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Must Reading if you are new to the Debate

This book is the single most useful book I know of for the beginner in the King James Bible Issue.  It is not to be considered a light weight bit of fluff, but it was compiled for the serious seeker who has not yet understood the issues.  The book has been used as a starting point in the KJV Controversy for pastors, youth, and people of all ages and study skill levels.

The book is the product of a series of events:

Pastor St. Clair had been working on this book in principle for many years.  He felt that a book was needed which would not delve into controversy other than the Bible Text issue.  Then, the Lord took Pastor St. Clair to the Glory, and it seemed like the project would fall into  disuse.

Sister St. Clair became exercised by the same zeal her husband had, and she and her grown daughter began to plan for the book's compilation.  They came up with two priorities:

1.  The Book would be the product of a Bible study of diverse Christians.  This way, it would be disciplined to be simple yet highly tested in a real Bible based yet common study circle.

2.  Sister St. Clair sought the guidance of several well established pastors in her area who were noted to be in fellowship with her late husband and who were narrow on the Textual Issues and the King James Bible heritage.

I have gone to some length to discuss this with you because Bible mutilators have viciously attacked Gail Riplinger, author of New Age Bible Versions, simply because she is a lady.  These small greasy scum scholars have no stomach for real controversy because their apologetic is weak and underdeveloped.  They attack the character of all comers rather than deal with the issue of the history of the manuscripts.  They will attack sister St. Clair because she is a lady-- I am certain of that.  So, I want to beat the beggars to the punch.  This book has been brought under New Testament testing by pastors and saints who have been very free to question and guide sister St. Clair and her daughter.

Please consider purchasing at least one of these books, and review it.  Then, think of those in your circle of friends who just want to get the basics of the KJV Controversy.  Perhaps you could even use this book as a study guide for a Sunday evening series on the KJV and its heritage.

This book has its own special characteristics,  Sister St. Clair dealt with the usual discussion of ADDING and SUBTRACTING with the Bible, as is done famously by ALL new Bible versions.  But, she also adds a category--  QUESTIONING what God said.  This is highly urgent as we see the scholars raise questions and not answer them, thus playing devil's advocate in the modern garden of the saint's mind.

The book deals clearly with the distinctions between a revision of the Word of God, and editions of the KJV.  She gives a complete chart of editorial changes over the years shortly after 1611.  This is a favorite discussion which Bible mutilators love to muddle up so that the new saint learns to believe the KJV was revised.

The ancient manuscripts are stripped of their strange acronyms which Bible mutilators throw around to intimidate the saint into submission to the scholar's union.  Also, the origins of the Greek texts are well defined briefly and in ordinary terms.  The two families of texts are very easy to follow.  This book would be a very good way to prepare the saints for the coming synthesis of the TR and the Alexandrian tests which is NOW being compiled by Hebrew Roots Movement heretics.  A man named Stern has already produced an introductory form of this synthesis.  Get ready preacher!

The grammar of 1611 is discussed simply and well enough to show why the "thees" and "thous" were used along with "you."  

The comparison of the various popular versions with the KJV is very simple and easy to use.  And, in the spirit of Bible Study, sister St. Clair left the last few comparisons for the readers to do themselves.  Finally, pages with boxes to fill by the reader are provided with the urging to the reader to go on and do more comparisons.  With the volumes of potential blasphemous corruptions in the NIV et al, the reader will soon be motivated to "examine all things."

I do believe this is the most useful plain and simple study in the KJV Textual issue that I know of.

Format--  8½" by 11"

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Quantities could be had for less I gather if the authors can find production discounts.  Call sister St. Clair and see what she can do.  I assure you, these ladies are NOT making a lot of money on this.  They could use a sponsor financially to get this book price down.  


By Dr. Ed DeVries

QUESTION [Mike ]: The KJV has been revised so shouldn't we just consider the New King James and other modern versions to be another revision?

ANSWER [Dr. DeVries]: Every popular new version has undergone major revision. The American Standard was updated to the New American Standard. The New American Standard has now been revised again. Each time, several words were changed.

Also, the NIV has undergone a few different revisions. Each revision has resulted in new wording.

Purchase a copy of the NIV, NASV, LIV, or any of a number of other popular new versions and compare them to the originally published version of the same translation and you will see many words have changed.

Then, buy a KJV at any bookstore and compare it to a KJV from 1611 and you will see that EVERY word is the same.

Many have claimed that since the KJV was "revised" several times between 1611 and 1769 that is why it was again necessary to "revise" it in 1881, 1901, 1981, etc. However, in using this logic, the new version advocates misrepresent the facts.

None of the "revisions" of the KJV between 1611 and 1769 resulted in the addition, subtraction, and or replacement of one word.

At one point the KJV was "revised" to add marginal notes but this did not change the text at all. Another "revision" was made to reflect the addition of the letter "S" to the English alphabet. This revision resulted in the word "Psalms" being changed from "Pfalmf" to "Psalms" and other similar changes. Obviously, the wording did not change. A similar revision took place when the letter "J" was added to our alphabet.

The biggest revision took place when spelling was standardized in the English language. This resulted in over 20,000 changes. However, the examples given will illustrate that not one word was changed: "asswaged" was changed to "assuaged," "mortar" was changed to "morter," "plaister" to "plaster," "grashoppers" to "grasshoppers," "cuckow" to "cockoo," "flotes" to "floats," "soape" to "soap," etc.

So whereas a "revision" by modern translators means that you have to change hundreds of words, the word changes in all of the new versions adds up to far more than 20,000 changes, the "revisions" in the King James Bible have not resulted in a single word change. The King James Bible in print today is the "revised" edition of 1769. Take away the marginal notes (which are not a part of the text anyway) and take into consideration the difference in spelling and you will have the King James Bible of 1611. EVERY WORD is the SAME. Had the new version translators got it right the first time, as did the KJV translators, there would not be a need for them to continuously revise their work and change the wording.

For the record, the New King James (NKJV) is not simply a 1980's revision of the 1769 KJV. It is a complete adulteration of the text. Many words were changed and the result is that the NKJV reads more like a NASV than it does a KJV. The NKJV should not be considered to be a KJV!!




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