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Bring it on home, sir

By Steve Van Nattan

The hunter is hunkered down on a ledge on one side of a ravine in northern India, while on the opposite side are two panthers, male and female.

The female is frolicking with the male, teasing him and then running away. Then back she comes and pounces on the male, and then the male roars, and the female makes a rattling sound.

The hunter wants a panther trophy, and the male panther is huge. But, he relaxes his grip on his hunting rifle, and he just watches as the two panthers continue their courtship.

Why does the hunter defer this chance to bag a fine trophy? There are many stories like this where the hunter cannot bring himself to break up the animal level love affair that is playing out before him. Such a hunter is probably also a great romantic with his wife, and he transfers this over to the animals before him and spares their lives.

This is a true story told by Sir Samuel Baker about himself.

Where did the romantic spirit come from in man. I have seen many scenes in Africa similar to the one I just described, but the romance seen between a man and a woman is never seen among the animals.

Proverbs 30:18 There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not:
19 The way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid.

Come with me into the world of the way of a man with a maid.

For the record, everything in this article about romance is meant for two people, male and female, married to one another, and faithful to their vows. It is also meant for courting couples. The rest of you, please click out of here. You are not invited.

I believe that if you read this rather long article clear through, you will be helped to deal with many issues in your married life that you could not get at a $400 seminar.

Also, no children up to age eighteen please.



What a job. The company is thriving, the boss loves your work, and the opportunity for promotion is fantastic.

But, you are now married to that job, right? You spend extra time at the office making systems work and touching up code for your fellow employees who are not as gifted as you are. Everyone loves you.

And, back at home the lady sits through the evening and keeps your supper warm for when you finally come through the door. The kids go to bed, and Mommy prays with them, and the kids also pray, "Dear Jesus, bring my Daddy home safely please."

And, Jesus is a merciful God, and he brings you home safely, well past 10:00 o'clock.

And....... you never think to stop and buy roses like you did long ago.

This song is for you, sir.

The man tells me, "My wife understands that I have to do this for a while in order to get a promotion."

Horse leavings! Your wife loves you too much to tell you the truth. She hurts in her soul. She would rather get hugs from a middle level manager than lousy excuses from a CEO.

Psalms 104:23 Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until the evening.

King David knew he needed to go home in the evening, not at midnight.

One day, on down the road, sir, you will retire.

You will go home, and you will not know what to do with your dear wife. Even worse, she will not know what to do with you. You will have abandoned her for so long that romance will be a million miles away from your mind. You will soon find some project to take up your time, and it might even be something worthwhile. But, you will have no urge to again charm the lady of your dreams like you did long ago when you were a young buck. And, then, some years later, the lady will stand by the coffin and look into your death darkened face, and she will weep. It is all over, and she will never again feel your arms or get roses from you. When is the last time she got roses?

Do not order roses on the Internet to be delivered, Buster. Get in your car, drive to town, and buy the roses so that she gets the rush of seeing you drive up and get out of the car with the roses. Why should you let some loser delivery guy, with his ball cap on backwards, give roses to your wife? DIY, stupid, DIY!

CAVEAT: If you really have to be away from home for some reason, I give you permission to order roses online and have them delivered. The effect will still be very special. Send a note also, and do some serious flirting in the note.

I come to this article with some expertise. My sweetheart went to be with Jesus last March. She had been going down for some time, so it was not totally a shock. But, I assure you, IT WAS A SHOCK. If you think you can get ready for death, think again. And, what is the curse of death? It is the finality of it. Never again will she be there beside me to sit and pray as I have a blood pressure spike and tremble in terror of a stroke. Never again will I have to open the door for her. There is a huge hole in my world and in my life. I am ambushed by her absence in the oddest ways. Sometimes, I can laugh at the surprises, but more often I just hurt.

I sit at the computer typing away like I am right now. I get engrossed in trying to communicate, avoid being morbid, and finding parables and Bible texts to illustrate what I want to teach. Then, I get a mental jolt, and I start to jump up and leave the room. When my wife was still with me, I would get these jolts when I suddenly realized I had sat here too long, and I needed to give my wife some attention. So, now, I still get the jolt, but I never make it to the door. She is not in the next room. She does not need me. I need her, but I have to resign myself to the reality that Jesus needs her more than I do. Sometimes, that is very hard to get used to.

Get this straight, sir..... we men usually die before our wives, but there is no certainty of that. And, if she goes before you do, you will be alone, mister. What are you doing today to give you those sweet memories one day if you are the one left alone? What are you doing to give her the sweet memories of you, that is, if you go first?

I will share another experience I am going through. For about the last year before my wife's passing, our lives were a real struggle. I tried to keep the romance alive and keep reminding my wife of our love. I helped her reminisce about better times long ago, and the blessing was that her long term memory was great up to the end. But, now, with her gone, when I try to reminisce and cheer up my own mind, it only gets worse if I think back over the recent months. They were quite horrible in many ways. If I did not have sweet memories from long ago, memories of love on fire and thriving, I would go mad. A good photo of your wife from college days is a great help. But, what is on the hard drive of your mind is the most precious possession you have from your marriage.

Side Note: If you happen to be contemplating divorce, aside from the issue of the kids and the clear teaching of Scripture against divorce, consider please..... When you get a divorce you will be burning up all the good memories from long ago. You will become a morbid basket case emotionally because your back history will become revolting to you. The result is that you will be the blessed idiot who looks for every chance to tell other people how wretched your "Ex" was. You will marry again, but you will be a haunted spouse, and there is a very good chance you will marry a divorcee so that you can both tell each other "Ex" stories ad nauseam. Forget the divorce, and see if you can fire up the old romance. Swallow your bastard pride, and ask God to help you fall in love again with your spouse. For the record, I do not want to hear your story. They are all morbid, and once you are telling other people your story, you have already made up your mind to destroy the marriage.

How are YOU doing at making memories, sir? And you, lady, are you still puttin' on the agony and puttin' on the style like you did long ago for you sweetheart?

If you are getting the creepy crawlies, maybe just a little bit, I am delighted. We need to talk my friend. And, you better make sure your wife reads this too. She may also need to do some serious thinking about the romantic days that got lost back along the way. Soaps and little league are no substitute for romance.


Music and art define the culture.

Since I am 77 years old, I will arbitrarily use that number for our study of the history of love songs. In truth, love songs have been with the human race for thousands of years, but I want to study how the romance died in recent years. Music, especially in song, is the best measure of a culture. Music tells us where the soul and emotions are, and music tells us what we lost along the way.

It was a long terrible war in WW II. In 1943, the year I arrived on earth, Vera Lynn sang to British RAF troops, and the soldiers sang along. The song became emblematic of the deferred love of sweethearts and wives by WW II soldiers. My Dad's diary, when he was in the US Army and stationed on Makin Island in the Pacific, clearly shows the pain in his soul caused by being far from my Mom. Vera Lynn caught that, and she sang in many venues to British soldiers and even in weapons and military factories.

Vera Lynn, who made the song live forever, died in June of 2020, this year. Her last appearance singing her song was to an empty hall at Royal Albert Hall in the form of a hologram singing a duet with Katherine Jenkins, during the Covid epidemic, for the 75th anniversary of VE Day. There is no way I could leave her song out of an article on romance.

The man in the 1940s looked at his wife and told her she looked great, even after the flush of youth had worn off.

Moving along to the 1950s. Life was back to normal, indeed, better than normal. Donald Trump thinks he invented the good life..... he has a short memory. Life was good in the 50s. President Eisenhower made it clear that he intended to fight no wars. America needed a rest from WW I, the Great Depression, and WW II. And, this became a time of good living and prosperity. The President played golf a lot, and I am convinced he was doing it to tell America to get back to enjoying life. And, romance also prospered.


Which brings up a thought. This should come from a lady who is an expert, but it must be said. Romance in marriage is not the responsibility of the man only. The Shulamite in Song of Solomon is very alluring and charming to her sweetheart. Dear lady, let your mind run back down the years, and recall all the little things that you did long ago to charm the man. Get the candles out again. Put the wedding photo album back on the coffee table or beside his chair in his man cave. And, none of this Victoria's Secret in your home lady..... YOU are the only secret. You turned on the charm long ago..... do it again for him. Get out that bottle of perfume that you know he liked, or if it is gone, order some on Amazon.

EV Hill, the noted pastor in Los Angeles, said his mother used to put perfume on the light bulb of the lamp beside his Daddy's chair. He said that when his Daddy sat down in the evening to read, he turned on the lamp, and he said it was not long before his Daddy and Mommy disappeared into the bedroom. If your man seems to have lost the fire of romance, help him light it again. It is OK for a married woman to seduce her husband. That dress that turned him on long ago, can you get into it again. If so, DO IT. If not, buy one that looks like it. He will get the message.

Ten Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Beautiful

1. Straight up tell her.

2. Make sure she catches you looking – at her.

3. Never view pornography or “girlie” magazines – only look at her.

4. Never compare her negatively to other women. In fact, brag on your wife to other women. It will keep the church house whores away from you.

