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Steve Van Nattan






By Steve Van Nattan

How can we get off of the bull's eye and minimize our footprint
in this world of 24/7 surveillance and snooping?


This is the third in a trilogy of articles about the assault on ordinary people by Big Technology and the elite worldwide who want control of our minds and pocket books.

The other two articles dealt with the philosophical and practical aspects of mind control and propaganda for the purpose of changing you into the person they want you to be.

This article is meant to be a battle plan for doing two things:

1. Avoiding being watched and sucked into the database of the world elite for their morbid lust to change humanity.

2. Some ways to actually do the enemy harm or at least send them off into lala land chasing their tail.

There is something very satisfying about messing with a telemarketing chap from Mumbai and leaving him stammering in confusion. Can we do this to Mark Zukerberg and Jeff Bezos? Probably not, but you can sure mess with the AI machines that are messing with you.


Having said that, I need to add a caveat.

I am not anti-technology. I love the windshield wipers on my car that can figure out when it is raining and turn themselves on automatically. I use my iPhone to keep in touch with friends. I am on Facebook for the time being until I feel I am getting addicted or mentally warped by it. But, I refuse to become the slave of technology, and I refuse to willingly let them write my life history, control my thoughts, and own my wallet.

The following video is very important for you to understand what we are talking about here. This will tell you how surveillance capitalism works as a technology system.

Definition: Dystopia- A fearful and dangerous society. Artificial intelligence is the engine being used.

It is well known that Silicone Valley started into the social media world using algorithms which would make us addicted to their platforms. This addiction then keeps us on the line and feasting our minds on their program. And, their intention is to change us mentally so that we are more eager customers for their advertising clients. That is all they live for. There is nothing else that drives the social media mob. They want to remake you in the image of the god of greed and lust for stuff.

It is crucial to remember that anger, joy, boredom and love are biological phenomena just like fever and a cough. The same technology that identifies coughs could also identify laughs. If corporations and governments start harvesting our biometric data en masse, they can get to know us far better than we know ourselves, and they can then not just predict our feelings but also manipulate our feelings and sell us anything they want — be it a product or a politician. They want everything about us outside our skin, and they want to analyze us under our skin, mainly in our mind. Biometric monitoring would make Cambridge Analytica’s data hacking tactics look like something from the Stone Age. Imagine North Korea in 2030, when every citizen has to wear a biometric bracelet 24 hours a day. If you listen to a speech by the Great Leader and the bracelet picks up the tell-tale emotion of anger, you are done for.

You could, of course, make the case for biometric surveillance as a temporary measure taken during a state of emergency. It would go away once the emergency is over. But temporary measures have a nasty habit of outlasting emergencies, especially as there is always a new emergency lurking on the horizon. Israel, for example, declared a state of emergency during its 1948 War of Independence, which justified a range of temporary measures from press censorship and land confiscation to special regulations for making pudding (I kid you not). The War of Independence has long been won, but Israel never declared the emergency over, and has failed to abolish many of the “temporary” measures of 1948 (the emergency pudding decree was mercifully abolished in 2011). SOURCE

It will not be any surprise if the US Government decides to retain any surveillance used during the Covid-19 epidemic of 2020. The logic will be that we were not well prepared for Covid, so we need to keep the surveillance in order to stop the next epidemic sooner. There are always emotional fearful reasons given when the Government wants you to give up anyof your freedoms.

There are five platforms which gather data about you..... Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are the three most dedicated and greedy harvesters of pesonal data. But, please understand, we are dealing with these entities because they are the ones we face when we are online. The real devils are the Big Business customers of the technology data harvesters. These big companies buy up the data from the big five tech companies, and they use it to target you and take control of your buying. It is all about the love of money. The name now given to this whole picture is Surveillance Capitalism.

Also, do not assume we are only dealing with the big five mentioned above. Foreign governments, the US Government, hackers, and scammers are dredging deep into your internet life for information which they can use to manage or attack you. You are a suspect to every US Government law enforcement agency. Atorney General Janet Napolitano made that very clear during the Obama Presidency when she said that Fundamentalist Christians were potential terrorists.

I will also prophecy that the Big Business, now paying Google and Facebook for data on you, will soon do their own spying on you to cut costs. I predict that the day will soon come when you will be shopping in a supermarket, and a voice will suddenly greet you and offer you a product to your left or right for half price. Sound speakers now exist which can talk to you, and no one around you will hear anything. The supermarket will get an email telling them to give you the sale price, and the supermarket will be reimbursed by the product maker. This trick will quickly seduce you because it may be your favorite chocolate bar in the offer. What you will never ask is, "How did they know that is my favoriate chocolate bar?" and, "How did they know I was walking this aisle in this store?" What I am telling you is the Big Business knows you better than you know yourself, and thus, they own your wallet. Welcome to the glorious new age of technology.

The speaker in the supermarket could also be used by the US Government to tell you you are violating social distancing guidelines during an epidemic. Your cell phone will tell them right where you are. If you don't like it, take the battery out of the phone while shopping. The way they will seduce you into loving this invasion of your privacy is that they will promise to always warn you when you are near a convicted sex offender. They will offer to do this for your kids also. You will actually ASK for this violation of your privacy.

I would love to know if Starbucks approached a mega church first, or did the mega church approach Starbucks. It does not really matter, of course. Both Starbucks, and your mega church pastors are psyching you out and trying to learn what rocks your cradle. These mega church pastors do not determine what they preach based on what the Bible teaches. They preach on topics that will give you a rush and help you love yourself above all else. So, when the first mega church pastor convinced Starbucks to set up in his foyer, he totally ignored Jesus cleansing the temple of money grubbers, and he handed you another rush for your appetites. Your appetites are mined for every feeling and lust you have by Facebook and Big Business. Why should your pastor not join the spy ring? Here is what God thinks of appetite ruling you.

Hebrews 13:9 Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein.

The "meats" in this verse have to do with ceremonial food allowed in Jewish law. This obsession, which distracts us from being motivated by the "grace" of God, is good harmless food. Apply this to all of our appetites. These are not evil sinful appetites in this context. They are the objects of our desires which can be satisfied by good things. The problem is, we let the appetites, and the things that satisfy those appetites, become the ruling motivation in our minds and life. These seemingly harmless things then crowd out the "grace" of God. We become exactly the same lusting materialistic animals as our unsaved friends. This is the process surveillance capitalists want to identify in us so that they can meet us at the next web page and post an ad for some "meats" we lust for. Ironically, God saw this coming in about 70 AD and gave us directions in how to avoid this spiritual deformity of the soul. The Apostle Paul made it even simpler:

1 Corinthians 6:13 Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body.

"Meats" are not for the soul and emotions. When our mindset runs to our appetites, God and his Word are crowded out. It is also interesting that Paul, in the verse above, jumps from lust for food to lust for sex (fornication). These two appetites seem to be at the extremes of appetites, wholesome at one extreme, and wicked at the other extreme. What is the application in all of this?

Answer: Your appetites are being mined and rooted out of your online activity and cell phone conversations in order to make you addicted to those appetites and enrich Big Business. Two questions come to mind: 1) Do your lusts for food or sex show so well to the snoops at Facebook that they send Big Business a message that you are addicted to those lusts? And, 2) are you letting them do it to you? When you post photos of rich foods and make lusting comments about it on Facebook, Big Business knows you are addicted to "meats." Is it possible that the Starbucks at your church determines whether or not you go there? If so, you are nothing but a heathen. You are not born again.

