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Steve Van Nattan






By Steve Van Nattan

Women who played the whore in the past
want revenge today. Why?

We also talk about defending yourself and the local church against sex abuse and predators.

Why do women prostitute themselves to get jobs or gain advantages, and then, many years later, they out the offending man?

There is some sort of Feminazi mob rule taking hold of women today. They did things, and they let men abuse them, and they got the reward for prostitution..... the job, the role in the movie, the place on the executive team.

Now, the spirit of hate for men in society has inspired a rush to stampede into Twitter and the media by blaming or outing some man in their past.

On the other hand, women ARE being sexually abused. US Representative Conyers sat on the front row of his church and slid his hand up the skirt of Elisa Grubbs and caressed her thigh. The preacher did not care to notice, and the choir did not notice. Really? I find that hard to believe. Elisa leaped up and told members she had been harassed, but no one did anything. Conyers is Black, but when harassing women, he prefers vanilla. Conyers photo is above.


Women, when they fall into sin of any kind, want power over men. This is why millions of women become nags and nannies to their husbands. Men, when the fall into sin, want to take power over women and their vagina.

There is a war going on which dates back to the days of Jezebel and Ahab. Ahab wanted his pleasures and toys, and Jezebel got them for him, and in that way she owned him and was de facto ruler of the kingdom. She even murdered a man so her lecherous husband could inherit the victim's estate.

So, what is it you don't understand about this ancient picture of failed femininity and masculinity?

Eight women, women who went into news media companies knowing that the men in power there are sex perverts, woman who dress like whores to tantalize the men that hire them, are now horrified that Charlie Rose liked to drop his drawers for the ladies. And. Charlie's boss at once fired him. What a joke. As if his boss and other men in that media company were not rushing the girls along with Charlie.

I am convinced that the speed with which these bosses fire media and Hollywood hustlers, when they are accused of grabbing breasts, is directly proportionate to the amount of guilt in the bosses. They hope that their fast draw destruction of the accused will somehow shield them from a similar destiny. I assume this based on stories I have heard over my lifetime about the media and Hollywood. I suspect a lot of subtle gifts have been flying from these bosses to sundry ladies recently to try to persuade them not to tell all.

There are three areas of enterprise in the USA in which the men in charge fully expect that the ladies who come looking for jobs there will pay them for favors by going to bed with said men. The young women know this is the case when they knock on the first door. These young women use the rationale of Situation Ethics to justify prostituting themselves to get the job. Years later, when one of these man is worth many millions, the ladies will suddenly become overwhelmed with animus over the way they were treated to a dose of male lust. These women then go "Me To" to the press and out the man. This results in a mia culpa by the dude, and his lawyer meets with the ladies' lawyers and cuts a deal. Bill Cosby tried to buy his way out, but he ran out of cash, so the ladies tried to kill him with mind craft.

The three areas I referred to above are Hollywood, the music industry, and the news media. They are all managed by perverted men who simply know that the ladies owe them payment in the bedroom for favors by the men. Perhaps another enterprise where favors are expected by the men in charge is Washington DC. Bill Clinton showed us all how that works up yonder.

A Secret Service friend of mine worked for the Kennedys, the Johnsons, and the Nixons. He said the Democrats are sex perverts, and the Republicans are crazy. He never turned his back on Nixon. He said an announcement would come over the intercom in the White House saying, "Mrs. Higgins will be the guest of the Johnsons this evening." Lyndon Johnson observed the advice of Benjamin Franklin to have married women for mistresses. Slick Willy failed to read the book.

Back to Charlie. The old boy did write a mia culpa and admit his guilt. This now seems to be the tactic. I am sure a sincere and generous pay off will be forthcoming later, and this is what is bringing all the she wolves out from cover. Al Franken did the same trick with his "I'm a bad boy" routine.


