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Jan. 27, 1997



Jan. 6, 1998

Pat Robertson Sells to world class Pornographer

"International TV pornographer Rupert Murdock, (owner of Fox Network) recently bought Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network in a deal that put 200 million dollars in Robertson's pocket. Now the 700 Club is broadcasting over a network controlled by Murdock. On Friday, September 19, the 700 Club featured Pat Robertson and Don Hodel pressuring for passage of HR2431. Trinity rigged film clips to distort a three or four second cut in of Congressman Matt Salmon, seemingly speaking in favor of this perfidious act when in fact, SALMON WAS SPEAKING AGAINST IT. PAT ROBERTSON'S SALE TO MURDOCK IS ALREADY PAYING BITTER DIVIDENDS IN NEWS DISTORTION AND HALF TRUTHS!"

The above taken from



From Danielle Jones-- Information on attacks on liberty

Note the role of Pat Robertson as salesman for the New World Order

Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998
From: Danielle -----------------s
Subject: HR2431...Freedom or Persecution??

Are you aware of the "Freedom of Religious Persecution Act 1997" HR2431??

See at Federal File:

This Act is going to instill "Religious Monitoring" of our children in schools, and people in their place of is an is decieving and Pat Robertson and all those so-called big name christian leaders are pushing it to go through...they are sold out to this Act HR2431 and I know they realize it will put the noose around the neck of all christians....I know these things must come to pass....

"In our attempt to do good, we need to adhere to proven principles of government. H.R 2431 is flawed, for example:

* Monitoring religions is not a constitutional function of the federal government.

* By creating an "office" under the President, it increases the size and scope of the federal government, which violates the constitutional principle of a limited federal government.

* It concentrates more power in the executive branch and by legal structure  removes the responsibility and authority from Congress where it belongs.

* Its primary weapon is sanctions, which are of questionable value in helping people at the grassroots level in other nations or in America. It empowers the executive office to impose sanctions, embargoes, and punitive actions against other nations and religious groups without congressional approval.

* The bill gives support and credence to the United Nations. An organization with a long history of anti-Christian activities, and which currently ignores religious persecution if it furthers their political agenda of global government (an anti-Christian concept).

* Nothing in this bill prevents "the office" (office of Religious Persecution Monitoring) from monitoring religion in the U.S."

The above taken from same web site....

Do you have any information at all about this for me, Steve?? The United Nation One World Order is in this up to their eyeballs.

I'm very intersted in this "Religious Monitoring" that this Act is bringing up...we need to be sober minded...and watchful unto prayer. The whole New World Order is coming together, and the One World Religion is definitly being set up...

Your sister in Christ,

Danielle Jones



By:  The Editor:  Steve Van Nattan

BQ Editor-- Steve-- Pat Robertson is a rank New Ager, and Constance Cumby proved it long ago.  I have the documentation on file.  Now we have this report of money corruption.  Why does he get away with it?  I need someone to confirm the following if it is true.  This source is clearly anti-Christian.  You may never hear of Robertson being brought up short by any court or the Justice Dept. since he is an insider with the Yale crowd which put his world together long ago.  I have heard he failed his bar exam.  No doubt, his school has found a way to pass him.  The following was taken from IRC on INTERNET......  

From: ---------------
Subject: Re: Pat Robertson Family Business Scandal?
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995
(Ken ------ ) wrote:

>In <4bkl4u$> Kate McLaughlin

><> writes:

>>Hi --

>>I saw an expose on television within the last year or so

>>about some business that Pat Robertson and his family were

>>involved in -- was it something with the word "Galilee" in


>>Does anyone know anything about this?

> I seem to recall the name Kalo-Vita. Robertson is reputed to

>supplement his rather large 700 Club income by dabbling in multi-

>level marketing (e.g., Amway) schemes -- using his position and

>influence to get on top of the pyramids.

The one mentioned above, involving Vitamins, cosmetics, etc. this one was "exposed" in several magazines, TIME being one, I believe about a year ago, and on several TV Shows 20/20 being one I think. I do recall seeing it on TV in Oct of 94.

In addition, he has been subject to an ongoing investigation by the IRS concerning what all he does with the money raised by his begging, but it has been ongoing and seems to be one of those type of investigations that are ongoing forever with no end or conclusions. Besides he has so many political contacts in high places now I doubt that anything would ever come of it.

There was a third investigation, and this one was about some of his TV dealings. He seems to sometimes blur the line between non profit and for profit. This particular investigation concerned his buying and selling TV stations, the prices involved, and His family channel operation. It appears he has bought some stations under a non profit situation at a very low price, then sold them for profit tripling or more the amount he received.