5. Place her picture prominently on your desk and carry it in your wallet.

6. Shower her with gifts and tokens of love at unexpected moments.

7. Compliment her in front of your children.

7. Purchase intimate apparel, have it gift wrapped, and leave the package for her with a love note.

9. Be deliberate about romance.

10. Treat your own physique with respect.

11. She may not know it, but if God takes her home before you, keep wearing your wedding band. That is the most powerful monument you can raise to her.

Every day, be the guy that worked so hard to win your wife’s affection before you were married.

A LOVE SONG THE MAN CAN SING TO HIS LADY- Performed by Chris Rea. A real man, like King David, can sing a love song to his sweetheart and still feel entirely manly. Our wretched culture has made tenderness wimpy. Don't let the male slobs around you define how you romance your wife. You may read that last sentence again, sir.

Side Thought: Why the Love Songs?

I remember, when I was a kid, Bible believing Christians were already looking askance at love songs because many of them originated in Hollywood. I suspect that this fear of love songs being "worldly' had a negative effect on the spirit of romance for Christians. I do remember a friend of our family, a Mennonite man, who was openly very romantic with his wife. He would take her out to dinner, and he dressed to the nines. His wife glowed because of his attention to her. Every one of his kids grew up with the infection they got from Daddy to be romantic while being fiercely biblical in life.

Now days, I see a lot of men just let their wife open the car door for herself and close it. I also see husbands in restaurants who look like fugitives from a baboon convention. When a man puts on a sports coat and tie, he charms his wife, but he also is noticed by other people as treating his wife with respect. Furthermore, for you men who think dressing well for you wife is silly, you get better service. A sharp dressed man is admired by restaurant employees. Living in Texas, I have found that when I took my wife out for dinner, and I wore western style, including the shirt, new Levis, bolo tie, and boots, the Mexican girls waiting tables were extremely kind to my wife, and the manager of the Vietnamese restaurant told his employees, "That is the way a gentleman dresses." One waitress told us about this later for some reason. I will be surprised if the waitress does not cry when I have to tell them she passed on. And, there is a mystery for you shrinks. Why does a man dressing up for his wife make people like his wife more?

All my life I have had no sense of being troubled at having to dress up to the occasion. I LIKED to do that because it made my wife look like someone really cared about her, and anyone over 45 years of age gets it, and people nearby smile and get friendly. And, my wife shined and loved it. What else is there to live for?

Millennials, get this, or you will live your life being a slob..... I promise you that. You were not taught romance. You were taught raw lust and self-love, and God hates that.

Thus, I used secular romantic songs in this article to make my point. But, lest you think I am "worldly" and "unspiritual" consider that God gave you a whole book of the Bible that is 100% a love song..... Song of Solomon. More on this later.

The 1950s were about the end of the line for love songs and romantic music. Oh, there were rare exceptions along the way, but modern music is raw with sexual lust and with violence.


The most graphic way to illustrate the ongoing "death in the city" is in music. In the 1960s it was all protest music, with the exception of country music and comic relief. Never accuse me of lacking culture. :)

The 60s hippies wanted free love, and they all went to Woodstock and copulated nonstop to prove they were liberated and virile. In fact, they were wimps. They made no effort to solve the social offenses they sang about, and they refused to serve the nation they lived in. Society saw them as worthless rebels. If you want a formula for destroying romance, that is it. And, it has never stopped since then.

Then, to add insult to injury, in the 1970s, the "fair minded" sensitive Bible haters in high places exalted sodomy as an option, and they set about to make believe it was driven by romance. This was introduced into popular music also, and the effect was to make may men terrified of being tender and gentle with their wives lest they be mistaken for sodomites.

The music then progressed to acid rock, on to hip hop, and has now arrived at suicide, murder, Satanism, and the groin. Racism is also loaded into much of modern music. The days of the love song are gone. The day of legislated pedophilia and tranny freaks has arrived. Romance has been murdered.

When you start buttoning your shirt wrong at the bottom, it is wrong all the way up. We did not get the present mess suddenly. Wicked men were not arrested and restrained starting way back in the 1960s. Preachers have long avoided the worst issues of the culture in the pulpit out of fear of being rebuked by backslidden church members. So, the bass keeps thumping, and the band plays on.

This is the rubbish that moved the soul of the millennials when they were kids.



FAMINAZI HATE This is the hate and rage that has produced a million lesbians, woman whom men avoid like they have spiritual and moral leprosy. This is the culture the talk show hosts exalt. Male talk show hosts are cur dogs who know nothing but how to roll over and pee on themselves to satisfy the lust of sodomites. Female talk show hostesses are the Jezebels who get giddy and cute for the male cur dogs. Please forgive me for being so restrained in my words. I have to allow that children might read here.

This freak combines both blasphemy and raw lust.

Rap music is a classic definition of the ethical and cultural Hell that has infected America. This is why so many Black men in America, and most men of the White western world, have not got a shred of romance in them. Caring about Mamma and their kids has become a sign of weakness to these men.

And that is not how it always was. I knew an old Black brother in Christ who told me about his home life back on the Mississippi plantation, which he said was exactly like the slave days before emancipation. The Daddy never left home and abandoned his wife and family. It was the White plantation owners who sold husband and wife slaves separately back then. And today, it is the White Democratic Party that encourages Black men to leave home so the wife can get more welfare and ADC. And the Republicans make no effort to reverse this trend. If there is still racism in America, it is in the heart of White socialists from Vermont (Bernie), San Francisco (Pelosi), and Baltimore (Biden).

There is no charge for my political observations. But, I must say, the US Government is in the business of destroying romance in America. And, by this point in time, it is just about as bad in the White world where the White poor and handicapped are helped to get more cash flow if they divorce. A White couple in a church I pastored were encourage by the country welfare agent to divorce so the wife could take care of the husband but get paid to do so. This is how officials in high places serve Satan in America.

AND IN CLOSE SECOND PLACE BEHIND LL COOL J.... HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS JEZEBEL? Did it ever occur to you preachers that the feminist movement is Satan declaring war on romantic love the way God invented it? I dare you to preach that. Use II Kings 9:30-36 as your text. It may well be that romance will not be restored to the American culture until Jezebel is thrown to the dogs, especially at the church house. And, you can start with Hillary Clinton who facilitates her husband in his adultery, and then move on to Paula White. Frankly, I don't think much of any preacher who never throws down a Jezebel when he finds one.

So, popular music dumped over the edge into Hell, and love became free and filthy, and it left the old couple sitting on the park bench behind.

Three Dog Night tried to save the day by recording a 1971 love song.
Nice try, but the plot was much too thin. A true love song is not ABOUT love songs, it IS love in words. A real love song, sung by a real man, to his real sweetheart and wife, is foreplay. That is why that song is memorized word for word the first time she hears it through, and she sings it later when Daddy is at work and she is doing the laundry. Nothing will get her oxitocin flowing like YOU singing a love song to her.

2005 Chris Rea sings a haunting song..... WHO KILLED LOVE

Well, the romance died, but it seems there are a few rebels trying to bring it back.

I have done some surfing around the web, and I have been encouraged to find certain singers singing love songs. Some sing the old ones from long ago, while others are writing new songs.

Norah Jones is a Manhattan girl raised in Grapevine, Texas by her father from India and her American mother to be a Methodist and a Texan..... Classic Texan story. She has caught the new wave of romantic music, and the love song is the hallmark of her genre. She composes her own songs and sings them herself, and the crowds are huge and dedicated. Is romantic music coming back? I certainly hope so.

The desert, the old Cadillac, the eight track, and the haunting music are powerful voices to "come away" from the dull schizophrenic world we now live in. And, there is no way to beat the rush like coming away with the one you told "I do" long ago. And, there is no way to remind her of that day better than to sing her a love song. If you honestly cannot sing without sounding like a frog, send the love song to her in email.

Norah Jones

Grandpa, do you want to be famous with your grandkids? Well, you may have it in you to write a hit song. I can hear this in my imagination, about forty years from now..... "Did I ever tell you that my grandpa wrote my grandma a love song? It goes like this....."


Have you let Hollywood and the sick sick world of modern music define your marriage relationship? This question is for both husbands and wives? If you are addicted to soaps, the magic is gone, lady, and you apparently don't care. Do you know how your husband feels about your soaps? He assumes he is no longer able to satisfy you and charm you, even if he tries. The Days of our Lives belong to God, to your spouse, and to you..... NOT TO HELLYWOOD.





As I contemplated the destiny of the whole world, both culturally and spiritually, I realized the future is very clear. There is no mystery in predicting what comes next. The Bible prophecies the future of humanity very graphically, and in the context of romance, we again have both the arts and music to tell us what to expect.

Europe, Asia, and Africa are leading the way back to Hell on earth.


Celebration of the Gothard tunnel

All the leaders of Europe attended the opening of the 37 mile Gothard tunnel which goes under the Alps in 2016. This was the largest cultural event in Europe in many years. It was also loaded with Satanic imagery and vulgar behavior. It was clearly meant to be a serious artistic event, and it was indeed, but Satan got all the glory.


Dance Mephisto

NO children watching this please. It is totally Satanic.
If you know about Faust, you will understand what is going on. Faust was the protagonist of a classic German legend, based on the historical Johann Georg Faust (c. 1480–1540). The erudite Faust is highly successful yet dissatisfied with his life, which leads him to make a pact with the Devil at a crossroads, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. This is what charms Europeans today. I believe the song is sung in German by "Falco." This wretched refuse from Hell will soon be here in the USA. Mark it down. It will also one day be on the stage of Hillsong. Falco died a horrible death in a head on collision in the Dominican Republic.

