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On Billy Graham's funding and his cover of his sons in sin.


The following is submitted just as I received it from CNT in 1999.  Though old news, it serves as history of a hireling who fooled a lot of people over the years.

I want to make it clear that I do not in any way fault Billy Graham for his wasting illness, nor would I try to second guess if it is judgment or not.  He certainly has blasphemed our God and the Word of God by exalting the Pope and welcoming Buddhists into eternal salvation without including the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Is God judging him now so that all men will see this before Graham goes on to hell where all Buddhist huggers and pagans go?  You figure it out please.

But, his vast cash flow at this time is obscene in view of the historic heritage of godly men over the ages, beginning with our Lord.  Billy Graham in no way can justify a true need for the cash flow he enjoys.  I wonder how many missionaries could go to the field if this giving were re-directed, leaving Graham enough for his needs alone?  "Evangelism" is how Graham first justified his invitation to the saints to give to his needs.  Don't tell me, "He is worthy."  That is a lot of bunk.  Vast wealth is never justified when we KNOW that the Lord of Harvest chooses the poor and plain saints to do His work.

Also, there is no justification, as far as I know, for the vast sums now being used to undergird the BGEA as the organization comes to a grinding halt as an evangelistic entity.  The end of everything comes one day or another, and the hangers-on need to move on and find other things to do.  Yet, the groupies cling to the wasting body of the big man like a pack of house cats to a dying widow.  In fact, I have wondered if Graham is not being propped up in the corner in a near comatose state as the troops shift and shuffle the cash.

Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999
Subject: Billy Graham is bucking a trend.
But he is still a thief and his son a drunkard


Billy Graham is bucking a trend

Americans hold public figures in lower esteem than they once did, but the silver-haired evangelist is moving in the other direction. Graham this week was named on the Gallup Poll's list of the world's most admired men for the 36th consecutive time. He was nominated by 7% of Americans polled as most admired, up from 5% a year ago, and second only to President Clinton. Pope John Paul II is next on the list, which includes three former presidents -- Reagan, Carter, and Bush. Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, and Colin Powell also make repeat appearances, and 13 men from a variety of occupations are tied for 10th place, mentioned by 1% each. Clinton was the first or second choice of 10% of Americans polled, down from 18% in 1998.

In a poll of the most-admired women, Hillary Rodham Clinton finished first, but dropped to 14% from 28% in 1998. Others included Oprah Winfrey, Margaret Thatcher, Elizabeth Dole, Madeleine Albright, Barbara Bush, and Queen Elizabeth. Janet Reno and Monica Lewinsky dropped off the list, while Nancy Reagan and Barbara Walters reappeared in a tie for eighth place, followed by Maya Angelou, Betty Ford, Rosa Parks, and three entertainers: Rosie O'Donnell, Celine Dion, and Madonna.

But the Graham's in reality are hypocrites, alcoholic's, women abusers, liars and thieves

A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous; one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?); 1 Timothy 3:2-5

A President of an Evangelical Ministry must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; not given to wine, not violent, and not greedy for money. But Ned Graham who has had ongoing marital problems and his wife of 19 years, Carol, and have divorced.

Carol Graham alleged that her husband not only abused drugs and alcohol and had inappropriate relations with other women, but also that he engaged in domestic violence and used pornography They have two sons.

Ned, the youngest of five children, told Christianity Today in an interview that he had abused alcohol and spent an "inappropriate amount of time" with two women on his staff, although he denied having sexual contact with them.

Grace Community Church, Southern Baptist Convention, in Auburn, Washington--which counted Ned Graham, his wife, and their two sons as members-revoked Graham's ministerial credentials, directing Graham to stop using the title reverend. He has since left that congregation for another church.

Despite the turmoil, Graham carries on the ministry of East Gates with the expectation of launching new training projects in China. Still, Graham has not officially and openly communicated with his donors about his personal difficulties. "God is not a little bit sovereign," Graham tells CT. "I am no white lily on the field. I am a sinner saved by grace. This is real life, down to my toes."

Much of the staff and board members of East Gates International, which Ned Graham leads as president, resigned in the past year amid controversies. East Gates is a Sumner, Wash., group that distributes Bibles in China.

But Billy Graham is standing by his son Ned, who has personal problems and troubles with his ministry. "Our family is in the best position to understand these issues, and Ned has our full confidence and support," Billy and Ruth Graham said in a letter published in Christianity Today.

East Gates withdrew its membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability after Ned replaced the board members with his sister, brother-in-law, and business leader Peter Lowe. The ECFA requires that a majority of board members not be related by blood or marriage, which is no longer the case for East Gates, CT said.

Ned has not officially communicated with his donors about his personal difficulties, but a December East Gates fund-raising letter included a note from his father saying that "Ruth and I are proud of and grateful to God for our son Ned." East Gates has distributed 2 million Bibles to Christians in China, Billy Graham said, encouraging Christians to "back this unique and effective ministry." Graham's sister Gigi Tchividjian has joined the office staff and Ned Graham continues as East Gates president


Franklin Graham is also a proven liar and a thief and the Graham's are notorious for hiding their total salaries and those of their family members and special friends in their indirect personally owned non- profit religious corporation.

Mind you Southern Baptist President Clinton does release his total salary and his personal income tax to the public while Billy and Franklin Graham do not. But adulterous and lying Bill Clinton seems to have more integrity and accountability than Southern Baptist Evangelists do in this area?

For the record, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association received its tax exemption status from the public. As a result it's the public right as well as each donor's right to know and ask questions about the total remuneration of Southern Baptist Billy Graham including special privileges and expenses in his North Carolina home paid by BGEA including support staff.