One hundred fifty years ago the big change in commerce was called the "Industrial Revolution." This era brought in automation, labor saving inventions, and the assembly line. Prosperity in America leaped way up, and the masses loved the changes forced on their lives by that era. People also thronged to the cities from the country, and America has never been the same.

The next era was the "Managerial Revolution" in which management of industry was totally restructured to use propaganda, lovingly called "puclic relations," to intice the consumer to throw away products before they were used up and buy the new model. This era lasted all the way up to about 1995 when the big five tech platforms started working their magic by digitalizing marketing, advertising, and customer relations. Many of you reading here cannot remember anything but the third and present era or surveillance capitalism, so you have the feeling that the world has always been a digital Heaven, and digital solutions exist for every need and lust you have. The data blood sucker cries, "Give," and you upload to the AI system with your words, thoughts, and emotions.

Bernie Sanders is not my first choice for President, but this quote shows he does do some useful thinking.

The object of Surveillance Capitalists, ultimately, is to take away your freedom and autonomy and replace it with herd instinct and greed.

In the old days of the Western USA cattle were driven to market from the Southwest to Kansas or wherever the railroad was. The cattle were kept in a herd in tight order, and they eventually became dependent on the herd instinct to feel safe. The cowboys rode along guiding the herd where they wanted them to go. At the head of the herd was one massive dominant bull. He took charge of leading the herd soon after leaving the Texas ranch, and the cowboys let him think he was in charge because he kept the herd moving and feeling safe. Some of these lead bulls were so good at leading that they were returned to the rancher instead of shipping them East. When a stampede happened due to thunder and lightning or gun shots, the cowboys did not try to stop the herd. They tried to turn the lead bull left or right until he doubled back into the mass of the herd. This then caused a rotating"mill" in which the whole herd roared round and round in a circle and stopped heading off over the horizon.

Think of Mark Zukerberg of Facebook, and Sundar Pichai of Google, as two lead bulls. They feel powerful and in charge, and in a sense they are. But, they are being driven along by the herders of Big Business and kept heading in the direction of profit and power for the herders who drive them along. The money that comes to Facebook and Google comes from ads purchased from FB and Google by Big Businesses. The power is in the hands of business, and they are the ones who lust to own your mind and determine what you will buy, why you want it, and how you will keep amusing yourself. And, they pretty much have control of you 24/7. As I write here, I have a bottle of Mrs. Dash's seasoning Blend sitting on my computer stand which needs to be replaced by a new bottle from Amazon. They have me well trained.

As much as I like to think I am my own man, I am a willing slave of Amazon. They have the biggest inventory on earth of things I need, they are cheap, I can get them delivered to my door in two days. And, in surfing their web pages and comparing them with their competition, I am giving them a precise picture of how I do my choosing and buying of products. They analyze my activity online, and they buy more data on me from Facebook or Google, and Amazon knows exactly how to tempt me to buy a second and third item when I shop. They know what movie to offer me free on Prime. And, they are undoubtedly right now learning new ways to keep me much closer to the herd so that I do not run off on my own and find another supplier.

So, the biggest surveillance monster in the USA, and the world, is that of social media and Silicone Valley platforms. They crave your data so that they can analyze it, bundle it, and virtually sell you to companies to use for targeting advertising at you. But, as this area of surveillance grows, the US Government gets in line with Big Business and demands that social media et al hand over their data on all of us so that the Feds can determine if we are safe to leave roaming around free. That is always how surveillance ends up in the hands of dictators and autocrats. Donald Trump, and ALL Democrats would do this in a flash. Very few US Gov. officials in the Swamp care about your freedom from invasion of privacy. Donald Trump has openly complained about the restrictions on him by the US Constitution. This is why there are no regulations governing the way big tech violates your privacy and sells your mind and soul to Big Business. The Constitution is being hated more and more by US Government officials because it stands between Big Business and Government on the one hand, and you on the other.

Donald Trump has also totally abandoned his role as the top national leader of the world. Previous Presidents, on many occasions, led the world in battles with epidemics and in war time. Trump has slapped so many nations, and he has grabbed their vaccines and oil with impunity, and the vacuum of world leadership is now causing the Covid epidemic to run rampant with no plan. This is what happens when leaders do not have the zeal to hold office for the benefit of the people. These sort of leaders then move on to lord it over their own people and watch them 24/7 for disloyalty. You can tell you have a sorry national leader because he is right there behind you watching you all the time. He is terrified of you, and you have done nothing. So, NSA and Homeland Security are busy buying up all the data they can on you. Not satisfied with that, they go on to tap your phone and scan your email and social media activity. Someone is tracking you and your whole environment 24/7, to include your toaster, washing machine, and refrigerator (by the power companies).

One day, you will go to load clothes in your drier, and you will get a text message which will say, "Please help us save energy and stop Climate Change by drying your clothes in the evening instead of the middle of the day." You will do as instructed, or you will get a penalty on your power bill.

Because of these concerns we the people need to avoid giving any more of our personal data than possible to anyone, no matter how sincere their blather and bluster is. When the cowboys were herding cattle in a cattle drive, they would sing lullabies and hymns to the cattle to calm them so they would not stampede. In like manner, Big Business, and their shills in technology, talk sweet to you about guarding your rights. Facebook and Apple have even added encryption options to their platforms to make you believe they care about you. In fact, they are learning a lot more from your clicks and scrolling as you surf and chatter on their platforms. They do not need your password and birth date.

Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

Update on my purchase of Mrs. Dash seasoning blend on Amazon: I surfed Amazon, and the price was too high. I decided to buy it from COSTCO later. This bit in information will be sent to Amazon via my web host or Google, and I may get a coupon offer from Amazon the next time I log on. Make the pests work for their nickel.

I have a personal anecdote that is creepy. I have, in the past, gotten many telemarketing calls a day trying to sell me another warrantee on my car, windows for my home, lower interest on my credit card, or venture capital for my defunct business. I love these calls because they offer a break in the monotony for comic relief. I play along with them and tell them I have a 1929 Packard, or I tell them I want windows with an eternal guarantee on them for my mansion in Heaven, or I tell them I want a minimum two million dollar loan of the venture capital deposited into my bank account in the bank of Bardoda in Calcutta, India. I get cut off pretty quick because they are not allowed to discuss anything out of the ordinary. This had gone on for several years, and suddenly no one is calling me. The word seems to have gotten around to all of the telemarketers that I am a bad call. This includes call centers in India, the Philippines, as well as the USA. This shows how the data on us all is bundled and sold by all sorts of people to one another. A Packard mechanic tried to give my Dad a 1926 Packard for me to restore when I grew up. I was in third grade at the time (1953). My Dad declined, and I have never gotten over it :-) Maybe I will get one whenever I grow up.




Understand this up front..... Mark Zuckerberg, and all social, search, video, and editorial platforms want you to be mentally, socially, moraly, and spiritually rearranged. They don't care if it is done by their ad posting program or your best friend on Facebook. You are being nagged into submission by hundreds of tricks and pressure points, and you are meant to join the stampede. Zuckerberg is clearly a Leftist and possibly a Marxist. Get this clear though..... Even if you are nagged to be loyal to Trump, your response, when you "Share," pleases Mr. Z because Facebook was used to change your mindset. His platform is making you who you are, and he can claim the credit for that. Consider please..... is Zuckerberg making you in the image of his algorithms, or is the Holy Spirit making you in the image of Jesus Christ? Who is creating a clean heart in you? More on this below.

