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Steve Van Nattan



The graphic background is a very believable representation
according to my research. They did have street lights at night
in Babel which were made of burning pitch.
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The wrath of God, and the Scattering of Humanity

Some of you reading this page are from tribes or peoples who don't speak English.  You have made a special effort, in school or by personal study, to learn English.  Still, you are having some trouble to understand my way of saying things and the thinking patterns I use.  

This is because of a point in human history in which humanity just pushed God too far.  You need to understand that much of God's work with man in the earth is directly related to sin.  God cannot sin, yet sinful man has forced God to deal with sin.  We have NO idea how forward and nasty it is of mankind to keep dragging God into the affairs of sinful men.

The event at Babel was when God divided the world socially by making them speak many languages.  Why did God resort to such fierce confusion in man's life?

We need to back up and see what happened after the Flood of Noah:

When the three sons of Noah-- Shem, Ham, and Japheth-- climbed out of the ark, their Daddy gave them all their destinies in Genesis 10.  

Shem was to live in the Middle East, and Shem would find Ham serving him.  We find that Shem did stay in the Middle East where he is today.  The Arabs, who are Semites, put the Hamites, or Black race, into bondage to Shem and Japheth through the slave trade.  Even Mohammed, a Semite, found a theology of Allah which justified making slaves of all men who were not politic to Islam.  Though Japheth entered the Middle east and dwelt in the tents of Shem for thousands of years, we now see that God has finally brought Shem to be 100% in charge of the Middle East through the Arabs and Jews.

Though we feel the Messianic Kingdom of Christ is close, in which Ishmael and Isaac will worship together at Messiah's altar (Isaiah 60), we see at this last hour that the White race is obsessed at getting control of Shem's oil and cash.Even the Antichrist Gringo Pope openly calls for Jerusalem to be made an "international city for the three great monotheistic religions."  Who controls Christendom?  Answer:  The Pope. So, Japheth is still giving Shem the rush.  It is amazing that this should still be the case after 5000 years.

Ham was to be the servant of Shem and Japheth, and Hamites have been the slaves of the world ever since.  Even today, the world's bankers, all white I must add, have learned how to put Africa back into bondage to themselves through IMF and World Bank loans.  As this age ends, Africa will be collapsing economically as the White race subjects them in the most terrible way.

Japheth was to be "enlarged."  The White race enlarges itself in all ages without mercy.  Persia, Greece, Rome, the Roman Catholic Church, Europe colonizing of the world, the great wars, and the United Nations are all marks of Japheth's stealth in enlarging his minority on the whole earth.  Also, when Japheth got born again, it was the White race in Europe which sent out the Moravians, the British missionaries, and the American missionaries to take the Gospel to the whole earth.  This Gospel resulted in the cultural restoration of countless tribes in Africa, the South Pacific, and Asia.  Sadly, Liberalism and Doubt were also invented by Japheth and sent around the world to destroy the work of the missionaries.

Find me a Liberal Black Christian, and I will show you a man who went to a Japhethite Liberal Seminary of University.  The reduction of Black theology in America is  the result of men like Howard, George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King Jr, Jeremiah Wright Jr, and Jesse Jackson going to White Liberal schools and letting Japheth enlarge his acre to again spiritually enslave the Hamites of the USA and the world.

Now, why Babel?  Nimrod was the grandson of Ham. While the Hamites in the earliest times mostly went to Africa, a move which God approved of and never has touched or changed, there were a few Hamite tribes who hung around the Middle East.  God set to work at once to dislodge them.  Those who refused to leave the area were finally killed 100% unless they went on to Africa.  Lest you think God also doomed Hamites to be degenerates from day one, we note that the Nubians were possibly the pinnacle of Egyptian glory in their day, and they were Black as pitch.  Their degenerate ancestors live today in northern Sudan.

Nimrod, Ham's grandson, moved EAST from Mount Ararat to set up house in Shinar, where he built five cities.  One of these was Babel, which eventually became Babylon.  It has been restored today by a Semite named Saddam Hussein.