Watch the music of this world closer, and you will be able to tell where the culture is going. In fact, I see music as the most powerful force for change, not only in romance, but right down front at the church house.

Here is THE MEPHISTO WALTZ by Franz Liszt. This is music from Hell.

I included this exposé of culture in the arts because it is almost a law..... When the culture moves toward Satanism..... romance, devoted love, and fidelity are destroyed. This means that the old images of romance in France, Italy, Spain and other nations in Europe, from long ago, are now gone and actually considered silly by Europeans. And thus, enter pedophilia. We must assume that pedophilia, the demonic love of children sexually, is rampant in Germany, France, Italy and all over Europe.

What does that mean to Americans? Beware, this will be the wave of the future in America. Indeed, California has just passed a law reducing pedophilia from a felony to a misdemeanor. Now, raping a child is no worse that running a stop sign. And, our glorious Constitution protects California in their war on children. That is why the Kingdom rule of Christ will not be a democracy. This tells me that California is a land of hate for the truly romantic. If you have any sense, you will leave California.

After dealing with these Satanic freaks, let NATALIE REYNES wash your feet.


I have a friend from Iraq who was sent to the USA to go to high school, and he was converted to confess faith in Jesus Christ. He told me that the Mullahs in Iraq regularly use little boys sexually. His father would not let him go near the mosque of walk past it alone. He had to be in a group. This was because Mullahs would grab boys, hustle them into the mosque, and rape them. This plague of pdeophilia is ravaging Islam worldwide. In south Saudi Arabia, in the Hadramaut area, the Mullahs of the towns are almost all fat pedophiles who have boys whom they keep with them all the time and use sexually.

Thousands of police reports are registered regarding child rape in Pakistani Islamic schools. But, in recent years, there have been NO prosecutions of the Mullahs who do this. READ THE STORY HERE

The US Military is in Afghanistan trying to rescue that nation from Islamic terrorists.

So, how do our dear allies behave toward children? Here is a story from a BBC report:

I spent months trying to find a bacha (boy dancer and prostitute) who was willing to talk about his experience.

Omid (not his real name) is 15 years old. His father died in the fields, when he stepped on a landmine.

As the eldest son, it's his job to look after his mother - who begs on the streets - and two younger brothers. "I started dancing at wedding parties when I was 10, when my father died," says Omid.

"We were hungry, I had no choice. Sometimes we go to bed on empty stomachs. When I dance at parties I earn about $2 or some pilau rice."

I asked him what happens when people take him to hotels. He bows his head and pauses for a long time before answering. Omid says he is paid about $2 for the night. Sometimes he is gang raped. I ask him why he doesn't go to the police for help.

"They are powerful and rich men. The police can't do anything against them."

Omid's mother is in her early 30s, but her hair is white and her face creased. She looks at least 50. She tells me she only has half a kilo of rice and a few onions for dinner. They've run out of cooking oil.

She knows that her son dances at parties but she is more concerned about what they will eat tomorrow. The fact that her son is vulnerable to abuse is far from her mind.


This abuse of boys in Islamic nations totally perverts their self-image as men later in life. For this reason, they have no concept of romance with their wives. The Arabian Nights is a big joke and does not exist in the Islamic real world today.


We will not dwell on another issue, but you need to know that the shepherds of Afghanistan, while being very zealous Muslims, also practice bestiality commonly.

Islam has no romance in the marriages of its people. The filthy religion that the sex pervert Mohammed started has remained the religion of sexual perversion. Mohammed married Aisha when she was nine years old and still playing with her dolls, and he consummated the marriage soon afterward. There was no romance in Mohammed, and you are an abject fool if you believe the propaganda that Muslim men are great romantics.


The United Kingdom

This is what happens when the British media take pedophiles seriously VIDEO INTERVIEW

Ted Heath, former British Prime Minister, WAS A PEDOPHILE. Jimmy Saville, a BBC program presenter, was the man who shagged orphan boys and took them to Heath's yacht. Saville was a very close friend of Prince Charles. The whole thing has been swept under the carpet. I am told the London Metropolitan Police still have an open file on the case, but no progress can be made since high officials, including Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, have blocked any progress or charges being made.

This is the homeland of the Reformation. People who know the Gospel and experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, homes, and churches, when they fall away, also lose their cultural bearings. Thus, romance in Britain is a lost art. Raw lust is the order of the day since they learned to look the other way regarding the wickedness in their leaders.

Are you looking the other way in regard to an American leader who threw away two wives and married a porn queen? There will be no, "Make America great again" if Christians keep exalting potty mouthed egomaniacs.



Thailand's sex workers are starving. THE DEAD SEX OF THE STREET IS KILLING PEOPLE.

Varanasi, the holiest Hindu city in India, and its cold love. Second largest child sex slave market on earth.
THIS IS HELL ON EARTH I have to give full credit to the brave few who are trying to rescue the girls.

Taiwan, is a state founded by Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of China before Mao Tse Tung. Chiang claimed to be a Christian. So, what has Taiwan come to? This is the ally of the USA in Asia.

TAIPEI, June 21 -- "There are between 40,000 and 60,000 child prostitutes in Taiwan, women's rights groups in the Asian country said. 'More than 100 billion Taiwan dollars ($3.8 billion) is spent annually on child prostitutes, making the sex trade Taiwan's largest industry," lawyer and anti-sex trade activist Shen Mei-chen said at a recent seminar.




Young women in Africa back in the 1940s did not wear much in the way of clothes. The British colonial system brought schools to Africa, and the girls were required to wear uniforms to attend school. This changed the culture completely so that clothes became sought after, and western fashion began to creep in. Young men also got dressed, and young African women became sex symbols because of the clothing fashions.

The missionaries also encouraged the Africans to get dressed. This principle can be supported by the Scriptures, and nudity tends to disappear on its own in Christian circles even when Africans are given the choice. So, by the late 1900s young women in Kenya in particular were dressing very stylishly, and they started returning to nudity by the cuts and fashion of their clothes. This fired fornication and adultery in the general population. AIDS came along, and sexual disease is now rampant in all of Africa.

Today, a horrible fashion trend has come about. Young women are having their backsides enhanced, and many of them have become freaks. The Christian church in Kenya has no impact on this, indeed, they seem to be totally silent on it.

Furthermore, young men in Kenya are not romantic. They are simply flaming with lust for these women. Men in Kenya, long ago, were absolutely not romantic. Only with the coming of the Gospel did romance begin to enter. But, with the modern trends taking over, romance is dying.



All of this descent into Hell on earth, via sexual sin, is destroying romance in every culture of the world. Feminists add to the chaos by promoting hate for men, and men are becoming terrified of women. The "Me Too" game is becoming a warning to men to not even talk to women when they can avoid it. In the end, Satan wins.

The whole world is a stage where the arts of Satan are on display. America, for many years, was the "New World" spiritually as the Gospel and Bible prevailed and salted the culture . Missionaries went around the world destroying pagan and inhuman forms and rituals. They taught men to love their wives and defend them.

I grew up watching this. African men, traditionally, considered their wives less precious than their donkeys and cattle. Wives in Africa were mere beasts of burden, and romantic love was absolutely nil. In the 1950s, as a kid growing up in Kenya and Tanzania, I saw that a new African had come into existence. He was the born again God fearing African man who picked up little children and hugged them. He sat with his wife in public. He might even be caught "sporting" with his wife when they thought no one was watching. The missionaries were always moved deeply when they saw these signs. Though these missionaries might not admit it, what they loved to see the most was an African husband flirting with his wife.

In my young day the signs of a Christian culture, based on the Song of Solomon, were slowly creeping into Africa. Even the unconverted began to see the reward of following the lead of Christian Africans in the area of both family and marital romance and affection. Well, it has come full circle. The journey back to the Dark Ages in Europe, the mockery of romantic love by Hollywood, is now all over social media in Africa. Added to the dead culture of Europe is the twisted culture of the groin delivered up to Africa from Hell.


If you have not noticed it yet, the world hates you. They do not only hate your Jesus and you, because of the culture and social life Jesus has given you. They hate you because you are in love with each other. Your mind is not in your crotch, so you are a freak to the world. Dear Christian Millennial, be sure you find a 100% certified, non GMO, Christian freak to marry if you want a happy marriage. Run like mad from anyone who mocks at romance.

My son worked with technology people. His fellow workers were generally friendly to him because he performed well in his work role. But, they soon found him strange at best because of his lack of open lust and filthy conversation. They would sometimes all agree to go to lunch together at a local restaurant, and they asked my son to come with them. He asked where they were going, and they said Hooters. Hooters is known for the waitresses who are nine tenths nude as they wait tables. They also flirt with the male customers and make sexual small talk. My son declined to go, and his fellow workers were mildly offended and asked why he declined. He tactfully told them that he had only one lady he cared to look at naked. They backed off, but that was not the end of the attack. Some weeks later they invited my son to go along again. When he asked the destination, they said Bone Daddy. My son soon learned that Bone Daddy was just as bad as Hooters or worse. He again said, "I don't do that sort of thing to my wife." His boss was quite upset with him, and the group tried to harass him into going. Over the wall of the tech cube sat a Christian my son knew, but the guy did not have a very open testimony. He heard my son's answer, and he decided to tell the guys the same thing. He later thanked my son for helping him do the right thing by my son's response. My son learned later that the real reason they wanted him to go along was because they all intended to get drunk, and they would ask him to drive them home because they knew he would be sober. Also, my son's boss apologized for the virtual attack on him. My son said his boss came to respect his standards.