I have to put Charlie Rose on notice: Sir, you can do all the wailing and self-flagellation you want. I trust it gets the she wolves off your back soon. But, you played the same vile trick on the rest of us men that Al Franken did. You, and he, changed from using the first person pronoun to using the third person, and I quote you:

Charlie said, “I have learned a great deal as a result of these events, and I hope others will too. All of us, including me, are coming to a newer and deeper recognition of the pain caused by conduct in the past, and have come to a profound new respect for women and their lives.”

"All of us" who? You are doing what all criminals like to do by gathering in all men into collective guilt. We are supposed to roll over and pee on ourselves, right? You, sir, are a creep. Pay your debt to the ladies, and keep the blame to yourself please. You would like the world to believe that all men are grabbing for the ladies' groins like you. Well, sir, there are men out here who have learned to control themselves, and you are a perfect jerk for trying to co-op them into your Purgatory.

You also said, "we are coming to a profound new respect for women and their lives."

Bah. Some of us already respected woman, and some of us stayed faithful to our wives instead of grabbing for some spare and getting ourselves divorced. You are a raving creep and loser, sir. Next, Charlie, go push some buttons at the Clinton Foundation office, and see if you can save what is left of your career. Maybe you can avoid the fate of the man who lead in this recent wave of ladies in waiting, Bill Cosby. You can also find some sympathy possibly from Glenn Thrush over at the Press Club.

Feminazis already love to declare all men raving sex perverts, so when some slob from on high, like Charlie Rose, tries to gather all the rest of us men into his guilt club, it is time to scream. What Rose is doing is trying to curry favor from the Feminazis by agreeing with them that all men are perverts.

So, why do women cave in up front when the big man asks for sex favors?

Answer: These women want a career or power, and they go buy it with their vagina. It is a very old story. My uncle worked in Hollywood doing sets for movies. He said the women were all whores and gave sex to most of the men, even the low lifes who did menial labor. These women had sacrificed their virginity on the altar of fame, and once that pattern set in, these women got to see sex as recreation. They became just as ravaged with lust as the men and abandoned restraint. It is time to stop kidding ourselves, men. There are many women in society today who are driven by sexual lust just as morbidly as men are. The culture has collapsed, and innocence is no longer the heritage of women.

I have talked to women members of my extended family about this, and a nurse told me that her coworkers were obsessed with sex. Medical people are some of the worst perverts in American society. Many other women have spoken of being forced to change jobs or go home to escape from the perversion.

So, let us stop imagining that these "Me To" ladies are innocent victims of over sexed men. They went into the office, or to the man's apartment, alone, they wore dresses with cleavage to their navel, and they flashed their eye lashes at the men. Some even put photos of themselves in a bikini in their resumé to turn the man on. Then, when the guy wants samples of the merchandise, they give it to him. And now, they want us to be shocked at the man.

Here is what these air heads need to study:

1 Corinthians 7:1 Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.
2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.
3 Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.

Verse 1 tells us the problem we have with men today, especially these men in the media and Hollywood and Washington DC, is that they think that their place of power entitles them to grab women's private parts. It is good not to even touch a woman. Joe Biden likes to handle the ladies a lot. WATCH THE HUSTLER IN ACTION. Joe Biden's instincts are to grab and touch women, even with their father of husband standing nearby. He is a brazen violator of the Apostle Paul's admonition above.

Verse 2 tells you who to touch..... your wife, gentlemen, and your husband, ladies. "Can't I even shake her hand or give her an innocent hug?" Answer: What is it you do not understand about "Do not touch"? The touch is the first step into adultery..... you know that by now. No man ever got into adultery penis first. Stop trying to modify the Word of God.

Verse 3 tells you to render due benevolence to your spouse. If you want to encourage your spouse to be faithful and keep their hands to themselves, and their mind from lust, give them what they are due, or in plainer English, give them sex, lots of it, as much as is physically and practically possible. Hey, folks, there is no sex in Heaven. Jesus said, ".....they do neither give nor take in marriage in Heaven, but are as the angels."(Matthew 22:30) As to sexual pleasure, you will only get that in this life. No one will be married in Heaven. So, give, give, give, both of you.

