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Steve Van Nattan




By Steve Van Nattan

This article was written when George Bush declared amnesty to bring in cheap labor for his supporters in the southwest USA. But, it is exactly the same trick Barak Obama wants to play. We need to understand that amnesty for illegals is an ongoing issue and will not go away.

Another 70 million of their relatives will follow.
The SSI and ADC etc. will then bust American tax payers as Liberals demand higher taxes to support the free loaders.
About 85% of all "illegals" are drop outs from Mexican schools.
Black and White poor will be sent to the end of the line as this new minority agitates for welfare.
Present unskilled workers will have to share the same number of jobs with 30 million more workers.
Everyone will take a pay cut.
The economy will collapse.
America will cease to be America.
All aliens vote Democrat.
Dems and George Bush are traitors!
They HAVE to be doing this on purpose to neutralize the USA in world politics.
Papa Bush did the same kind of things over and over.


* * * * * * * * * *

It is not 2014, and President Barak Obama is about to issue and Executive Order making all illegals in the USA into Americans by giving them amnesty. The object is still mainly to provide cheap labor for American corporations and agriculture. But, this time there is an obvious second motive. Obama, undoubtedly at the behest of Democratic Party power people, will be trying to steer these illegals into the Democrat voting block. This may well work, and America will have one party rule for many years.

This will be accomplished by tinkering with these new citizens to keep them in low income brackets. If an illegal finally gets a good paying job, they see their first good paycheck, notice how much is deducted for income tax, and promptly become Republicans. This is information I received from Hispanics who traveled that route personally.


Now, why does George Bush (2011, read Barak Obama) WANT amnesty?

First, may I say, as humbly as possible-- I TOLD YOU SO! I have been predicting, for some time now, that the USA was coming into a crisis of employment due to the killing of 35 million babies in the womb. Everyone imagines that the abortion issue is only a matter of ethics and religion. Well, surprise, surprise, abortion has removed a major source of labor from the US economy, and it is payday for our killing machine in Washington and in many states.

Let us take a bit of a trip back in history.

During the late 1700s and early 1800s, the industrial revolution in Europe and the USA was in full force. Many new and fantastic inventions came on the scene in very fast order, and production went way up in the USA. From the cotton gin to the telephone and electric light, thousands of machines and advancements surged the commercial world forward into overdrive. The banks filled with money. To meet the need of workers to keep the new vast engine of commerce roaring along, the Irish, Polish, and Chinese (building the railroads) came to the USA for various reasons. The timing was perfect. The result was that a vast bottom layer of very low paid workers came into the US just in time to meet the need at the lowest level of the work force pyramid. This layer of workers has never abated to this hour, indeed, it grows fiercely.

These European and Chinese immigrants made a much better living in the USA than in the nations they came from, and everyone was delighted. Well, as time passed, these low paid workers moved up into the middle class. There developed a vacuum in the lower level for new numbers of workers to meet the need. Some Black Americans came to the north from failing states in the South after slavery was abolished, and this helped. But, many of these workers took the option also of going onto early models of welfare and relief rather than enter the low level work force. Racial discrimination motivated them to sit down and give up.

The World War I days helped solve the problem. Women began to enter the work force to take the place of men who had gone to war. This was seen as heroic and patriotic. The bankers loved it. The ladies made the weapons, and their sweethearts and husbands expended them. Nothing was even recycled. What a fantastic way to boom an economy! But the war ended, and Johnny came home wanting to go back to work. Mamma didn't want to go home though, so what could the nation do with all the workers? There were too many workers for the economy to sustain.

No sooner had the war ended than the depression took hold. FRD made sure the banks "collapsed," and expectations went south in a hurry. This lowering of expectation resulted in the returned WW I soldiers being happy to work for low pay. Voile, a huge cheap work force at the bottom of the labor pyramid again. This went on until Franklin D. Roosevelt found the virtue economically of entering World War II. Once he did this, men were again funneled out of the work force, and women came in and took their jobs. Unemployment disappeared, and women worked for chicken feed since they were assumed to be of less value as a work force.

