By Shirley Ann Miller

From: Steve Deakins <>
Subject: Holy laughter

In Prophezine's monthly email there was an article by Shirley Ann Miller on the "holy laughter" movement. In it she had a good point that had never occurred to me. I am forwarding that part of the article, and I think it is a good observation. The entire article can be found at:


Here is an important question which comes under the heading of "laying on of hands."  

This is a cross-denominational issue. It might surprise you, but cults and cultists also believe in the laying on of hands. Yes, there is another spirit-world of the supernatural, and following this demonstration some really strange things can begin to happen.

The act of "laying on of hands" (1) demonstrates the "transference of the spirit, spirits, or Spirit (the latter as in Holy Spirit-Acts 8:17)" of the one praying and laying on of hands; or (2) it could also be by one who desires to comfort or console another through prayer and touch. It is important to know the difference and also what motivates the person doing the praying.

In the first instance, whenever any person lays hands on you they intend to "pass" something they possess over to you!!! You must know whether or not what they intend giving to you is something you really want! A simple act of "submission" grants permission and acceptance to those who lay hands on you. If this isn't important, you might ask yourself: "Do you want someone passing a familiar spirit from them to you by simply praying and laying their hands on you?" How do you know whether or not an individual is the conduit of the Great and Mighty Holy Spirit of God or the possessor of demonic spirits? (This last question sounds like a good title for an entire book!)

We see so many men and women "laying" hands upon others, but do we know the "spirit" of that individual of whom we allow to place their hands upon another. What "spirit" do they transfer to others? You might think about this the next time someone wants to pray over you. Personally, I believe one should "never" allow another to lay hands upon them unless "first" knowing by what spirit inhabits or drives that individual, and for what purpose brings about their actions. What is their belief? To whom or what have they submitted their life? And most importantly, what is their motive--power, control, self-glorification or hopefully the opposite--at best, to comfort and love?

There is no passage within New Testament scripture that indicates that the Messiah lay His hands upon any demon-possessed person. Wherever Jesus went in ministry, He was always in the continual process of "giving" out to others and not "receiving." Many times Jesus lay His hands upon the sick to heal, but never upon the demon-possessed.

In Scripture, it was the spoken "Word" that delivered those oppressed, and caused Satan to shudder with fear (see the before and after difference in the Gadarene demonic Luke 8:26-36). One of the very important reasons for this, is because of the transference of "spirits" (Numbers 14:24; I King 22:21; Ephesians 2:2; 1 Tim 4:1; 1 John 4:1; 1 John 4:3; Ephesians 5:19; 2 Cor 6:17, Col. 2:21, etc.) (or in contrast the "Holy Spirit's power" as in Matthew 9:21).

In Yeshua,

Steve  Deakins

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal--  I know that in water witching, which has not other power than Satan, if a neophyte cannot get the rods to work, an experienced witcher will walk behind the neophyte and lay his hands on the arms of the neophyte as they walk along. This will transfer the power. Same old hoochie kooch, same old rodeo.