Paganism infiltrates Zion and the Church

First, I give you a pagan Buddhist discussion of the six pointed star.  THEY are convinced that the Star of David is in some way related to their mysticism.  I am inclined to take their word for it.  It is NOT historically identified with King David.

Discussion by a Buddhist

The Sri Chakra, a symmetrically arranged cluster of triangles and circles with lotus petals forming the borders of the circles, is seen as the symbol of universe and man's relationships with it, is generally used as an aid to concentration by meditators. The lotus petals indicate the spreading and unfolding of the aspiration of the devotee. When he finds the truth, the lotus folds back and the concentration is on a point, representing the basic principle, the truth.

This focal point, the center from which everything emanates, is represented in the Sri Chakra as the 'Bindu' (dot). In South Sumatra islands Sri Chakra is used for 'Meditation' in Buddhism.

The Chakra has both the male and the female aspects of the living world. The triangle standing on the base is the male principle while that standing on the apex is the female. When the two come together, there is creation - the two combined denotes activity, energy, stability and continuity. The Sri Chakra is commonly held to be a graphic representation of the view of the Cosmos.

Muthukrishnan says "I am convinced that Egypt's geometrical pyramids as well as the Star of David (Hebrew version of the Chakra) also hold tremendous significance"