Get this straight, sir. When you enter the world today, for work or for any legitimate reason, you are also entering a war zone where a good steak must include verbal foreplay with the waitress. You can quote me on that one. I hear preachers claim that the early church of the Apostle Paul's day had a lot worse persecution than the church today. A young preacher in California convinced me, long ago, that we have it at least as bad as the early church. We have it on every bill board we pass on the highway. We have persecution in the side bar ads on Facebook and YouTube. We are at war with Satan every time we go shopping or go to work. The Internet is a lot more deadly to the soul than the guillotine. Put that one on your church sign, preacher. And, Satan hates to see a husband and wife madly in love with one another on their thirtieth wedding anniversary.

Saint, when you show affection for your wife, AND FOR YOU KIDS, openly, you are declaring war on the world that is getting ready to worship the Antichrist. As you charm and court your wife, even in your older years, you are damning the culture around you. You are at war. Who is winning? Jesus or Mephisto? If the world does not hate and attack you for your zeal to be faithful to your spouse, you are losing the war. Real warriors wear the red badge of courage proudly. Where is yours?

When you go out to eat, do you pray out loud before you eat? If not, you are a wimp. Better yet, do you take your sweetheart's hand while you pray? Elizabeth and I did that before she passed away. I cannot number how many times we opened our eyes and someone over yonder was sneering, AND someone else was smiling. It is all about the sheep and the goats, and every time you do the right thing, you are sending up evidence for the prosecution to the court of Jesus Christ. (Credit for that last sentence goes to Art Barton of Michigan.) But, even better, when you take you wife's hand in public, your sweetheart realizes that you are not ashamed to be romantic toward her openly.

This may sound blasphemous to some pious legalistic Fundamentalists and Calvinists, but I believe it is true. When we see the salt of the earth in the world, we must encourage it. They may not be getting saved, but they are salted, and that is good.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

SWEET LORRAINE Do not skip this sweet modern love story.

Hell cannot have it all to itself until Jesus takes us, his Bride, out of here. What are you doing in your marriage, home and church to salt this evil world?

In case you missed the point, HERE IS A WHORE FROM HELL..... YOUR ENEMY.

A TED TALK ABOUT AGAPE LOVE I never thought I would see a TED Talk with so much biblical truth in it. The man makes the point that true love, love that is convincing, is founded on sacrifice. What do you need to give up to make your spouse very very sure you mean it?



So, you are wondering what I am up to, right?

The world around us, beginning in the 1960s with protest music, has been gradually leaving the era of romance in America and moving into the Technology Age. Nor has the explosion of surveillance on everyone helped people feel like being romantic. Marketing and production are on everyone's mind. Getting stuff has replaced getting hugs. Romance has become the occupation of wimps as far as modern thinking is concerned. And, the music has lead the way to this cultural desert.

When I was a kid, a manly man was often seen opening the door for a lady. Today, the man has pretty much given up on that because the feminazi lady rushes to the door first to prove she is a tough mama and can open her own door for herself. We have at least two, maybe three, generations of adults who have been taught that women are equals of men in everything. These women don't need any help because they are tough stuff. And so, women also don't get any hugs from the shell shocked men. We have arrived at a twisted era when women have to hustle and bribe men to get romance. And then, what they get us rough and aggravating. What kind of fool could not see this coming?

Who will bring the revival of romance back to America and the nation we live in?


You will decide right now that you will be a romantic husband or wife. You will find the purest form of romance available, which is right there in your King James Bible, and you will dedicate your life to charm and delight your spouse. Your kids will see this, and they will grow up to be romantic like you. It can happen, but only if you admit you have been delinquent and dedicate yourself to bring change to your marriage and home.

Step One

You and your spouse will take a break from whatever you are now reading in the Bible, and you will read Song of Solomon. Song of Solomon has been said, by slop hog preachers, to be a type of Christ..... the whole book. That is a lot of rubbish talk. Types in the Bible MUST BE sanctioned in the New Testament by Christ or by the Apostles. It is very sloppy teaching to invent types that are not designated as such by God. So, Song of Solomon is a manual on romance and marriage. The ancient Rabbis knew this, and they had a rule that young people in Israel could not read the book of Song of Solomon until they were adults or married. This book is God showing you that he wants you to be romantic and enjoy your marriage to one another.


Remember this...... what seems sensual and bawdy to modern men was considered openly honest and wholesome to the ancients of Solomon's day. The book leaves very little to the imagination in its open graphic discussion of sexual attractions. This again, is by design of the Holy Spirit to prevent the reader from filling in his own images from his lusting imagination. There is nothing vulgar in this book. The lesson is, romance and sensuality between a husband and wife are clean and must be seen as ordained of God. Romantic sensuality is a gift from God that puts the icing on the cake as this couple obey God's command to Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. Marriage love is not a mechanical obligation...... it is fun, and it must stay that way, even after the possibility of procreation is removed by old age.

For the record, there is no spiritual lesson in Song of Solomon. To make an application spiritually is to violate the reason God included it in the canon of the Word. God, in fact, made sure his name was not in the book. Sex is most certainly of God, but he wants you to be one flesh without feeling you have to get his permission. In fact, God put you under orders to be fruitful and multiply, and he was the one who gave you a hypothalamus in the center of your brain that produces oxitocin when you are aroused by your spouse. He wants you to get a very graphic picture of a happy marriage between two faithful spouses. For this reason, Song of Solomon should not be read in public worship, nor should you encourage your children to read it. If you do, you will be asked some questions you do NOT want to answer, like, "Daddy, what does this mean? Song of Solomon 4:16 Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.?" Will you give the explicit possibilities, or will you run for cover and make up a phony answer? Just do not encourage your kids to read it. But, when your son or daughter are about to get married, REQUIRE them to read it, alone before the wedding, and together on their honeymoon.

Heresy number One: For the record, sex in marriage is NOT worship, as the pervert Mike Pearl claims in his books. If that were true, God would have his name all over the book of Song of Solomon. Sex in marriage is a gift from God, and that is all it is. Enjoy it.

Second Heresy: Sex in marriage is NOT just for making babies. I don't know what demented preacher started that myth, but it is wicked. Sex is to be enjoyed, and it should be experimental and creative. Don't get into a rut in your sex play. To claim sex in marriage is just for making babies is to blaspheme the Song of Solomon and God himself. Keep it private, but it seems that every couple has a story of the kid walking in during intimacy. Do not panic. Just tell the kid, "Daddy was loving Mommy." But, do keep it private. And, if you hug and cuddle in the pew at church, I will tell you what mature godly ladies know..... you are having trouble in your marriage, and you are trying to fake it in public. The way to deal with trouble in marriage is to communicate with each other, and after you both repent, go to bed again.

Third Heresy: I have heard some Christian marriage counselors suggest that you should have prayer before making love as a married couple. Bah. God has given you sexual love to do exactly what you want to do with it. That is why God gave no instructions in the Bible about how to make love or how to be intimate. The only rule that is biblical in principle is this..... if what you want to do in sex play makes your spouse uncomfortable or feel guilty, do not force them. That is not loving. What applies to food in the following verse should apply to all things in life.

1 Corinthians 8:13 Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend (feel sinful), I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend.

Fourth Heresy: "The work of the Lord is more important than anything else." This statement is used by preachers most of all as an excuse to hang out in the church office imagining they are getting ready to shake the world with another great sermon. Some preachers run to dozens of preacher's rallies which take them away from home. If a preaching rally has no program for the wives, it is a whoreish distraction. Another one is, "Soul winning is more important than anything else." Billy Sunday practiced that and was away from his wife and kids virtually nont-stop. All of his kids became Atheists. When you put your wife and kids in second or third place, sir, you better get ready for a lot of sorrow in your later years. Nobody but Jesus should come between you and your wife. Your resumé be damned.

As you read Song of Solomon, talk about the things you did long ago when you were courting. Talk about your first adventures with sex during your honeymoon. It won't take long for your memories to light the fire again. Are the old landmarks you visited still there? If so, return and feel the old feelings again. Is that promenade along the Hudson River still there? Go find out. And, finally understand this, God made you to be romantic. If God put a whole book of romantic flirting, by two loving married people, in his Word, he wants you to use that as your guide to married life and romance. Just remember please..... flirting is not a social activity. It ONLY belongs to your spouse.


Step Two

You will find love songs, preferably old love songs, to make music in your home. And, you will SING them to the one you love. Dust off that song you called "our song." It brought you joy together long ago. It will do that again, well, unless it was grubby and you were not living right when it was your song. If that is the case, find a new song, but I strongly encourage an old song from the love song era.

