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MSG- Monosodium Glutamate

The world's most pervasive
food additive--
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What is MSG, why is MSG in food of all sorts, and why is it such a big issue with my additive conscious friends?

This food additive explains many ailments in many people. Much legend and myth is being passed around about MSG to make it seem innocent. In fact, it can cause many different reactions, in some people fatal.

There are stimulants, which are approved by the Federal Drug Administration, which always disrupt healthy function of the endocrine system. That is, if you include them in your diet. MSG may be the most pervasive.

At the left is Professor Kikunae Ikeda who isolated MSG from sea weed in Japan in 1908. Since then, the chemical has been mass produced in free form and used by the ton to add to our food. What the professor discovered might have been quite benign, but once big food manufacturers got ahold of it, it has become a virtual poison in stimulant form.

The stimulants which affect health the most are sugar eaten alone, MSG (monosodium glutamate), Aspartame, and high fructose corn syrup. There are many others, but these four are used heavily by most Americans.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is something you have to find on food labels because it is hidden by obscure substitute terms in grocery store products. Food producers know very well that, (a) MSG causes physical issues for many people, and (b) many of you know it. They INTENTIONALLY try to hide the fact that MSG is used in the food.

The fact that you feel not symptoms when you eat MSG does NOT mean your system is not reacting. It simply means you FEEL nothing.

MSG is often the cause of insomnia, but it may cause migraine headaches, Alzheimer's disease, temporary blindness, fainting, instant diarrhea, and many other reactions. MSG goes through the brain barrier, which is very rare with most agents and drugs. Once in your brain, it picks at random some area of the brain and turns it on full blast. The result is that some function of your body goes hyper, and you suffer a "reaction."

MSG does not belong in the human body. It can disrupt the normal appetite functions and prevent you from losing weight.

MSG is not added to food of virtually every sort. It enhances flavor, and, without exception, it is added because the food being prepared for sale to the public is of low quality due to cheap ingredients or due to too long shelf life. Some have claimed that it is a fifth taste group of its own, as in sour, bitter, sweet, etc. If this is true, it does not change how it affects people, and the fact that it gives your taste buds a rush is no reason for just letting food producers feed it to you.

The only possibly innocent use of MSG is in the preparation of sausage and other meats. It prevents the sausage from turning brown. Long ago, people simply accepted the fact that sausage turned brown when it sat a while, but it turned a cooked color when fried. MSG treated sausage looks exactly the same as untreated sausage after you fry it. This is purely a cosmetic issue, and it does not justify the risks involved.

There are natural sources of MSG which means they may turn up in your food. The food sources found below in the orange box are technically a food source, and many people who are sensitive to manufactured MSG can tolerate natural sources. The point is, manufactured MSG and naturally found MSG are not the same in the way they affect your body. In fact, your body produces a small quantity of MSG to use in stimulation of normal functions. But, like other chemicals, what the body makes, or gleans from food, and what is added in commercial food preparation, can make the difference between great health and a trip to ER.

MSG is found in sea weed, pectin, gelatin, and other such food sources. When these natural MSG carrying foods are added to the cooked food, the flavor is enhanced. Much Oriental food would taste blah if it were not for natural sources of MSG added to the cooking process.

In India, south Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Mexico where plenty of aromatic and hot spices are used, MSG is pointless and seldom used.

The problem is, food producers of the world have learned that packaged foods, and restaurant foods, will be more highly sought after if MSG, natural or manufactured, are added. While other nations, like Australia, have banned all use of MSG, the US FDA claims that MSG is harmless. The use of MSG makes people partly sick, and this is a great formula for Big Pharma to come to the rescue. Is it possible that the FDA and Big Pharma are so morally calloused that they would look the other way in order to cause people to have health issues. Why would they do this? If you are a Bible believer, you have the answer:

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

So, in the absence of real research, YOU are your own laboratory. My son, and friends in Austin, Texas, and myself, are included. We have had to stop using MSG as an experiment. Millions of Americans have learned by this method that they stopped having reactions and complications when they stopped eating food with MSG added. For this reason, the banning of MSG is becoming a populist activity. Thousands of restaurants and food products are advertised as "MSG free." The US Government could not care less about this rather deadly chemical.

So, it is DIY time for you. MSG, like almost all other food additives, is nonessential to your well being and health. You do not NEED MSG to enjoy food, that is, unless you want to eat old stale swill and wish to taste it as fresh and exciting. Self-deception can result in a rush for the moment, but afterward, you suffer for it. The rush may even be to ER.