Nimrod was a man of fierce arrogance against Jehovah God.  Not only was he out of his destined place, Nimrod also, "was a great hunter before the Lord."  Archeology and the Bible context tell us that this means Nimrod hunted men and put them into cities and into bondage to himself.  He invented the first pagan system of religion in an urban culture-- the cult of the goddess and child.  This is the primal Satanic religion and is the foundation to this hour of all witchcraft, Freemasonry, Hinduism and eastern religion in toto, Roman Catholic Mother and Child cult, and this cult of Nimrod even made its way as far as Mecca, where it was the foundation of Islam.

This arrogance of Nimrod, like the arrogance of man today, causes man to imagine great things-- things which fly in God's face.  At Babel most of humanity was gathered on the plains of Shinar to build a tower which would reach to heaven.  With the exception of the family of Shem, a great ecumenical gathering was in progress. There was much unity in this venture, and there must have been great expectations as the masses of men shouted and made Promises to Keep in the name of their own zeal.  

By this spiritual monument man believed he could BE God.  Today, men still believe they can be God. All over the world are religious programs which exalt man and deify him as God-- from Robert Schuler to TM to Satan worship to Jane Fonda to Shirley McLaine to Dick Sutfen to Kenneth Copeland to Benny Hinn to Guru Mahatmahooperlal ad nauseam.

God saw the potential of Nimrod's cult.  He realized that man was very powerful as he united to build a tower to heaven.  Every Satanic bit of filth was part of this system.  God needed to drive men away from each other, so God confounded their tongues.  A lot of Christians today lust to speak in tongues.  Well, haven't we all at one time or another.  During Desert Storm, I sat in a number of Arab restaurants in Dearborn, Michigan, and I was so frustrated as I heard snatches of words I knew would clear up all sorts of question, IF I could only understand Arabic.



I have tried to learn Amheric in Ethiopia so that I could tell Ethiopians about the love of Jesus for them.  I was only getting started when the Marxist coup took place.  I learned Swahili in Kenya and Tanzania, and I could do pretty good at that, but the fine points and the deeper thoughts of the Word of God eluded me in Swahili.

No one thing divides the human race like language.  Men learn to overlook color and customs which are not like theirs, but language is a barrier which CANNOT be crossed simply because we want to be neighborly.  Going from my language group to another man's takes a long time and a lot of hard work. God made it that way so that we would not all gang up again and try to climb to heaven.

As you read of the coming Antichrist, "The Prince who shall come" who is Satan in person, you realize that he could NOT have conquered this world until our day due to the language confusion.  We watch in awe as the prophecies of the end of this era point to a One World government and leader, and we must notice that English is conquering the world.  Is it not the supreme irony that a language of Japheth, the one who enlarges himself, would become the One World language?  Again, all men can communicate. And again, they have returned to take up with the religion of Nimrod-- We will be like God.

In Zephaniah we read that God will return to Israel a pure language. AND, it will NOT be English. It will obviously be the language of the first Hebrews-- Hebrew.  Not Yiddish, and not English.  Messiah's world will NOT be a Japheth based world.  The center of the earth will not be Kansas City-- it will be Jerusalem.  It is about time some American saints learn that history is moving, and it is moving to Jerusalem and Hebrew.  Europe will make one last grab for power for Japheth, but as Russia and Babylon are trashed according to the prophets, so will Europe be trashed.  It may well be that Europe, the USA, Australia and other English speaking nations, will be piddling backwater members of the human race during the Kingdom rule of Messiah.  Java, because they have retained a much higher respect of Jehovah in this present age, may be one of the most powerful nations on earth outside of the Middle East.  I hope so anyway.

So, God confounded man's tongues, and Benny Hinn and Rodney Howard Browne have again confounded tongues by calling on devils to empower them to speak in Satan's tongue.  Down, down we go.  How bizarre and how Satanically novel it is that alleged Christians would seek to speak in the tongue of Satan himself.  

We go on to see how God added a great historic code to try to encourage man to submit to God's holiness.