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These folks certainly have proven their methods as the Holy Spirit has used them.


Dear Friends,

I want you all to know how much I Love your sites. Especially the no nonsense, no sugar coating way everything is expressed. I myself was born into and raised by a sixth generation Mormon family. I was a member for 29 years. Joseph Smith was the husband of my 4th great aunt (mothers side) Desdemona Fullmer. John Taylor was one of my fathers uncles. We believed in everything the church taught even if it was contradictory or contrary to Bible doctrine.

The way to reach these people is with the King James 1611. It has power in it's pages. None of the other versions have power to convict or convert a Mormon. My husband and I have spent the last 18 years witnessing to the cults and have tried everything.

I believe that the Word never returns void, and they have never heard the word. The only Bible verses they know are single ones that taken, out of context, seem to support their doctrines. What really works is to know your Bible. Ask them what they believe (stick to doctrine) and ask them to show it to you in the Bible (they only have KJV). If something they read seems to back what they say, read the context and explain it to them to show how they have been deceived, don't drive it home, give them grace and go on to the next subject. Get them to tell you about their god (a mere man who became god) then go through Isaiah 45-50 (know these passages yourself and mark them so you can find them easily).

Ask them about salvation. Read I Corinthians 15:1-5 and state the gospel and explain why it is good news and why their third article of faith (We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel) is bad news. Point out that may and might are the same word (get a dictionary). Then read Ephesians 2:8-9 and if they say its just your interpretation, say that all you did is read it, you didn't interpret it. If they say you took it out of context, say okay lets read the whole chapter. Don't be afraid to read context, it will never back Mormon doctrine.

They need to hear and understand that Mormonism is not in the Bible. If they truly love God they will be touched by the Holy Spirit and receive the word, maybe not on the spot but as the Holy Spirit works. It is sometimes hard to get through all of the brainwashing they have gone through but they can be reached. Last but not least, pray for them constantly. Pray against the darkness. If you pray for their eyes to be opened and all they see is darkness, that is all they will see. This is a spiritual battle that needs to be fought on a spiritual level.

Recently a friend of ours called me because her daughter just had a friend join the Mormon cult, Harmony decided to take the missionary lessons. We met with them at the same time. There were three men (or boys) the two missionaries and their ride (it was late in the evening in winter so they weren't riding their bikes). The ride was a return missionary who had been raised Mormon and knew all the peculiar doctrines of Mormonism.

One of the missionaries was raised Northern Baptist and had converted to Islam and from there went to Mormonism, he was seeking truth. The other missionary was raised Catholic and converted to Mormonism. We began by praying (never let them open since they are praying to another god). We always pray for the truth to be revealed and that hearts will be open to receive it etc. whatever the Holy Spirit leads.

As it turn out, neither of the boys knew anything about Mormon doctrine of becoming gods etc. In fact one of them asked the young man where that was in the Bible. We spent at least 3 hours reading the Bible and just telling them the truth. We always ask the question, "If you died now and you were standing before God and he said "Why should I let you in my kingdom" what would you say?" They will usually say that they had obeyed the 10 commandments or been the best they could be and the blood of Jesus would take up the slack. One boy said that it was by the blood of Jesus alone.

Both young men have left their missions and the Mormon church. I don't know how they are doing spiritually, but they are both seekers of truth and we have no way of contacting them. We will continue to pray for them and hope to see them in eternity. The young lady got saved and did not join the Mormon cult and the young man got the gospel. Please pray for them all.

May God Bless your ministry.

Nancy C________



From: RG
To: steve
Subject: Tender but Zealous Family Content-

I agree with what they have said. I just wanted to make a couple of comments. As a Christian, I have studied mormonism. I have had some sessions with LDS missionaries. I found out the secret to their missionary system. The missionaries are mostly young men who really do not know anything about the Bible and mormonism. They basically only know what they were taught at missionary school. Consequently, it is tough to reach them. Also, they are taught to spy on each other and report to the overseer in the LDS church should one of them start to lose their testimony of Joseph Smith. Also, they often move them around alot in the US during their mission so as to make it hard for believers to establish a relationship with them. Interestingly enough, the Book of Mormon does not support the system of mormonism. Most mormons never read the Book of Mormon as it is one of the dullest books written. Mark Twain decribed it as being chloroform in print. Keep up the good work.




By Steve Van Nattan

The top article needs moderating. I have received mail from a gentleman who has witnessed to Mormons for 40 years, and he came out of the Mormon church at the leadership level. He says he has used all sorts of methods, from loving them, using the KJV, trashing their Book of Mormon, to pounding them fiercely. He says various methods are needed to fit the various kinds of Mormons. Some know the Bible, while others know only the Book of Mormon.

Mike Kravitch in Barstow, California invites them in and makes a deal with them that they will only use the King James Bible. He talks with them until they quote Joseph Smith, and then Mike jumps up and rages on them for lying. He tells them they don't know how to tell the truth and runs them off. Now, that doesn't win many, but they may get under conviction so that someone the next day can follow up and get their attention.

David Casper in Pittsburgh invites them to go to church with him. They are often lonely, and they will go with him. Then the preacher changes his sermon and deals with all sorts of doctrines they need to hear about, especially salvation. Great idea for those men.

I also recall how Granny Geer, daughter of a Mormon leader, wrote a book which has helped many Mormons to escape Mormonism and come to Christ. She did not use a mushy love and KJV only approach. She also pounded the filthy history of Mormonism and the writings of the LDS church.

Again, years ago Walter Martin taught that he never heard of a Mormon getting saved without being confronted with the filthy customs of Mormonism and being made mad, first at the witnesser, and then at the Mormon Church. I have heard almost exclusively this report from missionaries to Mormons. Sandra and Jerrad Tanner have had this experience the majority of the time.

So, while I appreciate the top article, the lady is acting a bit bigoted about the way the Lord has blessed her and her husband. Thus, I deleted her criticism that every other method of witnessing to Mormons is a failure. That is simply a lie. Their results in witnessing are not an exclusive method. I have to observe that this is how they should witness due to either their ignorance or simply that God has blessed them this way. We better be careful about thinking we have a patent on soul winning methods. That is the way of Campus Crusade and D. James Kennedy.

If you disagree with me, kindly read our Legends Section to see all the ways God used men and women.