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This page is a no-holds-barred page.  We want to cover Paul Yonggi Cho, Benny Hinn, Copeland, Hagan, Robert Shame'im Schuler, and any of those who teach this doctrine.  We will show no mercy on those who openly lead the saints into this depressing doctrine.



The following is the teaching of Positive Confession and self-love cults. It is New Age all the way through. I find the following very depressing reading. These damned fools offer no hope. They have us believing we are some sort of loser who muddles along making himself over by redefining sin and unrighteousness.

If you are not a Bible believing Christian this page will be very confusing. I am assuming that the reader here is a literalist Bible believer who puts absolute faith in the Word of God and Jesus Christ as the exclusive way to salvation.

I am not going to refute the teachings of these blasphemous religions one piece after the other. It would take dozens of pages because of all the total idiocies here. I expect you the reader to crunch this rubbish down with a King James Bible.

Entity Mission..... a non-profit religious organization. It teaches an evolutionary, theistic naturalism and a unitive consciousness. It is a panentheistic, environmental religion emphasizing cosmogenesis, human rights, social action, family values, humanism and individual responsibility grounded in reason and science. It believes that God is the Force of Consciousness directing evolution within a non-local quantum universe.

Religious community must emphasize the oneness of humanity and address social problems including overpopulation, environmental destruction, species extinction, human rights, poverty, crime, homelessness, disease, hunger, AIDs, divorce, child abuse and family breakdown.



Sin is built into mortality. The two cannot be separated. The struggle between that part of us that is divine and that part of us that is mortal is intrinsic to life. Sin arises from the struggle between our soul and the mortality of space-time in which it is imprisoned. Our soul knows what we should be, but because we are part of a finite universe, we can only approximate it. We never completely achieve the ideal we set for ourselves, no matter how hard we try. We strive for the perfection of God, only to find that in this world absolutes are filtered through space-time, where they come out diluted. 

Sin is our failure to realize the divine within us. It is failure to live in harmony with God. It is the inability to achieve our full potential as children of God. When we allow the limitations of mortality to overwhelm our souls and keep us from speaking, thinking, acting and loving as God wants us to do, we are sinning. 

We will always fall short of our ideals, but we must never stop trying to achieve them. If we believe that they are possible, and if we keep trying to accomplish them, we will have the power to perform miracles. We must not let our imperfections discourage us. Imperfection is a part of being human. After all, our maturation is only partly finished. God is still evolving us. If we realize that, we can be proud of what we have already accomplished despite our limitations. 

We must work for a better and happier world as we help to build the Cosmos of God. Our imperfections will lead to set-backs and partial failures, but we must disregard these. Failure is not an absolute. It, too, is measured in degrees. With God as our partner, eventual success is guaranteed. Our salvation is our commitment to accept God as our partner in life. 

Little children are happy with toy puppies that wag their tails when they are wound up. Adults soon tire of such simple toys and want a real dog for a pet. A live dog with its' own personality is unpredictable. It will love you on its' own terms. It is foolish to believe that an intelligent God wants a bunch of wound up children who will always perform in the same predictable way. God did not make us super-computers with algorithms for brains. God gave us free choice to be ourselves. God may not like it when we fail to live our lives in harmony with the divine plan, but that is a problem all parents face. God still loves us and will never reject us. 

But at the same time we must not reject God because of the pain and suffering built into mortality. God is bound by the laws of space-time just as we are. God cannot change them at our whim. Life has always been a struggle. It takes strength to survive. God cannot make the world a different place for us to live in, but God can give us the strength to meet any problem. It is childish to blame God for not making the world the same way we would have. Our mission is to take the world the way it is, and then to reshape it the best way we can. 

God never punishes us. There is enough pain in this world without adding a vengeful God to it. When we violate the laws of space-time, or when we do not synchronize our lives with the Cosmos of God, we punish ourselves. If we lead miserable lives, it is because we ourselves have made them so. This is what it means to live a life of sin; a life contrary to natural law. Fortunately, we can leave that miserable existence any time we choose. If we don't, it is because we are clinging to false values which make change for the better appear terribly difficult, painful and dangerous. Staying miserable seems safer than making the effort to accept new values with different life styles. 

