Virtually all of the aberrant behavior on this journal, given as examples of deviancy in Fundamentalism, was done by KJV Only men, missionaries, and churches. The King James Bible has become the decoy used by Jackboots to draw in the unsuspecting and sincere sheep into the fold of antichrist. What better way to deceive a trusting soul than to play on their zeal for the Word of God?

Rich McIntire, a preacher and friend of ours who is now with the Lord, said before he died that he expected the antichrist to carry a King James Bible in order to take in the most zealous Fundamentalist followers.

This assumes that after the Rapture of the Lord's Church, there will be those remaining behind who were not born again and were fake Fundamentalists for gain, after the doctrine of Balaam. Given the picture we are forced to observe in this discussion, there is no doubt that many of these KJV Only churches and pastors will be busy as usual, bus pastors on their routes, Sunday School booming, the Sunday after the Rapture.

It is no longer of much consequence whether a man is KJV Only. One is forced to still wait and test the spirits very carefully before committing oneself to any assembly of saints and their leaders. I thought I would share with you several questions I ask when I want to know if a "KJV ONLY" man really is a born again Bible believer:

1. Do you feel the other versions offer any help in personal study?

2. Do you preach from the Old Testament, even basing a sermon on an Old Testament text?

3. Do you preach whole book studies of the Bible? If not, why not?

4. Will I be considered a trouble maker if I find what I believe is a contradiction of the Word of God in your preaching and ask you about it privately?

5. Do you like to talk about things your friends in the assembly learn in personal Bible study at casual moments, such as at church dinners and in the homes. Do you like to LISTEN when another saint shares some discovery in the Word of God, or do you feel you have to have the last word in such matters? Do you assume that a lady has no brain to understand the Word of God?

6. Do you teach, from time to time, why the KJV is the only correct Bible? Do you know the history of the Greek texts, and can you show from the perverted Bibles where the offenses are against the Word of God? How many perverted Bibles do you have on your shelf for such research?
(Minimum: NIV, NASV, RSV, Living Bible, and any Catholic version-- I have about 40, and there are a total of around 200)

If the man says something like, "I won't have that trash in my home," he is NOT informed. He is a lazy loud mouthed hireling. Any good football coach will take videos of the competition and watch their moves to plan his game strategy. Paul said, "We are not ignorant of his devices" of Satan, and a man cannot be informed of the Satanic devices of Bible mutilation unless he has a few copies to examine. He also MUST have an NIV on hand to show the weaker brother where the problems are. This item will help you determine if a man is KJV Only in word AND in warfare.

7. About how many cross references do you use in the average sermon?
(Minimum: 20-- 40 is a very good sign of a Bible student, even if he misuses a couple.)

If, by the time you have patiently and sincerely brought these questions up with a pastor, he becomes defensive and evasive, you have about two minutes to escape before the devil in him will start massaging you into the mold of submission. Run like crazy friend. Do not assume that you are called of God to hang around and be polite to a demon possessed "Fundamental Baptist KJV Only soul winning blood bought" viper.

Let me say this here. I have found that there are times when the Spirit of God only gives us one clear indicator that someone is evil and dangerous. I have had this happen many times, and after I ran the wicked one off, I was later given a lot more information by the Lord to verify my decision. Sometimes the Lord seems to test us to make us more bold and decisive by only showing us a fraction of the trouble ahead. We better act at once on such information to defend our families and our soul.

If there is ANY offense against the Word of God by a man or a local church, this is the highest form of evil against "the faith once delivered." We must act at once on such an offense, for to the degree which we hesitate to flee evil in this, we will reap sorrow and pain as we confuse our children and confound their zeal.