This is war. The online entities have declared war on your mind, and you need to decide if you will submit to the plan and become the slave of their system. If you start looking for the triggers they put into the platform, you will find them. You need to ask, "Why is Facebook doing this or that?" This includes ads, news posts, friend suggestions, and all the setting choices they give you. Have you noticed the friends they recommend who simply work for some company or teach school? They are not friends of your friends. Facebook is simply trying to herd you in with one of there choice slaves. If you bother to stop and meditate on the various peculiarities, you will eventually start seeing how certain content on the social platform is engineered to lead you in some particular direction. It will almost always be leading you to look at certain ads at the web pages linked to. Other times you will be lead to think new thoughts that violate your way of life and zeal for Christ.

These ads were placed before you because you gave them thousands of signals in your comments, facial expressions in your selfies, and posts. They were then were digested by the platform AI algorithms, compiled into marketable bundles with your name attached, and sold to marketing companies. The companies refine the attack on YOU with a view to sucker you into seeing their ads, and they buy ad space on your timeline. These companies then target their ads to you because you are already the sort of person that will respond positively to the ad. Even your facial features, and photos and videos you post, tell them many things about you that help advertisers get to you. These ad companies work for Big Business. All of this is cheap because humans do not need to be hired to make it work. It is all computer and AI driven. Do you want to go there? If not, make a mental note to yourself to watch for the tricks, and mentally reject them when they turn up. The trick is anything you do, say, type, or show in your facial expressions that is a response to anything you saw on the screen. Virtually everything happening while you are on a web page is data for surveillance. Every key stroke is analyzed by the platform's AI.

Remember, it is not all about just social media. Search engines, editorial pages, and YouTube are also big players in this war for your mind. The search results given to you are clearly loaded to send you to sites with ads posted by customers of the search engine company. Google is, by far, the biggest snoop on the Internet. You are sent to certain sites because your data you gave to them on Facebook, and in comment areas on web sites or blogs, anticipates you will respond to the ads on the site you go to. This is surveillance capitalism, and it is all calculated.

If you want to know what the AI machine at YouTube thinks of you, check the suggested videos down the right side of the page. If strange and disgusting suggestions are made, some search choices you made in the recent past caused that. Be more careful what you search for. The problem comes when you are researching heretics or criminal organizations for some reason. YouTube's AI machine thinks you are positive toward those entities you visited.

The ads on my journal online, which you are now reading, are carefully selected by me up to a point. I delete ads from the list Google uses so that ads that are left will fit the kind of readers I hope to get. I am not selling anything, so my motive is to bring you to this journal for whatever you might get out of my editorial. Also, I hope you will click through the ad to the company site page to look at their product. I get paid according to how many click throughs I get. So, I am guilty of doing this to you in a small way. Big companies spend billions on research to do this with infinitely greater sophistication than my little ad attempts. And, it works for them, but not well for me. I have so few ads up that I get chicken feed compared to other players in the game. For the record, I may soon be removing all ads on this journal. I am not comfortable about giving the impression that I write these articles just to make money.

Also, Google penalizes me for not going to CCS in my page design format, and they pull ads off of many of my pages which deal with issues like sodomy and evil political officials. This is to punish me for not being politically correct. Soon, I expect Google to simply ban me from their ad program altogether. Google hates discussions of sin and righteiouness and judgment. But, your comments and choices on Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the web pages you visit, do determine, to some degree, what ads you see at my journal. What I am trying to get across is this..... Ultimately, you are doing this to yourself. Without your participation, Zuckerberg would be a poor poor man, and Google would go bankrupt.

Dear reader, are you being changed by me, or is the Holy Spirit using my articles to teach you and guide you? If I am the one changing you, please get out of here NOW. I want nothing to do with being your change agent.

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

One more factor. It is not by accident that users of Facebook and Twitter, and web sites are under pressure from politically correct people. Some of these nags and nannies on Facebook may actually be hired by social media companies to nag you. It is believed that Facebook shepherds us all along so that we are rebuked for not being nice, or we are rewarded with "likes" and "shares" for being charming. Zuckerberg hopes that we will all become a bunch of sissy wimps who can be manipulated easily into their marketing system and ad world. If you feel that you have been attacked in this way, why do you keep coming back for more? You can just delete your Facebook account, and get off of the bull's eye. Make friends through email so that you are in control.

One caveat is needed here. Mark Zuckerberg, and all the elite of all the surveillance based tech platforms, have handed their data processing to AI machines. The problem is, AI machines are black boxes. The are made on purpose to teach themselves, and they do not tell the user what they have learned. They do not reveal their logic or bias for their actions and choices. So, a world is developing with AI in which no one is at the wheel. The juggernaut is driving itself. For this reason, AI machines make wrong or destructive choices, and people get hurt. The machines cannot be controlled anymore in some cases, so they are allowed to keep running and making tyrants of themselves. We must wonder when the day will come when an AI machine takes control of the Pentagon and declares war on Russia or Canada. Also, is it possible to have a war between two AI machines?

Here was my message to the poster in "Comment"

"Who made you the cynic appointed to accuse me of not doing what you think I should do, such as repost your meme? You are not my nanny or my judge. Get out of my face, and show some humility.

"Do you understand that Zuckerberg designed Facebook so that we would all nag and nanny one another like you have done. He wants us all to be forced by social pressure to join the stampede, any stampede, so that he gets the rush of knowing his platform has totally changed our mindset and personality. Well, in your case, it is not working with me."

Let us talk some more about the way we nag one another on social media. Look at the side box with the meme in it. We all get these all the time. This meme was posted by one of my best friends on FB. But, he needed to be slapped hard to let him know he is being a change agent for Zuckerberg to remake me in the image of an algorithm, not Jesus Christ.

If he grabbed the meme from another person or timeline, it is very possible that it was posted by a Facebook employee to create chaos for Christians. It could also have been posted by a bad attitude Muslim.

Since when did God make you the one to shame me for not doing what you want me to do? What you are doing is making yourself God and implying that I am not bowing to a superior being,,,,, YOU, that is, if I do not share the meme.

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

God is the only one who sees my thoughts and intentions. They are none of your business, and they are none of Mark Zuckerberg's business. If you want to play god, go to India. They only have four million gods, and they probably could use a few more. The instinct to discern my motives and corral my zeal is the work of people who are doing service to Satan, and that includes YOU when you shame me for not doing your bidding. I take this stuff as a personal attack on me, so if you consider me your friend, get out of my face at once.

If I don't share your meme supporting Donald Trump, you do not know why I do not. Maybe I don't care to exalt a man who throws away his first two wives and marries a porn queen. Maybe I don't care to exalt a man who likes to, "Grab them by the p___Y." Maybe I do NOT believe that God sent Trump to save America. Maybe I believe Trump is destroying America by letting a witch doctor turn the nation into a police state. What I decide to do with your meme is my business, and I will NOT be ashamed of myself because you imply I am a wimp for not sharing it.

When you play these coercive games with your alleged friends, you are being used by Zuckerberg's algorithms to mess with your friends' minds. This is wicked. You might just as well sell your soul to Vladimir Putin, and join the Russians as they post propaganda and lies online to deceive people.

Then again, do not be too emotional about these cheeky memes. Many of them are posted by bots, and they may even be there for the purpose of making you despise someone who is not even a real human being. This will drive you to hate and rage at an algorithm, not a person. There is nothing stupider than to be led like a lamb to the slaughter by an algorithm.

The reason people nag and shame one another on Facebook, Twitter, and in Comment areas of web pages is because they are not having to say their nagging words face to face. I guarantee you they would not be so bold and judgmental and accusatory person to person off line or in the break room at work. Email is almost as bad. All sorts of nagging and nannying goes on in email. STOP IT, you pest. You are being used by Satan to assault people and make them ashamed for thinking for themselves. There is only one judge:

Is this verse in your Bible?