You need to make a list of symptoms you and your family suffer, especially anywhere from fifteen minutes to twenty four hours after eating MSG laced food. Like marijuana and crack, MSG will turn on some area of your brain, and you will get a corresponding response in just about any kind of physical event.

Photo by "tellumo" at Flickr

Diarrhea may follow a dose of MSG in as little as twenty minutes. This is because the MSG is being absorbed through the stomach lining, rushing to the brain, and the brain is telling your plumbing department that it is under new management. The result is that you will have to rush to a restroom immediately or you will totally lose control. Other people do not have this, but severe headache results. Some people have heart related reactions, such as tachecardia or blood pressure spikes for no apparent reason. I personally have a blood pressure spike which is terrifying. I am talking about a systolic of 245 or higher. That is stroke territory.

The problem is, if you have a adrenal or cardio response, you also go into fight and flight mode. This is totally impossible to rationalize with what is happening around you. You don't know what is happening when this first hits you. So, you panic, and that causes the response to MSG to be magnified even more. Twice I have ended up in ER from a MSG reaction.


MSG is causing thousands of people trouble, but because the reactions vary so much from person to person, the FDA and health institutes refuse to deal with it. My long term tachedardia and night terrors almost totally went away when I got the MSG out of my food. My son stopped having severe bowel reactions, and my other son stopped having migraines after every meal. In fact, MSG can kill you if your brain reacts in certain ways to MSG.


There is only ONE reason to add MSG to food--

Are you ready?--

MSG is used when the food is stale from long storage, so you are not only eating chemicals, you are eating food which has lost most of its food value. You lose two ways. And, you paid good money for the rubbish.

That pot pie made of chicken lips gives you the warm fuzzies, and you think you are being well fed. "And, the farmer hauled another load away...." to the weenie factory ! ! !

Chemically, MSG is a very unique item.
It is claimed that it adds a taste not distinguished by the usual taste responses.

MSG is to your taste buds what crack is to a junkie. There is one study which seems to indicate that receptors in the brain react to MSG in the same way as they do to mind altering drugs, that is, in a false sense of well being. One of our friends has a friend who becomes literally drunk when he eats MSG.

Bon Appetite.



Over the years, FDA has received reports of symptoms such as headache and nausea after eating foods containing MSG. However, we were never able to confirm that the MSG caused the reported effects.

The following reactions to MSG have become all too common. Millions of people have experienced one of more of them and have managed to isolate the reaction as being to MSG. The FDA simply refuses to acknowledge these people have the sense to know what hit them. The FDA has absolutely rejected all research on MSG and lied, saying they could not find any. Perhaps no single entity has been more completely black listed by the US Government as the rational discussion of MSG and its affects on people. There must be a very high priority reason for this. Someone in high places WANTS Americans to be "treated" by MSG to cause something desired to happen.

now known to be the result of MSG in food:


Obesity-- Here is an article discussion research claiming MSG directly exacerbates obesity problems
Here is a Second article

Alzheimer's disease--
Here is de facto proof that MSG enhances this ailment

Petite mal seizures--
How many people suffer needlessly from this ailment?

Migraine headaches-- Worth looking into if you have this issue

Reproductive Disorders-- This is a claim we have yet to confirm
with any research, but it is serious if true.

Children's disorders-- What are you feeding your kid?

Insomnia-- MSG plays a real role in this disorder.

Cancer-- MSG does play a part in this disease.

Fibromyalgia-- Web page on the topic and research report

A list of other disorders caused by MSG

ADHD and Autism-- In children


"What is popularly called the Chinese restaurant syndrome is not a type of chemical food poisoning. Rather, it is a sensitivity to monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer often used in Chinese cooking. In susceptible people, MSG can produce facial pressure, chest pain, and burning sensations throughout the body. Many people feel anxious as well. The amount of MSG that can cause these symptoms varies considerably from person to person."

May cause itching, nausea, nervous system and reproductive disorders, high blood pressure

MSG is a highly reactive amino acid. It is used by scientists in studies to purposely cause death to areas of the brain and is fed to rodents to make a strain of obese and pre-diabetic test subjects. MSG is classified as a neurotoxin: too much of it introduced to the brain can cause rapid cell death. Source

Patients can help reduce the frequency of Ménière’s (with tinnitus symptoms) attacks by eating small meals throughout the day, avoiding the food additive MSG, and reducing salt in the diet. Source

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is used to preserve vaccines to keep them from breaking down. AND, that first vaccination of Hepatitis B is given to a new born when his brain is a fraction the size of an adult. As in the mercury that Merk uses for a preservative in ALL vaccines, and the kid is on his way to autism.

