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Steve Van Nattan






By the Editor:  
Blessed Queitness Journal,
Steve Van Nattan

We in the West are no longer a free nation.  

The propaganda machine of the One Worlders, our public education systems, and United Nations God haters have convinced the great majority of North Americans, Austrailians, and Europeans that they do not want religion anywhere but in a stale moldy church house.  Keep it there and the Tax Department will give you a bribe in the form of a tax exemption.  

Get your faith out on the streets or in public, and you can literally get arrested and put in prison.  Go into seclusion to follow your faith, as they did in Waco, Texas, and the Federal Government will roast you and your little children with flame throwers.  



It is almost exactly the same picture in England and Europe.  Pornography and S&M shops abound in Holland and the rest of Europe.  Germans throw nudity at each other like children tossing a ball about.  But God and His Word are outlawed, if not by public law, then by local ordinances and public pressure.  Bible believers are cast as the lunatic fringe of society by one and all, especially by the atheistic God hating media and government security agencies.

Did you ever listen to "Reflections" on the BBC, London?  That is a sort of religious segment which is passed around to the most unbelievable assortment of lunatic fringe gurus and gassers you ever met.  That is "religion" in the plum-on-your-tongue model of high class England.

Bible studies specifically were outlawed in the city of Los Angeles, California not many years ago, and in a town in Colorado, religious gatherings over ten in number were forbidden.  Beer parties were not regulated, so the Lord's saints had to go to house churches carrying Coca Cola and potato chips to qualify as a bona fide "party."  Then the thought police left them alone. You can get roaring drunk and vomit all over the neighborhood in Colorado, but don't you dare pray with your friends in our town.


How is it in the rest of the God hating world?

We hear that  ancient land of Apartheid, South Africa, has allowed Child Evangelism Fellowship into all of the public schools.  You right wing boys who predicted disaster for the Mandela era ought to think on that for a while.  Mandela brought Christ into the public schools--  was he really a Communist, as you conservative panic boys claimed?  Maybe, but a strange one.  It is highly likely that Mandela was simply following the policy of Jomo Kenyatta and all other African leaders of the old school.  When they had control of the nation, they ran the Communists out of town pretty quick.  Jomo was rough on rats with Red China.  Tanzania ran their experiment with socialism.  It's all over, and I hear life is getting good.  In Tanzania they also like the kiddies to take religion classes. Too bad they missed the liberated Neo-Marx and Engels era we are now enjoying here in the USA, right?

I heard some years back that Uganda required candidates for civil service jobs to quote the Ten Commandments, and President Musavene is known to preach in Uganda churches from time to time. They recently passed a law criminalizing sodomy, and all the White Race cried, "That ain't fair to the queers." The whole basis for that law was the Bible. What primitive folks yonder in the heart of darkest Africa, right?

Bishop Tutu's Red religion fell on hard times in South Africa.  Why?  South Africans just want to get on with life.  Grousing days are over by and large.  It is time to seek some kind of normal consensus-- Time to get our minds back on Jehovah and put a stop to these barbaric revenge days.  Now, to the chagrin of the White Race West, South Africa has joined BRICS and is finding their own way without asking the IMF and the Oval Office for permission.

That Rhodes scholar, Bill Clinton, got his scholarship because he was chosen to exalt the White Aryan race and wipe out the Black and Jewish race.  An Arkansas State Representative reports that Clinton hated Black Americans with a passion.  The only Presidents we have had since Teddy Roosevelt, who didn't hate Blacks were Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan.  Why do certain people get a Rhodes scholarship?  Answer:  To kill Africa and destroy Israel.  The heritage of the Rhodes era is the present World Elite-- Rockefeller, Kissenger, Prince Benard, Prince Philip, the Knights of Malta, the Pope, et al.  When an occasional African is given a Rhodes scholarship from these "civilized" elite, it is so that he can be trained to kill off his own people and prepare Africa for White domination. Check it out.  Have you noticed how I get side tracked sometimes.  Ain't it fun?

Kenya, that down trodden primitive nation, has always allowed the study of "dini" or religion in the public schools.  You can take it or leave it-- That is freedom.  If you take the Religion class, you can choose from Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Traditional, or nothing.  

When those disadvantaged Kenya kids get a chance to get into a religion class taught by an American, it is two kids to a desk folks.  Of course, in Kenya the kids are not permitted to run about and play the fool all their life like in the "civilized" Western nations.  African students have not yet learned the fine art of "goofing off" all the way through their school days, and Kenya kids actually have goals and objectives for their lives by the time they are ten of twelve years of age.  Primitive man, primitive, right?  Too much of that "dini."

Also, Christians are being begged to come to University classes in Russia and teach their beliefs.  All sorts of ploys are used by the teachers to get the Baptists into the classroom, then the PhD lets them take over and do literally anything they want to do.  They may even have a sing along of Gospel hymns.  Backward and regressive by our enlightened standards, right?


What does this picture imply for Western nations?