2 Corinthians 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Facebook; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

Did you even read the verse above. It is not in the Bible in the form shown above. But, if you are nagging people on Facebook to shame them into submission to you, you are making yourself the change agent of Facebook. You are a shill for Mark Zuckerberg. You are replacing Jesus Christ as the judge of his children in his Church. So, here is the verse correctly rendered:

2 Corinthians 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

Remember, freedom of speech includes freedom not to speak. The day anyone can force you to speak (or share) words you did not want to speak, that is the day you have joined the Nazi Party.

This social media war on our nerves can be fatal. There are research studies showing that social media causes depression and suicides to increase, espcially in young adults and teens. This war on the mind, by online movers and shakers, is taking a virtual tole in lives destroyed and lost. It has to be related to the manipulation engine in the background online. People one day sense that their life is a freak world, and they dive out mentally. Some do not survive the revelation and the exit.

If you knew your nagging and nannying on Facebook drove someone to suicide because of the shame you heaped on them, would you be proud to brag about it to Jesus at the Great White Throne judgment of your works?

Ah yes, I hear someone whine...... "Now Steve, you are shaming me."

RIGHT. If you are being a nag and nanny for Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, I will shovel the horse leavings, which you shoveled to me, right back to you. If that bothers you, unfriend me.

Please do not let this guy's appearance put you off. He really does know what he is talking about.

What other actions can you take to control and block the war against your mind by all these snoops online? Does anything come to mind? Be inventive, and think outside the box. Maybe you can invent some tricks to disrupt the war on your mind.

Last thought. Whatever is not under the control of Jesus is under the control of the Prince of the Power of the Air, Satan. Social media is the kingdom of Satan. If we are going to be on Facebook, Twitter, and any online platform, we must understand that we are in a place where gross wickedness dominates. That means we must let our light so shine that men will see our good works (and words) and glorify our Father which is in Heaven.




We are stuck in a schizophrenic compromise. We have become absolutely hooked on Amazon and Google. Amazon gives us a souorce for food, auto parts, and all sorts of items that we simply cannot get anywhere else on earth. Furthermore, the stuff may come in one day with Prime. Google gives us a source to fact check, though anything controversial is often twisted and censored by Google. But, we can find a recipe for asperagus soup in ten minutes that will amaze our guests, and we don't have to know how to cook to pull it off.

On the other hand, while we search for information, and while we buy our essentials, we are being surveilled 24/7. Our very facial expressions are being grabbed by Facebook and analysized, and the results are sold to China where their snoops determine we are Christians, and our facial expressions are then used to determine which Chinese web users are also Christians. The result is that our face, which reflects our faith in Christ, becomes a tool of China to decide which Chinese to put in prison. I am NOT making this up.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as many other platforms, claim they do not sell our personal information and private data. That may be true, and it may simply be a bold faced lie. The US Government makes no effort to police these promises. But, the worst of it is that FB el all sell their analysis of our actions, facial expressions, and comments and conversations. These ARE attached to us personally, so Big Business buys this data and uses it to market to us personally. The worst of it is that the US Government is now grabbing the data and using it to scan and track every Ameican. Millions of Americans end up on suspect lists because of how they look and comments (free speech) they make. And, criminals are moving into the market and using the data to target people for fraud and extortion. Every person on earth has at least one secret they do not want anyone to know, and criminals, and Big Business, are both mining your life for that secret so they can either sell you a product based on the secret (like porn), or criminals want to blackmail you.

Thus, there is very good reason in the idea of dropping from sight part of the time.

Please do not let the remark in the introduction about the author and Karl Marx put you off. There is NO comparison between Ph.D. Luboff and Marx. This may be the most important video in this article.

This documentary exposes how surveillance is done and what they get from you. There really is a sense in which we are owned, and our data is a commodity we cannot control. In China the "convict" is followed by camera everywhere he goes and told when he has left his prison cell environment. He seems to be walking free, but he is in reality in prison. How long until we have this arrangement in the USA? It will be sold to the public as a way to empty prisons and treat prisoners more humanely. If this sounds creepy, watch the whole video my friend. You are in for some surprises.

When you leave your phone at home, you are seen by the snoops as being at home. So, you go to the super market, play a game of golf, or travel 100 miles to fish off of the pier in Huntington Beach. To the tech snoops you never left home. That is one day you got off of your leash, and the surveillance marketers did not know it.

Avoid areas where lots of cameras will be found. You can kill time in a mall sitting on a bench reading, or you can kill time in a national park sitting at a picnic table. Guess which one is more likely to have a camera watching you.

Migrate like the zebras in Africa. Go the long way sometimes. More on this later.

Stop making comments on all sorts of web pages and Facebook and Twitter. These comments reveal your inner thoughts and are priceless to the tech snoops in psyching out your mind. When you do comment, always add some bizarre thought which the snoops cannot understand. Like, "Eat more cabbage and walk on the wrong side of the road more." Or, "Vladimir Putin agrees with me." Or, "Mares eat oats, and does eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy; a kid'l eat ivy too, wouldn't you?"

I find that when I go to town, if I forget my cell phone, and when I realize it, I panic. I then scold myself and remind myself that I lived for about fifty years before I even had a pager to carry, let alone a modern cell phone. What causes us to carry the phone like a dog on a leash is the fear that we might have a medical emergency or car accident and "need" the phone desperately. We forget that everyone around us, during an emergency, has a cell phone, and someone would let us use one to call for help. If you want to be free but have the phone in case of an emergency, remove the battery which you can replace in an emergency. Your leash is then available if you really need it.

The most deadly aspect of this is that many Americans are addicted to checking Facebook or email over and over all day long. When caught in idle time, or waiting in line, Americans are obsessed with pulling out their phone and amusing themselves. Because of this, surveillance platforms know, to the foot, where you are standing all the time. Your migration pattern then results in the ads you see later online. If you are seen standing in line in Krogers super market, and you buy an Amy's frozen dinner, you will see an ad pop up for Dominos Pizza soon.

"If you can wait and not grow tired of waiting, you will be a man my son." Waiting without amusement is a lost art.

When you get a call, and you do not recognize the caller as among your contacts, do not answer it. I know, you start imaging it may be this or that entity of the government or some other important source. I have found that it almost never is. If you have an 800 number for a small business, then you must answer it because it may be a customer. But, for personal phones, delete the unknown call number. Also, do not open email that comes from a source that you do not recognize. It could contain malware or a virus. Never call back numbers that you miss unless they are in your contact list. All of this then requires that you put anyone of any importance to you in your contacts so that you do not reject a call from them.

Do not use free apps. There is no such thing as a free lunch. The app company is not a philanthropist. They are in it for the money. How do they make money on free apps? Answer: They are tracking you and watching your online activity and marketing you to Big Business. Apps are the least likely of all platforms to have an ethic about who they send your data to. And, you could easily become the target for malware or viruses. An app from someone where you already pay for a service, like your bank or a medical company, will probably be safe, but they still may be tracking you. Insurance companies are desperate to catch you playing tricks on them, so they will buy anything they can find on you. Banks want to know how you spend your money so they can post ads tempting you to take out loans, especially if your credit rating is good.


Who wants into your phone. First and foremost, the US Government wants into your phone. The NSA and Homeland Secutiry come to work every day with piles of print material to read that is suspicious. They have thousands of hours of phone conversations to listen to. And, over time, they become suspicious of every American because of all the wretched stuff they find. Cops can get the same way from all the kinky and disgusting people they have to deal with. But, that does not give them an excuse to hack into your phone. It is against the law for them to do it, but you may be sure NSA can hack anything and anywhere they wish.