A man who sings to his wife gets to watch her dance. If her dancing is racy, SING, STUPID, SING. You can quote me on that one. And..... dance, lady, dance.

Fred was a great asset to our church. He was a school teacher also. Fred had a problem with mental health, and every year, during February, he would go into a dark time and become troubled. He always came out of it though, and the rest of the time he was a charming gentleman. My wife and I were at their home for dinner, and we were visiting with someone else after the meal. Fred's wife went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Fred joined her, and he dried the dishes. As they worked, Fred sang love songs to his wife. I was moved by this, and I realized Fred was even more of a man than I had thought.

This video will get to you, I promise. Don't skip it
. Look for the sign above the bed..... "blind patient". How much more precious it was to hear her sweetheart sing to her. You cannot bring more joy to a blind person you know than to sing them a hymn of hope. That video gives me hope for the future of romance in America. It has gotten over 17 million hits.

My wife and I took my Dad and Mom to the Old Kent Inn in Michigan for their anniversary. The restaurant had a Dixieland Band playing that night. What fun. I went up to the band leader, and I asked him if they could play "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" for my Dad and Mom. I told him it was their anniversary and the song was their special song from their courting days. The band played it after the leader congratulated my parents on their anniversary. My Dad cried, and then he sang along. Mom cried too, and it made the evening perfect. Those things are memories that last and last, and they are there to comfort when one of you is left behind one day.

Priceless. It don't get any better than that, Bufford.

Don't give up on the video. It sounds suspect at first, but the end will bless you.

Step Three

Get on YouTube and find old romantic music playlists and put the links in a desk top folder. Play these during dinner time when you and your sweetheart are alone. If the lyrics don't do anything for you, just play instrumental lists. The music is romantic as a genre, and it will set the mood. This is a great project for a wife and it will work wonders.

HERE IS A START and this next one adds great visuals (hit F-11) MOONLIGHT SERENADE and GREAT VISUALS

Step Four

Get the family photos out, or get on the computer if they are stored there, and reminisce together. Those memories will take you back down the road to the days of romance and happiness. While you are at it, remind each other of all the times God delivered you from evil and lead you through the valley of the shadow of death.


Step Five

Sir, are you teaching your wife the Word of God? Ladies thrive under the care of a zealous teacher. Why do you suppose the girls in your High School classes got much better grades than you did? Why do you suppose the front row of every class was all girls? And, the shrinks tell us that the closer to the front people get, the more they learn. God gave you a class with one pupil, your wife, and she is right there in the front row ready to thrive mentally and spiritually, that is, IF the teacher ever shows up.

The Word of God is designed by a loving God who said that his Word would protect our mind and soul.

Psalms 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

You and your sweetheart cannot expect to do verse 16 if you don't do verse 15 first. When you meet a man or lady who are into some novel heretical rubbish doctrine, you can bet on it..... the husband is not studying or teaching the Word with his wife. I will name one that is all too common these days. That is the Patriarchal Movement. Husbands and wives fall into this cult by abandoning the study of the Word for themselves and letting some self-righteous slob guru teach them. And, the history of the Patriarchal Movement tells us that these gurus don't just teach other men's wives. They like to bed them down also. If you hand your wife over to any Bible teacher, sir, get a divorce attorney on retainer at once.

A faithful and noble husband is a defender of his wife. I suspect that, if you did not bail out of this article my now, you are a defender of your wife. But, are you defending her mind? Women are emotional, and men are calculating, and if both are working together, a home is well defended.

Psalms 62:6 He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.


Stop leaving the spiritual nourishing of your wife to the pastor of your church. How would you look, sir, if you only ate two meals on Sunday and one on Wednesday evening? YOU are supposed to be the pastor of your wife.

Ephesians 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.
22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
23 For the husband is the head of the wife
(not your pastor), even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;
26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,
27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.
28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.
29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:

Sir, you are to submit to your wife. Verse 21 says so. Certainly, the husband is the head of the wife and home, but you, sir, have no choice before God..... you must know your wife so well that you virtually submit to her when she is weak, frightened, or under attack. And, that is all the time. Satan makes sure of that. A submitted husband is a fearless defender and a satisfying lover. Read that line again please.

The pastor needs help with the children's Sunday School class, and he approaches your wife and asks if she would help. You, sir, MUST step up, politely tell that preacher to never again approach your wife, and tell him that when he has anything to say to, or about, your wife, you expect that pastor to talk to you about it. If the pastor is offended, get out of that church. That pastor is hustling your wife.

And lady, look at verse 22. Submit yourself to your OWN husband. No other man in the world should ask for or receive your submission. I don't care how spiritual or decent that other man seems to be. And, NO preacher has any business claiming higher authority over the women in the church than those women's husbands. Lady, send all nosey male slobs to talk to your husband if they approach you. Get this right, or get ready for a divorce.

And, sir, we now get back to the bed chamber for a minute. Verse 28 tells you to love your wife as you love your own body. I am assuming you like the rush of oxytocin from your hippocampus when your wife touches certain parts of your anatomy, right? Do you then get real busy and start touching her magical places, or do you get all the attention? Get used to it, friend, I am not done with this department yet. God created you AND your wife with sexual needs, and it is YOUR job to lead the way. It is my job to kick you in the back side and make sure you do the Word. Do not expect your wife to initiate love making every time. More later.

He who cannot light a fire knows nothing about romance.
Finnish Proverb

Step Six

Stop lying. Lying is endemic in modern culture. Society today will forgive you for lying much more eagerly than for your other sins. We hear lies from Presidents, teachers, bosses, the media, preachers, and virtually everyone we are involved with. And, we all accept it is normal. Hundreds of thousands of Evangelical Christians listened to President Trump lie for four years, and they cheered for him to the end. It was assumed that Trump had to lie to be a good President.

Lying is rampant at the church house, and nearly every Bible believing pastor in America lies all the time. I have caught some of the most decent pastors lying so often that I do not think they have any idea they are lying. I have never been able to understand why pastors are often the worst liars in society. It seems, and this is only a guess, that pastors have the notion that "the man of the cloth" has to lie to keep bad things from happening. I also detect sometimes that there is a Popish self-image in pastors that says that they must protect the office of pastor by never being caught blundering or making mistakes. One way to explain this is that 99% of all pastors never confess sin against anyone. When they offend people, they explain, not confess sin. Most local churches have a fair number of wounded sheep who will never be healed because pastors leave the wounds to fester. If a virtual shepherd did that, he would soon have no flock. His dogs would eat a lot of mutton. And, Satan feasts on the souls of wounded church house sheep while el pastor says, "Manyana."

But, the home is a place of much lying also. Husbands and wives lie to one another very often. Some lies are to cover up how we really feel emotionally. "No dear, nothing is wrong. I just cannot get excited tonight." The real answer is, "Right, honey, I am totally distracted by trouble at work." Who wants to tell the truth at a moment like that? So, what is the solution?

How do we learn to help each other stop lying?

HOW TO STOP LYING IN YOUR MARRIAGE: Stop asking questions that will almost certainly tempt your spouse to lie. Stop interrogating each other. Say something gentle to get a more honest response, and when you get what seems like the truth, give them a hug, and tell them you love them. When you ask a question, and you sense that your spouse is uncomfortable, immediately say, "Forget it, honey. I should not have asked that question." It is much better to not know the answer than to be lied to. We pray to our Lord, "Lead us not into temptation," and then we lead one another into temptation. Some questions should simply not be asked because they are loaded with temptation to lie. Read that again please.

Keep this in mind with your kids also. Instead of, "Did you leave your bike outside all night again?" try, "Is there something you need to tell me about why your bike was left out last night?" You might get the truth if you leave the back door open to conversation. And, does you kid have the right to plead the fifth so that he does not lie?

I did not suggest this video to help you become a detective and catch your spouse lying. I want you to examine YOU. What can you do the be more honest with your spouse, and how can you make an atmosphere where telling the truth is satisfying and comforting? Someone here is having to confront this concept for the first time in their life. If that is you, stop, get a cup of coffee, and go sit on the porch and think about it for a while. The rest of this article can wait while you figure out your ethic on telling the truth.


Agape without Phileo and Eros is Fraud

Ephesians 5:28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.

Regarding the word "love" in Ephesians 5:28 above: This is the Greek word Agape. It is not "Eros" (erotic love) or "phileo". Phileo is love of the heart, and it is all through the New Testament as desirable, and Jesus uses it to solicit the love of his disciples to follow him.

1 Corinthians 16:22 If any man love (Phileo) not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema (cursed) Maranatha.

When a Bible teacher mocks at Phileo love, he is offending the Word of God. Phileo love is of God and encouraged in many Bible texts. Check it out yourself. Eros love is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. That does not mean it is wicked. Without erotic love procreation would not happen. God made procreation pleasurable to make very sure it happened. Only a fool of a Bible teacher would claim that erotic love is sinful and that Eros must not be an end in itself. I hope we settled that in Song of Solomon.

But, if "Agape" is used by Paul in Ephesians 5:28, he is implying that loving your wife starts in the mind and soul, not in the emotions or the groin. Agape most certainly will progress on to, and include, Phileo, the heart, and finally to Eros, the sexual response. But, loving you wife is not just loving your best friend. It is a spiritual duty to care for EVERYTHING about your wife. But, mark it down..... a truly spiritual husband and wife end up in bed regularly out of sheer sexual desire.

