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Proofs that witchcraft is Satanic

Many Wiccans and witches, even Satanists, have written me and tried to schmooze me into capitulating on the FACT that witches, and the News Age, do massive and unspeakable evil, to include human sacrifice and animal bestial sexual acts.

 I have plenty of material in my files on this, but the data is a bit old.  So, Mr. Goldman has done us all a great service to show the nature of Satanic groups and their tactics.

Bogota, Colombia- The Associated Press

Authorities were searching for clues in the murders of 25 children whose remains were found this week at the bottom of a steep ravine and scattered throughout an overgrown city lot. Officials said they were probing the possibility that satanic cults were involved in at least some of the deaths in Pereira, a western state capital about 110 miles (175 kilometers) from Bogota. "It's a city where satanism is widely practiced, and there's alot of talk that children are used in rituals," said mayor's aide Luis Fernando Henao. Liquor bottles were found beside some victims, two of whom were tied to trees and apparently tortured, Henao said.

Prosecutors said they were considering all possibilities, including that the children may have been killed as part of a "social cleansing" campaign of suspected juvenile delinquents by vigilantes. The children's bodies - almost all of them reduced to skeletons - were found in two separate searches in the same part of the city. Twelve of the victims were found in a riverbed below a city highway. Searchers rappelled down a ravine to reach the site after workers fixing electrical lines spotted what they believed were animal bones, said state prosecutor Elena Osorio.

A search team discovered the other remains last week, hidden beneath the underbrush in an abandoned lot, after a child came across a skull. "As they tore away the vegetation, they encountered the bodies," Osorio said. Many of the skeletons were incomplete and investigators estimated the number of dead by counting skulls. Forensic experts believe the oldest of the victims was 16 and at least half were 10 or under. "It's very distressing and's truly a mystery," Mayor Luis Alberto Duque told The Associated Press. Duque said, however, that accounts linking the deaths to cults had "in a high percentage been ruled out."


Hitler ... the Second Coming?

© 1998 S.L. Goldman

Item: Daytona Beach, FL: A 17-year-old boy was strapped to a table and tortured for two days before being murdered by a group of Satan worshippers, police say. Police reports indicate that the boy had been flogged with chains and stabbed with cut glass while tied to a black wooden table in the basement of a ramshackle brick rooming house the beach kids called "Roach Haven." (AP).

Item: A group of eight people filed a lawsuit against The World Healing Center in San Diego, California, for harassment and sexual maltreatment during weekend "rebirthing" sessions. (Rebirthing is a popular method among proponents of the New Age Movement for elevating the consciousness and ridding oneself of past hang-ups). The charges include being "diapered, gagged, and forced to sit for hours in our own feces and urine." Additionally several of the complainants say that they were severely beaten for "resisting the Holy Spirit" during the sessions.

Item: A young woman who said she was the priestess of a Wiccan (witchcraft) cult testified that a California boy was tortured and killed as a sacrifice "to appease the Master." Deborah A. Shook, 22 of Washington, New Jersey, took the witness stand at the murder trial of a youth she said was the cult's high priest. She said she saw Ross Michael Cochran, 7, of Fresno, tied to a black wooden altar in the basement of a rundown rooming house in Daytona Beach last April.(L.A.Times)

Item: Police uncovered a camp of survivalists in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California where countless kidnapped victims were held prisoner. The people were tortured, and finally murdered. Initial newspaper reports indicate that a close associate of one of the survivalists told police that the atrocities could be blamed on an unnamed cult in San Francisco. An investigator later remarked that the same scene reminded him of Nazi concentration camps.(AP)

Something terrible is happening in the world today. Something only hinted at in your darkest nightmares. The problem is, it is frighteningly real.

The above items -- bizarre though they may seem -- aren't from the National Enquirer. They're either direct off the wire services, or clipped from major newspapers throughout the country. Chances are that if you open your paper today, you'll find similar items.

The blurbs are clear evidence of the reality of evil in the world today. Whether you're a believer in the devil of the Bible, or a dark force a la "Star Wars," only a blind man or a fool -- in light of what's taking place in the world -- would deny the existence of evil.

