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It is a wicked social tool used by Satan and fallen man
to call us from duty to Christ to climbing.
No one can escape it.

Where are you closer to God?
Also, How to Dismantle an Inner Ring

I strongly recommend that you go to
Chapter One of this series to get the context and flow right.

What is the end of climbing?

As you rise up the Inner Ring of your circles of participation, are you steadily getting closer to Jesus, more and more LIKE Jesus, or are you more and more distant from the sheep. And, you are getting farther and farther from Jesus who us back down there with the little people.

Do you spend less and less time studying to show yourself approved of God, or are you all over creation hob nobbing with the movers and shakers of Christendom. That is what Rick Warran and Joel Osteem do non-stop.

It is a law of life my friend..... the higher you are up in high places, the more UNLIKE Jesus you become, and the more worthless you become to the Lord's Church. That is why you are now contemplating resigning from your church to write a book, go on the conference circuit, be a whiz bang evangelist, or teach at Pensacola Christian College.

Bah, and double Bah!

1 John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

Are you one of the "WENT OUT CLUB?" Well, how is it with your soul now? You left your first love, and you are as dry as a three week old donkey turd in our lower pasture here in Texas. Will you ever find it in you to repent and go back to feed the sheep of the Good Shepherd? I hope so.

2 Corinthians 11:3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

How to Dismantle an Inner Ring

Once you reach the top dog position, you will see that the organization is a big sleeping slug, and it will always be that way. The video is by Robert Townsend who rescued many large dying companies.

Local Church

As a pastor, you must resign at once from any entity outside of the local church of which you are a member or top dog. This will cause shock and awe.

Next, tell the official board that you want fewer board meetings and more evangelism. This will flop of course if you do not do more evangelism yourself other than Thursday night door to door.

Finally, pick that good old boy in your congregation, the one who has not shown any spiritual growth, but he is very faithful, AND TAKE HIM FISHING OR HUNTING. Tell him you need to learn what he knows about bass fishing. This will signal the whole church that you actually LOVE them. It will also show that the boys up at the top of the Inner Ring in your church get no more love than the slow good old boys.

Do this, and I must warn you..... the word will get back to the President of your convention or denominational region that you no longer are showing leadership qualities, and you will end up standing alone in the foyer of the big mausoleum where they hold the quarterly pastors' rallies. You will be a Pariah to the Inner Ring, but you will become "conformed to the image of his Son," Jesus Christ.

One more thing..... when your car acts up, dismantle the cowling on top of the carburetor, and then call some old fellow in your church who is a famous mechanic, and ask him to come and help you find the problem. A house wiring problem could be used with an electrician. You have the idea I think.



Christian College or Bible Institute

If you have been encumbered with with the milady of bearing the burden of higher education in some corner of Christendom, there is only one way you can escape from the Inner Ring climbing which is in ALL such institutions. Give your notice half way through the academic year, and start searching for a Bible Institute or Pastor's training school in Bangladesh or Irian Jaya. The only way to escape from the academic madness in the allegedly civilized world is to run to the jungle in an under developed nation. Somewhere you may be able to find some Christians who have not contracted the disease.

Now, most academics simply cannot humble themselves without shock treatment. So, I suggest you take about two months break, and go talk to the folks at Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. Ask them if you can go and serve there for a while, and tell them you only want to clean and dust and work in their garden on the roof. You need to rub shoulders with the people God chooses-- losers. If this suggestion sounds simplistic or silly to you, you are dead on arrival-- go back to class.


I grew up on the missionfield, and my wife and I were missionaries in Ethiopia and Kenya. I know something about this topic.

If you feel trapped in a pompous pyramid of potentates, when in fact, you would rather being doing the work of an evangelist to which God called you, then here are my suggestions.

Find a small mission operating on a very tight budget, but one with a very reliable home treasurer. Better yet, back in "the homeland," find an old pastor of a plain country church with a spotless reputation in handling funds. Ask the pastor if his church can be your home mission board, and ask if another pastor or two like him can make up a home council, with a couple of deacons or elders thrown in. This sort of pastor will relate to churches much like his, you will not have a "field counsel," and you will stay out of the mega church monster.

Small churches will be much more zealous to pray for you. They also give out of their penury, not out of lust to get another light on the big map of the world in the church foyer. That is the map with a zillion missionaries on it who all get $15.45 support per month, and Pensacola Christian College gets $2000 per month support. If you do not believe this plan is desirable, find a missionary on furlough, and ask him which churches reach all the way around the world to drag you into the their political machinations the worst, the small churches or the mega churches.

Before you go to the field, decline assignment to cities where lots of missionaries are already hanging out and getting into each other's hair, while they try to bump each other out of the order of the peck. You will regret it if you ignore this one.

Refuse appointment to a seat on the field council and committees, and squelch any nominations of you in an annual business meeting.

Do not hang around the "guest house" or headquarters of a mission any longer than to find some one on one fellowship, and then get back to your home or station.

When you come on furlough, try to enter the USA from Los Angeles if your mission headquarters in in New York City or Atlanta, or visa-versa. Visit the headquarters between two meetings that allow you only two days at headquarters. This will prevent you from being paraded around from dog pile to dog pile as a trophy of the Home Counsel.

Do not spend your whole life on one assignment. Keep moving from time to time like the Apostle Paul. You will see more fruit, and you will not become trapped by leaders who claim you are indispensable to the work in Walibalooga. Hang around too long in one place, and you will inhale the incense and become the great Bwana or Tuwang and imagine you are the center of the world.

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This is not complimentary to humans who love the pecking order.

Do you know how to relate to people without climbing?