Additives and chemicals such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) elevate the need for ascorbate (Vit. C).

Many more symptoms are listed in the links at the end of this page.


In case you think this whole study is based on story telling (which is valid when one hears the same story millions of times), doctors all over the world are agreeing with their patients that MSG can cause serious reactions.





Foods always contain MSG when these words are on the label:

MSGGelatinCalcium Caseinate
Monosodium glutamateHydrolyzed Vegetable ProteinTextured Protein
Monopotassium glutamateHydrolyzed Plant ProteinYeast Extract
GlutamateAutolyzed Plant ProteinYeast food or nutrient
Glutamic AcidSodium CaseinateAutolyzed Yeast


Foods made with the following products often contain MSG.

Malted Barley (flavor)Flavors, FlavoringModified food starch
Barley maltReaction FlavorsRice syrup or brown rice syrup
Malt Extract or FlavoringNatural Chicken, Beef, or Pork, Flavoring "Seasonings" (Most assume this means salt, pepper, or spices and herbs, which sometimes it is.)Lipolyzed butter fat
MaltodextrinSoy Sauce or Extract"Low" or "No Fat" items
Caramel Flavoring (coloring)Soy ProteinCorn syrup and corn syrup solids (some companies use another process to make their product, saying it is MSG free)
StockSoy Protein Isolate or ConcentrateCitric Acid (when processed from corn)
BrothCornstarchMilk Powder
BouillonFlowing AgentsDry Milk Solids
CarrageenanWheat, rice, or oat proteinProtein Fortified Milk
Whey Protein or WheyAnything enriched or vitamin enrichedAnnatto
Whey Protein Isolate or ConcentrateProtein fortified "anything"Spice
PectinEnzyme modified "anythng"Gums
ProteaseUltra-pasteurized "anything"Dough Conditioners
Protease enzymesFermented "anything"Yeast Nutrients
Powered MilkMilk is naturally high in bound glutamates. The process used to powder the milk frees the glutamate. Free glutamate is the bad part of MSG. I would not use powdered milk. Powered milk ALWAYS contains free MSG.

Food products from Australia and New Zealand may refer to MSG as "flavor enhancer 621". The EU food additive code for MSG is E621. 29224220 is the HS code of monosodium glutamate. The free glutamic acid component of MSG may also be present in a wide variety of other additives, including Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins, Soy Extracts, and Natural Flavorings.

By the way, Aspartame, a common sweetener which is added to much alleged "diet food," has an eerie family relationhip chemically. See it here.


Some of the names MSG goes under


monopotassium glutamate
glutamic acid
autolyzed yeast extract
calcium caseinate
sodium caseinate
E621 (E620-625 are all glutamates)
Ac'cent Gourmet Powder


The following may also contain MSG
natural flavours or seasonings
natural beef or chicken flavouring
hydrolyzed milk or plant protein
textured protein seasonings
soy sauce


Free glutamate content of foods (mg per 100g)
roquefort cheese 1280
parmesan cheese 1200
soy sauce 1090
walnuts 658
fresh tomato juice 260
grape juice 258
peas 200
mushrooms 180
broccoli 176
tomatoes 140
mushrooms 140
oysters 137
corn 130
potatoes 102
chicken 44
mackerel 36
beef 33
eggs 23
human milk 22




For legal reasons, the following is my personal opinion and may be pure rubbish. Aut Disce Aut Discede

Buy pork roast and have the butcher grind it and make your own sausage at home with spices.

Eat more vegetables that grow underground. These at least cannot be directly sprayed with aerosolized chemicals. MSG is sprayed on fruit and vegetables to keep them fresh. Wash store bought fresh food very well, or peel it.

Buy milk from a local farmer which has only been pasteurized, or even raw milk.

Suppress your appetite without resorting to rubbish foods that will drug you and make you into a blimp.

Do NOT use soy products for alternatives, in fact, soy products which are not fermented are deadly. They have been found to cause infertility and impotence. There is an epidemic of impotence in the USA, and it is clearly a man made issue. What you eat can determine if you leave kids and grand kids.

Observe people and learn

If you cannot stand politically incorrect discussions, skip this section please.

When you go into a grocery store, observe people: watch who buys what, how healthy or diseased they look and what economic status you think they have. You will begin to notice some interesting patterns.