So, my first advice is this..... If you want to have a conversation with other people, and you do not want to be listened to, take the battery out of your phone. That is the only absolutely certain way to shut the phone off. NSA and other entities around the world, can turn your phone on and listen and watch. If you want to travel to a point without being detected for sure, take the battery out of the phone.

Some techy person needs to make a mental note to watch for phones soon that have a capacitor bank that loads power so that the phone can still function if the battery is removed.

Top priority is to block your IP from being identified by snoopers. The best way to do this is with a VPN, but there are other ways to do the same thing, though they are not as convenient and not as safe.



Can you stand to only check Facebook when you get home to your desk top? If not, and if you have to get a fix every ten minutes, then ignore this ling and stay on your leash.



As to more on cell phones, see some of the links at the end of the article. I have deleted Facebook from my phone. This is so that they cannot record all my calls and steal all my data. Yes, steal. It is theft, and the US Government, Senate and House, are wimps and refuse to do anything about it. This is because the US Government is the biggest snoop on earth. They may be snooping on the world more than you, but don't count on it. The House and Senate will never pass laws regulating spying by anyone because they buy your data so that they can buy ads on Facebook that fit your politics and life patterns.

And, the day may come soon when the President, some President, will decide to declare the Executive Powers Act and take personal charge of all surveillance in the model of Idi Amin, Vladamir Putin, and Robert Mugabe. Donald Trump has all the lousy ethics and bad attitude needed to fit the profile of a dictator. So does every Democrat candidate you ever saw in your life except Harry Truman and John Kennedy. Also, YOU are being snooped on by other nations. China buys all the data they can on you and me for marketing purposes, and the Israeli Mossad has saturated America with spies. They are NOT looking for bargains on bagels and lox. They want to learn who their friends are. What they intend to do about their enemies in the USA is a serious question. When will Israel start killing or blackmailing anti-Israel Americans?

So, learn what is going on NOW:

I have told you the biggest issue in surveillance capitalism is Big Business, which buys your data from Mark Zuckerberg and Google. That is true, but the US Government is the biggest player in terms of threats to your freedom and your safety. When a government goes rogue in terms of spying on its citizens, that is the day life in that nation becomes Hell on earth. I have LIVED in such an environment in Africa. I am an expert, and I claim that knowing I have limitations and could be wrong. When the power of national policy and law joins hands with survellance agencies, there is no greater power on earth other than God himself.

[ PARENTHETIC: Are you in a church where the pastor and leaders are busy collecting information on the movements and choices of the members. Are their wives on the phone collecting gossip from other women in the church, juicy information on the members? Does you pastor or a deacon go to homes and follow people as they drive to spy on them (I have stories from readers in email about such things. A pastor and Asst. pastor came to a home where my son was a guest to do him harm, and he had to hide. The Asst. pastor was an ex Marine thug and given to violence and abuse of young women).

Also, understand this..... US Government spying and law enforcement agencies are in thick with Big Business. Our Government collects tons of data on business dealings and manufacturing around the world. Also, Chinese Government agencies do the same. For this reason, you can start up a surveillance machine and be recorded by typing Nissan, Shanghai, Ikea, and Siemens into Google. NSA will start recording. Add Mossad for good measure, and you will be read for sure by a real person later. If you are in email, give them the Gospel at the end of your communication.

What you learned in the video above is that officials in the US Government, and the President, are making a criminal war on YOU. They also are destroying the possibility of the House and Senate ever keeping control over these officials and their agencies. When called before Senate or House committees, they lie, and they are never prosecuted and serve time in prison. In the Satanic doctrine of Washington DC, "Lying covers a multitude of sins."

We are no longer the "home of the free." We are a banana republic. If this ever really goes viral to Americans, and if they have the mental ability left to absorb its implications, the USA will fly apart as various states decide to make their escape from the dictatorship of surveillance capitalists and criminals. The problem is, the vast majority of Americans do not care if they are owned by the higher powers. They are so much in love with their technology that they are content to hand their souls and minds to Caesar.

As to the moral question, "Are the results of meta-surveillance producing results in a safer nation to the extent that giving up our freedom of privacy is worth the sacrifice?" The results are not justifying the effort by NSA. The video makes it clear that NSA, and our security agencies, are not catching terrorists before they strike. So, why do they continue to spy on us? The answer is only one..... They do not really care about terrorism, they are all about control of YOU and law abiding Americans. The key word is CONTROL. This is the ethic of a total dictatorship, and most of our high officials want it this way. Donald Trump has been heard complaining, on a number of occasions, that the US Constitution gets in his way and prevents him from doing what he wants to do. Trump hates the Constitution. He has NO respect for your rights. He says what you suckers want to hear, and you keep exalting him. When he is finally standing before the mic in a five star General's uniform, will you believe me? Big mouth, big belly, big lies, and big fist on your head. "America, you're fired."

If the following article sounds like a whine by the Left, it is. But, you are a blasted fool if you discount the seriousness of this spying operation out of loyalty to your buddy Donald Trump. If you want a national dictatorship under Trump, this sort of operation will give you what you want.

This video shows the union of private mercenary spying agencies and Donald Trump. This is when America ceased to be governed by law. Anyone who questions this covert operation will go on the "WANTED" list of the future day when a rogue President takes absolute power. We must consider the possibility that God did indeed put Trump into power, but for the sole purpose of destroying America. Listen closely. You will hear that Erik Prince deals in online propaganda in social media. Prince could well be the source of all sorts of stories in Facebook which you think are true, and they would have been produced in Israel for Erik Prince. Is this the world you want to live in?

History tells us that EVERY democracy is eventually compromised, and it is destroyed by power crazed men. The key to destroying America is the President. He is the one who now has defined lawful powers to declare himself the absolute ruler of America. Many of you reading here have become so self-deceived about Trump that you would cheer if he were to declare himself dictator. Because of the almost universal deception of conservative Christians in America, I am predicting (I am not a prophet) that America will soon end as we know it, and I predict that YOU will love it.

By now, most of you who read here hate me. So be it. They hated Jeremiah and Zechariah too. You have been warned. When you are sitting in the Gulag Archipelago, it will be too late to complain.

Do not send email after Trump snuffs America. Email to me could get you a life prison sentence.

Back to basics.

Do encrypt all data on your phone, and use a password to enter the phone. If the police stop you, in order to avoid them claiming the right to search your phone, have it in the glove compartment or in the trunk, or in a luggage container in the back seat. They are not allowed to confiscate your phone unless it is on your person or within reach. On the passenger seat is not far enough away.

Your every moment can be tracked through your mobile device (both Android and iOS). Government security agencies like the NSA also have access to your devices- where they can listen to your phone calls, read your messages, capture pictures of you, stream videos of you, read your emails, and more. So, the local police will only want your phone is their leadership is too dumb, or too cheap, to invest in the tracking devices you saw in the video. If they do not want your phone to examine, understand that they already have everything on your phone in data storage. Actually, if they ask to read your phone, that is a good sign that your local police are not yet buying massive data on people in your area.

When you are on the phone, especially with another Christian, give the Gospel to whomever is hacking you and listening. At the beginning, tell your friend you have gotten the secure code from "the source." This will cause the machine to go on to record your call. Add a couple of more words like Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton. That will make sure the recording computer is downloading you. Then, at the end tell them the code is John 3:16, and read the whole third chapter of John to them. The one monitoring your call later will have to listen to your whole call in case there really is a secret code.