I first began writing about the New Age Movement in1985, as an outgrowth of a research project on destructive cults. At the time I was working in tandem with two groups, The American Family Foundation and The Christian Research Center, headed by the late Dr. Walter Martin.

It is absolutely amazing to me what has taken place in the last 13 years. When I published my first article (March1985), most people had never heard the term New Age Movement (NAM). Now every bookstore has a New Age (or self-help) section. Every record store has a New Age aisle. (In fact, New Age music -- Lord knows why -- is one of the most stable elements in a highly unstable recording industry).

Today the term "New Age" has become part of our vocabulary. If there was ever anything dark hinted at by those words, it's been long since whitewashed. Talk to your average New Ager, and he'll agree with you that practitioners the darker occultic disciplines (Satanists, witches, Neo-Nazis) are on one team (the bad guys) and they (the New Agers) have absolutely no connection with them whatsoever.

I'm here to show you that that is a lie.

Just a short refresher course, so we'll understand what constitutes the brand of thinking which I refer to here as "New Age." Let's deal with the (so-called) bad guys first. We all aware, I'm certain, that today, more kids are into witchcraft (Wicca) and Satanism than ever before. Courses in witchcraft are taught on most liberal college campuses. Want to joint a satanic cult? Hop onto the net, go to Yahoo, type in satanism or devil worship, and you're on your way!

In addition to the massive revival in Satanism and witchcraft, we're also seeing a huge rise in people who are joining cults of all types. Some of the more widely known cults include the Hari Krishna's, 3H0 (healthy, happy, holy), Scientology, the Unity Church (Moonies), Church Universal and Triumphant, The Children of God, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, and the Jehovah's Witnesses.

In addition to the more high-profile cults, there are literally hundreds of other groups springing up everyday which (because of the indoctrination techniques which they employ in the name of "consciousness raising") can be defined as cults. These include consciousness raising groups; (The Forum, Arica, Lifespring); esoteric religious systems (Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Gurdjeiff, Knight's Templarism); mind-science practices (Christian Science, A Course In Miracles, TM, Silva Mind Control); mind body therapies (polarity therapy, primal scream, guided imagery, rebirthing); assorted gurus (Sai Baba, Ram Dass, Guru Mahraj Ji); trance channelers (Seth, Ramtha); spiritual communities (Findhorn, Esalen, Summit Lighthouse); political groups and organizations (Lucis Trust, Friends of the Earth); UFO cults (Solar Light Retreat, The Mark Age Metacenter); neo-pagan belief systems (Feraferia, The Church Of All Worlds); and assorted psychotherapy cults (The Center For Feeling Therapy).

And let's not forget the biggest and perhaps the most insidious cult of all -- the Catholic Church! Sorry guys, it ain't just my opinion. (I can see the letters pouring in already).

Members of all these disparate groups would argue that they have nothing to do with one another. This is false. There is glue that clearly binds them together. A common cosmology, if you will -- which is the belief that man's limited consciousness results in his separation from his "true self." So that within the structure of any of these groups -- a person's goal is to evolve (through various incarnations) to higher and higher levels of consciousness, the ultimate goal being to attain perfection, Nirvana, Satori, Godhood ... whatever you choose to call "it." To put it simply, they all say that man can attain a state of consciousness, which can put him on the same level as God. The more forthright come right out and say that Man can become God.

So what's wrong with that, you ask. Isn't that an admirable goal? Unfortunately, the problem -- the horror -- of the New Age belief system is that it is practically, point-for-point, identical with the doctrines of Nazism.

In the introduction to his book, "The Occult and the Third Reich," Dr. Lewis Sumberg states: "The rise of occultism and the practice of the black arts was noted everywhere in Germany during the '20s. That we are witnessing much of the same phenomena in the U.S. today -- in the ominous and prodigious growth of politico-religious-elitist cults, Manson type families, and the epidemic of occult inspired suicides and assassinations -- should cause civilized man the greatest concern."

