. He also told me about the Military testing nuclear war heads that were still within their shelf life of ten years. They took ten of them to the south Pacific and detonated them. All ten failed.

You see, the nuclear blast is made by a ball of pie like pieces are slammed together into a solid ball, and the pie shaped pieced have to also be held in place against each other by some force. If one of the pie shaped pieces fails to fire, or if they all fire, but one piece pops back out of the ball of pieces,  there is no nuclear blast. The nuclear force flames up as it were, and the nuclear force all blows out the hole of the missing piece. There is a lot of nuclear radioactivity in the area where the bomb landed, but there is no explosion. 
The US has thousands of old, and some new, nuclear weapons. How many will successfully blow? No one knows, but the Pentagon must have a pretty good idea things will not go as well as they brag about to us. Understand this real well folks..... Nuclear weapons are as much to give YOU comfort as they are to fight a real war. 
So, the day China, and maybe Russia on the side, start shooting, the USA may be in a lot more trouble than we are led to believe. 

If the USA becomes entrapped in sort of crisis, like Ebola, the collapse of California economically because of the drought, or a secessionist movement starting, Europe would at once drop the US and turn to its neighbors, and some of the EU might very well rush to Moscow to mend fences and cut deals for Russian gas and oil. This winter may be very hard on Europe as the US tries to supply the gas shortfall they have from sanctions against Russia. Europe may find they simply cannot pay the cost of shipping gas in ships from Texas.


Back to Turkey:

Turkey could have a change of leadership. President Erdogan is not popular because he has become somewhat of a tyrant lately. He seems to have rigged the last elections. Revolution in Turkey could easily drive a separatist party into the arms of Putin, as in Ukraine. If Erdogan was overthrown, and if another secularist party came to power, Russia would possibly have Gomer in their possession.



More and more negative stories will be coming out in the days ahead, and one by one the nations of the world are turning against us. Add the grief the world receives by the arrogant NSA, with President Obama's arrogant stand firm position, is simply adding hate to hate for the USA. The world now fears us. They do not respect of love America as they did when I was a kid. THIS CANNOT GO ON MUCH LONGER BEFORE SOMETHING REALLY RESETS BIG TIME. History mitigates against the survival of the USA much longer.

By the way, YouTube warns that the above video is not officially listed on YouTube. That means only the person how posted it can send people to it. Why?



What if China fires the first shot instead of waiting as they and Putin have done in recent years? The following URL had information on this topic, but it has been taken down. See if you can raise it from some other web surfing method.



I believe that, like all colonial powers and the USA in recent years, a Turkish caliphate would not be a literal conquest of every square inch of the area from Iran to Morocco. It would be what is now called a "sphere of influence." Turkey would pretend that the nations they brought under their power were free to live their own lives, but Turkey would control them through diplomacy and through the mosques of Islam. The mosque is what the US lacks in its conquest of the Middle East, and Turkey would fill that powerful void and win the game.



Islam is being lead by two wings, the secular political wing which infiltrates the cultures of the world, especially the USA and Europe, and the violent wing like ISIS which torture, rape, and ravage any nation in the Middle East which is not rabidly Islamic. All of these Islamic agencies, whether seemingly mild and tame, or whether vicious and blood thirsty, and in total unity on the goal of taking over the world for Islam. You are a fool if you think there are Muslims in this world who do not relate to one of the top two groups.

Furthermore, Islam will not go away as the End Times prophecy drama winds down. The Antichrist will be seen by Muslims as the Madhi, the Messianic type coming prophecy whom Mohammed said would one day come. And all of Christendom will imagine the Antichrist is the biblical Messiah. The unity of Christendom and Islam will one day be absolute. Anyone not joining the union of all world religions by Antichrist will be beheaded. The practice of beheading in the world today is only practiced by Islam, and here it is under Antichrist:

Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

So, the slow but sure sacred rage of Islam is walking across the Middle East, and one day they will unite under one Caliph again, from Iran to Morocco. The only thing standing against the total annihilation of Israel for a period of time will be Gog and Magog, that is, Russia. We will look at this again below in Ezekiel 38. But, let me say this-- God our father would be very evil if he rewarded the righteous remnant of the Church Age by sacrificing them to this coming system. Any blasted fool can claim the Church goes through the Great Tribulation, but that fool cannot know my God and my Savior.

1 Thessalonians 5:9 For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,

So, let us not consider the coming Antichrist system which Islam will bring into power in the Middle East.

I want you to listen of Walid Shoebat discuss the Middle East and Bible prophecy. I have wondered about the tendency of American and European Bible teachers to see too much Bible prophecy being fulfilled by European entities, especially with regard to the Vatican and even Germany. I myself have taught for years that Gomere is Germany, but I have recently realized that there is no way to prove this using the Bible.

So, please watch this video, and consider the possibilities of Turkey's empire being restored in some form soon.


So, some questions come up from this video:

1. Where will the USA be during this emergence of Turkey as the central power in the Middle East?

Answer: The USA will not be in End Times events in the Middle East. Since the USA is not mentioned in any way in the Bible, other than an obscure comment about the "isles of the sea," the USA will be destroyed or reduced to Third World status at best as the final act takes place. Any Bible teacher who tells you he can prove the USA is in Bible prophecy is a fraud. This is exactly what Walid Shoebat was talking about, that is, the tendency of the White Race to impose themselves in Bible prophecy.