Deleted data on your phone will stay on it until it is over written. So, encrypt the phone. The police cannot force you to give them your password. They will often lie and tell you that there is a law requiring you to give them access to all your phone data. The problem is, you may have a contact on your phone who is a criminal, but he is doing business with you legally. You have no idea he is also a criminal. If they find such a person, you will be put under investigation and assumed to be complicit with that criminal. Forget about your Constitutional rights. Most police do not honor them when they are in a panic to get at phone or computer data.

Fictionalize your history. CAUTION: If you do the following, write down what you put in your history because you will need it to identify yourself later. You can fend off hacking attacks by fictionalizing your past with details that are unlikely to be guessed. Perhaps, for the purposes of security, you were born in 1999 to Mrs. Victoria Beckham, née Adams. Just remember what you claimed, or you could end up locking yourself out. You might want to use some known history that is not your own. The purpose of this is for hackers who go online and search for your mother's maiden name, birthday, and other history items. By using a fictional history, the hacker cannot possibly find what you used on the phone.

As to Facebook, cleanse your friend list of people who are always agitated and blasting away at someone with hate based memes and rhetoric. This will tell the snoops that you are also a raging maniac. You absolutely do NOT need angry friends. They will change you, along with Mark Zukerberg's algorithms, into a raging beast like your friends. You can tell me this cannot happen to you, but Facebook is designed to change you and how you think. Also, do you post angry and cranky memes and messages? If so, you are telling the surveillance world this is what you like and how you live. How will you explain that to God when he asks you why you kept telling the world much about evil and nothing about Jesus?




Do not drive the same way to work or church every time. This is smart because always using the same path has been found to increase your chance of a car accident. You get into auto pilot mode and are not as attentive as if you use several differenet paths to travel. But, in regard to snooping by legal or illegal entities, the more random and spastic your travel is, the less they can get a pattern fixed on you. Irratic people are not as interesting to criminals as people who use the same path all the time. They cannot figure out where to be waiting for you, both physically and socially.

Get a second phone for the pupose of trashing the database. Put the phone in a box and mail it to Omaha to a friend, have your friend call you on the phone from Omaha, and ask him to mail it back after charging it. The snoops will think you made a trip to Omaha. You could even send your phone to Australia and do the same thing. This will make a world traveler of you to the spying mob. It could get you a super low price offer on the airlines. If you know a reliable truck driver, ask him to carry your second phone to a far away city and mail it back to you. Have him call you on the phone from the destination city before mailing it back.

In fact, it will probably work to just mail a letter snail mail to a friend. Inclose another letter, and ask your friend to drop it in a mailbox and send it back to you. The snoops probably gather all the mail activity of us all, and this will make you look like you are mailing from far away.

Move your official address. This is a bit drastic, but it is an option. You will need to have it close enough to pick up your mail without having to drive a long way. Be sure your address is a P.O. mailbox. UPS also has post office boxes in their local offices where you can receive mail for a monthly fee. It may cost a bit of cash to become anonymous, but it may also be worth it if you feel vulnerable.

Have Amazon orders sent to a pick up installation. These are all over cities, and Amazon orders are sent there, and you pick up your order from a locker there instead of it being delivered to your home address.

Register with your county as a DBA (Doing Business As) company. This will make you appear to be in business. You may also find ways to use the DBA to get lower prices on products. You will have to fill out a tax collection form once a year, or quarterly, because the state will think you are collecting tax, which all states require. Make sure your IRS records show no business activity during the year as an entry in your income and overhead listing.

Add something like this to emails or comments:

This is the email that you need to use to apply for a permit to import horse meat into the USA:

To learn more about horse meat, go to:

Find your own choices of worthless information to add to emails. The more scatter brained data you add, the less Big Business will get a fix on your life patterns.

To snoop on what people are talking about in a topic, go to Pastebin. You will need to USE THIS WEB SITE to search Pastebin because Pastebin is now only letting select people search. I find research sources on Pastebin because some people have no other place to post their sorrows of secrets. Any nonsense your post yourself on Pastebin will be added to your data in the cloud and cause havoc to anyone snooping you. If you get a visit from a US Government agent, simply tell him the truth, that is, that you are trying to trash the process of surveillance on you by Google and Facebook. Thank him for noticing, and apologize for leading him astray. It is a lot easier to apologize later than to escape the surveillance capitalists. Tell the agent you would be happy to show him how you tricked the system. Be cooperative, and you may get a job offer.

Beware of where you click. The adversary can learn much by what links you click on. If you know, for example, that I clicked on a Fox News link rather than a CNN link, that can teach you something about my political views and perhaps even my personality. But if you can monitor what happens to my body temperature, blood pressure and heart-rate as I watch the video clip, you can learn what makes me laugh, what makes me cry, and what makes me really, really angry. That is highly marketable information to some political campaigns and to some businesses. It could also be used by the US Government to determine what chance there is that you could become a terrorist.

If you are into porn, you are in trouble. Every Government agency, and Big Business, know that you are driven by open ended lust. This tells them where you are weak and useful to do evil. It could tell a hacker that you are vulnerable for blackmail. It will also result in naked women ads being posted to your Facebook timeline, AND your wife will wonder why you get all the naked ladies and she does not. A savvy wife who is keeping up on issues online will soon figure out why you get those ads. Do not go to 4Chan to look for anything. There is plenty of useful stuff there, but it is also a huge porn source. Even Pastebin has to be held at arms length. Do not open links in Pastebin unless they are in a serious article with rational content. Set your computer in "family" or "child protection" mode to eliminate any snoop assuming you are a pervert. The snoop will be all through your computer and see that you choose to not watch porn.

Before we leave this thought, the following is deadly. Some people vent on Facebook, write treacherous things, and then they delete them. This even happens when we are trying to be sincere, and we later realize we went too far or said some violent or libelous things. We then delete the comment or post. Facebook already took it, and it is included by AI in the analysis of you, and later it is sent to Big Business advertising agents as part of your profile. The snoops grabbed it as you typed it into your computer. God, and even your friends, may forgive you for something ugly you post, but Facebook never forgives. Your sins online are eternal, at least until Christ burns up this world in the Last Days. Your nasty words will be stored in the cloud long after you die. One way to avoid this is to use the writing software on your computer, and copy and paste your content to Facebook after you proof read it. Then again, the snoops might have hacked your computer and are watching every key stroke? Moral: Do not hit the keys until your mind and emotions are under control.

Ecclesiastes 10:20 Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.

On the other hand, you can write things which could greatly confuse the AI software at Facebook or Google, and then delete it. This would scramble your profile and help you escape some ads possibly. Like, "I hate Nike, Coca Cola, and beer." Or, "I speak in tongues- Who stolamahonda and bustamakawasiki?" The best way I can think of to get deleted from an ad war against you is to make the AI think you are a total nut case and of no value to Big Business.

So, click thoughtfully. If you are conservative, do not click only on Fox News. Click on CNN from time to time. This will make you look open minded and harmless. Click where you really do not want to go in order to mix up the data and send confusing signals to the snoops. The harder it is for them to understand your mind set, the less chance you will be bundled and marketed to advertisers. This is because the confusing clicks make a freak of you, and nobody wants to pay for a list of freaks to present ads to.

Consider this..... when is the last time you were bored? Because of connectivity, you are losing the opportunity and skill of being bored and not getting frantic about it. Your mind NEEDS time to be bored in order to process all the rubbish you dump into it. Have you ever gone out of your way to find a location where there is no WI-FI and your cell phone goes dead?