However, to date no actual legal action has been taken against him. he did drop the multi-level scheme and blamed others for it's "wrong doing."

Last but not least his Regent University school of Law has been involved in some legal actions brought against it by former Professors who have been fired. Seems to get accreditation from the ABA he had to offer tenure, so he offered what these professors said was tenure, and he told the ABA he offered tenure. Then he changed the rules and told these professors they didn't have tenure. Messy situation, they sued him, but so far he has managed to stay one step ahead in court He has won the first round, but there are supposed to be additional court cases. His school of Law still doesn't have approval from the ABA. I hope they are smart enough not to grant it.


Editor, BLESSED QUIETNESS JOURNAL-- Steve--  Can you confirm these reports for me?

UPDATE-  Decemnber 24, 1996--

Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks--  Here is a report from a research writer who did the footwork to expose ane side of Pat Robertson's lust for wealth.  We make no assumptions regarding the spititual heritage of this writer, but the material is just the sort of thing we needed to confirm the material above.

Subj: pat robertson's wealth
Date: 96-12-23 11:26:15 EST
From: (Dan ------------)

Regarding Pat Robertson and his considerable wealth, it works vaguely like this:

Pat started a TV station in eastern Virginia many moons ago, a time when he eschewed material riches. He lived in a rented, $300-a-month house next to a sewage treatment plant. The TV station spawned the 700 club, which spawned the Christian Broadcasting Network, which, all based on contributions that flowed in from CBN members, spawned the Family Channel. A few years ago Pat spun off the Family Channel, gave himself and his son a minority of the stock in it (CBN retained the majority) and then took the channel public. Bingo! Instantly, the two of them combined were worth more than $90 million. Who says miracles don't occur?

Pat has spent the money on a variety of matierial goods. Chief among them, probably, is the $1.5 million, 11,000-square foot house in the mountains of western Virginia that he visits about 10 times a year. "It's just a little place in the mountains that I come to for privacy," he told me personally during a telephone interview in 1994. Little did he know that I had a copy of the building permit in my hands at that time. Little place indeed. It's 1,150-square-foot garage is large than the three-bedroom homes for first-time, low-income homebuyers the Roanoke, Va., housing authority is building for sale. The house has a $35,000 kidney shaped swimming pool, what appears to be a tennis court, lots of decks and verandas, and at least four fireplaces. It sits at the top of Warm Springs Mountain, about 4,500 feet above sea level, and is just down the road from Ingalls Field, the highest airport east of the Mississippi. Pat, incidentally, flies into Ingalls Field in a private jet owned by another CBN subsidiary.

When a photographer and I showed up to get a picture of the place from a nearby state road, we were threatened by Pat's pistol-packing bodyguard, Herbert Hicks. (Hicks also lives on the property with his wife in a 2,000-square-foot "guard shack.") The photographer and I left without the picture. The following dawe hired a private plane and got a great shot, one that eventually turned up in the National Enquirer. It ran with a story by one of the NE's seasoned reporters, David Duffy. All of this information and more ran in a story I wrote for the Roanoke Times in January 1995.

Dan Casey suggests that you can find more on Pat Robertson by searching the Norfolk Pilot online, since that paper has covered and exposed Robertson quite extensively.  I know the Pilot has a good door into their material.  I have used it with good results.  Use a search engine until I can get a URL in here.

Dan Casey comments further, "Another article out of Norfolk that I read very recently was less substantial but hilarious in its own right. Part of it recounted a process server's attempt to serve Pat a subpoena as part of a lawsuit against him by some former Regent law professors. The article set the stage really well in recounting, if I recall it correctly, how the process server had to chase Pat around a large conference table."

Subj: Some info...
Date: 97-07-01

I used to be a 1500 club member with CBN... that was until I found that they never answered my questions. Then I went with the church group I was with, at that time, to visit CBN and witness a taping of the 700 club show. I was bothered by the statues at the cardinal points along the wall of the sanctuary at CBN. The four were gifts of winged male figures, at least gold plated, and given names: Michael, Gabriel, Ariel and Raphael. When I questioned them, I received no answer. Shortly thereafter I stopped giving to CBN ministries.

Recently I noticed a comic which is published by Eternal Studios and endorsed by Pat Robertson. It is called Arch Angels, the Saga. This is appalling. Though I have written and warned the editors and those who've endorsed it... the only reply I received was a clip of video tape where Pat endorses it.

Don't know if this is of any interest, or if you have someone who knows more about it. Just thought I would include this... just in case. The darkness is growing stronger and more vile... in everything...








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