The present in the light of the past, and filtered through
prophetic passages from the King James Bible

Steve Van Nattan




April 2012



From time to time I have communication from a gentleman who serves every year with the Israeli Defense Forces. I cannot identify him of his role in the IDF, but he gives us an inside look at life in Israel.

He also has an absolute trust in the King James Bible, and he brings a very useful perspective on Bible prophecy and happenings today.

The following is fascinating to say the least, and it bears out my contention that the USA will NOT be the friend of Israel much longer. As I write the US relations with Israel are unraveling.

In this report we learn of direct Russian contact with Israel. This, in the light of Ezekiel 38-39 and out contentions that Russia initially goes down to Israel to rescue them and gets "an evil thought."

Changes are made in times, dates, and names of people to protect my source:



Just for the fun of it, I've been searching the various 'translations' of the KJV Zechariah 12:3, and Ezekiel 39:2 The poor translators can't bring themselves to print that only 1/6th of Gog's forces will be left, or that those who burden themselves with Jerusalem "will be cut in pieces."

I was in the IDF again for almost all of (about a month). The IDF was involved in a country-wide drill scenario of receiving a massive rocket attack from Gaza, Hez in Lebanon, and Syria. I looked up from lugging Merkava tank batteries to and from the chargers and saw what about had to be a Grad, because of the range, explode about half a mile east of Beersheva. So the Gazans had the range just about right.

I left Israel just before the unleashing of the 250 rockets out of Gaza. I hadn't been to Jerusalem since 2003, so the Friday before Shabbat, when we went there, I was coming down with a dilly of a cold, it was ice cold, raining and hailing, the wind was blowing 50 mph, and I just stayed in bed in (a place)l for two days. My two base barracks roommates I stayed with at the hostel both walked to the Temple Wall, and came down with pneumonia several days later. So, it wasn't a very pleasant trip this time, but I never expect it to be.

Editor, Steve Van Nattan responds:
It sounds like things are getting worse and better at the same time in Israel. They seem to be picking up the pace as to preparedness, but they also have much to prepare for.

I saw a video of the retired head of Mossad talking about Iran. He disagreed with Netanyahu as to Iran�s closeness to having nuclear missiles. He said it was at least eight years away. I would have wondered if he was a bit of a dove, but he has a long list of assassinations of Palestinians in his career, and he is rather famous. He retired after disagreeing with Netanyahu, so he may have been asked to resign. They never let on what happened like we do. The thing is, I remember how the Israelis underestimated the Arab nations around them in 1973, and they must be determined to never let it happen again.

As to prophecy interpretation, most alleged Bible experts today are wimps and are in terror of a literal use of the Bible. Personally, I believe the wording of Ezekiel 38 indicates that the Russian will come to defend Israel but decide on the way to take it for their own.

I can see Russia soon going to Russia for help. President Obama clearly wants to throw Israel under the bus, and Netanyahu is no wimp when something nasty becomes obvious. Russia would love the �rescue� Israel if they came knocking. As you can imagine, my take on this is literalist, but no one wants to consider it.

I am convinced that God has given all our leaders, and many more people Strong Delusion in order that they destroy the USA. I am not sure how it will work, but the Republicans cannot save the nation now. The national debt is terminal and impossible to pay down, let alone service even the interest on the national debt. Once the world catches on where we are, the dollar will be abandoned, and our ace in the hole will be gone. No amount of saber rattling will charm the world then.

Once we tank, Israel will have a very good reason to find a new big brother nation to supply the goodies and face off the Arabs. Russia would quickly shift from pro-Arab to pro-Israel in order to have both feet in Israel. I heard also that oil has been found near the Dead Sea. Have you heard anything about this?
In Christ Jesus

This is amazing since I had no idea that Putin was going to Israel for any reason.

Something I forgot to tell you is that I read recently that Putin wants to visit Israel in June to unveil a sculpture or memorial (in Israel) to Jewish soldiers who fought in the Russian army in WWII. And that's what caused me to consult Ezekiel 38-39 again because it says that Gog will be turned back, toward Israel I assume, which means he had to have been in Israel already so that he could be turned back and have his evil thought.

So, if Putin does indeed visit Israel during this late stage of Prophecy, I would be expecting him to go back, but not with good intentions during his entire journey.

I recall reading somewhere that oil had been found near the Dead Sea, but I don't recall any particulars. I've read that Israel and Cyprus are developing an oilfield in the Sea, which has Turkey just about apoplectic. Turkey sent ships that threatened to sink anything in that area, but backed off for some reason.

Despite what happened in 1973, I have observed a gradual and general softening of the IDF since 2003. I think that is because of the success of the great fences for keeping the terrorists out of what is regarded as Israel proper. Most soldiers from non-combat units have stopped carrying their personal weapons both off and on base. And of course there is no denying that by abandoning Gaza, the Israeli government betrayed all the citizens within rocket range of Gaza.

We toured a huge new above-ground rocket shelter in Sderot where people can stay for as long as they want when the rockets are thick. Essentially it's a big facility where kids can engage in all kinds of physical activites. It was built with money from the Jewish National Fund, not by the government. The reason the IDF takes its volunteers to a place like that is in hopes that we might feel flush enough to donate when we see how wonderful of a rocket shelter it is.

I say though, why not fuel-air bomb Gaza and take care of the problem at its source? Where I live in the USA-- is called the center-pivot irrigation capital of the world. If you fly over it, there are nothing but circles on the ground for as far as the eye can see to the horizon. The same type of irrigation systems are being used by Israel to roll a green carpet of rich vegetation southward onto the Halutsa Sands of the Negev desert. The sand is sufficient for the plants to root into, and all the nutrients needed during the growing cycle can be supplied from overhead with the water.

Israel recycles over 80% of its water, which can be identified by the purple pipes and hoses which transport it. Also, drip irrigation is being used to grow actual forests all around Beersheva. The people of Israel -- military and civilian -- are way too lax in their attitude toward the world.

Well, you and I know that when the Rapture comes they will no longer be able to rely on the military support from the USA. Their problem is that they've rejected their Savior, and my little 2-cents worth of commentary isn't going to change what God is going to do about that. But still, we only know so much and we are the Watchmen, so we watch in awe and chatter among ourselves in excitement over what we're seeing. Of course, we warn those who will listen . . . but who will listen?

What amazes me about God is that he could do everything all by himself in his war against Satan, yet he lets his angels, and his Jews, and his Christians do our parts to further his plans and bring glory to his holy name. It's always good to make contact with you and exchange encouragement for our respective earthly situations. I really like your long article about Delusion.

Thanks for going to the work to present it.