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How do we deal with government bullies and nannies who torment us?

A reader writes:

About Caesar and the Survivalists: I've found that I can get along just fine right under their noses. My reason for needing to do this is extremely uncommon, and I'll explain it to you in a future message.

Although totally contrary to our personalities, it's extremely easy to blend in with them. They won't so much be aware of our presence, but the powers, principalities, and spiritual wickedness in high places directing them certainly will, and will program them to attack us.

But a soft answer will turn away wrath. They operate on the basis of outward appearances, and if you project the image of being a little slow, a little wimpy, a little intimidated by firearms, a little unsure, a little frightened, a little crippled, a little too old, yet willing to please them, they pretty much leave you alone because there's no fight in you for them to exploit.

They love a fight and they're bullies, so they will indeed exploit your act of being willing to please them. I think this is what Jesus meant by taking their slaps, and being willing to carry their stuff another mile. But if we'll act inept and afraid of them, then they won't get any pleasure from tormenting us and they'll soon look for other targets.

As David proved by slobbering on himself, they tend not to attack those they regard as mentally weak. Maybe out of superstition, or because they think we're also demon possessed. Not that they respect us by any means, but by tolerating abuse from them we make ourselves a part of the herd because with them it's all about accepting your place in the pecking order and striving to rise by their rules. If we're perceived as too weak to strive effectively, then we're of no use to their ambitions.

I think this is why the early Christians had to have the sanctuary of the church where non-believers were not allowed to enter. Now there is no sanctuary. Non-believers are everywhere, and in my case my sanctuary is mainly within myself where the Holy Spirit resides. I have phone and email conversations with other believers and am sometimes in their presence in a private place. Women with the Jezebel spirit have taken over just about all spaces where people are. And they'll order their male companions to pick fights for them with you. Again, they're looking for a fight and we can't give it to them.

But this is the most fun thing in the world to be an actor. I'm a fighter who never backed down from anything as you can tell by my (information omitted to protect the writer) article in your journal. So now I have the luxury of pretending that I'm a mess, and they eat it up. They're always looking for someone who's more insecure than they are. It makes them feel better about themselves, and feeling better about themselves is what this wicked generation is all about isn't it?

All the authorities wanted to do with Jesus was pick a fight with him for healing and giving people hope. He could've had the earth open up underneath them at any moment, yet he tolerated them. He tolerated them to a point, and he made clear to them that he would tolerate them unto death except if they attributed his power with the people to power given to him by Satan. That was the red line of the unforgivable sin.

I can't speak for what it's like in Texas, but I can see that by being as innocent as a dove and as wise as a serpent, I don't draw any ire from the government or from the resistance. I stay out of sight and out of mind for the most part. I drive the side streets so that the town fathers and city/county officials don't see me. Still, I don't think I limit my usefulness to heartbroken people who are the only kind who seek Jesus. If I can befriend them and tell them about Jesus, I do. I stress to them that they can't be sincere about wanting Jesus to save them if they're not humble. For all that though, the Bible provides plenty of precedent that we will be betrayed from time to time. But if the more powerful people think we're a little bit crazy, they'll still leave us alone.

So I'm saying that I think it's kind of a fine line we walk between the two groups of power seekers. There are plenty of marginal unbelievers who fall into the middle, and that's our camouflage area, and it's where any beaten down people are to be found who are receptive to the love of Jesus. The government people think they can hang on to power, so they don't need Jesus, and the survivalists think they can survive and maybe wrest the power, so they don't need Jesus either. Both groups are citizens of planet Earth, and not citizens of Heaven, so this is their turf war. They're the pawns of the powers, principalities, and spiritual wickedness in high places, while we have the front row seats to watch God working regardless of what any of them do. They are the members of the most wicked generation who have been deemed worthy to receive the Judgments, so I think it's a good idea to keep plenty of distance from them.

I think the whole trick is to pretend to be the slaves of the citizens of the world, while actually being the slaves of Jesus. The citizens of the world are so deluded that they're easily deceived. We know this as a fact from the word of God, and so we can take advantage of their huge egos who would never suspect that we are what we are because they're totally ignorant of the blessings of God. Neither group want anything to do with being ruled by Jesus, and will indeed both shelve their differences and work together to resist being ruled by Jesus.

I think the Holy Spirit will show us and give us opportunities to assist with any disasters and survival issues. With the wrath of God literally just hours away now, I'm sure he's fully in protective mode to keep the intensity of the birth pangs from troubling us more than we can endure. But still, I think things are getting very hard to endure. The chaos feels oppressive. The chaos is observable and palpable. If we live long enough, we're the first generation chosen for the Rapture. No matter how bad the chaos gets, it's not God's wrath or we wouldn't be feeling it. As I see it, the only way to have joy is to genuinely enjoy the chaos as the phenomenon God has allowed man to create to be the showcase of the work of God. There was the Cross where God willingly suffered the wrath of mankind, and now there is the Judgment where mankind will unwillingly suffer the Wrath of God. Pass the popcorn.