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With emphasis on the Masonic connection

There is a pastor friend of mine, a man of real humility and zeal, who has gone for the Great Pyramid doctrines.  This is the notion that God used the Great Pyramid to give ancient revelation, and we can decipher it today.  Dr. Gene Scott has a highly developed interpretation of the Great Pyramid, which show the thing is bad company.  And, Dr. Peter Ruckman has frightened a number of godly men, who were positive toward his ministry, by his toying with UFOs and pyramids.  

I have had to deal with several wide eyed saints who have been down to the pantry of Mother Goose and filled their little cup with this bilge water.  I want nothing to do with this.  It is just another of the novel toys that Satan has produced, along with Bible codes and circles in wheat fields, which draw the elect away from the final authority of the King James Bible.  

Thus, I add it here for your WARNING, not to tempt you into this cult.  Get this down, and then watch for it.  If you pastor is fiddling with the thing, print this and hand it to him.  This Great Pyramid thing is now championed by the most radical New Age cultist worldwide.  When the devil's forces love a thing, that is a sure sign it is evil and counterfeit.





Drumming in the New Millennium, a two-day outdoor multicultural music festival at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, will be broadcast over the internet on December 7. [ ]

Since the monuments of Egypt are believed by occultists to hold the secrets of the lost civilization of Atlantis, i.e., the antediluvian generation which God judged in Genesis 7, the Great Pyramid of Egypt appears to be the esoteric focus for transformation into the New Age.  Several articles are appended below on premillennial events planned at the Egyptian Pyramids. It seems these pyramids have already been "rented out" over the past several months for new age rituals. One article ["Pyramids attract New Age millennium pilgrims"] confirms that the claims of the Matrix Project Worldwide -- to have performed the satanic ritual known as the "Dark Mother" on the Solar Eclipse of Aug. 11, 1999 -- is based in fact. [See: ] 

Zahi Hawass, who is the Director of Egyptian Antiquities Organization, was the star of a Fox Channel TV program last March which showed the opening of the sealed tombs of the Unknown and the Queen's Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. This live broadcast also presented information on the search for the Hall of Records at the Great Sphinx, which supposedly contains records of the lost civilization. Dr. Zahi Hawass, whose surname means "Horus," reportedly found instead the tomb of the Egyptian god, Osiris, who is believed to have been reincarnated in his son, Horus, the Sun-god.

Dr. Hawass has recently announced plans to secure the pyramids from public view during the millennial celebrations, the reason for this being to safeguard them  from "pyramidiots" who would otherwise profane the sacred places of Egypt. All visits to the interiors of the Giza pyramids will stop from mid-December until January 1 and "The whole Giza plateau, including all three pyramids and the Sphinx, will be closed 'for personal' reasons for about 36 hours, from the evening of December 30, 1999 until after dawn on January 1, 2000. . ."

However, Texe Marrs reports that, "Inside [the Great Pyramid], in the Pharoah's chamber, at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999, the Illuminati's hidden elite will meet and celebrate a satanic black mass to invoke, welcome and honor their counterfeit man-god, the false Christ."

Meanwhile in the United States, NASA anxiously awaits information to be transmitted to Earth by NASA's Mars Polar Lander and the accompanying Deep Space 2.  NASA's real interest in planet Mars and reason for launching the $165 million spacecraft and its companion, a $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter [which burned up in the planet's atmosphere 10 weeks ago], may have to do with the space agency's obsession with purported pyramids and a sphinx built on Mars by the "lost civilization." This agenda was reported in a 1996 article in the London "Dailey Mail" by Masonic authorities Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock.

Could the sphinx of Mars be proof of an alien civilization as great as our own?

    "The sensational announcement that a fist-sized meteorite from Mars contains signs of life has so far been accepted by scientists as evidence that only 'incredibly primitive' organisms may once have existed on the planet. Yet it could mean far more. . .
    "What raises the stakes in such speculation is the existence of remarkable evidence that complex artificial structures - monuments, gigantic edifices - may have been built on Mars at some remote date. These structures, detected in NASA video images sent back by the Viking Orbiter in 1976, have never been photographed since but have become the focus of a widening controversy over the past 20 years.
    "Because they include several enormous pyramids and a massive Sphinx-like face, an apparently lunatic fringe argues that they must be the work of intelligent and technologically advanced beings. A civilization, in other words." 

