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Steve Van Nattan



By Steve Van Nattan
Editor: Blessed Quietness Journal

This article was written some time ago, but I have reposted it because of the chaos in the nation over our borders, the flash mob black racist attacks, and our perpetual war everywhere but in defense of the USA proper. I hope it is of use to someone.



The war President George W. Bush launched was well equipped, and the troops were well trained ( I think ).
Look at some of the toys they have to use against Osama bin Laden
. President Obama attacks Libya and bashes it up royally. Our "War Makers" are ready to do the job "over there," but what about RIGHT HERE?

The trillion dollar question is, how will these weapons defend you and me?

Answer: They won't, and there is virtually no way for us to defend ourselves. The Feds at the National Security Agancy, and other Federal agencies, were NOT ready and did NOT have a clue what was coming at them on September 11, 2001. I am not saying they cannot do amazing things. They are probably reading this article as I type it. Anyone would agree that I am a dangerous character and bear watching. At my age even I don't like to look in the mirror :-)

Let me illustrate one amazing lack of coordination between the Feds and us chickens. There was a bar tender in Florida who over heard several foreign men talking about a bloodbath the evening before the attack on the World Trade Center. NOW the Feds want to know his story, but from my experience, if he had called the FBI the night before, they would have processed his information and sent him a robot generated E-Mail. I have gotten a number of these for my trouble from the FBI in Phoenix. Yawn!

I am going to talk about things no one wants to talk about, or else they don't have the background to do so. My basis for putting forward these thoughts is that at age 11, my parents put me in boarding school in Kenya where I lived behind barbed wire and bunji sticks. My school, Rift Valley Academy, was located on an open mission station in the heart of the Mau Mau territory. The Mau Mau were a mob of very dedicated terrorists who were determined to drive the British out of Kenya. Their methods, initiations, and torture methods were unreal. And, they were determined to massacre all of us kids as a terrorist event to drive all foreigners in Kenya back to the USA and England. The Mau Mau are gone, and I am still here, Hillary. So, my experiences over about five years of terror might be of use.

Sand bag bunkers with machine gun emplacements were my playground. Alerts went off regularly, and we all had our place to be. Our staff had weapons or tasks during alerts. We kids thought it was exciting, as kids will, but I realize now that those staff members watched out the windows every time the alarm went off and wondered how it would feel to have one's throat sliced open with a machete.

We were guarded day and night by a company of the King's African Rifles of East Africa. Some of these troops had seen combat in Burma and Belgium during WW II. A number were so decorated that you could not see the front of their uniform. These were African troops. They were tough. They had stared death in the face, a Japanese face, and they had survived. It felt good to a kid who wondered how he would stay alive to see adulthood. You may see some politically incorrect things in this journal about Black policy and notions in the USA, but you need to know that there are certain Black folks in Africa whom I remember with love and a sense of awe. With God's help, they kept me alive.

Now, this African soldier was the warrior, and his task was critical. He was hard as nails, and fearless. But, I recall, many times as a kid, sitting nearby as British plantation owners and farmers told story after story of how they had to muster to defend one another. They had a limited command, and they had protocols, but their duty was to identify the enemy, the Mau Mau, and either kill them or take them prisoner. They were called the "Home Guard." More about this in a minute. I just want you to know that I have some qualifications to speak here-- more than Hillary anyway. Although I must admit, she was a terrorist once herself as she gave aid and comfort to hippie killers and bank robbers. Or, did you forget?

After college and the US Army, my wife and I went to Ethiopia as missionaries. We had some good days there, and then in 1974, Marxist terrorists took over Ethiopia, and we were declared Imperialist Running Dogs. We experienced many things before leaving Ethiopia. We saw the ways of the terrorist.

These experiences, and being in Africa during the revolutions in The Congo and other nations in that area, gave us a very differentS perspective than yours. For this reason, I feel rather qualified to make some observations on the condition of the United States of America as we enter a protracted war with Middle Eastern Muslims-- the servants of Allah. I make no apology for telling you what I think, indeed, in spite of what some Senator or talking head thinks. I have come to the conclusion that the average American official is a total klutz as to the thinking of terrorists, and Middle Eastern terrorists in particular. I would guess that I know more about Islam and the origins of the terrorist ethic based on Islam than anyone in the Senate of the USA. I spent six years researching it for a book I wrote on the topic. Also the One World mentality is so ingrained in all these men, including George Bush, that George Junior is again jumping on his horse and riding off in five directions, just like his Papa did. He seems to still think that he will win this war IN the Middle East instead or IN the USA AND the Middle East.