Pope John Paul II made a statement that it was possible for a husband to lust for his wife erotically in a sinful way. That is what we may expect from a Vatican faggot who has sworn off of sexual satisfaction and wants to draw the sheep into his fold of utter misery. That being said, we need to understand that the ONLY lady a husband can lust for erotically is his wife. Sex is not dirty when God's plan is followed as given in the Bible. The Pope's doctrine on sex be damned.

With regard to romance in marriage, if you obey Ephesians 5:28 and bless your wife with Agape love, you are a dim bulb if you imagine that you finished the job there. Your mind in Christ will tell you that she needs Phileo, and she needs Eros. Thus, here we are back to a dozen roses, a love song, and being romantic. Sabe?

And, need I point out, lady, that this applies to you also? If your husband is starved of Agape, Phileo, or Eros, you are defrauding him. Stop it, and go do the right thing.

1 Corinthians 7:5 Defraud ye not one the other (of sexual satisfaction), except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

For the record, the context of that verse is Paul teaching about sexual fidelity in marriage. That last word, "incontinence", is peculiar in the context. It means, lacking self-restraint; uncontrolled. What God is implying is that, when a husband or wife withdraws from satisfying their spouse with sexual pleasure, they are out of control. If your spouse is not getting enough sex, YOU are responsible for losing control of your relationship. It also means you are no longer bothering to be romantic with your wife. It is not possible for a sexually healthy man or woman to be really romantic and not end up in bed much of the time. Maybe you need to read this paragraph again.

Eros is not earned, it is given freely, as is Agape love. A woman who makes her husband earn erotic love is a Jezebel.

I end this topic with you, sir. She is frazzled when you walk in the door from work. The kids are carrying on upstairs, and the chicken is still thawing on the counter. It will be a rough dinner, and the evening will not be very jolly. Stop her at once, kiss her, and tell her to call your baby sitter. Then, tell her to go get ready to go out to dinner. Call for pizza to be delivered for the kids and baby sitter. Take her to a quiet place, and tell her all she has to do until tomorrow morning is go to bed when you get home and sleep. If there is time, stop at Half Price Books, and tell her to find a book to read over in the corner where the chairs are. YOU put the kids to bed when you get home, and tell her to just go to bed. Pray with her, and tell her to go to sleep. No sex so that she can end the day calm and easy. Unless, of course, she insists.

I have a relative who takes his wife to a romantic spot after eating out, and they sit in the car and neck. Crazy, right? But, what splendid memories for when one spouse goes on up to Glory, and the other one is alone with only memories. What if a cop comes by? So what? Won't he have a story to tell the guys back at the police station.



If you are not married yet, here is some advice from your Uncle Steve. If the man you are courting is not a bit romantic, shuck him off. He never will be. The intimacy on his mind is purely sexual. He may not offend you now, but if he does not make any effort to charm you and be romantic, he is a loser. And, the man who is romantic only as a prelude to sex is also to be avoided. The man of God can kiss his wife and not get a sexual rush every time because he is kissing her just because he wants to charm the lady and keep her thinking of him. Be picky about choosing a mate now, and you will be a lot happier on your fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Once you find a husband, reading Harlequin novels and watching soaps on TV are NOT the way to charge your batteries. Those sources are playing on your gullibility to get you to let Hollywood and fluffy books replace your zeal to make your own marriage romantic. Make your own story by putting some effort into it. When a man sees his wife engrossed in reading Harlequin novels, he assumes he has been a failure at being romantic. But, he often then lets it go and decides the wife is happy that way. It will not be long until he is looking at other women. Lady, you have been warned. BE the one, do not just read about it. Make your own happy ending by reading Song of Solomon. See if you can inspire your future husband to say things like Solomon said about his Shulamite.



The following Bible text is God telling Israel how he will restore them to glory in the future Kingdom of Messiah. What language picture does God use to tell Israel of his intentions? This is downright explicit, and it should show you that God is not embarrassed when you and your spouse are being romantic and sexually adventuresome. Romantic thoughts were invented in the Garden of Eden when God made the first man and woman.

You will find sex and lust in many world religions, and you will find sexual excess in some heresies like Mormonism. But, you will not find the romantic relationship between God and his people on the high and holy level of the text below, and that same romantic spirit of God is seen in the New Testament teaching on Christ the bridegroom and his Bride the Church. If God has this holy romantic spirit in him, it should be easy to settle into the spirit of Song of Solomon and use God's plan for your marriage and home. And, if you believe this, are you teaching your kids to be romantic?

My Dad and I..... one day when I was in eleventh grade and living in Tanzania, Africa, we were on a trip to the city to buy supplies. We stopped at a mission station along the way, and in the custom of all missionaries, we were at once invited to share the noon meal with the Hoover family. Elizabeth Hoover was my age and in my class in boarding school. We were home on vacation. I had a crush on Elizabeth, but I had never let my Dad know that. Elizabeth was hustling around making the dinner happen smoothly and working with her Mom zealously. I was not seeing that. I was seeing the girl I thought was the prettiest girl on earth.

After the dinner, we got back into the pickup truck and headed on down the road. My Dad than said, "That Elizabeth Hoover will make some man a great wife some day." Many years later, after years of being the lucky husband of Elizabeth, I reminded my Dad about his comment, and he could not remember it. But I did. And, one of the reasons I later asked Elizabeth to marry me was because my Dad gave the verdict on her. "Let your moderation be known," said the Apostle Paul. Let your kids hear you give verdicts on what is romantic and what is not. You could inadvertently be sending one of your kids the final verdict on a future life of joy.

God is speaking to Israel through the prophet.....

Ezekiel 16:6 And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live.
7 I have caused thee to multiply as the bud of the field, and thou hast increased and waxen great, and thou art come to excellent ornaments: thy breasts are fashioned, and thine hair is grown, whereas thou wast naked and bare.
8 Now when I passed by thee, and looked upon thee, behold, thy time was the time of love; and I spread my skirt over thee, and covered thy nakedness: yea, I sware unto thee, and entered into a covenant with thee, saith the Lord GOD, and thou becamest mine.
9 Then washed I thee with water; yea, I throughly washed away thy blood from thee, and I anointed thee with oil.
10 I clothed thee also with broidered work, and shod thee with badgers' skin, and I girded thee about with fine linen, and I covered thee with silk.
11 I decked thee also with ornaments, and I put bracelets upon thy hands, and a chain on thy neck.
12 And I put a jewel on thy forehead, and earrings in thine ears, and a beautiful crown upon thine head.
13 Thus wast thou decked with gold and silver; and thy raiment was of fine linen, and silk, and broidered work; thou didst eat fine flour, and honey, and oil: and thou wast exceeding beautiful, and thou didst prosper into a kingdom.
14 And thy renown went forth among the heathen for thy beauty: for it was perfect through my comeliness, which I had put upon thee, saith the Lord GOD.

One day, not long from now, Israel will be the classiest lady among all the nations of the earth.

Sir, do you do things to make your lady look and FEEL classy? Is your bride healthier today than she was the day you married her? Are you personally involved in making her prosper into a kingdom, like making sure she has enough cash at all times to keep herself and her children looking good? Does you car look better than your lady's car? If so, don't let me know about it, sir..... I will come and horse whip you.

I knew a Hispanic man long ago who bought a new Cadillac. He also had a ratted out MG bucket which he drove. He refused to drive the Cadillac, and it was only for his wife. She tried to get him to drive the Cadillac, but he refused, even when they went somewhere together. She drove. It was her car to make her look classy.

When is the last time you took the lady to an upscale store and turned her loose in the dress department? When you are dressing to go out to eat, or to a special occasion, does she put on a bra that is tacky and frayed out? A woman does not feel right in a nice new dress but underwear that is thread bare and weary. No, no one will see it, but YOU will. She deserves better if God has given you the cash flow to make it happen. Also, sir, in the bed chamber, do not come to your lady in underwear that is more holy than a barn door. There is nothing romantic about a man wearing trashy underwear. A romantic man dresses for his wife, both downtown and in the bedroom, and she ought to know it.

Does she have a dress or two that really make her stand out in a crowd? And, DO YOU TELL HER SHE LOOKS GOOD? Nothing turns that lady on like hearing from YOU that she looks good. Romance starts in your heart and shows in your voice, not in your penis, sir. Slow down, and charm the lady. Tell that to your son who is courting a lady.

Side Topic:

Some Independent Baptist preachers, and a pathetic number of other denominations, teach that you ladies must look dowdy and klunky to be right with God. Modesty is not enough for these boys. They preach you into rags that look worse then the clothing racks at Goodwill, and then they declare you spiritual. Bah! The study above is very clear. God wants his lady, Israel, to look classy. All the ornaments are not there for any other reason.

Lady, you don't have to look like the Middle Eastern lady in the photo, but if your husband wants you to look classy, DO IT FOR HIM. In fact, do it for him even if he does not ask for it. The results will be very rewarding. You will help him keep control of his eyes if you are appealing to him. The only caveat is to keep it modest, not a way to expose yourself. Your pastor, and some visiting evangelist, are NOT the men who should decide how you dress. Dress for your husband. Girls, dress for your Daddy, not the boys at school.