    "Former NASA consultant Richard Hoagland is convinced there may be a 'terrestrial connection' between Giza and Cydonia - the region of Mars where the mysterious structures are located - perhaps a common source that imparted the same legacy of knowledge and symbolism on both worlds.
    "Hoagland's interest in Giza began when he met Dr. Lambert Dolphin, a scientist from the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) who had conducted radar and seismographic research to locate hidden chambers near and under the Great Sphinx.
    "Dr. Dolphin was captivated by Hoagland's idea of a 'Martian Sphinx' - the Face - and , in 1983, was instrumental in helping Hoagland set up the Independent Mars Investigation Project under the aegis of SRI."

The Masonic authors of this online report also wrote THE MESSAGE OF THE SPHINX, in which book they presented documented evidence of the long and productive relationship between Stanford Research Institute physicist turned Christian minister, Lambert Dolphin, and the Edgar Cayce Foundation.  Details of this scandal are provided in Lambert Dolphin & the Great Sphinx.]

Finally, a message we received from a "Master Mason," identified only as Alex, reproved our ignorance of things esoteric and informed us of the Freemasons' anticipated great discovery within the Great Pyramid -- namely, the ARK of the Covenant!  I quote here a portion of this rather strange message, followed by the aforementioned articles about events at the Egyptian pyramids:

<I have been in correspondence with Dr. Zahi Hawass while researching my book. I too watched the TV special about the "discovery" of the hidden tomb under the Sphinx. Many other knowledgeable historians and Egyptologists have had a little chuckle over that one. It is generally accepted that this program was simply eye candy for the mindless masses. . .

<The "Kings chamber" in the Great Pyramid was never intended to house dead king. It vault in it's center is a perfect match for the Arc of Moses. The Arc described in the book of Exodus is an exact copy of the Box of Ra (Egyptian God) not only it's dimensions but the material it was constructed of. 

<The cap stone of the Great Pyramid was made of solid god [sic], (According to the hieroglyphics) which was connected to the king's chamber by metal rods.

<Now the kicker to the whole thing.

<The Arc: it's construction was duplicated by a British scientist based on all the available information. It was found to be a basic but effective capacitor ( electronic energy storage device) By setting it on acidic ground or in a salt water solution it generated and discharged a massive electrical charge.

<That would explain the references in the bible to the bolts of fire and light that struck down the enemies of God's "chosen" people.

<Now . . . .word has it that the gold cap stone will be replaced in commemoration of the millenium. Makes you wonder what else will be replaced.>



FEATURE - Pyramids attract New Age millennium pilgrims 

CAIRO, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Late at night, long after the last foot-sore tourists have headed back to their hotels, pilgrims of a different kind gather silently at the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    Forty-four souls, assembled from as far afield as the United States, Britain,  Norway, and New Zealand, patiently await  official clearance before ascending to the 4,500-year-old  structure, whose meaning has confounded minds for centuries.

    They gather their crystals, shawls and thoughts of time, climb the steps and file inside the Pyramid one by one.

    The crackle of Egyptian police walkie-talkies occasionally punctures the serenity, but these New Age pilgrims are unperturbed. For them, the night vigil is a homecoming.

    "We are a group of people from around the world who have  come to spend some time with Ma in Egypt," says  George Riemer, a stockbroker from Bend, Oregon.

    "The one thing we have in common is that we are all seekers  of truth."

    Chalanda Ma is the group's Indian-born, California-based guru. A small, intense woman draped in a white sari, she explains the significance of the Great Pyramid.

   "The Pyramids carry the consciousness, the constant of light. It is a pure vehicle of light and harvests those seeking for the light and who come here with the knowledge. Space will  activate their energy," she says.

   Her group has no name. "I have no beliefs, I do not function with beliefs. In the word belief, there is the word lie, and for me this is not the truth," she says.

   Ma leads her followers in a two-hour ritual in the King's Room in the heart of the Great Pyramid.

   "Ask yourself, are you committed to yourself, to God? Do you have the willpower to love yourself, and God? Are you  following the path of light, or of darkness?" she asks, eyes closed, her thin, determined voice resonating in the chamber.

   One by one her devotees lie down in a lidless granite sarcophagus. "Heal!" Ma exhorts, striking it with a metal rod, as her acolytes produce an eerie drone from musical bell-jars.

    The session ends in the Queen's Room, where the group meditates, humming in unison.

    As they activate their energy, an electricity generator powering the lights drones in the background. Down the corridor  come the faint sounds of the guards chatting in the entrance.

    "It's just like coming home, that's all I can say.  Amazing,"says one follower summing up the general feeling afterwards. This is her first visit to Egypt. "But I know I have been here before, in ancient times," she adds.  