So, here it is. I really do not give a fig if you like it-- I just think some few folks will be interested and benefit.



Warriors are needed "over there," but they are also needed here. It is essential during terrorist attacks that warriors defend the home folks. To send the troops and their best equipment around the world is folly if some force is not set in place at strategic points in our nation. We are not stopping Hitler from attacking Britain-- We are stopping a mad man from attacking Padukah, Kentucky.

In 2014 we may apply this to the threats ISIS is making right now to attack America from within. We also must ask ourselves is ISIS is an invention of the CIA just as Al Qaeda was. If so, then the Feds and Military will leave America defenseless so that ISIS can successfully accomplish another false flag just like 9/11.

Our border with Mexico is a naked undefended Gringo belly hanging out waiting for the knife of Osama. I live here, and I know. The Border Patrol is not allowed to defend me. They are only here to keep out illegal Mexicans, and it is a silly game as the Border Patrol throws thousands of Mexicans back across the line, only to see them again the next day. Some of them know each other on a first name basis. I am NOT exaggerating folks. The local sheriff is told to stay out of it, and the police are also prevented from acting in this matter. The citizen is threatened if he takes part, even if he is attacked by illegals. You had better shoot a Senator than a Mexican illegal. It is an international incident!

So, with about $100, a Mexican pays a "coyote" from the US to take him by auto to some point north of the border and turn him loose. What is at stake? The Mexican gets a cheap job and feeds his babies back in Mexico. If the US Federal system breaks down, some kid in Mexico gets to eat real food for a change. Most of us don't really get too mad about all of this since it is usually rather benign.

Now, suppose it is not Juan Morales. Suppose it is Ahmed, and suppose he has a bribe of $10,000 to offer someone to help him. And suppose Ahmed has a nuclear suitcase bomb which he intends to plant on the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, now that is a whole new notion, right. Who is supposed to stop him? The Border Patrol and US Immigration, and their minds are on Mexicans? The border with Mexico MUST be rebuilt into a wall of steel. There are hundreds of miles of border which are only a barbed wire fence, and anyone could get across with a blindfold on.

US Military troops need to be assigned to the border with Mexico with orders to shoot to kill. Mexico must be informed that everything has changed, and they need to warn their people to come to the USA through the doors provided. America is wide open on the south, and don't let some political jerk tell you otherwise. Neither Clinton nor Bush have done anything about it either. Indeed, some of us believe that Bush is secretly being begged by Texas ranchers to let the illegals in easier, for they are very good for the ranching economics as cheap labor.

There are many other places where a US soldier is needed to back up the more benign activities of control and law enforcement. It is essential to let the intruders with bombs and bio weapons know that they are to be killed on the spot-- take no prisoners. These points needing protection could be ball games, down town New York, bridges, water supplies, and thousands of other potential targets. Calling out the National Guard after the fact could mean ten million dead bodies by the time the Anthrax takes hold. Allah's servants need to know that bullets stop anthrax, and "War Makers" shoot bullets and ask questions later. Shoot the terrorist, but just try not to hit that bottle in his hands.



America must begin to decentralize at once. The advance of modern commerce has drawn the vast majority of Americans to the big cities for about 150 years now. Only 2% of the population raise the food we eat. This means that our cities have become vast targets inviting attack in this age of terror. Add to this the obsession of the New World Order and our vast bureaucracies to pull people into the cities. One way this is done is to send unemployed people to the cities to get on the dole and "wait for a job" which never materializes.

Can this be reversed? Yes, but only with a whole new philosophy about people and what is good for them. The politicians want the people all piled on top of one another so they are easy to reach via the media during re-election campaigns. It is now assumed that the big cities are the most urgent places to spend pork money to get votes. It feeds and feeds on itself. Welfare people need to be given incentives to relocate into smaller communities, and businesses also need grants and tax breaks for moving to the country. It is easy today with the computer and the Internet.

Now, someone long ago thought that the two room school house was defective. It produced Edison, Henry Ford, and the Wright brothers, but it is defective, right? Schools have been unified into monster facilities with up to 5000 students piled up in one spot. What a psychologically grand place to release nerve gas. What a spectacle for the media who would show the kids writhing on the ground, and CNN and Fox could argue as to which one showed the most horror as the kids slowly died.