Medical records

When you fill out any patient information forms, it will all be marketed eventually, and it will result in ads you see later and in invasions of privacy by mail and phone. Do tell the doctor anything of a purely medical nature that may relate to a problem you have now, but do not tell them physical facts about you that are not causing a problem now. These can be used to disqualify you from coverage by insurance. Any promises on the form that your data will be kept secret are a lot of rubbish. There will also be statements you must initial which allow them to share your data all over the world. Also, you need to assume that the medical records systems are being hacked regularly. Official agencies are terrible about closing the doors on their computer networks.

You will be asked to let the insurance company send a nurse to your home to review your health and your home for medical issues and safety. This would be fine, but they ask questions that are sent to NSA and Homeland Security, like, "Do you have any guns in your home?" They will deny that this will cause you any problems, and THEY ARE LYING. It is a total violation of the US Constitution for any official to ask you about your guns unless you are a convicted criminal.

If anyone comes to your home and asks to talk to you, at once insist that they show you their ID. If they are with a US Government agency, they are required to do this without being asked. If they waffle around about proving they are legitimate, they are crooks. Run them off. If you want to make sure they leave, answer the door or the gate with a gun on you in plain sight. If they are legitimate, keep them outdoors to talk. Once they are invited into your home, you may have given them the right to search your home by some national or local law. If they ask questions about your neighbor, do not give them help unless you absolutely know your neighbor is a serious criminal. Even then, understand that you could be attacked later by the criminal friends of your neighbor. Most US Government law enforcement agencies will "burn their witnesses," and you will be openly identified instead of protected. You do not need to feel responsible to do their job for them.

Must I tell you that filling out forms online is dangerous? Any form you fill out can easily be under surveillance and your data stolen as you are tying it in. Any site you know for sure is encrypted should be reasonably safe, but nothing is ultimately safe online. Some of the biggest most powerful companies in America have been hacked and credit card and Social Security numbers stolen.



Shop with cash. There is talk of eliminating cash altogether. That may happen someday, but until then, use cash to make purchases. Every time you use a credit card, you are tracked. That is not my imagination. We are all tracked by our credit card purchases by either law enforcement or Big Business. They use that data to learn what we like and where we spend time.

Some have told me that the snoops do not have the time and means to track us all of the time everywhere. That would be true if a person was required to track each one of us. But, the technology, when programed correctly, can track everyone all the time. The sick minded suspicious creeps who manage these systems simply tell the system of surveillance who we are, and the technology does all the work. So, given enough computing power, every soul on earth can be tracked 24/7. The philosophy of those in power is, "If we can do this, why should we restrain ourselves?"

Land line. A land line is not nearly as interesting to the data collectors. Land lines do not tell nearly as much about us as cell phones. The data the snoops get from our contact list, our email, and our notes and other bits of data on our cell phones, makes a very large and complete profile on us. This can be marketed easily to advertisers. The land line just does not give that much, plus, it is very hard to hack because it is not being carried by a radio signal through the air.

Get an old fashioned flip phone. Durability: Most large screen smartphones have a tough time surviving a fall. Secure: Hackers work to collect our information and there are many incidents of rogue apps and other attacks on smartphones. Flip phones generally don't store or have the same ability to share personal information.

Shut off GPS tracking on your phone and car. The more GPS you can shut off in your life, the less the snoops know about your choices and friendships. Your car is a serious issue. There are liabilities in giving away your travel patterns all the time when driving. The day may come when you do not want anyone to know where you drove. "I have nothing to hide" is a stupid answer. What if you are falsely accused, or you turn out to be in a location where a murder took place. You will be visited by suspicious cops, and you will have to prove you are not guilty. In the new America you are guilty until proven innocent.

Freebie: When you exit your car, lock it with the button on the door, not your fob. Criminals are now sitting nearby with sniffers catching your fob's radio signal to lock the door. They then use that recorded signal to open your car door after you leave the car, and they steal anything of value. When you unlock the door later, use the key only for the same reason.

Are we missing out on something by using digital technology to accomplish tasks? Are we missing the face to face experience of the 1950s. The long way to do tasks was often trying and trouble prone, but research is showing that actions and tasks done by digital means have often died in a short time, while those same tasks done in the ways of fifty years ago have stayed and grown. Are we conditioned to assume that something that cannot be done on Twitter, Facebook, and on a cell phone is not worth doing?

An Amish farmer gets his plow out of the barn, hitches up his team of mules, and he plows a field. He walks in the dirt, he watches the far end of the field, and he moves slowly. At the end of the day he looks at his field, and the furrows are famously perfectly straight. His body and soul are in that field. If he had a big articulated John Deere tractor, he could have plowed that field in a fraction of the time. But his boots would still be clean at the end of the day. The furrows would not matter. It all happened too fast to feel any accomplishment. And, he would have to have a farm ten times the size in order to pay for the tractor.

When is the last time you sat down and wrote a letter to a friend? Can you even write anymore? The more things you do the long way, the more satisfying the end will be, AND, you will have gotten off the radar with the surveillance capitalists. I am not suggesting swearing off of all digital activity. Ordering some things on Amazon is sometimes the only way to get what you need today. Facebook may be the only way you can keep in touch with old friends far away.

But, shopping at a brick and mortar store has serious advantages. There are the marked down tables that are not online. There are the clearance sale items. And, there are the little things that only an employee can do for you. At HEB, a super market here in Texas, you can give them the product code for any food item, literally, and the manager will order it for you if you will take a case. The price can often be well below Amazon. What are you missing because you refuse to move your fat butt out of that chair you are sitting in? Get on down town, and look around. See if I am not right. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg will not be catching every smile and frown on your face and selling it to Nike. While you are downtown, get a dozen roses for your wife. If you get online and order her roses delivered, I will come around and break your fingers, do you understand? Do what your uncle Steve tells you this time. YOU DELIVER the roses yourself, buster.

Finally, I want you to go get a cup of coffee and go out on the porch or the patio, and sit and think. Ask yourself, "What am I missing because I am on my cell phone, or online, so much?" Think about your family. How much time do you spend with your kids and spouse? The time you spend online and on your cell phone is highly suspect because we all spend so much time chattering in Facebook about nonsense. Your alleged friends on Facebook and Twitter are not nearly as important as your family.

How about someone in your church who is alone or troubled? Again, you have a friend in the hospital who is lonely and has no one who visits them. Who would Jesus put in first place if he had your circumstances..... Facebook, or other people who need to be encouraged?

James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

Do you see a homeless person every day in your traveling and wandering? You cannot "friend" them on Facebook. They cannot be helped in any way other than in person. Please think about this. And, how about having a family discussion about the cell phones and online activity? You need to draw your kids into the mix so that they have to think about their addiction to the cell phone. Almost all kids these days are addicted and growing up missing a real life. Cyberspace is no substitute for running in the woods and fishing at the creek. Kids learn almost nothing online that really sticks for life. Try to remember the videos you have watched lately. Most people cannot recall what they saw because they were just killing time and getting a rush. Real problem solving and serious research online account for very little of our time online. How are you a better person for the time you spend on Facebook and Twitter and watching videos on YouTube?

James 4:14 Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.
15 For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.
16 But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.
17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Are you on this site while your wife had to go to bed alone? You are wicked. Shut down, and go see if it is too late to "be a blessing" to the lady. And, kiss your kid on the way. Every time you sit here in front of this screen instead of spending time with your wife or kids is time you cannot get back. And, do not tell me you will soon make up for it. You are a liar. You are addicted. Repent or burn.