Most people don't know that Hitler was a full-fledged occultist. I was reminded of this while watching a showing of "Hitler: The Occult Messiah" on PBS last week. It's amazing to me how the history books have overlooked this fact -- that the whole raison' d'Ítre of the Holocaust -- the very heart and soul of Nazism -- was rooted in Hitler's belief in occultism.

While still a child, Hitler was initiated into the mysteries of the occult. He attended a Benedictine monastery near his home. The abbot in charge was fascinated by the lore of the Albignesians or Cathars, who can be described as early New Agers in that they believed man could gain the powers of a god.

The occult interests Hitler gained in his youth stayed with him all of his adult life.

While Hitler was in Vienna pursuing a career as an artist, he spent practically all of his spare time in occult bookstores, reading up on white and black magic as well as transcendent states of mind expansion. He befriended an astrologer (though he would later decry astrology). He devoted every spare cent to the pursuit of this higher consciousness. He studied Yoga, astrology and the many and sundry forms of Eastern and Western mysticism. From his youth, Hitler was also fascinated by Norse mythology and the Grail legend.

Hitler was impatient. His goal was to attain "higher consciousness." At some point, the young Hitler decided to speed the process up by supplementing his daily meditation with drugs. He used mescaline to bring about these so-called higher states of consciousness. He continued to devour occultic books by the dozen.

However, there is one book in particular that, when discovered by the young Hitler, literally changed his life (and the course of history) forever. That book, actually part of a series of books, is entitled "The Secret Doctrine," written ("channeled" according to the author) by a woman named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society. The teachings outlined in Blavatsky's writings provided the focal point for Hitler's belief system. These same teachings provide the basis for the entire New Age Movement.

An associate of Hitler's interviewed by PBS recalled that Hitler checked "The Secret Doctrine" out of the bookstore literally dozens of times (bookstores operated like libraries at the time, and Hitler was apparently too poor to purchase a copy). The acquaintance described Hitler as being "obsessed" by Blavatsky's writings and said that after reading this book that Hitler "changed" in some way that was impossible to describe. "It was as if some new force, a new being had entered his body," the friend recalled.

Blavatsky's teachings are founded upon the notion that mankind originated in Atlantis, and that the Aryans were the master race of the seven Atlantean races. Purportedly, specially selected "enlightened" beings were chosen throughout history to pass on "The Mystery Teachings" to certain initiates. Those who followed these teachings would gradually evolve to higher and higher levels of consciousness until they attained perfection. Of course, not all were destined for this much vaunted state. Those not included were Jews and (later) Christians. To see that the psychic superiority was not lost from the Aryan race, the process of "initiation" was developed by the Masters.

Blavatsky further held the Germanic peoples were actually Asian migrants, having "migrated millennia ago from Asia and spread throughout Africa and Europe."

Once Hitler had come into power, he openly expounded on his occultic beliefs to the masses. By this time, Hitler had become an adept in two occultic groups, The Thule Geselschaft and The Vril Society). Secret meetings were held in an underground bunker in Hitler's castle. Later, he would instigate a governmental occultic branch known as the SS Occult Bureau.

This operation under was under the direction of Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's right hand man. Himmler himself was forced to undergo initiation in the occultic mysteries, as were all members of the SS. Shrouded in Aryan grail esoterics, the initiate's goal was to gain psychic abilities and superhuman strength.

Initiation became the sine qua non for leadership in the SS occultic group. Purportedly, only adepts (not initiates) could communicate with the so-called supermen or "higher powers" who were needed to give direction to the New Race.

The doctrine of Aryanism was (and is) an integral part of both the NAM and Nazism (as well as other forms of anti-semitism and racism). After the resurrection of Christ, St. Paul specifically said that all distinctions, even between Jew and Gentile, were abolished. If your doctrine is that all men are created in the image of God, it is hard to maintain racism and anti-semitism. Where the doctrine says that man has evolved from differing root races and is at various stages of evolutionary development, it becomes easy to justify all forms of discrimination. It even becomes easy to eradicate an entire people.

