Can you help-- Sacred ?

This brother is blessing us all with exceptional
that honors Chris and is from past years.

Can anyone help? This letter and his response explain the need.



Bro. Ethan,

I want to thank you for your web site. In this day and hour when wickedness is rampant
and the hour is dark and dim, this music is a light in the dark. It is not popular music.
This music would most annoying to the world. But if there was ever an age of Christian
music that was blessed directly from the throne of God, this is it.

Thanks again. I would love to help monetarily, but due to my lack of decent employment
I am unable to assist this way. However, I have many computer skills and would consider
it a priviledge to help with technical things if needed. If there is any way I can help, let
me know.

In Christ,

Mike ________________


Mike -

I need bandwidth. I'm looking for a site in North America that I can use to relay Sacred
Music Preserved Internet radio, and I need a mirror site for the on-demand albums.
Bandwidth's expensive to come by, and I just never seem to have as much as I'd like.
I have a generous person in France who's letting me relay the 96Kbps/stereo stream
through him...but I really need a site in North America with some decent pipes, since
most of the listening audience is in the USA and Canada. A mirror site for the on-demand
content would be really, really nice too, and even more helpful than a North American
relay for the radio stream.

I know that just because you're a techie, that doesn't mean you have bandwidth...
but I'm throwing it out there as a need. :-)


Best regards in Christ,

Ethan Banks, Webmaster

Sacred Music Preserved


The above information is not in any way Ethan Banks' idea. I did this because the
brother is worthy of our help. -- Steve Van Nattan

Here is a sample of music on his site.