The Mystic Shrine at Sunderland Chapel in the UK,
And, Heaven Opened above it, a la Great White Brotherhood

The following is cast NOT in biblical terms, rather; it clearly reminds us of the New Age centers of heavenly power which hover over key spots in the world.  I have video footage showing Ken Gott at a Toronto Blessing gathering in which Ken was not a speaker, but he was in the front row of the assembly.  

He spent the evening trying to display himself in a circus of frenzy in order to gain the attention of the masses.  It worked.  Ken's devils are powerful, and the prayer shrine in Sunderland should be a great success of deception.  The only holy thing about taking off the shoes in a devilish shrine is the socks.

The following is the actual report of this new innovation by a member of Charismania.



- Sunderland, 1st October 1998 -

I just had to get this one out today.

We have just had the most amazing time of prophecy and intercession in the prayer tower with Ken and Lois Gott, Wes and Stacy Campbell, Kansas City prophet Noel Alexander, Mark Stibbe and many others.

Let me explain to you.

A couple of years ago, Revival Now's Ken and Lois Gott were given a 10 floor tower block by some Christian business men. The Lord provided the cash to make the building functional and International ministries such as Christian International (Bill Hamon / Sharon Stone) started moving in. Revival Now (and Global Revival News) made it their Head Quarters. As you read this report there are several ministries getting ready to move in. God spoke to these and told them to get into this building because it is going to be the Headquarters of Revival for the nations.

God had also impacted Ken Gott with the vision of a 24 hour prayer room on the top floor of the building where there will be prayers and intercession for Revival offered up to God around the clock. This room overlooks the North Sea and the European Continent (Carol Arnott saw at the dedication ceremony fireballs going from this building onto the continent -revival sparks to the nations!) Lou Engle, who runs such a prayer-room in Pasadena, US, prayed specifically for Ken to receive the anointing to bring the prayer house to pass.

In June 1998, during the Revival Now Summer Conference, Cindy Jacobs (of Generals of Intercession) and Julie Anderson (Cindy's European representative) along with Ken and Lois and several other key people dedicated the Prayer Room and the glory of God swept in. Powerful prophecies were spoken out over the room.

Since then the power of God is truly felt when one enters the room. I have been in several times to pray and you can hardly stand up to pray. I am convinced that the room is filled with angelic beings guarding over the prayers going up to the throne room of God. Because this will be the room where breakthroughs will be won for the nations. THERE WILL BE INTERCESSION DAY AND NIGHT FOR A WORLD-WIDE HARVEST UNPARALLELED in Church History.

During our recent conference with Jim Goll, he prophesied that this prayer tower will be like the Moravian Herrn Hut (1700's) where for over 100 years there was a 24 hour watch –praying for the nations.

Today, October 1st, many of us gathered in the room for its official opening. People travelled from afar to witness this. Among them were Kansas City prophet Noel Alexander, Wes and Stacey Campbell, Mark Stibbe from St Andrew's Church Chorleywood. There were visitors and delegates from several churches throughout the UK.

The room is graced with maps of the world and flags of all the nations of the world. In the corner of the room is Alexander Boddy’s desk (father of Pentecostal Revival in Britain at the turn of the century) where prayer requests will be laid on it and intercessors can just lay hands on them and pray.

Whilst we will put transcriptions of all the prophecies and prayers during that time of dedication on our website (, I felt you needed to read about this particular one from Noel Alexander. About three weeks ago, when Noel was getting ready to come to Sunderland for our Prophetic Conference, the well-known prophet Bob Jones told Noel that he had a dream about him.

Bob was standing at the top of a mountain next to one of the four living beings -the eagle (Rev 4) The Eagle was staring hard at the horizon. Then a cloud of dust appeared in the distance which turned out to be a car speeding towards the mountain. Out of the car stepped Noel. He then proceeded to take his shoes off and started to climb the mountain towards the eagle and Bob.

Bob was not willing to give Noel the interpretation but challenged him to find out for himself! Bob had also told him that when he’ll arrive in Sunderland there will be an open heaven over the place. (Note: Bob has never been to Sunderland nor in contact with the Gotts) When Noel searched the Scriptures for the interpretation, he found

Noel then realised that the mountain in Bob’s vision was God’s holy mountain. And the mountain was the Prayer Room. This was further confirmed when Noel arrived outside the prayer room in the corridor. He saw everyone taking their shoes off to get into the prayer room. He did the same and then he remembered the dream in which Bob saw him taking his shoes off to get on the mountain of the Lord.

Wow! To think that God sees the prayer room as His holy mountain and the heavens cleared above it. A house of prayer for all nations!

Mark Stibbe also shared about the significance of this day. Today is an important day on the Jewish calendar. After Yom Kippur (end of September) follows “awesome days” when watch towers will be built to watch over the harvest.

We had an awesome time of intercession. Now the prayer-room is officially opened and several churches from all over the country have volunteered to come and take a couple of hours. There will be a schedule whereby at any time during the day people will be praying in the room –around the clock.