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There is much folly and madness in Fundamental Bible believing
churches as to what God is doing with Israel today. This page will
help you see that Israel as we know it today is NOT God's work.
And, they will not be so until after they have gone through Jacob's Trouble.



Here is David Haggith's article
recently sent to me:

Jewish state on verge of unprecedented retreat from historic homeland

This is exactly what a clear interpretation of biblical prophecy says must happen. The Jews cannot have the Promised Land until they accept the Promised Prince of that land. There is a reason He is called the "Prince of Peace." He is the ONLY one who can rule Israel in a state of peace with its neighbors. He IS the seed of Abraham, as the Apostle Paul clearly points out when he notes that word "seed" in the Jewish prophecies is singular. Of course, through Him, the Promise will extend to all who join Him (or as the scriptures say, "abide in Him") and are "joint heirs" with Him to the promise God made to Abraham. Biblical truth.

So, it's not hard to draw the conclusion that God has brought the Jews back into the land in order to pound out a grave lesson on the anvil of Israel's desert soils. That will soon become clear. You see, there is only one way "stiff-necked" Jews (as Moses used to say) will learn that they need the Prince of Peace -- the hard way ... by experience. Those who are religious will discover that their dream of holding the Promised Land is a constantly fading mirage -- that God does not fight on their side against their enemies so long as they, themselves, remain enemies of His Son.

First, they lost the Sinai. Soon they will definitely lose Gaza. Then they will lose parts of the West Bank. Then they may lose the Golan Heights. And STILL they will not be able to hold onto what land they have in peace. God has given them only enough so that they can see the dream and then feel it wrested from their hands. And, if they continue to try to seize the Promise by force, they will eventually bring all their neighbors (maybe even the whole world) into a war against them that is so dire they have no chance of winning while choosing to remain enemies of the Prince of Peace, who alone can bring deliverance.

They will find they cannot hold on to the land until they hold on to the hand of the one to whom it belongs, for God has placed all things under Him. Even their strongest general of historic importance has begun to see the unavoidable truth -- that the land cannot be held by force. ALL human efforts to hold the land by force will lead to greater calamity. Rejection of God's Promised Prince of Peace is why the Jews lost the land in the first place. Only repentance and acceptance of Him will deliver the peace their hearts desire.

That's just the way it is. Like it or not. If you do not believe, then you have only to watch it happen in the days ahead.

[You might want to pass this along to Jewish friends who live in Gaza or the West Bank and to others who study biblical prophecy so that they can understand what is beginning to happen to them this summer. The time is short. The time is at hand.]


David Haggith


Here is an email exchange, based on that article,
which David shared with me.

This is an email to David Haggith trying to exalt Zionists and claim that God is working with them. Notice how the writer, from a very powerful Christian ministry, tries to threaten David by hinting at curses and trouble coming to David. This is classic rubbish from diddle headed prophecy "experts."

David answers well:

Affected Writher: There is a controversy between those who don't believe in Jesus and God be they Jew or Gentile. I would be quick to point out that I would warn ANY nation or person not to get on the wrong side of the Genesis 12:3 curse. It is made clear in the Bible that Israel will always remain a nation before God and that He gave the land to them in perpetuity with Himself being the only one who can determine their living on it.

Daivd Haggith: And clearly he determined they would not live on it in A.D. 70 because they rejected the Promised Prince. You ASSUME he has determined that they should live on it now. I believe he's brought them there to teach them a very tough lesson -- that they CANNOT have the land, unless (as you nearly concede), He gives it back to them. He brought them to the brink of the Promised Land before and turned them away for forty years due to unfaithfulness. He can do, and I believe has done, the same thing again.

Affected Writher: Woe to him that impedes God's will for them to be back in the land they were promised by Him.

Daivd Haggith: Woe to those who encourage Jews to take the land by force if it is not God's plan for them to get the land that way. Woe to those who put the land ahead of the Prince of the Land for importance and who would see them have the land without submitting to the rightful ruler of that land. I don't say those "woes" wishing them to happen; but that is how it will play out. I firmly believe that Christians who encourage Jews to take the land are baiting them toward their own destruction.

Affected Writher: It is up to Him, not mankind, to determine when their time of exile should cease.