Also, we need to discuss suggestive talk in the work place, and even in the church and family. When you make suggestive sexual innuendoes at work, even men to men and women to women, you get your libido going. That tempts you to drop your guard and relax your zeal to be faithful to your spouse. Don't give me any of this rubbish about innocent talk. There is no such thing. All talk counts and points the way to action.

Proverbs 2:10 When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul;
11 Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee:
12 To deliver thee from the way of the evil man, from the man that speaketh froward things;
13 Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness;
14 Who rejoice to do evil, and delight in the frowardness of the wicked;
15 Whose ways are crooked, and they froward in their paths:
16 To deliver thee from the strange woman, even from the stranger which flattereth with her words;
17 Which forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgetteth the covenant of her God.

Yes, lady, when you flatter a man, you are hustling the guy. You are telling him you want his sexual services. There is NO reason for a God fearing wife to flatter any man but her own husband. Flattery is presented, without exception, as very evil in the Bible. So, it is the first step used by men and women to hustle one another for sexual favors. And, after the man takes the hint and gets those favors sexually from you, you have NO business whining later to the "Me To" club.



There are many stories these days about pastors falling, and there are even more stories about adultery in the churches. You are the man. You are the one who must set the standard, humanly speaking, in your assembly. If you are touchy and huggy with the ladies, there are other men in the church who will take the lead from you and go even farther.

You must teach on this subject. Do not imagine your example is enough. The most urgent issue is touching children and young ladies. The world knows this is deadly, so why is it that the church cannot deal with this?

A parenthetic is needed here: Women do harass men sexually in the market place at work. When a man is hustled by a lady superior, and if he declines, he will be punished by being fired or demoted. If he complains to Human Resources, he will be mocked. The Feminazi mob have convinced the world that only men sexually abuse women, not the other way around. So, there is no recourse for men. Pastor, you need to watch for this. You need to also keep an eye on those dear ladies in the foyer who hustle the handsome men by patting them on the arm and making flattering talk to them. They are church house whores giving those "innocent" hugs. You, pastor, are a cheap piece of slime if you do not stop this. No man should be abandoned to one of these female canines.

So, here are my suggestions as you do what you know is right. This list is especially targeted at pastors and leaders:

1. Talk to Sunday School teachers and youth leaders about touching. Men have no reason to touch girls. You saw the video of Joe Biden, and he has a real reputation around the country because of the Internet. His chances to run as President may have already been destroyed by his collusion with Russian hands and Roman fingers. Never, under any circumstances, discipline children with your hands. I knew of a pastor nearby who insisted that he be allowed to spank the girls in the church day school. The parents generally allowed this, and down the road the pastor started getting fresh with the girls. He had sex on his mind from the beginning. Spanking is a form of foreplay with perverted men.

2. Warn men AND WOMEN about the habit of laying a hand on the shoulder or arm of someone they are talking to. Also, no hugs or kissing on the cheek. Those days of innocence are over. If brotherly love cannot continue without touching, you have a warped heart before God. You will be told it is just a cultural thing. This is nothing but Situation Ethics being used to avoid obeying the literal admonition of the Bible. The alibi is a lie, and whoever tells you it is innocent bears some close attention. They are hustling. As to Situation Ethics, Google it if you don't know what it it. Then, blast it to Hell by teaching a sermons against justifying sin. There are plenty of stories in the Bible for a text. How about when Aaron said he threw the gold in the fire and a golden calf jumped out? Exodus 32:24 And I said unto them, Whosoever hath any gold, let them break it off. So they gave it me: then I cast it into the fire, and there came out this calf.

3. Forbid ALL suggestive or sexual innuendo talk, especially men with men and women with women. Sodomite "chicken hawks" who are looking for a "chicken" will make sexual jokes with boys and lesbians with girls. They use this technique to see who is open and sexually distracted. Let your people know that you assume someone is a sodomite if they need to make sexual jokes. With this is included potty jokes and barnyard reproductive jokes.

4. When you see anyone in your assembly touching or talking in any suggestive way, run them off. Do not wait to see if they will respond to being warned about it. If you have publicly set the standard, the first offense must be made the last offense.