We have unified our feeder lots. In New Mexico and Texas there are feeder lots with over two million cattle EACH being fattened at any given time. A release of anthrax up wind from two of these facilities would cause meat famine for at least two years, maybe longer. You don't believe me because you live on the east coast, and you never saw where your meat comes from. Some of you city slickers think meat is grown in white trays with plastic wrap on it, right? The feeder lot is just one more way we have made monster targets for the wicked to shoot at.

The worst case of over centralizing is the Federal Government. Way too much of the US governing base is in Washington DC and the eastern seaboard. Kansas and California are seen as great places to play, but who would want the Department of Agriculture to be located in Kansas, right? What a silly notion. What is there in Kansas that has to do with agriculture? Everyone knows that the agricultural center of the USA is Maryland and DC, right? The US Government could decentralize with very little pain due to the computer and the Internet. There is NO excuse to offer the terrorists this unbelievable target called Washington DC. Any suicide pilot who could not hit something big in DC would have to be blind or really cross eyed.

I promise you, if we do not decentralize the seat of US Government, Osama will hit it over and over until the American people are virtually without a government. Eventually, the employees of the US Government will drift off, in fear, back home to Idaho, and there will be no one left to make the monster run. At that point, the US economy will collapse, and only those who are in primitive vocations and life styles will survive. State Governments will HAVE to take charge of the states, and Washington DC will become a ghost town. "Get your tickets to see the bottle house and ride the tram to the White House and listen to ghosts." History proves me right, for this is often how past empires collapsed. Their centers of power were trashed, and everyone went home to hoe beans in Gaul.



The US Government needs to use the right of the citizen to defend himself as an asset instead of interpreting it as a threat. There will be more on this below, but I need to make it clear that Americans on the battle field in WW I and WW II and in Vietnam and Desert Storm were the only ones who needed to pack heat. Today, the Constitutional right and D*U*T*Y is in our face like a white hot scream-- we need to arm every American who does not have a criminal record. There are not enough "War Makers" and law enforcement officers in the USA to watch every place where a terrorist might be waiting to answer the call of Allah. Terrorists are not armies-- they are not in uniform-- they don't wake up every morning with orders to "kill your man."

Terrorists are "sleepers" within our nation who live just like you and I. They will only do one thing one time to do maximum damage, and in the case of the servants of Allah, they will die in the act. Now, you will only have one chance to catch them-- one moment when they do something odd-- one time to realize that they are not behaving like the rest of us. At that moment, if you don't have an alert and eager servant of the USA watching, you don't catch them. Virtually EVERY citizen must be a soldier in mind and stealth to hunt and seek out the enemy. We would need 200 million Army men to do this, and we don't have them. Furthermore; any US soldier will tell you the local people are the best at catching the odd one out-- the enemy within. In this war, the local people are you and I.

See if you can convince your Senator that he will not have a constituency if you and everyone else in your district are hit by small pox virus or nerve gas. That might get his attention. They at least want to get re-elected. Morbid, but accurate thinking I gather.



Racial and Religious Profiling is essential. We are not talking about mindless behavior towards American Arabs and American Muslims. We are talking about weeding out those who are sympathetic to our enemies for religious and cultural reasons. They need to be identified and deported. They will help the enemy if they are called on to do so, and they will demoralize those who are loyal to the USA. All Arab Americans who are known to be loyal to the USA should be strongly encouraged, and well rewarded, to help identify terrorists in the USA BEFORE they strike. This, "I seen him just before he done it" stuff is too late and points to complicity. We have about 7 million Arab Americans in the USA, and the loyal ones are our best asset. The Feds need to go among them and separate the sheep from the goats. Then the loyal Arab Americans must be put to work helping us all defend ourselves.



Sedition laws are needed. This war on the USA will last possibly 20 years. Terrorist movements last and last and last, my dear friend, and I don't believe the average American is at all prepared for a Northern Ireland kind of life. That is exactly what we are looking at. George Bush will thump them in the Middle East, and maybe a couple of Arab nations will actually help, but these terrorists have no loyalty to anyone other than Allah. And, you cannot kill Allah. You sure can wear him down though, but that takes time.

Please understand that if we killed Osama bin Laden tomorrow, other servants of Allah, equally as evil, would step up and fill Osama's place. This is the call of heaven to a Muslim-- it is time to go the the altar and "rededicate your life to the lord." The problem is, this "lord" Allah exalts Jihad and death of those who decline his mongrel gospel. We are "going to church" as we go to war in the Middle East. If the resolve of our soldiers is not up to the Holy Rage of Allah's soldiers, it could be a nasty experience for our troops. Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, and Oman are allied with Osama bin Laden. It is Desert Storm all over again, and George Sr. couldn't win it.