Are you struggling financially? Shop yard sales. Ladies who gain weight are always selling clothes, and some of them are very presentable and upscale. Check Craigslist regularly. I just did a check, and in our area is a lady's London Fog coat for $40 that looks very stylish. Send what you buy to the cleaners unless they are machine washable. Shopping at Goodwill is also not unspiritual, I promise. I bought a brand new Navajo style cowboy hat at Goodwill in Tennessee for $2 because it was a very large size, which I need, and no one wanted it. Watch for yard sales at nursing homes. I got a three piece pin stripe lawyer type suit for $5 at a nursing home sale in Michigan.

Colossians 3:18 Wives, submit yourselves unto your OWN husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. Lady, never dress for any man other than your husband. And, men dress for the lady like she is the queen of a kingdom. If you want to be well thought of in town, make your wife look good by what YOU wear when you are with her. This is my rule, and I have found that my wife was admired by waitresses, and pampered by them, because I dressed up for her. A sharp dressed husband attracts attention to his wife from other ladies. Being a man, I do not fully understand this, but I have proved it is true.

Men, God gave you what you have to work with. He expects you to keep the fire burning. Life is short. Stop thinking you will spoil your wife later when you retire. Get on with it NOW while the hardware is still working fine. If you have performance issues, you simply need to stop letting Fundamental Baptist laws define your marriage chamber and find other ways to take care of each other. No one should ever know what you two do, ESPECIALLY NOT YOUR PASTOR. Pastors who make laws about sexual pleasure for married couples are perverts. Find another church please.

There is NO record of Jesus or the Apostles counseling people about their sex lives other then to avoid fornication, adultery and divorce. In fact, there is nothing in the whole Bible about ways to find sexual pleasure. A pastor who presumes to be a sex counselor is a sodomite or a sex pervert. Keep your kids away from the scum bag. If God says nothing in the 66 books of the Bible about how to have sex, then he is implying that the subject is for you and your spouse to figure out by making it an adventure. Also, for the record, Viagra is not sinful if you use it ONLY for the benefit of your spouse. Indeed, Viagra is a classic example of the blessing of modern medicine. And, do not waste your time going to a "Christian marriage counselor." Those fellows have worse problems than you do.

If this all sounds too explicit, then here is the straight Word from the Apostle Paul.

1 Corinthians 7:3 Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence (sexual satisfaction): and likewise also the wife unto the husband.
4 The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.
5 Defraud ye not one the other
(sexually), except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

Verse 4 puts to rest this stupid proverb, "Marriage is a 50-50 percent proposition." Marriage is a 100-100 percent commitment. Have you, sir, in the spirit of verse 4 above, made a vow to your wife that your private parts belong to her, and visa versa? Can she play with her toys (yours) anytime she wants to, or is her toy down at the coffee shop, or playing golf, most of the time?

By the way, that word "incontinency" in verse 5 above implies that not satisfying one another with sex means you have lost control of the romance in your marriage, and that is the whole reason for this article. A real man never lets anything deprive his wife of "due benevolence." How are you doing so far? In verse 3 Paul is just as worried about us men, as he is about our wives. And, I think that is true 2000 years later. Men get themselves wrapped up in projects, working overtime, and sitting on committees all to easily, and the wife is the victim of their distracted obsessions.

When Sir Samuel Baker of the UK decided to explore the middle of Africa to find a lake that had not been discovered officially, he took his wife Florence along. Friends told him he was doing the wrong thing, and he would end up killing her with tropical fever. Florence kept right up with him, and she ended up saving his life by nursing him back from near death with the fever. Later, in semi-retirement, Baker was offered a commission to go to the Sudan and lead a military expedition against the Madhi who was causing much death and sorrow in Equatoria. Florence had had enough and told him she did not want to go along. Baker turned down possibly the most poignant moment in his life when he could make himself a historic hero because he would not leave his wife alone.

Lady, when the old boy is laying in his recliner watching another football game, and you feel neglected, do something drastic to get his attention. Anything is fair at that point. Thoughts that come to mind would not be appropriate for me to discuss here, but you can figure that out.

The only sex act law in the Bible..... The Bible has a very peculiar law that God gave to Moses.

Deuteronomy 25:11 When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets (testicles):
12 Then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.

The woman is disgracing the man whom she attacks by subduing him by grabbing his private parts. This shows that God does not want ANY touching sexually between the sexes except by married couples for each other. That includes that sweet pat on the arm of the wrong lady in the foyer, sir. Cut it out. The above text is the only sex act in the whole Bible that God gives an opinion on. Sir, show that to your preacher who wants to tell you what you can and cannot do in your bed chamber. Indeed, he may need his hand cut off, as it were, for grabbing you by the privates. For the record, the woman in the verse above was not being raped. In the case of attempted rape, kick some stones, lady. That is entirely another issue.

I feel I need to discuss a practice that is a real problem. Some couples watch porn for foreplay and to learn techniques. Watching porn is a form of voyeurism, and it could be considered group sex to some extent. Watching porn together could easily turn to watching it alone, and that is adultery (see text below). Also, those young women and men would not prostitute themselves by making porn if no one watched it. So, you are supporting a wicked thing by watching porn. Jesus is the standard here:

Matthew 5:27 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:
28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

Again, back to the Bible. Read Song of Solomon, and get your rush God's way for you. And, I will not believe any man who claims he thinks only of his wife while watching porn, even if she is with him. Bah! And, I refuse to believe that watching porn enhances romance. It is all about lust, nothing else.

If you don't want it waist high, and straight across the plate, you should not be at this online journal. I don't pull any punches. I only have one life to live, and I do not intend to go out while tossing you pansies. Back when I was a kid in Arkansas, I had a pal who owned a donkey. We would both get on the donkey, and it would not move. My friend kept a nail in his pocket, and he pulled it out, wound up, and jabbed the donkey in the rear end. Off he went. From this Bible teacher, you get a nail in the backside to get you moving.

Feeling the pain yet? I hope so.



He was from Canada. He had grown up a country boy, and he joined the Canadian Merchant Marines during WW II. He was really good on a motorcycle, and the Merchant Marines had an exhibition motorcycle tattoo team, and they put him on it. He rode on to fame. Then, one day God put it on his heart to marry a sweet girl, and they both decided to volunteer to be missionaries to Tanzania, Africa with the Africa Inland Mission.

This is a story about Don MacKinzie. In Africa the AIM mission leaders posted his family to Ukara Island. The tribe on that island was extremely backward and pagan. Don was up to it, or I should say, the Lord IN Don was up to it. Life on the island was hard at times. He had to build his own boat, an Arab dhow style of boat with a lateen sail and a load rating of three tons. He used the boat to go to the city of Mwanza for supplies and to visit other islands and preach the Gospel. He had a breathtaking story of being caught by three storms at once and nearly sinking. His rescue by the Lord included his own fearless manly acts of bravery as he dived overboard and cleared the propeller of the four cylinder assist engine while the storm raged. His African helper had to pull him back into the boat by brute force as he held a rope.

Don would anchor off shore in front of our mission station at Bwiru, and he spent many hours in our home drinking coffee and spinning yarns at our dining table. Don was madly in love with his wife, and as a kid, I was enthralled with his urge to sing love songs. As manly as he was, Don had a tender heart for his wife, kids, and friends. He also quoted poetry, usually be Henry Drummond, a Canadian poet.


Read this poem to your kids with the lights out. Make it creepy. Those kids will demand this poem again and again.

Don bought a motorcycle to have on shore for when he came to the city. It was a BSA and underpowered and a bit runted. My Dad had bought a broken 1943 Indian motorcycle for me, and he bought a second one to combine and restore a complete one. This I did, and when I was done I had a monster of some fame from the old era of cast iron and steel. If it fell over I had to call for help to stand it up again. It was fun to ride, but I often wondered who was in charge, the beast or I.

Don sailed his boat to the city one time and anchored at our shore, and when he walked up from the lake to our home, he saw my Indian motorcycle standing in our gravel parking lot. His eyes popped, and he told me I had a fantastic machine there. He asked if he could ride it, and I invited him to go ahead. I knew he could ride, but Don had never told us about his days riding in Military exhibitions. He took off and got up way too much speed for our station road. He hopped the thing over a couple of hills across the road that divided property, and that scared me.

But, when he came back up the hill to our house, he got to the gravel parking area, and he locked the front wheel over, grabbed the front brake, and he spun about seven donuts at rather high speed in front of us. I at once assumed he was going to destroy my motorcycle, but my Dad leaned over and told me, "It is OK. Don knows what he is doing." When he stopped and parked the motorcycle, he got off and grinned. My Dad told him he had something in his history he had never told us, and Don explained about his days doing exhibition riding and stunts for the Canadian Military.

The point? Don was very romantic, but, at the same time, he was very manly and masculine. He was the type you wanted on your side, not the other guy's. He was also the type you could believe was not looking at your wife.

Photo above of an Indian motorcycle like mine, made in 1943.

When you think you have some man all figured out, and that he is rather ordinary and not particularly masculine, be careful. Real men don't go around exhibiting their own manliness and announcing their heritage. Don's wife knew her man well, and she was totally in love with him. Anyone who was around them much soon figured it out, and they were admired, and probably envied by some, for their ongoing love affair.