5. Make a public statement, possibly during teaching on the topic, that husbands and wives must not get all cuddly and cozy during church gatherings. Let them know that they need to do their cuddling at home. I have always found that couples who need to get physical and cuddly at church are having fights and fury at home. They somehow feel like their physical antics at church will convince others that they really get along well. This behavior simply stimulates the teens to want to do the same.

6. Let your teen age kids know clearly that hugging and holding hands, and infatuations, are NOT for the same time as church fellowship. And, anytime the people are gathered, at the church house or in the city park, is church time. The teens need to understand that 1 Corinthians 7 was written for them. If they are old enough to feel an attraction to the opposite sex, they are old enough to deal with the teaching and learn to resist temptation. Run off kids who spend any amount of time posturing to stay close to the edge of offense. Encourage parents to start teaching this to their children at a young age so that they don't have to learn it as they come into puberty. Teens often want to be sexually aroused, and they will be if they seen husbands and wives cuddling publicly. Also, stop the match making by busy body ladies, including your own wife, preacher. Match making is not courtship. It is nasty older women wanting some retroactive foreplay as they throw young people together. Did I tell you this would be a nice gooey milque toast article? So, stop whining in your soul that the teacher is too blunt. Some of you jack legs do not get it unless you are slapped up the side of the head with wet shingle.

7. Remember, the jury will not show half as much mercy on offenders as you do. If you decide to ignore a little infraction here and there, the jury will not ignore it. You should be able to figure this out by the reaction of society to all these "Me To" ladies who cannot possibly prove they were abused sexually. Hundreds of men are losing their jobs because some woman accused them. People do not wait to see what proof there is..... the accused one is assumed guilty. And, please notice, pastor, that men are not doing the "Me To" thing. It is all women. Men in the Lord's Church in America are especially targeted by feminazis and the media far more than we will ever know.

8. The laws today about reporting sex abuse are vicious. If some parent in your church tells you something sexual that happened in their home, even though it may be minor and easily dealt with, you are legally bound to report it to CPS or the police. If you do not, and if this comes out later during an investigation, you could be sent to prison for not reporting. You need to counsel your people to never ask questions and give you details they do not want reported. I am not telling you to cover up sex abuse, but law enforcement today is conditioned to criminalize the most minor infractions between children. One twelve year old boy sexually fondled his eight year old sister, and the mother talked to a counselor. The counselor was required by law to report it, and the twelve year old was tried as a felon and sentenced to many years in adult prison. He was paroled after a year, but he was permanently tagged as an ex convict sex offender.

9. The "Me To" women will not be prosecuted for false accusations, while employees will at once fire a man who is accused. This is why touching and/or being alone with a woman is deadly for any man. Add to this the intense hate in the media for the Gospel and conservative Christians, and again, add the hate of Satanists and witches, and you can almost plan on being accused sooner of later. My practice now, unlike in the past, is that I do not believe any accusations unless I have been personally involved in the resolution of the case, or if the accused admits to some offense. Judge Moore in Alabama has been accused of extreme sex abuse of a teen aged girl. He denied it, and I was inclined to believe him because of the incentive Feminazis have to hate Moore. But then, he admitted to dating teen age girls when he was in his thirties. That makes me pause before I give him a pass. That sort of behavior is not decent and wholesome. But, in America, Judge Moore is innocent until proven guilty, either in a civil suit, or in a police investigation and trial. At least that is the way it used to be.

10. You need to advise your men in the church who work in professional services in homes to never go to a home to make a repair etc where the only one present is a teen ager of either sex. There must be two people present, and one a parent. I have had several touchy situations as a piano tuner in which the teen ager was there alone to welcome me. I used to go ahead with the tuning, but never today. It is trouble enough when a lady is home alone, and all service workers have to deal with this. I showed up for a tuning one afternoon, and the lady was still in her nightgown. I did a U-turn and told her to find another tuner. She may have just been a slob of a woman and too lazy to get dressed in the morning, but I did not want to find out something else was on her mind. A seminary student I knew was a youth pastor in a church in Southern California. He went to the home of a member to call on them for some reason. The baby sitter was there with the parents' children, and when the man told her who he was, she at once pulled off her sweater and said, "Come on in, I have never done it with a preacher before." If he had not run away at once, as he did, and had entered the home, he could have one day been accused of sexual harassment.