Well, the Big War ended, and the men came home. This made sure that the women in the work force, while they had gotten a taste for earning, were convinced they were doomed to make less than men. Woman also had to take the lowest paying and non-skilled jobs. The Korean War cushioned the blow of returning to peace time economy, and the "cold war" later generated many jobs as "old weapons systems" were replaced about every four days. This prevailed until the early 1960s, when the protest movement surged up, and women found their champions and their alleged rights. What could the big businessmen and bankers do to put off the day of reckoning? Voile, The Vietnam War.

Problem: Women were now able to take higher paying jobs, they were agitating for "rights," and there was no one to take the lowest paying unskilled labor jobs. The Vietnam War ended with this situation unsolved. There was no one to step in and do menial labor. This is one major reason Jimmy Carter had to deal with recession. The wave of commercial growth came to a stop as low paid jobs had to be filled by people who did not want to work for chicken feed.

Quiet Desperation

Add one other small issue here. During the 1960s, abortion got off to a serious start. The killing of the future work force came to be accepted practice by thousands of Americans. NEVER did anyone bother to discuss the issue of the work force, even though Germany, France, Kuwait, and Japan were already going through the crisis of under birth rates.

Jimmy Carter was the first President I recall who used amnesty in a major way to try to solve the short fall of cheap labor. The brasarro Hispanic green card program had failed gloriously when Mr. Chaves organized the cheap Mexican labor in the USA. So, Carter gave amnesty to all Cubans in the USA. This did wonders for the low level work forces in the US pyramid on commerce. But it did not last, while abortion increased at crazy rates. Also, the Cubans were a drain up front since many of them were sent here by Fidel Castro terminally sick or fresh from the "B" ward of his mental hospitals. It was a mixed blessing, though the Cuban Mafia in Florida is doing well now, thank you.

What rescued the United States from the critical shortage of workers willing to work for low pay?

Machines-- computers and robots. What the commercial world did not have to pay out in the form of human need wages to computers was pushed down the work pyramid to the lowest levels. Wages went up, Reagan, George H. Bush, and Bill Clinton rode this wave of the mechanical and electronic slaves of the computer and electronic age. Even a bumbling fool like Clinton could not trash the boom economy.

But, as I predicted long ago, we have reached the day of reckoning. The computer cannot pick lettuce in the San Juachin Valley. Computers cannot load trucks. Computers cannot drive trucks. Computers cannot sweep streets and pick up garbage cans. Where are the workers? Answer: In the dumpsters behind the abortion clinics of the USA-- all 35 million of them.

Is there a solution?

Yes, and only ONE. Give amnesty to illegal aliens. They are already roosting on the street corners of a thousand cities every morning waiting for an illegal job from a shark who knows good cheap labor when he sees it. This ready made work force can go to work right now, they do not need to immigrate, most of them are reasonably healthy since US hospitals HAD to heal them, and they are not very demanding as to what they are paid. They will work cheap!

Why would George W. Bush make 30 million instant Democrats. You are a fool if you think 3% of these illegals will vote Republican just because a Republican good old boy from Texas did them a favor. Illegals are pure suckers for the big promises of the Liberal Democrats, even though John Daley and the northern mayors have, for decades, abused these people mightily. So, why does Bush WANT 30 million Democrats to whip in the next election?

I am convinced George Bush is doing this as a last ditch desperate attempt to meet the shortfall caused by the killing of 25% of the American work force in abortion clinics. There is NO way Bush or any other high muckity muck is going to admit this is the reason, but it IS the reason.

The problem is this-- The illegals-turned-US-citizens will NOT have the loyalty to the USA that earlier immigrants did. They have not paid the price. It was a cheap and safe trick to come to the USA, and many of them go back and forth across the border with Mexico often. It is a lark, and they see the US Government as an entity to be used to get a free ride in life. Ask any third or fourth generation Hispanic in Nogales, Arizona. They are terrified of these people, that is, that they don't care a fig for the USA.

So, these 30 million illegals will probably be given amnesty. To NOT do so is financial suicide, for there is no other work force ready to fill the need at once. But, once they are US citizens, they can bring over the aunts and uncles, who may well go to work. Later, they will bring over the old folks to get on SSI, Medicare, and other assistance. At the rate these low paid member of the work force will be contributing to the tax base, it will remain to others to foot the bill of up to 20 million new welfare recipients. Those others are YOU!

Not all Texans are smart!