Guilt is that feeling of culpability we experience when we don't do the things that we should do or when we do things that we shouldn't have. We feel guilty when we fail to live up to our ideals. Guilt makes us angry with ourselves. Guilt alienates us from other people. Guilt and alienation are Siamese twins. Guilt can so overwhelm us that we lose all of our self-respect. It makes us feel unworthy and unlovable. We despise ourselves because of the depths of degradation into which we have sunk. 

We experience guilt objectively when we harm other people. We experience guilt subjectively when we violate those values and standards which we hold dear. When we have behaved inappropriately we must first confront and admit our wrongdoing to ourselves, and then confess it publicly. A sincere apology is a source of strength and healing. Confession won't make guilt disappear, but it will cut it down to a size where it can be managed. If we keep our guilt bottled up inside of ourselves, it will eventually destroy us. Guilt is like a vampire who can only come alive in the dark. It turns into dust when exposed to the light of day. Guilt feelings are resolved through a five stage process of confrontation, confession, forgiveness, restitution and finally reconciliation.

We need to seek forgiveness and then make restitution of one kind or another, even if only to ourselves. Over the generations humanity has learned that penance is therapeutic for the psyche. It is a necessary step before guilt can finally be resolved through reconciliation. Repentance is the sacrament which confronts guilt. It is the recognition to ourselves and others that we have fallen short of achieving those heights that God has set before us. Repentance unites the five stages of guilt resolution into a synthesis that cleanses the inner self. 

When guilt, inadequacy and alienation overwhelm us, we need forgiveness. We cannot forgive ourselves, nor can anyone else do it for us. Human forgiveness comes too easily and cheaply to be truly effective. It doesn't meet and understand all of the reasons why we need forgiveness so desperately. Human forgiveness cleanses the mind while leaving the soul untouched. Only God knows how far we have strayed from divine precepts and how badly we are hurting. Only God can know our every secret and still love and accept us for ourselves. It is this realization which leads many lonely and hopeless people to embrace God, leaving behind them lives of quiet desperation, lives characterized by lying, cheating, stealing, drugs, alcoholism, sexual license, murder, and utter disgust with themselves and the whole tribe of humanity. God can take these people and, through the power of divine love, remake them anew.

God can work miracles with the most degraded of people, enabling them to throw off their feelings of guilt and then go forth into the world to live happy and successful lives. With God's strength helping us, sin ceases to be a perpetual way of life but becomes instead a series of isolated events which can be overcome one at a time. Guilt ceases to be destructive as it becomes a growth and educational experience instead. It can lead to a life which, having learned the bitter lessons of the past, goes forth trying to do better, to be better, and to work for social betterment, helping those still struggling in their private hells. 

Salvation is deliverance from the power and effects of sin. Salvation is commitment to God and to a life based upon divine law. Salvation is always available to anyone who wants it. A person who has accepted the forgiveness of God will structure their life in accordance with natural law. They will become a part of a religious community and help to build the Cosmos. They have accepted their imperfections and learned to live with them. Living a life in harmony with God is too enriching and happy an experience to allow feelings of guilt, inadequacy and alienation to get in the way.



Now, if your did not understand the above discussion, if it sounded like a merry-go-round of blather and bull, then watch what this line of balogna does to a perfectly useful mind. It is sad indeed.


Here is where this New Reality will take you. This is not a charming visual presentation, but if you stay with it you will learn what is entering YOUR church. You will see why emotions, self-love, and manifestations are NOT a sign God is at work in your church-- quite the opposite, these new inventions in modern churches are the manifestations of Satan's power over churches.


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Note how the confessions sound good, but they are neither prayer nor
Scripture quoting.  They are good intentions, and the words are claimed
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Jesus Christ-- Thus the confessions are evil.  Find the confessions at:





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