11. What do we do when a seemingly real emergency arises, and it is necessary to go to the rescue of a teen ager? Answer: Call for police help at once, and make sure they know that you will not be helping until they arrive. Never take a teen ager home alone from a church event. Tell the parents they must come and pick them up, or take your spouse along with you if you take them home. Do not take a teen ager of the opposite sex along as the third person. If this ends up unavoidable, one sits in the front seat, and the other in the back. Never let a new attender or visitor take a teen ager anywhere. There are couples who specialize in helping each other sexually abuse children. Washington DC is about to blow wide open because of this.

12. What do we do when a known local sodomite comes to visit the church? If you are a nonprofit, you cannot ask them to leave because all your meetings are public gatherings. Run them off, and you could end up in an expensive civil suit. This is a very good time to unregister your church with the IRS and become only a "church" according to Black's Law Dictionary. All courts now know what that means. In a real "church" the meetings are private and attendance can be controlled lawfully. If you do have a sodomite attending, you need to have one of your men go into the restroom with the sodomite every time he goes in to protect any boys in there. The same applies to lesbians and transsexuals for sure. I have long suggested that churches need to stop doing their evangelism on Sunday, make all meetings closed membership like the early church, and do soul winning the other six days of the week. You blow hard preachers who substitute Salvation messages for really studying will hate me for that one. But, a closed membership gathering would keep out the sodomites and Satanists. Why do you preachers claim you want to feed the sheep, and then you bus in a load of goats?

13. When an ongoing member turns to sodomy, or when someone tricks you and gets into membership while being a sodomite, you need to find anything you can use as an excuse to excommunicate them. DO NOT talk to them about the sodomy, once you prove to yourself it is real. That will be used to prove in court that you ran them off because of sexual prejudice. Beware of sodomites who ask for counseling. Be sure to have two other men present if you feel you really must. If you counsel a sodomite alone, he will accuse you later of being a queer and propositioning him. If you see any sign of sodomy or pedophilia in the behavior of another pastor, or a guest speaker, terminate all contact at once. You may want to confront the pastor in order to scare him off. All sodomites are so deluded that they really believe they can proposition any man and get his sexual interests. I have heard of sodomites propositioning a truck driver in a rest area and having their face completely rearranged for them by the trucker.

14. Stop doing weddings. I would suggest you stop calling yourself "the pastor." Tell the world that your church is under the leadership of the experienced leading men, and occasionally ask one of them to preach. You will be the only one on the bull's eye from now on if you teach "pastoral rule." You could end up in prison simply for claiming you are king of the roost. And, lest you panic, thinking this is compromising biblical teaching, the Bible does not teach pastoral rule. The head of the Church is Jesus Christ, and your only job is, "Ephesians 4:12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:" Stop being the resident braggy boss man. When asked to do a wedding by trannies or sodomites, tell them you do not do weddings. There is NO instruction in the Bible as to who should do weddings. An elder or deacon could do it. Ask couples in your church to get the marriage license from the justice of the peace or the court. You only have the reception at the church. Do the weddings in homes or rented rooms, and do not do all of them yourself.

15. When you have to talk to some man or woman about being overly personal with the opposite sex, if they react with rage or too much defensiveness, run them off. They are guilty and know it. Your speech, if seasoned with salt, should not cause an innocent person to go into a rage. When speaking to a member about some inappropriate actions, ask them to explain their actions. Do not point blank accuse them. This gives them the chance to respond honestly.