Now, let me tell the part that George Bush didn't count on. The vase majority of the illegal Mexicans ARE working men. They now stand on street corners every day hoping to be picked up and taken to help load moving vans and pick up crops in rural communities. I have seen them reach as many as twenty in the city park in Willcox, Arizona. The Border Patrol just looks the other way, and farmers get good labor for well below minimum wage.

The pay is in cash, and Juan Vargas can finally send home enough money to his wife to feed the babies. These workers don't feel abused, for they are getting a lot more than they would get back in Mexico, which was probably nothing due to unemployment. Humanly speaking, I don't blame them, and it really is good for everyone down here along the border. These illegals do NOT take many jobs away from Americans, for most Americans will not do the jobs they do.

Give them a raise

So, George Bush is giving these workers a raise. That is correct folks, and he thinks he is helping the economy? What a fool. These illegals, once naturalized, will be able to demand minimum wage by US law. Their employers will have to pay unemployment. While the Border Patrol may have looked the other way before, the IRS will NOT look the other way. Many of them will join the Farm Worker's Union, and the farmers will not be able to pay the high wages and benefits. Thus, the vast majority of these illegals will become 100% unemployed. They will go on unemployment, SSI, and become dead weight and drive taxes up to support them and their babies. YOU will pay again folks.

The end result will be this. Er, are you ready? The farmers will put out the word that they only want illegals. The Border Patrol will again look the other way, and the illegals will come across the border in droves to take low pay jobs again. One day, another jerk President, Republican or Democrat, will think he is helping the economy, and he will declare all the illegals to be Americans. Carter did it, Bush is doing it, and the next time, if there is a next time, it will destroy America.

Big Brains at the Chase

Here is what the industrialists have to be thinking. Technology has slumped. This has driven many tech employees out of jobs, and they take lower paid less technical jobs. This is a drain on the economy as many collect unemployment. At the same time, they contribute nothing to the national budget through taxes. How do we push them back into higher paying jobs? If we infuse the lowest level of the employment pyramid with lots of unskilled labor, the jobs will be taken, pay will stay low due to the numbers, and the cash will start to be spent upward. Reagan called this "Supply Side Economics."

This would work IF you were doing it without adding people. Adding masses of people to the system is like printing money without burning money. We cannot burn middle class workers-- society frowns on that sort of thing. That is the way of Joseph Stalin. So, as with printing money, we depreciate the commercial base in this process. The cost of maintaining these lower level workers, especially at retirement and Medicare time, will vastly destroy the immediate gains.

What then is George Bush really up to?

Mr. Cheney must have been behind this, for he cut his teeth on this sort of logic under Nixon and Reagan. This is the way of the New World Order. The real purpose of this whole ploy is to demoralize Americans and destroy their zeal for their nation. Patriotic people do NOT like to have criminals and free loaders come into town and take jobs. The immigrants from Europe who came to this country long ago had skills to offer, and they were not coming for a free ride. They were committed.

Abe Finkelstein landed in Ellis Island, his cousin met him at the shore, they took Abe down to the Lower East Side, Abe's uncle bankrolled him, Abe bought a load of linen, he started out selling the linen, he worked his way to Newark, bought a haberdashery, built a home in the suburbs, wrote to his nephew in Poland, and told him, "Come to America, I can help you get started."

Not so with Mexicans

Mexican illegals go back and forth across the border all the time. They hang around on the US highways on Friday, get caught, get a free bus ride back across the border at YOUR expense, party in Mexico over the weekend, and then come back across the line on Monday morning and hang out on town corners hoping to get work. Their heart is in Mexico, and their attitude toward America is that it is populated by a bunch of very helpful suckers. Add to this the fact that many of the illegals are here to steal cars and rob Americans along the border. These sort will soon be American drug lords with the cash to hire Johnny Cochrane to defend them.

I have SEEN this picture here on the US / Mexican border, and I am an authority better than ANY of Bush's alleged experts. This President only got sober about 12 years ago. He is, in truth, a very naïve, unlearned, and stupid man. His religion hugs sodomites, and his foreign policy is shot since he stopped listening to Colin Powell. I do wonder if we would have been better served by Al Gore. At least he would have had to listen to the Labor Unions regarding the Mexican trucks and the illegal issue.

