Regarding the Trustworthiness of the King James Bible


Editor: I had encouraged this brother to always check our Journal with the KJV for accuracy and facts:

Brother Steve,

................. In the mean time - concerning your recommendation regarding verifying the content your site's comments via the KJV: Unlike too many brothers and sisters in Christ, I take no man's word as authentic until I've checked it against scripture, unless of course the content of his or her comment is within the limited realm of what I already have learned from scripture, in which case I can readily verify the substance of the comment myself from memory or understanding.

As for use of the KJV........... let me say this briefly : I am currently a white collar fraud Investigator with 17 years law enforcement experience as a police officer and then sworn police investigator. I work for the state of ___________ presently as an advanced level financial investigator focusing strictly on Criminal Investigations. Providing that as what I would consider a stable background in investigation of practically any issue or matter in question......... it is my own position, based on my own research of facts and circumstances, and in diligent consideration of available information from CREDIBLE sources, that the KJV is without question the most accurate English translation of the scriptures, statutes and precepts of the Lord God Almighty.

Dare I go out on a limb further and state that it is further my opinion that anyone (who reads strictly in English) claiming even a remote desire to know the truth of the scriptures, who does not use exclusively the King James Version of the Bible (The True Holy Bible) is deceiving him/her self. While I will not grandstand as many do, still I find it sad that there are not more self confident Christians out there who have the mental fortitude to put their NIV down for a little while (like I did) and do some digging in prayer and seek the truth.

OK Enough babbling brother....... thanks for your information and thanks for your website..... I fear the day is coming when such information will be outlawed and banned from the web...... glad am I that I can stock-pile the data now so it can be boot-legged to believers later.

Malcolm H___________