2. Is China one of the kings of the east who come against Israel during the Great Tribulation?

Answer: China was not known to the Bible revelators who wrote prophecy. China is not Muslim as all the other nations mentioned in Bible prophecy are in the Middle East. The kings of the east may only be Iran, Pakistan, the Persian Gulf states, the central Asian nations like Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Checknya, Iraq, Jordan, and possibly Muslims from the western province of China. But, China is not in Bible prophecy otherwise. So, we must wonder if the USA and China will soon destroy one another in nuclear warfare. The Anglo Saxon mind refuses to consider the possibility of the White Race being marginalized, but God is not Dutch, and he is not from Nebraska. Deal with it.

3. Will the Turkish Empire be murderous as they were long ago?

Answer: That is why Gog and Magog (Russia) are brought down from the north by God, as we learn in Ezekiel 38. Gomer, or Turkey, is gathered into the cooperative union Gog gathers.

Ezekiel 38:1 And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,
3 And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:
4 And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:
5 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:
6 Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.
7 Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.

If Gomer is Turkey, and if they have united Islam in a new caliphate, then they will rule from Iran to Morocco, which is just up the road from Libya which Gog (Russia) gathers in. At this time Russia is very involved in Turkey in oil deals, and Turkey is thumbing its nose at Europe regarding sanctions against Russia. If God turns China and the USA against one another in nuclear war, that would leave Russia as the only world power around. Israel would be delighted of Russia moderated the threat of the Turks "and all their bands." This may all seem surreal, but a close use of literal hermeneutics brings us to a place where America and Europe and China are toast, either in war or economically.

At the present Turkey is a secularized state. The Turkish people are VERY proud that Ata Turk, long ago, brought civilized ways to Turkey. They are still very Muslim, but also very secular. So, Russia could play on this, and also Russia could pretend to let the Turks lead the parade while Russia holds the leash on the caliphate. And, if Turkey played their cards right, and if they cuddled up to Israel as they have in the recent past, the Zionist leaders in Jerusalem might feel rather safe with the Russo-Turk amalgamation. And, if a Jew from Turkey, one who is approved by the Mullahs of islam, had the power of Satan given him, he could easily be accepted by the Zionist leaders in Israel as the Messiah.




President Barak Obama is deeply involved in the Islamic Brotherhoos and should be considered a terrorist.


God's War on Terror and the Islamic Anti-Christ Walid Shoebat Ex PLO Terrorist- Walid Shoebat




I decided to see who attack Walid Shoebat. Anderson Cooper went to a lot of trouble to destroy Shoebat. Here is the program the sodomite Cooper made blasting Shoebat.

Now why would Anderson Cooper need to destroy Walid Shoebat? I went to the Jewish World Review, and I found an article exposing how viciously Anderson Cooper attacked Michelle Bachmann. Mrs Bachmann exposed Huma Abedin, the deputy chief of staff of Hillary Clinton, for what she, Huma, is-- a shill for the Islamic Brotherhood, wife of a sex pervert who had to leave Congress over his misdeeds, and Huma Abedin is exposed in an online series on the Islamic Brotherhood PART EIGHT.

Anderson Cooper very obviously tried to clear Huma Abedin of the onus of being part of the Islamic Brotherhood. I personally believe that Cooper, who does bold violence against God's plan of marriage rather than sodomy, has not ethics, and he may well be paid well by the likes of the Islamic Brotherhood or their friends.

So, that Anderson Cooper attacks Walid Shoebat is a badge of validity and courage to Shoebat.








Remember, in Ezekiel 38 Gog and Magog do not include Saudi Arabia in their coop. The Saudi response to Gomer (Turkey) fits perfectly with the drama to the north.

This is a must read. Please understand that both Turkey AND Iran are Aryan nations, that is, they are of the White Race heritage, NOT Semitic. Turkey and Iran both want to dwell in the tents of Shem, as father Noah prophesied.

For you who read all the way to this point, I give you the final secret to what Turkey is doing:

Genesis 9:24 And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.
25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.
26 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.
27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.
28 And Noah lived after the flood three hundred and fifty years.
29 And all the days of Noah were nine hundred and fifty years: and he died.

Did you see Verse 27? Japheth is the father of the White and Asian races. Iran and Turkey are Japhethites. Has father Noah's prophecy come true? Here are the White, or Aryan, empires who tried to move in with Shem, that is the Jews and the Arabs:

Great Britain
Now ongoing- the United States of America
And, just as Antichrist arrives, Turkey again

And, Canaan will be his servant. From Canaan came Ham, and he was the race that become the slaves of the whole Middle east, and later America and Europe.

Now, grab hold please-- this will hurt.

President Barak Obama is a Hamite, an African from Kenya where many slaves went forth to the Middle East for centuries. I must tell you, my American friends, our President is a porch monkey, a slave of the powers in the Middle East. When Netanyahu is not grabbing for his manhood, the king of Saudi Arabia is. And when those two let up a while, the king of Turkey comes looking for the porch monkey.

This is not meant to mock or degrade the US President. It is simply a fact that those throughout the last 4000 years of human history who meddled in the Middle East, whether Black (Hamites) or White (Japhathites) have fulfilled the prophecy of father Noah. If you don't like it sir, stay in Texas or Chicago.

And now, you know the rest of the story. If it were not for my hope in the coming of my Lord, I would go crawl up in a cave in Big Bend, Texas.