BGEA does release to the public other public relations information such as "he has had to slow his pace because of Parkinson's disease and other health, but he remains active in his ministry, preaching at several events last year," but not true financial information. BGEA has stone-walled Christian News Today request for such full disclosure of financial information concerning the total remuneration of Billy Graham including special benefits in his North Carolina home paid by BGEA.>

A Californian Southern Baptist Convention messenger recently noted that Arizona Southern Baptists ceased publishing a newspaper in favor of a promotional magazine two years ago and said there have been "no stories in the Arizona publication about the collapse of the Baptist foundation" there. "We need a board that can tell every side of the story," he said. "We have a separation of powers because there's a temptation, even when you're a good person, to control the information."

Well the history of any organizations usually tells us much about its purpose and mission? For Southern Baptist "Billy Graham was embarrassed in 1977 when the Charlotte Observer discovered an undisclosed $23-million fund in Texas, apparently not mentioned in the accountings of the Minneapolis headquarters of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

As a result Graham's business manager led the formation of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability after Graham said on a national telecast, ". . . there are some charlatans coming along and the public ought to be informed about them and warned against them, "

"In 1977 Senator Mark Hatfield informed a group of evangelical leaders that if they did not assume responsibility for regulating themselves there was every likelihood that legislation would be required. In fact, Congressman Charles Wilson of Texas had already introduced a bill that would have required disclosure "at the point of solicitation."

In December 1977 representatives of thirty-two evangelical groups met in Chicago to discuss cooperative efforts. Thomas Getman, chief legislative assistant to Senator Hatfield, told the group, "Legislation is not important; disclosure is." Getman encouraged "a voluntary disclosure program . . . that will preclude the necessity of federal intervention into the philanthropic and religious sector."

Almost two years later Dr. Stanley Mooneyham, president of World Vision, acknowledged, "There is no denying that this threat of governmental action was one of the stimuli'' that produced the December meeting and the subsequent activities which led to the founding of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, "stated K. Hadden and Charles E. Swann in their book Prime Time Preachers.

So according to knowledgeable others for its own interest of self preservation BGEA led in the creation and definition of ECFA as to how it would be accountable and what would be it's purposes?

For the ECFA has as its Mission Statement it is committed to helping Christ-centered organizations earn the public's trust through developing and maintaining standards of accountability that convey God-honoring ethical practices. Also Its donor bill of rights states of its responsibility - Make sure your charity's standards and guidelines assure you of a "bill of rights" as a donor. You have the right to:

1. Know how the funds of an organization are being spent.
2. Know what the programs you support are accomplishing.
3. Know that the organization is in compliance with federal, state, and municipal laws.
4. Restrict or designate your gifts to a particular project.
5. A response to your inquiries about finances and programs.
6. Visit offices and program sites of an organization to talk personally with the staff.

ECFA has stated that it wants to earn the public's trust through developing and maintaining standards of accountability that convey God-honoring ethical practices.

But as the recent the bankruptcy and the largest collapse of a religious foundation in the history of the United States, the Baptist Foundation of Arizona has shown standard accountable practices and financial reports only covered up the real crimes committed by prominent Southern Baptists.

None of the Southern Baptist evangelists, including Billy and Franklin Graham, Bill Bright, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, or Louis Paula who belong to the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability reveal their total salaries and those of their family members and special friends to their donors upon request

Clinton's affair did not anger Southern Baptist Billy Graham who forgave Bill Clinton before he even admitted he did anything wrong. In an interview in February 1998, Graham said about Bill Clinton: "I forgive him . . . because I know the frailty of human nature, and especially a strong, vigorous young man like he is. "He has such a tremendous personality that I think the ladies just go wild over him."

Graham a Southern Baptist later went on to state how he was proud of the way Bill Clinton, also a Southern Baptist, repented and brought out into the open his sin with "that woman." Billy Graham stated he was sure that God forgave Bill Clinton because he had asked for forgiveness.

Graham stirred controversy in March by voicing forgiveness for Clinton in the sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky, just as he had forgiven Nixon for his Watergate crimes. Billy Graham forgave Clinton before the President confessed to lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Billy Graham also said that he did not do that things which Jim Bakker or Jim Swaggart did! But Billy ignored the word of God which clearly showed that he had sinned by showing partiality to Southern Baptist Bill Clinton.

But Billy Graham is also a thief and hypocrite. Graham who is dying of prostrate cancer is taking a one hundred percent salary $ 191,060 from his religious non profit organization of which he is the full time chairman even if he is incapacitated and has a pension fund and is working only ten days a year in a so called Christian Organization.

BGEA confirmed in writing what we have already suspected that there were different strokes for different folks and Billy Graham is a thief. The real question to be posed to all is which employer in the country would allow one its employees who is dying of prostrate cancer to work ten days a year and be paid a full one hundred percent salary and still draw on his pension fund as it the case with Billy Graham? Only family run evangelical nonprofit ministries is the answer

For the BGEA return of IRS Form 99O Part V list of Officers and Directors states that Billy Graham is a Director, Chairman and Full Time Executive Officer earning a stated compensation not including pension payments of $ 191,060 for 1998. But the news media had reported that Billy Graham spends over fifty percent of his time in bed, is incapacitated and has only worked about ten days in 1998.

How many others who are incapacitated and are sick and dying and are Southern Baptists in Arizona who were fleeced by the Baptist Foundation of Arizona could draw one hundred percent salary from a nonprofit organization, which is not to exist for the benefit of one person or any other employee? Did BGEA pay all its other employees one hundred percent of their salary if they miss more than fifty percent days of work in a year? Of course not! That makes Billy a hypocrite!

Did BGEA use any of its millions of dollars of assets to help the Southern Baptist widows who have been robbed by Southern Baptists? Of course not for Billy Graham is a hypocrite who only does things which benefit himself!

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