Searching for the Truth in the King James Bible;
Finding it, and passing it on to you.

Steve Van Nattan






"If poetry should address itself to the same needs and aspirations,
the same hopes and fears, to which the Bible addresses itself,
it might rival it in distribution."
Wallace Stevens (1879-1955), U.S. poet.


The Battle for the Bible-- The KJV Prevails

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Dear Mr Van Nattan

Many thanks for your timely "Balaam's-Ass" web site. I have been preaching the Word of God from the much despised pulpits of British Methodism since 1984. I was washed of my sins in 1975 at a summer camp run by the local Baptist church and subsequently came under the teaching of one of those rare animals; a bible teaching Methodist minister. As I fed daily in the Word and listened to the teachings from this saint, I grew in stature and depth. Little did I realise, I was going to need this deep grounding in the desperate times that were to come.

As Methodists do over here, the minister moved on to a new circuit and we were "treated" to the ministrations of a career minded, modern evangelical. This was 1982 and about this time, I pulled out of membership of "Conservative Evangelicals In Methodism" as I began to realise that the organisation was wobbling off the narrow way and beginning to support those odd bible translations. I had already surrendered myself to preach and I was astounded at all the garbage that I was force fed in order to "qualify" as a "Methodist" Local Preacher.

It seemed to me that modern Methodism has little to do with its historic roots. Time after time, I disputed with the circuit ministers on simple points of doctrine that were misinterpreted and misapplied by the Methodist hierarchy. In retrospect, I wonder why I didn't leave the Methodist Church then but in 1984, I was finally "accredited" as a Local Preacher and let loose on the pulpits of Methodism. Even at my final oral examination, I was particularly charged not to preach "Baptist" doctrines. I, of course, treated this with the disdain that it deserved and continue to preach the whole counsel of God, not the bad counsel of Methodism.

This harassment carried on afterwards as my own minister laid down strict instructions for me not to preach on believer's baptism. This was in a fit of pique as my wife and I had decided that our children should be baptised as believers rather than follow the traditional path of "christening". The minister was sore that we wanted our children dedicated to the Lord's service rather than sprinkled by some ass in a gown. (Incidentally, G______ and G________, our older two children were baptised, as believers, three years ago and our third child is to be baptised soon) You speak of "Jackboot Baptists" on yours site. It seems that there are an equal number of Jackboot Methodists. (Those ministers don't wear black shirts for nothing)

Over the years, it has become apparent that I am fundamentally different to most of my contemporaries. I have come to trust the Word of God as written down in the Authorised King James Bible and I have seen others wind themselves into knots by reading multiple "versions" of the Bible. Once they read another version, it never seems to be enough for them. They just have to have yet another viewpoint. Their reading of multiple "versions" seems to be like some kind of serial adultery.

Some preachers try to quote from several versions at once, picking the so called best interpretations along the way. I think this has a lot to do with vanity of the preachers concerned. They love those greetings in the marketplace and the long prayers (if you catch the drift). They love to be regarded as scholars and they quote from the "original" Greek at every opportunity. If ever the Pharisees were granted another chance, I know who they would come back as.

I read, study, immerse myself in, and preach from the Authorised Version, believing it to be God's Word. The language isn't at all archaic. I live in Lancashire (England) where many people's dialect still includes many of the "thees" and "thous" and other supposed archaisms of the King James period. My contemporaries scorn me for using this Bible in the pulpit and in study but they are fluffy minded evangelicals who would rather depend on "scholarship" than the Blood Of Christ. I pray that they might see where they lost the plot but it is sometimes hard to see how they can be deceived. They are intelligent people but, like sheep, they have been led astray into the killing fields.

I love your site and pray that you are shielded from the buffeting of Satan as you continue to serve The Lord. May the Lord bless you and your family as you seek to serve Him and respond to His will.

Moving out of the brick and mortar seems to be the way in which the Lord is leading His people. I organised a house study group for seven years until my mother became terminally ill and I reluctantly gave it up to devote more time to her care. Since her passing (and that of my father) my preaching has become more resolved and direct. I am currently at odds with the Gestapo Groups again. My preaching from the KJV is causing no small stir. The "leadership" don't like it but, unfortunately for them, the "lay" people do. We're heading for a showdown.

David Higson

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More from brother Higson on the King James Bible:

The King James Bible has been the cornerstone of preaching and teaching in the English speaking world since the 17th century. In common with many standards, the modern liberal thinkers sought to have it removed as it pricked their conscience. If we had still held true to the true translation of the scriptures, we would have had no argument over the legalisation of homosexuality or repeal of the death penalty and Witchcraft Act in this country.

We have certainly seen a decline in moral standards in Britain since the different translations of the Bible became more widely accepted. Before WWII, most households had a copy of the Bible. Without variation, they had the KJV. Now, I'm not naive enough to think that everyone read it, but the standard reference was there, in the home, for all to see and read. Since the 1950's we have seen a shift towards the new translations. First, education embraced the RSV (I was ordered to get one in preference to the KJV at school in the 1960's) and subsequently the baneful "Good News" Bible. Then the proliferation of easy read versions hit the markets in the 1970's.

Aggressive marketing by the Bible Societies made sure that we didn't have a unified set of scriptures to quote from in defence of our principles. Kenneth Taylor and Robert Bratcher have a lot to answer for in their defective versions. The NIV reached the peak of satanic subtlety. A bible that was accepted by Bible "Teachers" as an authentic translation featuring the "best" of scholarship. The sheep bought it in its millions. Now, its the de facto standard that is pushed in all Christian bookshops. Some of them don't even regularly stock the KJV at all! You have to order it especially to the disparaging comments of the shop assistants who are being asked to veer from the usual path. Incidentally, the proliferation of different versions gives even more credence to the "Geek" scholars who peddle their opinions on different nuances and meanings from different translations. I wouldn't mind if it was a harmless academic pastime but the saints are being led astray by these fools.

When, in the 1970's, I was being lured by those scholars (Yes, I did respect them at one time,) into reading the new perversions, I received sage advice from my mother. She told me that there was only one bible and that was the one that had been handed down to Christians since 1611. My aunt, a godly Irish woman, told me that the "Good News" Bible was, self confessedly, a book for illiterates (the foreword says this quite plainly). After Mum died, I inherited her copy of the King James. It had been given to her by my Dad on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary. Strangely, it felt "Right" to bring this particular bible into more prominent use in my ministry. Now I use it on all occasions and I see the blessings that the Father brings through faithful preaching and application of His true Word.

I feel there is a time coming when we will have to take a powerful stand on the firm foundation of the true Word of God. We cannot find firm footing on the shifting sands of the modern translations. We cannot compromise the truth and the works of the Devil will have to be exposed. Already, I hear the deranged cackling from those who have swallowed the drug of the new translations. How long will it be before we face open hostility and violence for our insistence on the truth? Everywhere that I preach, I receive grateful comments from those who have been thirsty for so long without the real, life giving water of life but also, I receive scorn from those who have slipped into the scholarship trap.

Every blessing in the Name of Christ

David Higson