The problem here at home is that lilly livered Liberals like Hillary are always needing to make political book. She and Ted Kennedy will sooner or later attack George Bush for his decisions. The Liberal media will also start to mock at the President, and peaceniks will hit the streets. This time, unlike Vietnam, we need laws for the duration of twenty years to control Hillary and her new friends with the flowers in their hair. We cannot show the Muslim Terrorist that we have people here who don't have the will to live as a democracy. I can hear it now, "Better Muslim than dead"-- right? Never again-- if the Feds won't stop them, the citizens need to do it themselves. No mercy. An attack by a Senator against those defending the USA must be defined as treason and punished accordingly. Only new sedition laws will give the foundation needed for this.

By the way, Jesse Jackson must be put under the whip first, for I KNOW he will soon play to the Black Muslim peanut gallery by attacking George Bush. Mark it down and see if I am not correct. Some Black folks from Harlem need to help Jesse baby get right on this issue. Or, do you folks want the next jumbo jet to land in your front room?

American Muslims who take up with the Islamic Jihad, now aimed at the USA, must be stripped of their citizenship and deported. There is NO room to pander to religion which aids and abets the terrorist. Such is not religion-- it is anarchy.



Every American citizen must be prepared to survive biological and chemical attack, as well as nuclear attack. In the 1970s I recall, over and over, driving along the side of the collecting lake at the end of the aqueduct in Los Angeles which supplies the water for that city. Every time I drove along there I would think how that, in maybe as little as two hours, I could make a device which would mount in a van, and in the night, I could catapult a load of Dioxin over the fence and into the water. LA would die. When I drive around Arizona, I notice all the water tanks located three to ten miles out of town, up on a hill, with an aging chain link fence around them and virtually no light or guard in sight. Get the point, groupies?

The US Government absolutely cannot guard us, for they cannot guard themselves. They NEED you and me to help. But, the Feds have attacked the armed citizen, and the hand gun, so long that most people are psyched out and content to let the professional law keepers watch over America. In the case of an attack on my home, if I called the Sheriff right now, chances are he would be on the other side of Bisbee, which is 50 miles away, and at speeds of over 100 MPH, he might get here in 30 minutes. By then, I would either have to use my 357, or I would be dead. Guess what? I bet I would be alive when he arrived :-)

But, you see the point, I hope. A Home Guard, or whatever you want to name it, is urgently needed. I don't like the title "Militia" since that entity exists in the form of Budweiser sipping nurds who would like to destroy America just a little less eagerly than Osama. In any case, a Home Guard could be set in place by the Sheriffs of the USA in about six weeks. Consideration would be taken to not use men with criminal records, and ex-military men would be used to train and lead. IT WOULD WORK, and it would give a lot of people comfort and something to do to help restrain evil.

These men would patrol neighborhoods, make arrests, and generally defend their neighbors against danger from outside the USA. They would learn to identify Arabs and foreigners, and they would be trained in the use of arms so that they followed protocols that are rational. They would also be ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the US Military when needed. I realize some of you will think this is very dangerous. Well, there is just one thing more dangerous-- a Boeing 767, flat out at 750 MPH, headed straight at your front window, bunkie.

An example of the effectiveness of this plan would be in Dearborn, Michigan. This city outside of Detroit is perhaps the heaviest populated city in the USA with Arab Americans, and it is a very orderly and pleasant city too. Arabs don't tolerate crime and nonsense in their communities. A Home Guard of Arab Americans in Dearborn should be armed and trained and placed under command. They could move quietly about the neighborhood listening in restaurants and at parties, and when strange conversation arises, they could make arrests on the spot, and THEN call the Dearborn Police or the FBI.

The Home Guard should also encourage citizens to identify strangers in the area, and they should be watching for targets for terrorism which are unguarded and vulnerable. Now, in August of 2001, if I had posted this article, I would have been mocked and distrusted. I have wanted to say these things, but I know they are based in my life experiences in other countries, and most of you don't have any basis like I have to consider these things. Well, NOW you do, and you better scream at your Congressmen and Senators to get their ever loving posteriors into gear for your part of the nation.

I saw this in Kenya. The Home Guard, during the Mau Mau years, was the key to control and finally defeat those terrorists. They gave the Kings African Rifles the leads and back up they needed to win. Again, you cannot forget this dear friend-- This is a war HERE, on your door step, not in Iwo Jima or the Dardanelles! You will fight it, or you will die.