Add to this picture the character of the average Mexican illegal-- They are losers and drop outs from Mexican life, and they have no skills to offer. The vast majority are high school drop outs, and Mexico is only too glad to get rid of them. This is why the President of Mexico is pushing George Bush to keep them. Castro did the same when Jimmy Dumb Boy Carter gave amnesty to Cuban illegals. When Castro saw this, he loaded boats full from his mental institutes, and he rounded up all the queers he wanted to get rid of, and he shipped them to the USA. The Mexican President learned well from history, and he is pushing Bush to do the same.

What do US Hispanics think of all this?

Virtually ALL of my Hispanic customers in Nogales, Arizona do NOT want illegals to be made into Americans. They know it will turn Nogales into a slum. Nogales is a very prosperous city now. To show you how these Liberal and Bush clan groupies love Hispanics, Bush just tried to make it legal for Mexican trucks to run all over America. These trucks can presently go only 25 miles into the US to deliver produce. With Bush's plan, the Mexican trucks would have driven straight to markets with produce, and three things would happen:

1. About 700 produce brokers would close along the US border, putting thousands of Hispanics on unemployment.

2. The Mexican trucks would be able to carry pot and crack straight to every city in the USA.

3. Thousands of Americans would be smashed by these derelict trucks from Mexico where there is no safely code.

That is the tender mercy of this "good godly" alleged conservative from Texas.

What is the end of the story?

Thirty million people will enter the work force wanting minimum wage. They will not be hired, for they will become too costly for their former employers. They will go on SSI and make babies instead of working.

Are you ready? YOU will pay-- YOU in the middle class. Cash for expansion and for Federal supports of small business will be drained off to support the free loaders, and a roaring recession will set in for sure. If Georgie keeps doing puddin and pie socialism, he will see the USA collapse. I have always wondered if the best man to first use the Executive Powers Act would be a conservative Republican, especially a very Baptist looking one. This would convince Americans it MUST be necessary, for, "a Conservative would never betray us."

It is all over folks.

I am not talking about keeping America White, or even Black. I want to say this-- The USA is not in a situation where the slaves are so much dead weight that the top cannot keep up the cash flow. Instead of the bottom supplying prosperity up the pyramid, the top will have to be taxed and taxed to feed the unemployed millions at the bottom of the pyramid.

This will result in total implosion as the nation collapses in on itself. The only solution will be to bring in millions of cheap labor from Bangladesh and Thailand. Then Kenya and Namibia will be called on, and finally, the masses will flee the USA as the people finally fled from Rome when the slaves were made citizens.

A biblical view

Bible prophecy has NO place for the USA in the future events just before the coming of Jesus Christ to rule the world. The Middle East, centering on Jerusalem, is the center of Bible prophecy. The amnesty trick of George W. Bush is the last death throw of a rebel nation which decided that murder of babies was a civil right.

The last right belongs to God, and He is calling the shots from here on in. This is the wrath of God. I believe God has sent George Bush "strong delusion" so that he will believe a lie. God is now CAUSING the United States of America to be destroyed through its own folly.

It is all over. All that is left is for the fat lady to sing-- Chase Manhattan et al-- and then die.

Cynical afterthought:

There is one other age-old solution George Bush can consider-- WAR! But, it better be a big war folks, for there is a desperate need to produce something to rescue the electronics industry, and a lot of unelployed people need to be killed out of the work force (they will be drafted) to create a true internal vacuum for growth. A major ground war would do this, especially with some rogue nation which likes to use bio-warfare.

Then again, what if smallpox is loosed on the USA by terrorists? We would REALLY need the illegals and ALL their relatives. Right? With another 30 to 100 million Americans dying out of the work force of a plague, Mexico would be hard pressed to meet the demand I think. Smallpox would be the ultimate footnote by God on Abortion! Read out article on SMALLPOX

I have, for several years, looked across the border into Mexico as I go to visit customers down there, and I have wondered, "Will the day come when I am trying to get my family INTO Mexico?" With George Bush's help it could happen folks.

I don't like this article, but I am 100% convinced it is the truth.

Now, tell me, do you still think it was cute to kill all those babies?

Only an abject Liberal pathological creep would think so. But, there are some pretty dedicated One Worlders who would rather kill 30 million people, and destroy their own nation, than to give in on the murder of babies.