Daivd Haggith: That is exactly right. So, who are Fundamentalist Christians to decide that the time of their exile is up when there is nothing that has changed in the Jewish consciousness that should cause it to be up. They continue, as a nation, in the same sin that lost them the land. The teaching that Jews should have the land is an understanding of prophecy that is based on the false asumption that, just because God has brought them back to the land, that he intends for them to have the land. That's a mistake. Prophecy indicates that God will bring them back to the land to teach them a lesson, and the lesson will likely be that they can NEVER have the land without Him. Once they are Jesus' followers, they, too, will become joint heirs to all that belongs to the Prince of Peace, including the land that belongs to God's annointed.

Affected Writher: They have held the land quite well up to this point when they trusted that God was with them and then lived in the land (not Miami or New York) in obedience to God's desire.

Daivd Haggith: No they have not held it well at all. They got and then lost the Sinai. Prophets of no repute at the time declared that the trading the land away for peace with Egypt would not work. Contrary to their dire predictions, it worked very well. The Israeli peace with Egypt is the only peace with a neighbor (other than maybe Jordan) that has held at all. In fact, Egypt has often worked as a mediator between Israel and other more hostile Arab nations. It's not that Egypt has done nothing against Israel. No nation is perfect toward all of its neighbors; but it has done far better than all other nations in the region, and the peace has survived the greatest of hatred, which has tried incessantly to press Egypt to join in that hatred.

On the other hand, as you say below, they have never held any part of the land in peace. It has cost them greatly to live there and will continue to cost them greatly until they accept the Prince of Peace. So, they have not "held the land quite well." They have held it at severe cost and penalty to themselves. They have lost a major portion of it (the Sinai), and they will lose another major portion of it in a month. Unlike the Sinai, losing that piece will bring no peace because the loss comes with no negotiated agreement.

Affected Writher: I agree that they will only have peace when Yeshua returns and rescues them but woe to ANYONE who would presume to be the one who decides when they can or cannot take possession of the land that God has declared is theirs.

Daivd Haggith: If we're throwing woes around, beware of the prophecy that states "Woe to you who long for the day of the Lord! Why do you long for the day of the Lord? That day will be darkness, not light." (Amos 5:18) Those who entice Jews to take the land and hold it by force do so because they want to see the end come quickly. They believe that the return of the Jews is part of end-time prophecy (which it is), so they encourage Jews to return; they help pay for them to return; they lobby the U.S. Congress to support their efforts to seize land; and they do all of this knowing full well that it is fueling a huge conflict in the Middle East. But they don't care because they want to the day of the Lord come quickly. Those are the ones to whom that prophecy in Amos speaks its woe. In their obsession to see Jesus return, they bait people toward their own destruction.

Affected Writher: It is apparent from scripture that they must be back in the land for them to feel secure before being invaded (Ezekiel 36-39) and for them to have a temple desecrated ala Jesus' words about the Abomination that makes desolate.". The Muslims and other gentile nations need to realize the controversy with God they face is found in Joel 3.

Daivd Haggith: Have you considered that the Abomination that Causes Desolation may be the temple itself??? In fact, it may not even be the temple. Jesus says when you see it "standing in the holy place" then destruction is nigh. It may well be that the corner stones that the Temple Mount faithful want to raise will be the Abomination that Causes Desolation. An abomination because it was God who ordained the lasts temple should be destroyed, and raising those stones is the ultimate defiant act againsts God and his annointed, saying "We WILL have our old religion back, and we WILL have it our way on our terms, and WE will do this ourselves!" Notice that the Daniel prophecy talks about the abmonation standing on a "wing of the temple." Isn't that another way to say a "corner of the temple"?

Notice, too, how nicely all of that fits with the prophecy that says Jesus is the cornerstone that the builders of the Temple rejected. That may have been more of a statement looking ahead than behind, since the builders of the temple in Jesus' time were dead by the time Jesus was rejected. These builders, however, clearly continue in their forefathers' rejection of the Messiah in order to build a temple for a religion that God brought to an end. Raising those stones will certainly cause desolation -- without a doubt -- as it would bring many Arab nations to war against Israel, for the stones are a direct threat to the Dome of the Rock. A temple made of stone is an abomination against Jesus Christ and is the ultimate re-rejection of Him. (And yet some Fundamentalist Christians are actually helping to fund it just because they want to see the day of the Lord come quickly. That day will be darkness for them.)

--David Haggith