Panic is the wrong response to the bully attack on your privacy. The problem with panic is that the bullies are inspired by panic. Watch a bully on the school playground. He picks on the kids that show the most fear. The same is true of the elite and the CEOs of social media and the other surveillance platforms. They see people showing fear and terror at being watched and tracked, and the snoops turn up the heat to do more. People who panic are far more interesting for surveillance than people who keep their cool and do not react.

The most exciting event at any rodeo is when the cowboy gets a big bull that panics and goes insane. The ride is also more of a challenge to the cowboy, and he gets more points for an extreme ride.

The power of panic was made clear during the Covid-19 epidemic. Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump picked a bogus model of the epidemic, which they had to admit later was possibly the worst choice. Then, they started predicting hundreds of millions of dead bodies. Americans panicked, and the media saw this and turned up the volume on terrifying predictions. Dr. Fauci saw the panic and kept making fearful predictions and threats with nearly a look of glee on his face at times.

Finally, in a total departure from past experience with epidemics worldwide, Trump and Dr. Fauci told the Governors of America they must lock down all the well people in America or the epidemic would kill millions. The Governors panicked, and the thing kept feeding on itself. The result was close to the total destruction of the US economy. Dr. Fauci never flinched. He did not care if the economy was destroyed. He was on a roll, and he was enjoying the power of stampeding the masses. Trump was in terror of Fauci because CNN would have presented any caution by Trump as traitorous incompetence.

The key to this was that we all panicked on queue. Whatever you do, please do not let the information I have given you cause you to panic. Learn ways to work around the thing. I have given you suggestions for ways to avoid being surveilled 24/7. See if you can start dealing with this by reducing your exposure and taking positive actions. Then, Google this subject, and see if you can find other ways to reduce your exposure. This will turn the bully snoops into losers as you find ways to cover your posterior. Indeed, there is a great satisfaction in denying these people data they crave. Learn to play their game and win instead of losing.



When we lived in Arizona in the 1990s we were under the flyway of Russian satellites which went over our home. They were looking to see if the US had destroyed missiles at the nearby missile site. This was part of a treaty to disarm by the USA and Russia. I believe Reagan and Gorbachev had signed that treaty. The deal required Russia to destroy a number of missiles and lay the parts out on the ground so that the US satellites could see them. Then, the USA would destroy the same number of missiles and lay the bits and pieces out on the ground, and Russian satellites could see them. I had heard that it was working very well, and it was refreshing to see both nations unload some of the deadly nuclear weapons.

Since we lived right under the path of the Russian satellites, I made a sign with a Bible verse on it, and I laid it, facing up, on the air cooler on our roof. I added a message that I would send a Bible to anyone who sent me their address on a post card from Russia. The US satellites also went over our house, so I changed the offer to anyone who sent their address. I never had anyone take me up on it, but I know someone read the sign because a government contract worker at the nearby Army Intelligence Center told me that the satellites could, at that time, read the patch on the shoulder of a soldier. Other sources told me they could read a postage stamp.

So, it is the glorious new age of technology. What can we do to give the Gospel on the Internet, especially to surveillance snoops looking at us? There is email, Facebook, Twitter, and probably hundreds of other places we can target. How about contact information on millions of web sites? How about Muslim mosques online? How about Hindu sites in India? You could do one a day and never run out of ideas.

To get the target people to read may be difficult. But, if you put in a gimmie line that is loaded with intrigue, NSA and Homeland Security will most certainly grab your post, and if you use the right keywords, someone will be assigned to read it. Like, "The password to the coded message is found below." Or, "Nissan is about to release a new model to compete with Cadillac. See the link below." Then, send them to a link of the Bible being read by Alexander Scourby. Big Business buys up any data about trade competitors, so big intenational company names will turn on the recording software.

When you make comments on social media, start with something like, "There is a secret code in this communication below." At the end, do this..... "Here is the secret code- John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life."

Never post a selfie without giving an exortation from the Bible, especially the Gospel. This will prevent you from making a fool of yourself and lusting to see yourself on Facebook. It is hard to exalt yourself and be humble at the same time.

Finally, a warning. Control your mouth. Many Bible believers talk rough and make very incriminating comments on the phone and in email. I had a friend do this and make a violent threat to his adversaries. I at once interrupted him and made a verbal disclaimer of his comments to anyone listening in. Also, understand that words you use can trigger surveillance systems to turn on and put your words into eternal data storage. God may forgive you for the dumb things you said, but the NSA and Homeland Security will never forgive you.

Colossians 4:6 Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

Matthew 12:37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Yes, you have the Constitutional right to say disgusting things. But, as a Bible believer, you do NOT have the right to be a jerk and blow off at the mouth with incriminating conversation and expect to get a pass from men OR God.





The following links are serious sources which add much to what I talked about above. My article simply could not cover all the details of the topic, so please do not skip past these links. There is much more to learn.



The reason Trump reopened America is so that wave two and three would come so that he and the Governors of America can finish off your privacy. And, you will scream for this because you imagine Covid-19 is a rare and unusual pandemic. Fear is driving YOU to give up your freedom. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were a result of the 9/11 emergency, and 20 years later we are still at war in those nations. This could be the plan for Covid-19..... that it never end so that the last vestiges of freedom can be obliterated. The only escape from the tyranny of the men in high places will be secession of the states and the dissolution of America. We are in the early stages of this process. Almost 100% of all world democracies since Greece in 100 BC have collapsed or self-destructed from within, not by enemies outside. Covid-19 is the Trojan Horse of America. Make your plans for survival. Soon, you will be told if you qualify to have a job, a home, or an automobile. This will all be based on allegedly stopping an epidemic, and Americans will comply and meet the demands of those in control. The first step will be to demand we all get the vaccination. To decline will result in financial suicide. Pray that the second wave of Covid-19 is such a small event that the plot on high cannot move forward. Cut out the fear and terror struck look on your face. Go back to having a merry heart and faith in your God and his mercy. Fear is the fuel of the destruction of America. 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.





Because the SIM card is associated with the user and can be swapped from phone to phone, a method is needed to keep track of the hardware itself, and that's why the IMEI was developed.


The day will come when you have to decide if you will be humiliated to the point of talking to a robot and taking it seriously.


You need to watch this if you use remote cameras in your home, church, or work place.


The only way to escape from perpetual isolation will be to get vaccinated.



Keep this in kind. It may be that asking some other information devices what their plan for the future is would cause them to self-destruct also.


This article will help you see how the USA could slowly backslide into a dictatorship by the use of surveillance.


This will quickly fall into the hands of government agencies who wish to track people for many other reasons. This is how sincere inventors and products soon turn against our freedoms.

Pause repeatedly at 0:22 0:24 and you will see the word RATS



This article, as well as the other two articles in this technology trilogy, have been exceedingly depressing. I suppose that if you have read all three, you too feel very depressed. We must try to remember that we were warned by Christ himself that we would have hard times in this world we live in. Evil men would wax worse and worse. The question remains.... How shall we keep our sanity during these evil times?

John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. Said by Jesus just before his crucifixion.

Nothing we fear today is taking our Lord by surprise.

Romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.
21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

What good thing can you do that will lift the burden of other people around you, and what good thing can you do that will give YOU peace of mind?

Also, how can you replace the fear in your life with something else that gives you a merry heart and a reason to smile? Whatever it is, DO IT. What did you used to do for distraction before this era of panic and fear took hold of you? DO IT. Is there some risk? So what? Is going insane worth the suspect feeling of safety you now have?





Suffocating in Technology Heaven.....
There is always a help desk. There is endless knowledge in the cloud. But, at the same time, there is nothing left to live for. The only refuge is in towering skepticism.

Anything can be faked today. Your words, your face, your emotions, your actions, and your desires.




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