16. Vet every leader and employee and youth leader and music leader. Vet yourself so the people know you live with the ongoing standard. If you are not vetted, you are a devil. By vetting, I mean a serious background check. You may want to pay a professional to do this so that, if an issue arises later, the courts will not see you as dilatory. If some leader or staff member is enraged that they must be vetted, run them off. There is a real serious reason they do not want to be vetted. If you are involved directly with a large church school or university nearby, insist that any of their faculty or staff, who are involved with your church, be vetted, and do not take the word of the institution. Some of them lie. You need to understand that pastors of huge churches are full of ego and hubris. It is VERY common for them to be involved in sexual affairs, and if they have a sexual offense in their church or university, it is very common that they cover it up. I have no personal friends in huge churches, and I don't want any. Some of the most treacherous offenses I have heard of in recent years, that is, sexual offenses by church leaders and mighty men, have been in the largest venues in Christendom. Power corrupts just as well in Fundamentalism as in the Vatican. And, do not allow a missionary on furlough to take part in church activities as a leader without vetting them. There are beasts of prey on the missionfield. This man lived there and saw it for himself.

You need to develop a culture in the local church in which teens, especially girls, and parents, can talk to you if they feel the conduct of any church members is inappropriate. And, be sure to make it clear that women's conduct with girls must be observed, not just men. You want people to talk to you BEFORE there is a brazen offense which gets your church on the front page of the newspaper. Assume nothing when it comes to such discussion. Prove all things. Be an enforcer ultimately if offenses prove to be true. Being patient and cautious could get someone abused, and you will forever know you did not do your job.




1 Corinthians 7:3 Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.
4 The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.
5 Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

Verse 3 makes it clear that married people have no right to withhold sexual pleasure from one another. What is it about that which you do not understand? This is Paul talking plain and simple Greek, and the English version is very basic.

Verse 4 means the wife does not have power over her breasts and vagina. They belong to her husband. And the man's penis belongs to his wife. If it were not so awkward I would like to see this in wedding vows so that, in this perverted culture of today, the couple would vow to give their sex organs and libido to their partner. But, it goes beyond the literal words of this verse. The talk and chatter of men and women at work and at church belongs to the spouse also. You must NEVER talk in a way to the opposite sex that you would not if your spouse were present.

Verse 5 talks about withholding sexual pleasure. This must never be done except for a short time in order to give themselves to prayer and fasting and personal spiritual revival. The end of a revival of the spirit will end in bed with renewed and better sex. It is about time you preachers start teaching this. You would have a lot less divorce counseling to if you would teach this.





There is sorrow enough, and offenses enough, in the world at large. Let it not happen in the Lord's Church folks.

1 Corinthians 14:40 Let all things be done decently and in order.

Titus 1:5 For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee:

Take a long look at your assembly, pastor. Find what is not in order, and teach, teach, teach your way back to the order of a New Testament church.




This is a review of an article in which a woman writer whines that men are punishing women around them in revenge for the Me Too movement. The lady is a dim bulb who is too dense to realize that men are shell shocked by Me Too, and they are backing away from women simply to feel safe.

Whether or not you think the boy deserved the treatment he got, what could his pastor have taught which would have prevented this?

Story: A man I knew long ago was in college, and he was a psychology major. He was often invited to visit the home of a couple on the ocean because he loved surf fishing. The wife one day told him that her son was caught with the neighbor boy, and they were stimulating one another sexually. She wanted to know what to do. The fellow told her not to panic over the thing lest the boy get a terror of sex and end up becoming a pervert. He told her to keep her son away from the other boy. Years later, he wondered if he told her the right thing because her son did become a sodomite. Also, today he could be cited for a crime for not calling the police and reporting what she told him. Life is getting weird folks, so do be very careful.







When a woman leaves home to enter a male dominated world, she leave the covering of her husband or father. Powerful men see this and assume these women are available. Pastors need to teach, with compassion, the virtue of staying at home. Work from home if you must, but never take it to the office. They are counting on you sharing it.



SEND MAIL What is your situation? Can I help?
CAUTION: If you tell me a story of criminal sexual harassment, I will have to forward it to the police of a Federal agent. If you make up a false story, you will have to explain it to the police later. Simply ask questions. I will try to deal with them from the Bible.






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