I am convinced that in the Kingdom reign of The Lord Jesus Christ, the white race will be nearly all absent. Why?  Answer:  They had the light.  They had the Word of God right in the heart of the Fatherland.  They had the Reformation.  They had the Truth in every corner of the empire.  What does God say he will do with those who have the Light of the Gospel and turn from it?

Judges 3:7 And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD, and forgat the LORD their God, and served Baalim and the groves.  8 Therefore the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel, and he sold them into the hand of Chushanrishathaim king of Mesopotamia: and the children of Israel served Chushanrishathaim eight years.

Psalms 44:20 If we have forgotten the name of our God, or stretched out our hands to a strange god;

Ezekiel 23:35 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou hast forgotten me, and cast me behind thy back, therefore bear thou also thy lewdness and thy whoredoms.

Yes, this was said of Israel.  But consider-- If God would judge Israel for 2500 years for forgetting Him, what would He do to Gentile nations which have rejected His Light which came, "out of due time?"  I believe God intends to wipe the Western nations off the map.  The only lands which will be present in the Messianic Kingdom, anything like they are now, will be the nations of Africa and the Middle East.  Some of the "Islands of the sea," who have not entirely lost their first love, may also be left in tact.  

Even today, Africa has more true Christian zeal than the United States.  You will look long and hard to find Africans rolling on the floor like greasy pigs and dogs in "holy laughter."  You will be very lonely in  Malawi and Zambia if you try to preach, as Bill Clinton's pastor does, that Jesus was a drag queen.  Even the Muslim Sheiks will spit in your face.  You will not find the atheism on the streets of Nairobi, Cairo, and Lagos that you find in any city of America, in Germany, and the United Kingdom.  

So, here at Balaam's Ass Speaks, we agree with God.  We look forward with delight to the soon destruction of the nations who have known God and rejected Him-- especially the United States of America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.  We have no interest in saving these nations as nations.  We rejoice in the soon annihilation of the Royal families of Europe who have turned to Freemasonry, Druid Witchcraft, and nihilism.  We only hope to save some souls in the USA, Europe, and the Aryan race before they are all turned into hell in a hand basket.


A word to Africa from your old neighbor, jirani moja yako.

My dear African friends, stay clear of the doubt and lusts of the Western world. Stay out of those movie theatres all over Africa and India. Why fill your souls with the poison that has destroyed the faith in God once found in the West? You young ladies, why do you dress like American prostitutes? When you find imported literature about homosexuality and sexual lust, you ought to burn it and run the merchant out of town who tried to sell it. America and Europe have defended these twisted sick merchants for years, and now we have a sexually filthy world to live in. This new filth you are seeing in the media and in print of Africa is a new form of neo-colonialism designed to destroy your moral traditions.  

If a leader in Uganda or Zimbabwe wants to destroy the sodomites, you ought to praise him and hasten the end of these scum of society. Our leaders in the USA and the UK are famous for running to closets during the noon hour to be serviced be queers, pimps, and whores. Lunch to many US senators is a whore and a beer. Will you allow this to happen to your good nations? Guard your freedoms carefully. Keep the Bible in the center. You may soon be very surprised to find American the British citizens fleeing to your nations for protection from persecution by demon possessed God haters in the West.  

Please, my dear African friends, learn a lesson from recent history. Our Western culture is collapsing and filthy. Find your own way in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. When you get a chance to talk to your national leaders, ask them to keep Africa African. Encourage them to enlarge the love of God in your nations. President Musavene if Uganda is such a man. He may have his weaknesses, but he clearly has still got some zeal for the Gospel he learned long ago. Encourage this in all of Africa.  

Ethiopia, will you abandon the ancient heritage of Christian teaching? I believe you as a people need to be more personal in your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, but I am also burdened to hear of the flood of Western filth coming into Addis Ababa. The Bible says that Ethiopia will "soon stretch forth her hands unto God," but will they be dirty filthy hands? Will you take the wise cousel of Solomon and seek wisdom? 

Eritrea, did you get your freedom only to come into bondage to sex sellers of the USA and Europe? Beware of the filthy Farengi!  

You Egyptian Christians-- I know you suffer persecution greatly, but DO NOT seek deliverance from the United Nations and the West. They will take your soul in exchange for any favors they do you. I believe that after the great Tribulation, soon to come to this world, God will wipe out all vestiges of Western filth and Islam, then He will exalt Africa and the Middle East to greatness, but only if you in Africa do not reject Him in the next few years.

Keep your freedoms. African youth-- Don't sit in study hour or take silly hand craft classes during "religion" of "dini" classes. If you have the freedom to study your religion, do so. Know what you believe. I believe you have the most freedom through the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ does not promise political freedom as man invented it, but Jesus does promise freedom from a wicked life. You Muslim youth should look into it. Take a class or two to see if I am right.

Why not send me a note in the email? Let me know what you are doing in your part of Africa to hold onto the Truth in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.