    If the antiquities authorities at the Giza pyramids find  such groups odd, they are not saying so out loud.

    Parties of 15 pay 3,600 Egyptian pounds ($1,052), and another 70 pounds for each additional person, to have the Great  Pyramid to themselves for three hours. Chalanda Ma and her  retinue paid 5,630 pounds for their chance to commune with truth.

    Antiquities officials say around 40 groups a month have been  renting the Pyramid for New Age rituals in this year's run-up to  the next millennium and they expect business to double in 2000.

    "This year has been the highest, because of the millennium. Next year there will be perhaps 2,000 people per month," says  Ahmed al-Haggar, chief inspector at the Giza Pyramids.

    But all visits, day and night, to the interiors will stop from mid-December until January 1 as plans unfold for a spectacular New Year's Eve concert at the Pyramids arranged by  French musician Jean-Michel Jarre.

    Giza plateau director Zahi Hawass said war concerns lay  behind the decision to bar access to the inner chambers.

    "New Year is big -- everyone wants to be here in front of the Pyramids," he said. The unpredictable could not be ruled  out.

    Last year a German tourist jumped to his death from the Cairo tower in the belief that a visit he had just made to the Pyramids would keep him safe.

    Hawass also finds his patience tried by what he calls the "Pyramidiots" -- theorists who accuse Egyptian authorities of  concealing the truth about the origins of the monuments.

    "When people come and meditate there is no problem. But  there are those who really are nuts, fill the Internet with lies and think we are hiding evidence about the lost civilization.

    "The Pyramidiots want to steal the Pyramids for themselves," he says. "But I don't mean that those who meditate inside the Pyramids are Pyramidiots," he adds.

   "They are nice people and they should be respected." 



Egypt prophets of doom at millennium celebrations

GIZA, Egypt, Nov 16 (AFP) -

    Egypt is on guard against "pyramidiots" preaching millennium conspiracy theories on the Internet, with officials warning zero tolerance if they descend on the Giza Pyramids expecting Satan to appear as 2000 dawns.

    At least two spiritual tour operators are advertising millennium trips to the pyramids, billing guest speakers such as David Icke, the former British television sportscaster-turned-prophet of doom.

    Icke and others are warning that ex-US president George Bush will summon oppressive evil forces at a black mass in a dank stone burial chamber deep inside the great Cheops pyramid at midnight on December 31.

    According to his website, European and the British royal family are key members of the world "Illuminati elite" of human-reptile hybrids whose rituals are designed to tap into fourth dimensional energy forces and deprive ordinary human mortals of their consciousness.

    But the Egyptian government's custodian of the Giza pyramids, Zahi Hawass, said he has no time for the "pyramidiots" and warned they would be "dismissed" if they cause any trouble at the end of the millennium.

    "All this is hallucination. We'll never permit anyone to insult the pyramids," Hawass said. "They're sacred and divine and I'm going to keep them sacred and divine."

    The whole Giza plateau, including all three pyramids and the Sphinx, will be closed "for war" reasons for about 36 hours, from the evening of December 30, 1999 until after dawn on January 1, 2000, he said.

    Police presence will be stepped up both at the pyramids and in the nearby desert where 50,000 party-goers will be channelled into an all-night, end-of-year spectacle starring multimedia artist Jean-Michel Jarre.

    Although Egyptian Armed forces are mainly concerned about threats from Islamic militants, they will also be keeping a watchful eye out for fringe groups around the Giza trio.

    But Hawass' plans to restrict access look set only to stoke the fires of pre-millennial hysteria as conspiracy theorists like US new age author Texe Marrs allege that the custodian is in on the plot with the black priests.

    Not even the clean-cut Frenchman's electronic opera remains untainted after the Egyptian press started weaving its own strands in the tangled web of millenarian occult hype last month.

    The notorious bi-weekly newspaper Al-Shaab, whose editor-in-chief was imprisoned in August for libelling a government minister, has accused Jarre of conspiring to impose "Freemasonry" on Egyptian civilisation.

    Party-goers attending Jarre's multimedia show will watch giant images of the Pharaonic Eye of Horus projected on the sides of the Giza pyramids and a light-emitting golden pyramid will be lowered by helicopter onto Cheops.

    Al-Shaab, along with numerous doomsday Internet sites, was quick to identify the images with what they call the "Masonic symbolism" depicted on the US one-dollar bill which shows an eye glowing from the capstone of a pyramid.