Those who seem to be having the most financial trouble are buying the foods with the highest markup. They are unable to make good decisions about what foods offer nutritional value. They buy things like instant macaroni and cheese, dinner mixes, potato chips, and carbonated soft drink beverages. They buy foods that are nutritionally worthless, but cost a lot of money. You can go to any grocery store and observe this yourself. Look at their small children. They will be pasty and thin, and they will be screaming their heads off.

At the same time, you'll notice that people who tend to be healthy, who seem to be aware of what's going on around them, who look intelligent, whose eyes light up, who have some energy evident in the way they hold their bodies and in the way they interact with others around them -- these people are usually intelligent shoppers. In their carts, you'll notice they have lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of raw food ingredients, and you'll see that they tend to buy things in bulk. They'll buy bulk ingredients like brown rice, beans, or legumes. They actually pay attention to what they're buying by reading the ingredients labels, for example. They stop and read. If the ingredients look like a short novel, they simply drop the item back down and walk on.

Contrast this to the everyday grocery shoppers: These are the everyday people who don’t really pay attention to nutrition. They don't make good choices. They basically pull things off the shelves that they've seen on television. They choose foods based on what they've been told to buy through promotional advertisements, public relations, and other efforts, including food lobbying. They also are charmed by the words, "All new packaging," which is a sucker punch if I ever saw one.

Lobbying is how the USDA came up with the new "Food Guide Pyramid." By the way, It's pretty much the "Drink More Milk" pyramid. It was heavily influenced by the dairy industry. Look at how much milk it says we should drink now. Apparently, all humans are supposed to suck from cows utters. I thought..... never mind. I must say though, all that milk product is made to be VERY unhealthy by the adding of antibiotics, growth stimulants, and by homogenizing and pasteurizing. If you want to eat lots of milk products, go ahead, but please find a raw milk source. If you have to, try to find a farmer who will quietly sell you raw milk.

The everyday shoppers who buy all of this garbage that's been advertised are chronically diseased. You can see it at a remarkably young age. Even when they're teenagers, you can see the disease starting to progress. If these people happen to be in their 30s, 40s, or even their 50s and beyond, you can see the progression of this disease.

I don't want to be judgmental in saying it, but it is sometimes painful to look at these people. I want to help them. But in many ways, most of them aren't ready to be helped. It's also a bit frightening, if you think about what's going on in their bodies. All of this degeneration, this lack of flow, and stagnation that's happening in their bodies... the stress on the organs: the pancreas, the liver, the spleen, the kidneys, the heart, THE BRAIN. You look in their shopping cart and think, "How can these people buy this stuff?"

Many fillers, binders, coatings, and gelcaps contain sources of glutamate. Some health products, ironically, are causing people more trouble as they help in other areas. This shows how stupid and mindless some supplement companies are. READ, READ, READ those labels please.




Here is where it gets rough folks. If you do not want to change
the way you live, do not watch these videos.

Dr. Vincent Bellonzi-- Emphasis on the mental issues

We have to assume that road rage, and other pathological behavior,
is related to MSG added to our food by money grubbers.
McDonalds may be sending more people to prison than guns.
Mommy says, "Eat your Pop Tart and milk (MSG and calcium),"
and everyone wonders why Johnny climbs the walls at school.
[ Aspertate in the video is Aspartame ]

Here is a plan to kill your baby, drive yourself mad, and die totally unaware of who you are.

Part 1 'The Hidden Danger in Your Food' (Flavor Enhancers, E621)

Part 2a 'Your Brain's Biggest Enemy' (Flavor Enhancers, E621)

Part 2b 'Your Brain's Biggest Enemy' (Flavor Enhancers, E621)

Part 3 'MSG, Cancer & Your Heart' (Flavor Enhancers, E621)

Part 4 'Avoiding the MSG Threat' (Flavor Enhancers, E621)

Did you get the point about silent effects. Just because you don't seem to have any MSG related responses, that does NOT mean you are not reacting. I am convinced that VIRTUALLY EVERYONE who eats MSG has reactions. The brain simply picks some way in which to get excited which you cannot feel or detect. If this is how you want to live, fine, but I resent paying taxes to support your stupid habit.

My experience-- MSG caused me blood pressure spikes, sent me to ER three times,
and finally I figured out that it was MSG.

You are on your own. The FDA is in collusion with food producers, just as they help industry dump fluoride into your drinking water. The FDA does not care two hoots if you go to ER or your kid has autism. They will never protect the public on this one. Somehow, it seems that the FDA, or those above them, WANT you dumbed down and lethargic. Perhaps they imagine that the masses will never rise up if they are drugged into space.