Is this some primitive notion? How about old Israel of the Old Testament era? Every men in Israel was a warrior and ready to defend his land and the nation. How about Israel today? Every able bodied man is a defender and can go to war on a moment's notice. Consider Switzerland. Every man in that nation is a warrior, and his gun and kit are under his bed and ready to use on command. Now, I realize the Switzerland experiment is still under consideration-- it may fail them yet, but it has kept war away from Switzerland for 400 years. Hmmmmmm. I wonder if we could trust the men of America to defend the nation? I dare say, and I believe you would!

Along with this Home Guard preparation, potassium iodide and antibiotics must be given to all Americans to keep in the refrigerator in case of nuclear and bio attack to take ASAP. There is no time to go see your "primary care physician" and get a prescription at WalMart, bunkie. You have maybe ten minutes to act! This can let the victim survive the thing.

Injections for nerve gas are only given to soldiers. That takes nerve, I say. Who are we trying to protect anyway? Shouldn't the citizen have the same protection. Sure, some jerk will use it wrong, and some kid will inject his little sister with it and mess her up. But, this is war, not a clean tidy day in the country where the worst thing is mosquitos. There are many ways to prepare the citizen to survive most of these attacks of Osama and the servants of Allah, but the Feds will have to entrust the citizen with the tools to save his own life. Federal gods are preconditioned to believe that the ordinary citizen is a virtual dunce in such things and cannot be trusted. So, the first step will be to convince the Feds to trust us flatlanders.

As for me and my house, we have tetracycline on hand for bio attacks, and I am now shopping for potassium iodide in case of nuclear attack. I wish I could find atropine. Anyone know how, and what is the dose for nerve gas? We may be on our own, so let's help each other. Just forget about it being illegal dummy. It is also illegal to fly a 767 into the side of a building, right? May I call on you medical doctors to go out on a limb and prescribe some of these medications which could save lives. Just enter in your records that you were making an empirical call on something like amoebic dysentery etc. By the time the Feds arrive with the stuff, there will be dead bodies all over the place, and you doctors will have their blood on your hands if you don't help your patients get ready.


Frankly, I don't expect many people to benefit from this discussion, for the American people have never before been attacked on their own soil. Nor have our modern politicians ever felt the sting of war on our soil, nor have 95% of these Senators ever seen combat. No one will believe these things are essential until vast numbers have been gassed, 50% of our water tables have been Dioxined, and ten million American are down at the Mortuary "being prepared." By then, we will not have the resources or the will to do what is needed. We will then become Balkanized as the best abandon the worst and become individual nations. Arizona and Maine will go first by my calculation.

I tried though. Maybe this will help if you tell a friend.

Folks, I would not write this if I were not 100% convinced it is on target. This article is only a beginning-- much more needs to be said, and some of you can say it-- IF YOU WILL.






Taking your work on Islam, it stands to follow we have an additional two-front battle. The radical imams know, as clearly as do the leadership of the Mor(m)ons or Jehovah's Witlesses, that their religion is little more than an elaborate pyramid scheme - any evidence that the TRUTH lies somewhere else is a threat to their position and perks; unlike most American cults, the Muslims start with a relative monopoly on their home turf, so in order to continue profiteering from the darkness, the light (that being us) must be extinguished. Our success (and, to any extent, that of Israel) stands as a rebuke to them. That's one front... any Muslim who thinks he can live in peace with Jews or Christians is well-intentioned but fatally misinformed nonetheless - no "prophet" could make the claims our Lord did and be simply a prophet - he is either a liar, a madman, or, as the case is, our Savior. There can be no middle ground between Islam and Christianity, and the mullahs know this.

The second front of the war is far more insidious, and, as you say, is on the homefront. Pseudo- Christian organizations such as the NCC do no favors to the Kingdom of God by holding joint services with Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Jews. I can buy a paper from such a person, perhaps coach his kid in soccer, but I cannot worship Christ in spirit and truth with him... unless he turns his life to Jesus. As a former serviceman, I am not afraid of death at the hands of some jerk on a jihad; I am, however, bracing myself for the knock on my door from some useful idiot wanting me to attend an "all faith" ceremony. To the extent the nation's clergymen refuse to proclaim Jesus Christ as the ONLY way, the ONLY truth and the ONLY life, we will continue to decline as a republic. If we think the Lord will protect us because of our history, we are no different than the Jews who proclaimed "the Temple of the Lord" just before Babylon's army knocked in the walls of Jerusalem.

God Bless You,

Kyle _________