"The Final Solution" became the next logical step for Hitler. Only pure, white Aryans were capable of achieving "full initiation," into the Mystery Teachings. Anybody else had a "blood taint." Thus, Hitler included Christians on his extermination list after he began systematically murdering the Jews. The idea of a "blood taint" (though often hidden) is also at the core of New Age beliefs.

A few quotes from Alice Bailey (a disciple of Madame Blavatsky and one of the higher-ups in the Theosophical Society).

"Today the law of karma is working and the Jews are paying the price ... for all they have done in the past. The Jews have never faced the problem of why the many nations, from the time of the Egyptians, have neither liked nor wanted them. Yet there must be some reasons inherent in the people themselves. The evil karma of the Jew today is intended to bring him to the point of relinquishing all material goals, or renouncing a nationality that has a tendency to be somewhat parasitic..."

Later, Bailey indicated that the "Jewish Problem" might be "astrological" in origin.

"The behavior of the Jew is the guided by the 'personality ray'... the material form of the third ray. This egoic ray is first for the Jew. Their astrological sign is Capricorn with Virgo rising. Mercury and Virgo play a prominent part in their destiny. Because of this third ray influence, you have the tendency of the Jew to manipulate forces and energies ... to pull strings in order to bring about desired ends."

Alice Bailey stated that she penned these words under the direction of her "Tibetan Master" in 1949, when the world was already aware of what was happening to the Jews in Europe.

Bailey's husband, Foster Bailey, also a high ranking Theosophist, during one of his speeches, let it be clear that Hitler was "one of them."

"Another hierarchic project," said Bailey, "is the uniting of the nations of Europe in one cooperating peaceful community. One attempt was about to begin by uniting the peoples living in the Rhine River valley. It was an attempt by a disciple of ours, but it did not work. Now another attempt is in full swing, namely the six nation Common Market."

Like the Nazis, New Agers also believe in the existence of "Masters" (sometimes called guardian angels") who are organized in a hierarchy which will ultimately be overseen by the "New Messiah." The Nazis believed in the existence of a hierarchy of Masters who would be overseen b a "New Age Christ." This New Age Christ was obviously Hitler, who often referred to himself in those exact terms.

John White, in the introduction to the 1979 International Cooperation Council Directly (now known as the Unity In Diversity Council) stated "What is coming to pass today is not a generation gap or a communications gap, but rather a species gap. A new species is making its way onto the planet. This inevitably brings it into conflict with the dominant species. And that dominant species is a dying species. A higher form of humanity is taking control of our planet ... this form will survive while the older species dies out. Outwardly these mutant humans resemble the earlier forms. The difference is inward, in their consciousness..."

If this sounds similar to Nazi doctrine, it should. Hitler said almost the same thing.

"Creation is not yet completed. Man must pass through many further stages of metamorphoses. Post-Atlantaen man is already in a state of degeneration and decline, barely able to survive. All creative forces will be concentrated in the new species. Two types of man, the old and the new, will evolve rapidly. One will disappear from the face of the earth. The other will flourish.

Hitler was a master, as are occultists today, at making what he was doing seem harmless. Extermination of Jews and gypsies was not called "killing." It was called "a cleansing action." Death camps were disguised to look like health camps. Mass extermination of whole areas of people was labeled "resettlement."

From a book written by two French Scholars, who wrote under the single name Jean Michael Angebert, called "The Occult And The Third Reich": "Those who induced Germany to embrace the swastika are not dead. They are still among us, just as they have been in every era, and doubtless will continue to be until the Apocalypse. National Socialism was for them but a means, and Hitler but an instrument. That undertaking failed. But another one is surely on the horizon."

The pre-war climate that gave rise to Nazism is uncomfortably similar to that which exists in the world today. It was an atmosphere beset with disappointment over political events. Germany had experienced the trauma of a wartime defeat and post war inflation with it's accompanying hardships. The youth of Germany tried to escape the harsh tenor of the times by turning to Eastern mysticism, studied in concert with German and Nordic mythology -- mythologies of a never-never land where ancient adepts were always invincible and defeat existed only as a "state of mind."

Sound familiar?

Today, the United States is in a similar position to the pre-World War II Germans. Our national pride -- in light of the Clinton scandal -- is wounded. The truth is, it's been leaking steadily ever since Vietnam. The country is in the throes of a horrid economy which all the experts say is only going to get worse. Since the sixties, there has been a massive turning towards Eastern mysticism, with the route to transcendental consciousness accelerated by the widespread use of drugs. The exact same scenario could be used to describe post-World War One Germany.

Both Nazism and the NAM are programs for expediting the "path" to transcendental consciousness. Occult teachings and pagan practices were injected into the mainstream of a nation during Hitler's reign. Look around today. What do you see? Go into the New Age section of any bookstore and look at the titles on the shelf. It's all there, the same old stuff, dressed up in new clothing. The waxy faced, hollow-eyed authors of the books -- assorted MDs, PhDs, healers, mystics, gurus and astrologers -- smile out at you from the covers. Each author tells you that they have "the answer." You buy a book (doesn't matter which one). Take it home. It doesn't talk about killing Jews or taking over the world. It talks about "feeling good," about "taking charge of your life." It seems benign (if a bit boring). You figure what the heck ... I'll give this stuff a try.

Don't be fooled. You open those doors, and you're opening the floodgates to hell.

The Theosophical Society is not some piece of ancient history. Open your local paper. You'll likely find an ad for "classes" in Theosophy. Its headquarters and main library are located, as they have been for years, in Ojai California.

Still doubt that there is a massive revival in the occult movement? Flip on your computer, go onto Yahoo and type in the words: occult, satanism, vampire (or any one of dozens of other words related to these subjects) and start following the links. You won't believe what you'll find.

Despite the fact that New Agers would like to separate their activities from the more overt satanically oriented groups, this division is arbitrary. The basic tenets of both New Agers, Satanists (the non reality of evil, the constant striving for higher levels of consciousness) are identical. One might say that Satanism is simply the logical conclusion of New Age occultism.

Hitler failed in his mission to become the "New Christ." However, the Bible clearly tells us that the Anti-Christ is coming. If you take a look at the events in the world today, it would appear that the stage is just about set. Would you have pictured this world -- the world we live in today, with it's instant communication, with bloodthirsty gangs and evil run rampant in the streets, with pornography on your TV screen in prime time, with gay pride (pride in what?) parades drawing millions of enthusiastic onlookers, with blitzed out, freaked out, drugged out, hypnotized kids jumping headfirst off the stage and beating the crap out of each other at rock 'n' roll concerts -- with evil men running the country? Would you have pictured this existing ten years ago?

No, you wouldn't have dreamed this could exist, would you? But here it is! Now imagine the future. Nothing's crazy anymore. Nothing is shocking. It's all out there ... right now. There are no more taboos (except telling the truth).

Now think about this world we live in, in light of what the Bible says in Revelations.

Am I saying the Apocalypse is around the corner? That the new Hitler (the Anti-Christ) is about to be revealed? Sorry folks, I'm not in the prediction business. I don't believe in prophecy, but I do believe that 99 percent of the people who call themselves prophets are wolves in sheep's clothing. You'd have to be a fool not to see that something on the horizon -- and it's something much bigger than Y2K.

One thing is for certain. Today we're all engaged in warfare, like it or not. I'm talking about spiritual warfare. And I'm telling you, the time is coming, and quickly, when you'll have to choose sides. It will be the most important choice of your life, for it involves literally everything you do, every move you make.

These words are not meant as scare tactics. Nevertheless, if they make you uncomfortable, that's as it should be. Each of us must make use of every bit of information available to us. We must be willing to look at painful truths about ourselves and not the guy next door! More importantly, we must hone our ability to discern truth from falsehood. The enemy is a liar. His minions are liars. Therefore, we must seek the answer within the solitude of our own hearts. Sorry, but you can't sit on the fence any longer. Like the Dylan song says, "You gotta serve somebody." And you do -- and you are -- whether you know it or not.

The choice is yours. The battle lines are drawn. The time is now.