Well, we are rising up. We call on you to do your part to destroy the food makers and restaurants who refuse to deal with MSG. Tell friends about them, and tell the food producers and restaurants you are outing them.


Nutrition and Behavior: Aspartame, MSG, Excitotoxins - Dr. Russell Blaylock
Pleae watch the whole video-- it is all dynamite.

My response--
Do you want to have brain damage?
Do you want your kid to be a criminal?
Do you want to commit suicide?
Fine, eat your MSG, sugar, and Aspertame bunkey.

Christian friend-- Consider-- How much sin and chaos in your life is because you eat garbage?
Is your brain hooked on the rush of excitotoxins?
Weep for your children, America.
You are a flaming hypocrite if you pray, "Lead us not into temptation,"
yet you eat Top Ramen and eat at McDonald's.

It is SIN to knowingly eat MSG or feed it to your kids and friends:

James 4:17
Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.



MSG and other EPA approved "contaminants" sprayed on virtually all agricultural plants

California approval of deadly MSG and plant altering chemicals

Lies-- Food manufacturers who lie and claim "No MSG"

San Diego Tribune carries letter from PhD Scientist on MSG manufacturers
public relations tricks and MSG and obesity.

Here is now chemical companies bully and maim the public with impunity.

MSG is definitely in milk products, even though they may claim otherwise.

Natural and vegetarian foods which have MSG

Deceptive cheese product makers

Is your doctor a drug pusher on the take
from pharmaceutical companies?

This is rough language, but it is punk kid.
If a fellow like this can figure this out, why cannot Bible believers?

Hide and seek game of food makers as they seek
to deceive you on the ingredient label.

Soy products are NOT the answer.

Some food providers are taking this seriously.

The lie as proof of the truth of the lie
(Sorry, but that is how it works)

Beware of the non-biblical "Honest Food Guide"
Soy products are deadly, and red meat IS needed for good health.

Bible based diets are sound in principle, but in Bible times deadly chemicals were not added.

MSG role in high cholesterol

Examples of false advertising

"The FDA has no limits on how much MSG can be added to
foods, even though as little as two tablespoons of it has been
shown to cause epileptic convulsions and death in animals
such as dogs." MORE

MANY infant foods contain MSG

Reading labels on food-- Some helpful information

A story the FDA would mock, but proof that each person reacts differently.

Many issues, including MSG--
They claim chickens are soaked in MSG

MSG used to trick vegetarians into tasting meat flavor in vegetarian imitations.

Discussion group on glutin and other issues

"I know from personal experience that the chemical is not as harmless as
vinegar or salt. When I ingest a fair amount of MSG, I immediately have
nausea, stomach cramps, "spaciness," heart palpitations and a
"pins-and-needles" headache, followed the next day by lethargy and
overall weakness." MORE FROM THIS SITE


Short History of MSG and Discussion of troubles it causes


USDA Statement

How will I know if there is monosodium glutamate (MSG) in a processed meat or poultry product? MSG is classified as a flavor enhancer by Federal regulation. When it is added to a product, it must be identified as "monosodium glutamate" on the label. Are MSG and hydrolyzed protein related? Yes. MSG is the sodium salt of glutamic acid. Glutamic acid is an amino acid, one of the building blocks of protein. It is found in virtually all food and, in abundance, in food that is high in protein, including meat, poultry, cheeses, and fish. Hydrolyzed proteins, used by the food industry to enhance flavor, are simply proteins that have been chemically broken apart into amino acids. The chemical breakdown of proteins may result in the formation of free glutamate that joins with free sodium to form MSG. In this case, the presence of MSG does not need to be disclosed on labeling. Labeling is required when MSG is added as a direct ingredient.



Eating too much monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer common in oriental and processed foods, could make you blind, scientists reported. Researchers at Hiroaki University in Japan found that rats fed on diets high in monosodium glutamate had thinner retinas and defective eyesight. According to the scientists, monosodium glutamate destroyed receptors on retina cells and reduced the ability to relay nerve signals. The research explains perhaps why there is a high rate of normal tension glaucoma in eastern Asia, although it could be due to genetics. Dr. Hiroshi Ohguro said his findings did not sound the death knell for Chinese food. The rats ate extraordinary large amounts of MSG – a fifth of their entire diet. "Lesser amounts should be OK," he said, "but the precise borderline amount is still unknown.