    Hawass defended topping Giza's largest pyramid, saying it was designed to replicate the practices of the ancient Egyptians who he says crowned their pyramids with a golden capstone to celebrate their completion.

    "If the Masons want to take our symbols, what can we do?" he asked.

    Texe Marrs, a retired US Air Force officer, meanwhile suggests on his website that Jarre's concert, which will be staged in the desert around half a mile (about a kilometre) away from the pyramids themselves, is a diversion for the Illuminati rituals of "consummate evil."

    "The grotesque ceremony, these men believe, will culminate in a visit by their glowing Masonic god of light and magic, Lucifer himself, at exactly the stroke of midnight, December 31, 1999," he writes.

    And if you're wondering what the pyramids have to do with the Christian calendar, the prophets of doom are always ready with an answer.

    Icke, for example, who plans to be at the pyramids with a Zulu shaman on December 31, says the Gregorian calendar was "created" by the Illuminati so New Year 2000 would coincide with a peak of mind-bending solar energy.

    Others, such as Arizona Wilder, who claims to be a former human sacrificer for the Illuminati, would argue that Christianity is an extension of ancient Egyptian mythology and that the year 2000 will usher in the "Age of Horus."

Al-Ahram Weekly
25 Nov. - 1 Dec. 1999
Issue No. 457 
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

Crowning the pyramid

By Nevine El-Aref

    Against a backdrop of allegations, the Giza plateau is a hive of activity, with the Ministry of Culture and the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) busy preparing for the millennium celebrations - the highlight of which will be the capping of the pyramid of Khufu. But, with the event lying just around the corner, some fundamental matters need addressing, not least of which is how to get the multitude of expected visitors onto the plateau and how to place the nine-metre-high, gold-plated capstone atop the lofty monument.

     "Preparations are in full swing to meet the deadline; only 51 days left," said Zahi   Hawass, director-general of the Giza plateau.

    "Areas on the plateau are being prepared to accommodate the vast numbers expected to attend and new entrance gates are being opened, as well as a parking area and other facilities, including a small bookshop," said Hawass.

     Meanwhile, research is being carried out by the SCA in collaboration with the Remote Sensing and Space Science Authority and the Egyptian military forces to assess the condition of the great stones on the face of the pyramid and determine the best method to place the cap.

     "Archaeologists are registering the number of blocks on the surface at the top of the pyramid and documenting graffiti found on the top. Some were written by visitors during the last century and some are very amusing," said Hawass. He added that they include love verses, the will of someone who climbed to the top and committed suicide and the names of two lovers who kissed and recorded their feelings for all eternity.

     Countless suggestions have been made on how best to lift the golden pyramidion and place it in position.

    "The most feasible idea up till now is that the piece be divided into two parts. First, a five-metre-high square mastaba (layer) will be placed over a protective base at the top of the pyramid to protect its surface. Then, the top four metres could be fabricated of any lightweight material over an iron frame. This upper portion only will be gold-plated," Hawass added.

     "The millennium performance is inspired by celebrations held by the Pharaohs after the completion of their great funerary complexes," said Hawass. "The building of a pyramid was a national project in which all strata of society were brought into requisition and the completion of a great monument towering on top of the plateau was a symbol of power, strength and national unity," he said.

     This is in sharp contrast to some allusions on the Internet and in opposition newspapers that the planned celebration supports Masonic ideas. "The suggestion is groundless," said Hawass. "The celebration has nothing to do with Masonic beliefs. The design on the US dollar is a faulty imitation of the pyramids of the Middle Kingdom."

     Hawass went on to explain that an important relief was found four years ago in a tomb in Abusir, beside the pyramid of the Middle Kingdom Pharaoh Amenemhat. "It showed a number of workers pulling a pyramidion bearing hieroglyphic text which revealed the name as Ben-Bit and showed that it was covered with gold. Our millennium celebration will show the world that the idea of the pyramidion is a genuine Pharaonic tradition and it is as old as the pyramids of Giza themselves."

     Conspiracy theories aside though, another point of considerable concern is how the plateau can be accessed by such a large number of people. This will be from a new entrance located on the Cairo-Fayoum road, not the Mena House entrance which will, apparently, be closed for good. Stables for horses and camels will be relocated near the new entrance, outside the archaeological area.

     New tombs of high-ranking officials and the Valley Temple of the Sphinx have been officially opened after restoration and are sure to attract countless visitors in the next millennium.



Collosians 2:18 Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind,