Searching for the Truth in the King James Bible;
Finding it, and passing it on to you.

Steve Van Nattan







Signers of the Constitution of the United States

Abraham BaldwinJames McHenry
Gunning Bedford Jr.James Madison
John BlairAlexander Martin
William BlountRobert Morris
David BrearleyWilliam Paterson
Daniel CarrollWilliam Pierce
William RichardsonDavie Charles Pinckney
Jonathan DaytonEdmund Randolph
Oliver EllsworthGeorge Read
Benjamin FranklinRoger Sherman
Elbridge GerryGeorge Walton
Refus KingGeorge Washington
John LangdonGeorge Wythe
John Lansing Jr. 


 Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Benjamin Franklin--
Author of the book, "Fart Proudly"
John Hancock
William Hooper    Richard Stockton
Matthew Thornton   George Walton
William Whipple 


John Blair - 1732-1800
Benjamin Franklin - 1706-1790, statesman, diplomat, author, scientist and printer
Francis Scott Key-- Wrote our National Anthem
John Hancock - 1737-1793, merchant, politician and Revolutionary leader
Rufus King - 1755-1827, politician and diplomat
Henry Knox - 1750-1806, American Revolutionary soldier and public official
George Mason - 1725-1792, American Revolutionary statesman
James Otis - 1725-1783, Famous for "Taxation without representation is tyranny"
Thomas Paine - 1737-1809, English-born American author & Revolutionary leader
Peyton Randolph -
Paul Revere - 1735-1818, American silversmith, engraver and Revolutionary patriot
Joseph Warren -


 Samuel Colt - 1814-1862, American inventor & manufacturer
David 'Davy' Crockett - 1786-1836, American politician & frontiersman
Richard Gatling - 1818-1903, American firearms inventor whose guns killed many American Indians
Sam Houston - 1793-1863, American general & politician.  Was genuinely born-again late in life.
William Barret Travis - 1809-36, American military leader, killed at the Alamo



 Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - American Astronaut
Neil Armstrong - American Astronaut; first to walk on the moon
Gordon Cooper
Don Eisele
John H. Glenn - First American Astronaut to orbit in space
Virgil Grissom - American astronaut
Fred Haise
Edgar Mitchell
Wally Schirra
Thomas Stafford
James Webb
Paul Weitz


 Richard E. Byrd - American Naval officer and polar explorer
Christopher "Kit" Carson - American frontiersman and Indian agent
William Clark - American western explorer, military officer
Lewis and Clark- American western explorers
Meriwether Lewis - American western explorer
Charles Lindbergh - American aviator; first solo transatlantic flight
Donald MacMillan - American Arctic explorer
Robert E. Peary - American Naval office and Arctic explorer
Zebulon Pike - American Army officer and explorer; Pike's Peak


Musicians and Composers

Roy Acuff
Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong - 1900-1971, American jazz musician
Eddy Arnold
Johann Christian Bach - German composer
William "Count" Basie - American jazz composer & band leader
Irving Berlin - 1888-1989, Russian-born American songwriter
Roy Clark - Country music star
George M. Cohan - 1878-1942, American singer, songwriter & playwright
Nat "King" Cole - 1919-1965, American singer & pianist
Reginald DeKoven -
Edward "Duke" Ellington - 1899-1974, American jazz composer, pianist & bandleader
Sir William Schwenck Gilbert - 1836-1911, English playwright & lyricist
Franz Joseph "Papa" Hayden - 1732-1809, Austrian composer
Burl Ives -
Al Jolson - 1886-1950, American entertainer
Francis Scott Key - 1779-1843, American lawyer & poet
Franz Liszt - 1811-1886, Hungarian pianist & composer
Jakob Ludwig F. Mendelssohn - 1809-1847, German composer, pianist & conductor
Glenn Miller - 1909-1944, American bandleader
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 1756-1791, Austrian composer and dirty old man
Roy Rogers - American singer & actor
Jean Sibelius - 1865-1957, Finnish composer
John Stafford Smith - wrote the music that became the US National Anthem
John Phillip Sousa - 1854-1932, American bandmaster & composer
Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan - 1842-1900, English composer of operettas
Mel Tillis -
Paul Whiteman - "King of Jazz", 1891-1967. American jazz musician


Film and TV Stars

Gene Autry - 1907- , singing cowboy and actor
Mel Blanc -1908-1989, actor and voice specialist
Ernest Borgnine - actor, clown
Cecil B. DeMille - 1881-1959, movie producer
Walter Elias "Walt" Disney - 1901-1966, cartoonist, showman and film producer
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. -
W. C. Fields -1880-1946, entertainer and noted Atheist
William Clark Gable - 1901-1960, actor
Arthur Godfrey - 1903-1983, entertainer
Oliver Hardy - 1892-1957, comedian
Buster Keaton - 1895-1966, actor
Arthur Stanley Jefferson "Stan" Laurel - 1890-1965, comedian
Elmo Lincoln - First actor to play Tarzan of the Apes
Louis B. Mayer - 1885-1957, Russian-born, motion-picture producer
Tom Mix - Marshal turned actor, over 400 western films
Roy Rogers - American cowboy and screen star
Will Rogers-- Country philosopher
Peter Sellers--  Irreverent and clever comedian
Richard "Red" Skelton - 1913-1997, comedian
Charles "General Tom Thumb" Stratton - 1838-1883, circus performer
Danny Thomas--  Noted Lebanese American entertainer
John "The Duke" Wayne - 1907-1979, actor who got religion the last ten minutes of his life.




Casanova - Italian adventurer, writer and entertainer                                          
Buffalo Bill Cody 

Norm Crosby  

Grock - Swiss circus clown

Paul Harvey--  Noted radio commentator

Bob Hope-- Noted entertainer of the troops with smutt and filth

Harry Houdini--  Fascinated with magic and metaphysics

August Ringling--  Master of the circus

Charles Stratton

Enrico Wallenda-- High wire artist

Florenz Ziegfeld - Ziegfeld's Follies



Ty Cobb - Baseball 
 Mickey Cochrane -
Earle Bryan Combs - Baseball                                                              
Jack Dempsey - Boxer
Rogers Hornsby - Original member of the Baseball Hall of Fame           
Jack Kemp -
Vince Lombardi - Football                                                                   
James Naismith - Inventor of Basketball
Ray Nitschke - Football                                                                      
Arnold Palmer - Golf Pro
Sugar Ray Robinson - Boxer                                                               
Bart Starr - Football
Honus Wagner -                                                             
Matthew Webb - 1st to swim the English Channel (1875)

Cy Young -

Authors and Writers

Robert Burns - The National Poet of Scotland who wrote "Nine inches makes the Lady Happy"
Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Tom Sawyer
Carlo Collodi - Writer of Pinocchio
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Writer - Sherlock Holmes
Edward Gibbon - Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe - 1749-1832, German poet & dramatist
Edgar Guest - 1881-1959, Englih-born American journalist
Alex Haley - Roots
Francis Scott Key - American Poet, The Star-Spangled Banner
Rudyard Kipling - Mother Lodge; and The Man Who Would Be King
Chrales W. Moore -
Dr. Robert Morris - Poet and Founder of the Order of Easter Star
Aleksander Pushkin - Russian Poet
Sir Walter Scott - Scottish author
William Shakespeare - English playwright & poet
Johathan Swift - Irish-born English satirist, author Gulliver's Travels
Leo Tolstoi - 1828-1910, Russian author and philosopher
Voltaire - 1694-1778, French author and philosopher
Lewis Wallace - American general, diplomat & author Ben Hur
H.G. Wells - 1866-1946, English author, Time Machine
 Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde - 1854-1900, Irish poet, playwright & writer and sodomite.


Business Leaders

Lloyd Balfour - Jewelry      
Lawrence Bell - Bell Aircraft Corporation
Walter P. Chrysler - Automotive                             
Andre Citroen - French Engineer and motor car manufacturer
Samuel Colt - Firearms                                                          
William H. Dow - Dow Chemical Company
Edwin L. Drake - American Pioneer of the Oil Industry           
Bob Evans - Bob Evans' Restraunts
Eberhard Faber - Head of Eberhard Fabor Pencil Co             
Henry Ford - Automotive inventor and Jew hater
King C. Gillette - Gillette Razor Company                          
Samel Gompers - English-born American labor leader
Charles C. Hilton - Hotelier                                                   
Frank Hoover - Hoover Vacuum
Ephraim Kirby - Kirby Vacuum                                         
Sebastian S. Kresge--  Founder of the K-Mart empire
John L. Lewis -                                                                 
Sir Thomas Lipton - Lipton Tea Company
Ben Marcus
Louis B. Mayer - 1885-1957, Russian-born, motion-picture producer
Fredrick Maytag - Maytag appliance retailer
Jacob Morton -
Abraham Nieman                                                             
 Ransom E. Olds - Automobile
Frank Phillips                                                                   
Harland Sanders-- Chicken man from Kentucky
David Sarnoff                                                                  
John W. Teets - Chairman and President of Dial Corp
James C. Penny - Retailer and founder of J.C. Penny stores
Dave Thomas - Wendy's Restaurant--  "Where's the beef?"
Jack Warner                                                           
Darryl F. Zanuck - Co-founder of 20th Century Productions

War Heroes

 Henry Harley ('Hap') Arnold - 1886-1950, American Air-force officer
Omar Nelson Bradley - 1893-1981, American military leader
James Harold ('Jimmy') Doolittle - 1896-1993, American Army office & Aviator
Douglas MacArthur - 1880-1964, American general--  
            Interesting that he was sacked by Grand Master Harry S. Truman!
George C. Marshall - 1880-1959, American soldier, diplomat & statesman (Nobel 1953)
Audie Murphy - 1924-1971, Most decorated American Soldier of WWII and actor
Oliver Hazard Perry - 1785-1819, American Naval officer
John Joseph ('Black Jack') Pershing - 1860-1948, American Army officer
Edward Vernon ('Eddie') Richenbacker - 1890-1973, American Aviator
Charles Summerall
Alfred vonTirpitz - 1849-1930, German Navel officer responsible for submarine warfare
Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright - 1883-1953, American general


Education Leaders

Robert E.B. Baylor - 1793-1873, Founder of Baylor University
Ezra Cornell - 1807-1874                                               
Samuel Kirkland -
Roscoe Pound                                                                
Cecil Rhodes--  South Africa--  Promoter of One World White Race Supremacy
Leland Stanford                                                               
John Warren
Booker T. Washington

Health Care

Jean Henri Dunant - 1828-1910, Swiss philanthropist & Founder of the Red Cross
Sir Alexander Fleming - 1881-1955, British Inventor of Penicillin, Nobel 1945
Sir Frederick Hopkins - 1861-1947, English biochemist, Nobel 1929
Edward Jenner - 1749-1823, English Inventor of the Vaccination
Dr. Chrales King
Dr. Charles Mayo - 1865-1939, Founder of the Mayo Clinic
Dr. William Mayo - 1861-1939, Founder of the Mayo Clinic
Karl A. Menninger - Psychiatrist for treating mental illness
Franz Anton Mesmer - Practiced Mesmerism, which led to Hypnotism
Dr. Andrew Still - 1828-1917, American pioneer osteopath


Political Figures

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill - 1874-1965, English Prime Minister--  Member of British Druids
DeWitt Clinton - 1769-1828, American politician
Bob Dole -
Barry Goldwater - 1909- , American Conservative politician
Hubert Humphrey - 1911-1978, US Vice President & legislator
Jesse Helms - US Senator from Georgia
Gilbert Lafayette -
Robert R. Livingston - Scottish American colonist co-negotiator for purchase of Louisiana Territory
John Logan -
Trent Lott -
Sam Nunn -
Strom Thurmond - 1902- , American legislator--  Board member at Bob Jones University
Joseph Warren -
 Harry S. Truman-- US President & Grand Master of the Washington Lodge
US Presidents follow:
George Washington 1732 - 1799  Grand Master of Washington Lodge--  Repented at the end of his life.
James Monroe 1758 - 1831
Andrew Jackson 1767 - 1845-- Possibly the most colorful US President.  
          Was genuinely born-again late in life.
James K. Poke 1795 - 1849
James Buchanan 1791 - 1868
Andrew Johnson 1808 - 1875
Abraham Lincoln- Abraham Lincoln was not a Freemason. He did apply for membership in Tyrian Lodge, Springfield, Ill., shortly after his nomination for the presidency in 1860 but withdrew the application because he felt that his applying for membership at that time might be construed as a political ruse to obtain votes. He advised the lodge that he would resubmit his application again when he returned from the presidency. God had other plans for this man weak conviction.
Millard Fillmore 1800 - 1874-- Thirteenth president of the United States (1850-53); Anti-Mason in his youth, he later was present at the Masonic cornerstone laying for the extension of the Capitol in Washington, DC, on July 4, 1851. He also was present, September 1872, at the Masonic cornerstone laying at the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane. Although Millard Fillmore was not a Freemason, his uncle, Jesse Millard, was a Mason in Michigan.  In other words, he wimped out on his first zeal.
James A. Garfield  1831 - 1881
William McKinley 1843 - 1901
Theodore Roosevelt 1858 - 1919--  Noted military commander and US President
William H. Taft 1857 - 1930--  Fat boy who got stuck in the White House bath tub.
Warren G. Harding 1865 - 1923
Franklin D. Roosevelt 1882 - 1945--  Gave half of Germany to Joseph Stalin
 Lyndon B. Johnson 1908 - 1973--  Many a dead Mexican voted for him.
Gerald R. Ford 1913--  Funded the Marxist coup in Ethiopia--  Invaded wrong Island to rescue troops.
Ronald Reagan-- Jim Shaw reports that President Reagan was brought into the Lodge while in office.  The official Masonic line is, "President Reagan is not a Freemason although he is an honourary member of the Imperial Council of the Shrine. President Reagan has on numerous occasions been involved in Shrine and Masonic functions throughout his career. In the Oval Office of the White House on February 11th, 1988, when a group of Freemasons presented President Reagan with a certificate of honour from the Grand Lodge of Washington, D.C., then he was made an Honourary Scottish Rite mason."  It was at this event that Jim Shaw claims that "a world famous evengelist" was also oathed into Masonic degrees.  Jim Shaw was iced shortly after publishing his claims in a book.
George Bush-- The alleged confusion as to President Bush being a Mason arises from the swearing in ceremonies at his inauguration. President Bush took his oath of office on the George Washington Bible which belongs to St. Johns Lodge in New York City. Because the Bible belonged to a Masonic Lodge many writers assumed he was a Freemason. The Bible was used at the request of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. This Bible was first used on April 30, 1789, by the Grand Master of the Masons in New York, to administer the oath of office to Masonic Worshipful Master, George Washington. Other presidents who took their oath of office with this Bible are Warren G. Harding, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter.




 Frederic A. Bartholdi - Designed the Statue of Liberty                
Gutzon Borglum - Carved Mt. Rushmore
Lincoln Borglum - Carved Mt. Rushmore                                    
John Fitch -
James Hoban - Architect for the U.S. Capitol                              
William Schaw -


International Patriots

Simon Bolivar - 1783-1830, Venezuelan soldier & South American liberator
Giuseppe Garibaldi - 1807-1882, Italian general & nationalist leader
Benito Juarez - 1806-1872, Mexican statesman
Sir Stamford Raffles-- Founder of Singapore
Lajos Kossuth - 1802-1894, Hungarian revolutionary patriot & statesman
Marquis de Lafayette - 1757-1834, French military, politician & revolutionary leader
Giuseppe Mazzini - 1805-1872, Italian revolutionary patriot
Jose Rizal - 1861-1896, Philippine national leader

US Supreme Court Justices

Henry BaldwinOliverEllsworthSamuel Nelson
Hugo L. BlackStephen J. FieldStanley F. Reed
John Blair JrJohn M. HarlenWiley B. Rutledge
Samuel BlatchfordRobert H. JacksonPotter Stewart
Harold H. BurtonJoseph E. LamarNoah H. Swayne
James F. ByrnesJohn MarshallThomas Todd
John CattonThurgood Marshall Robert Trimble
Thomas C. ClarkStanley MathewsFrederick M. Vinson
John H. ClarkeSherman MintonEarl Warren
William CushingWilliam H. MoodyLevi Woodbury
Willis Van DevanterWilliam PatersonWilliam B. Wood
William O DouglasMaholn Pitney 



 John Theophilus Desaguliers - Inventor of the Planetarium               
John Fitch - Inventor of the Steamboat
Richard J. Gatling - Inventor of the "Gattling Gun"                 
Joseph Igrace Guillotin - Inventor of the "Guillotine"
Richard M. Hoe - Inventor of the Rotary Press            
Simon Lake - Built first submarine successfully in open sea
Albert Abraham Michelson - measured speed of light, 1882      
Antoine Joseph Sax - Inventor of the Saxophone



 Robert E.B. Baylor - Founder of Baylor University
Daniel Carter Beard - Founder of the Boy Scouts
Cornelius Hedges - "Father" of Yellowstone National Park
Melvin Jones - One of the founders of the Lions International
Frank S. Land - Founder of the Order of DeMolay
Harry S. New - Postmaster General who established Airmail
Leland Stanford - Founder of Stanford Univ., placed the 'Gold Spike' for railroad
Norman Vincent Peale - Founder of the "Guidepost"
George Pullman - Founder of the first sleeping car on trains
George Schoonover - Founder of "The Builder"
James Smithson-- Founder of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.
Adam Weishaupt-- Founder of the Illuminati-- Though not a Freemason, he built his Order on Masonic men and power.
Joseph Rettinger-- Jesuit priest--
            Founder of the Bilderberger Society which schemes to control the world from above.
General Albert Pike -
           Civil War General and author of "Morals and Dogma"-- The Masonic book of Doctrine

Religious Leaders

Reports keep coming in that Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland,
Pat Robertson, and Oral Roberts are Freemasons.
A number of Fundamental Baptists claim that
Dr. Bob Jones Sr. was also a Freemason.
We do only mention this as information.

 James Anderson                                                                      
Frances Bellamy
Rev. William Booth--  Salvation Army
Geoffray Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury, 1945-1961
Father Francisco Calvo - Catholic Priest stated Freemasonry in Costa Rica, 1865
J.T. Desaguliers                                                      
Rev. Jesse Jackson-- NAACP
Joseph Fort Newton                                               
G. Bromley Oxnam
Norman Vincent Peale--  Power of Positive Thinking--  Guideposts--  Mentor of Robert Schuller
Aleister Crowley-- Metaphysicist and raging Atheist who sida, "Do as thour wilt", and HE DID
Gerald Gardner-- Founder of WICCA-- Member of Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn,
          a Masonic fringe group.
Manly P. Hall-- Wrote an encyclopedia of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic Rosicrucian Symbolical
          Philosophy-- Taught that every Mason is Christ.
MacGregor Mathers-- Make the forst English translation of the pagan Jewish Kabbala
Karl Theodor Reuss-- Promoter of the Illumenati-- Head of Ordo Templi Orientis before Crowley.
         Russian spy.
Arthur E. Waite-- English Christian/Wiccan mystic who wrote the Masonic occult work,
        "A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry : Their Rites, Literature, and History" and
        "Emblematic Freemasonry".

Other World Leaders:

Emilio Aguinaldo (Philippine Patriot and General),
Miguel Aleman (Mexican President 1947-52),
Edward Benes (President of Czechoslovakia 1939-48),
Sveinn Bjornsson (1st President of Iceland),
Simon Bolivar (ÒGeorge Washington of S. AmericaÓ)
Napoleon Bonaparte (and his four brothers),
King Charles XIII (King of Sweden 1748-1818),
King Edward VII and King Edward VIII (Kings of England, 1901-10 & 36, respectively),
Francis I and Francis II (Holy Roman Emperors, 1745-65 & 1768-1806),
Frederick the Great (King of Prussia 1740-86),
George I & George II (Kings of Greece, 1845-1913 & 1922-47),
George IV & George VI (Kings of England 1760-1820 & 1820-30),
Gustavus VI Adolphus (King of Sweden 1792-1809),
Kamehemeha IV and Kemehemeha V (Kings of Hawaii (1854-63 & 1863-72)
Leopold I (King of Belgium (1831-65),
Peter the Great (Emperor of Russia 1689-1725),
William I (King of Prussia 186188),
William II (King of the Netherlands (1792-1849),
William IV (King of England (1830-37)