It is a sick sick culture that makes a wimp and sissy out of a man who quotes poetry and sings love songs to his wife. Do not let this vile culture make you believe the lie that being tender and romantic is not manly. That is one thing I like about Texas. In this state the most masculine man in the neighborhood is often the most tender hearted. You can tell a real man by how he treats his wife and his horse, in that order. Require your son to memorize that line, sir.



1. As soon as your son is physically able, tell him he should open and close the door for his sisters.

2. Tell him sometimes that he can help his mother into the car instead of you doing it. Tell him that, "You look pretty Mommy" will get him the best treatment, but make him understand that is also the right thing to do.

3. Tell him that he is to hold the door for any lady when you are out shopping. He will get his first taste of charming a lady when they are startled and say something like..... "What a handsome little gentleman." That will make a convert out of him.

4. He must never wear his hat indoors or while praying, and he cannot wear his hat backwards. Thus, you, Daddy, must lead by example. Cough Cough. If you are in the Southwest, never let him wear a cowboy hat into the church or during a service. This is commonly done these days, and it is NOT what used to be done long ago. Buy him some cowboy boots early so he feels grown up like Daddy and other gentlemen.

5. Tell him he gets dressed up to his best ability to make his mother look good, not just to feel like a dude. Lead by example. When you take your wife out, even to shop, put on a long sleeve western shirt and a bolo tie minimum. Gentlemen do not go downtown looking like a baboon.

6. Always answer, "Yes sir," and, "Yes ma'am" to adults. And, never play stupid when an adult addresses him. Show an interest in any adult who talks to him.

7. When a girl or lady is being attacked, he is to defend her if he can (unless she started the fight). When a child is crying, is hurt, or looks sad, comfort him. If someone is hurt seriously, find help for them.

8. Help the lady in the parking lot load her car. Take her shopping cart back to the coral. Open her door if it is unlocked. And, Daddy, never show impatience when you son starts putting on the agony. He is learning to love being a gentleman and charming the ladies.

9. Tell him privately that he can make his sister feel really great by telling her she is pretty, or that her clothes make her look good. Sister needs to be under orders to accept a compliment with grace and thanks. Do YOU tell your daughter she looks very nice when she dresses up? Cough cough again. And, always compliment Mommy's hair after she visits the beauty salon.

10. Make it an absolute rule that your son will never say anything fresh or suggestive to any girl or lady. Never repeat a joke he just heard until he runs it by his Daddy for approval. Leave the scene where a girl is being dirty in her talk.

11. Show your son, by example, that a gentleman does not only treat his wife like a lady. A gentleman is helpful to any lady. Open the door for your wife, and keep holding it for the lady behind you.

12. Lastly, when your son lays on the style in a special way, tell him you are proud of him.

I promise you, if you do these things, you and your family will become known in the community for your grace, and anything you say about Jesus will be accepted much better. When you pray over your meal in a restaurant, your manners will cause people to think well of Jesus. All of the above have been tested and found to give exceptional results.

When you are doing something with your wife like drying the dishes for her (yes, I said that), sing love songs to her and quote romantic poetry if you know any. Friend, that is a killer with kids. It must never be a secret to your kids that Mommy and Daddy are still in love. They need to be convinced that being romantic is normal and fun. Modern society will not give this to them. It is YOUR job. Any stories about grandpa and grandma being romantic must be told from time to time. You need to tell your kids the story of how you fell in love with your spouse. Never be shy about kissing your wife when your kids are present. Romance is an infection, and your kids need to catch it.

Make it very clear that romantic actions are only for your kids' spouses, not for any stray that comes around before they are married.

Finally, sir, if you do these things, that boy of yours will one day be a romantic charmer of the first order to his wife. You can do your future daughter in law no greater favor than to raise your son to be romantic and a gentleman. And, in doing this with your son, you will be teaching your daughter how to be a lady. This is because she will learn to be the object of the attention of the man.

As in dancing, the man leads, and the lady follows. Learning how to lead with class is the trick. Do it right, and the two become one, as God intended.

1 Peter 3:7 Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.

The implication is that, if you get careless about how you treat your wife, God may stop answering your prayers. See if you can convince your son of that now, not later.



I know, I have really meddled with your mind and soul in this article. But, I do not apologize. We men, especially, tend to get presumptuous and assume that our marriage is in fine shape because we are still getting along with each other. Well, there is more to marriage than just not having a fight or offense. My motive is to inspire you to bring back the fire, the romance, and the charm that you once had. And, if you have never really been romantic with one another since you got married, now is a great time to change that until death do you part.

And, for the record, having sex is not the sum total of romance. If you have backslidden into that mind set, you need to take your wife out to dinner just to be together..... real soon. Take a walk in the park or along the river and just talk about the good old days. And, see if you can kiss her just because she is yours.

Go on now, do the right thing.

I end with a story.

As my parents aged, my Mom's hair turned completely silver gray. My Dad, somewhere along the way, picked up the lyrics of an old song from his younger days, and he would simply quote the words to my Mom. Her face would light up, and if we were nearby, she would say, "Oh, Wes......" as if she was embarrassed. But, I know she was charmed that Dad kept wanting her to feel loved by him.


Did your sweetheart feel loved by you today?

I hope someone laughed while they read this article.
I also hope someone cried.

Song of Solomon 4:10 How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! how much better is thy love than wine! and the smell of thine ointments than all spices!

You have a good marriage if you are smiling, and your spouse does not know it, and visa versa.



Last Thought: This topic has been on my mind for years. I have watched the world abandon the romantic and replace it with raw lust and technology. The media, Hollywood, educational institutions, and national leaders have given their souls to hate and rage. As romance goes out of life, the lights go out in the culture. It has always been that way. I hope you now share my zeal to see this change, at least in the little corner we occupy.

Psalms 4:3 But know that the LORD hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the LORD will hear when I call unto him.
4 Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.
5 Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the LORD.


Find a spouse who will use you up.
Let them drain you.
Let them cling to you until you feel like nothing.
Let them spend your money and wear out your toys.
For married life will leave you worn out and tired.
All married people die at the end of the journey.
But it’s much better to be killed by someone who loves you.
Than to live forever unloved.
Just make sure you find a spouse who has the same commitment.

Ephesians 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.
22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

So, husbands should not be shocked if caring for the wife uses them up in some ways. Jesus is said to be the standard, and he died for the Church.

There is truth in the notion that we use one another up as we live with one another.
Is your spouse having fun being used up?
If not, you are messing up big time, my friend.



This article is one I am very pleased with. I wanted to grab someone and rattle their cage until they got back the love affair they once had with their spouse. I reread the article probably five or six times looking to anything vague or senseless. I was browsing the Internet one last time looking for something romantic musically, and I hit on Dennis Marsh's YouTube site. He is a singer and TV presenter in New Zealand, and he is Maori. His style is country, and he sounds like he came out of West Texas. I was startled. Here is proof that romance is alive in this tired old world after all.

My friends will understand why this song really got to me.







This will add much of interest to you men reading here.



One very classic quality of romantic music is that it has a distinct melody. Melody is intrinsically romantic in much music of the past. This documentary shows that melody died as romance died. This is why the radio stations that play oldies have such devoted listeners. They play the music that stuck in your mind, and you can la la la along with the music, even if you forgot the words. It is also feel good music because it is the music of the heart. And, God likes that too.
Ephesians 5:18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;
19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;

A man and his wife who make melody together will never fall out of love.

CCM today is going dead in the melody also. Here are the Peterson Sisters in the 1960s singing a popular CCM song from that era. Note the rich melody that sticks in your mind.

From an online forum: "I blame the 'Jesus loves you, be happy all the time!' message. All the worship music is supposed to be uplifting and... worshipful, whatever that means. So it's mostly major key fluff. Christians aren't allowed to feel sad, or angry, or anything other than warm and fuzzy. You're not allowed to talk about your struggles without a happy ending about how Jesus makes it all better."

Here is an old Christian song about Life in the Real World. - Alone?

There is one more troubling issue..... So much of the feely feely Christian music is 3/4 time, which is waltz music. This can often turn the singing session into ball room mood music. That has always troubled me. March time is much safer.

The point? The old love songs had a melody you kept in your head to feel good later.

A 1960s DEPARTURE FROM PROTEST MUSIC- This was rare. The 60s were an era of whining and fault finding almost as bad as the Michael Moore 2000s.


WISH ME A RAINBOW- 1966- The song of the editor and his sweetheart.

MY DARLING, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY By Dennis Marsh of New Zealand

A great song to play for her tonight.

Are you left alone by your sweetheart who was taken home by Jesus? Is there someone from long ago who is also alone and lonely? WATCH THIS

I am not, by posting this link, suggesting you start a relationship the way these two did.

YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL By Chris Rea- This one will bless you.

ALICE HOWE- WHAT WE'VE GOT IS GOLD- Notice the power of video with music.


By the way, mood is not evil between a husband and wife who are still in love with each other.


If your church music goes to the groin, you are not in a church. You are in the foyer to Hell.


Is this when romance became psycho?


Or, we might also say, ways to miss getting to know a great guy.




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