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The letter below is from a Roman Catholic on Malta. I dare not identify him to prevent trouble for him. He volunteered the following observations to clarify the Freemasonry issue in the Vatican.

I know, from other Catholic sources, that there are factions in the Vatican-- some simply devout in their Catholic error (as we commonly deal with it), while others are devout Satanists and Freemasons.

This fellow has helped make distinctions, and I do not believe he is doctoring the truth in some tricky way, at least as best he understands the Vatican. You need to understand that I have sources within the enemy camp who are willing to talk about issues. I use them cautiously, but they add knowledge that we must not be ignorant of, as Paul suggested.

This letter was sent to me by a Roman Catholic after this fellow read my comments on Freemasonry and the Vatican on this journal:

The Vatican has not debanned freemasonry - it has, in fact, widened the ban to include all other modern secret societies which are not referred to as Freemasons but do adhere to similar occultism and devil worship

Now why would the Vatican ban Freemasonry and not other secret socialites. In fact even Father Max Kolbe had changed the mission statement of his militia immaculata - to fight Freemasons - to fight all societies who are enemies of God.

The Pope has clearly stated and if you want I can email you proper references and texts that the ban on freemasons is still present categorically when we say ban we mean EXCOMMUNICATION

In fact it is catholic Freemasons who are using the same rhetoric as you and the same logic to convince other born Catholics in catholic countries that one can be a mason and a catholic. Believe me I know what I am saying I have several articles written in local newspapers by local catholic Freemasons studying the history of the relationship between Rome and masonry to convince the public on the presupposed harmless membership in the satanic cover of masonry - the truth is that these Freemasons who belong to the first three degrees have not entirely yet scraped the satanic ritual in the degrees 4 to 33.

Editor: Steve Van Nattan-- My question after our source wrote the above:

Can you also deal with the Knights of Malta, or are they now just toothless hounds? In the past they were very powerful.

Also, can you discuss the conflict which there MUST be in the Vatican between Masonic sympathizers and the old line leaders?

Our source responded:

Yes, there are three issues, but what issues you have mentioned indeed !!!!

So, let's start with the military orders.

The three main military orders which emerged during and following the Crusades, were the German Teutonic, the Order of St John (French, Spanish, Italian, English and German) and the Templars (English and French) - all three were accepted by Rome and in Papal bulls their missions and code discussed. They were initially honorable orders of military monks who truly loved God and served Him.

First to go sour were the Templars who absorbed Kabbalistic doctrine from the 'Synagogue of the Devil' - apostate Jews who, rather than loving their Adonai, worshipped the devil in Kabbalistic rituals. So the Templars absorbed the Babylonian and Egyptian occult which primarily accepts the Original Sin of Eve and Adam as good, thus repeating the same mistake of listening to the devil "You shall be like gods knowing good and evil." They discarded Christ for they did not need a personal Saviour. But when The King of France and Pope decided to stem this powerful rich order - also other issues such as money, power, authority were included because the King wasn't exactly a Saint Edward the Confessor.

Grand Master of the Knights Templar, York Rite Freemasonic remains of the original order. You can see where they went once their "holy" aspect was stripped from them by the King of France. SEE MORE AT THEIR WEB SITE

Anyway, the Templars gone, the Pope knew what the King wanted, that is their money, so by way of bull he transferred the Templars' money to the Order of St John. This second Order was still faithful to Rome. Now in 1480 in Rhodes they defended Christendom from the Ottoman empire and even in 1565 they saved Christians from the Ottoman Turks. Their presence in Malta ensured safe shipping (of the Spanish and Two Sicilies) and safe trips in the Mediterranean from the savage and wild corsairs. The Island of Gozo was raided by a wicked corsair Dragut and the entire Christian population were taken as slaves. Today their descendants (who knows where they are?) are surely all Muslim.

Below, Rick Joyner, Charismatic guru, joins the Knights of Malta.
This means he took an oath to serve the Pope of the Roman Whore
as an approved counterfeit Protestant, and to destroy Protestantism.

Anyway, the Order became somewhat corrupt by the effluence of money in the times of King Louis, eighteenth century, during the French revolution. Their decadence was evident when they did not lift one finger to save the Island from Napoleon while en route to Egypt.

The third Order, the Teutonics, also somehow apostatized as they became so nationalistic and proud of German dominance and power and rule that they considered Poland a pagan nation and needed to be converted. This was a lie for Poland had already become deeply (Catholic) Christian and were unjustly accused of being pagan by the greedy military order. Anyway, the battle of Grunwald 1410 between the King of Poland and the Teutonics bankrupted the military order. Soon after they ceased being Catholic and embraced Lutheran and Calvinistic ideas - so from the point of view of Rome they apostatized.

13th October 1307 the Grand Master of the Tamplar Order was, by order of King Philip of France and the Pope, arrested and later in 1312 burned at the stake - the surviving sects would in later centuries imbue the union of workers called the Masons with secret knowledge, or so they called it, their resurrection rituals and phallic sex orgies. The original stone working Masons were great craftsmen who built the great Cathedrals of Europe, but now this union or guild was being subverted by politics and an underground revolution which reached its zenith by the takeover by Dr Adam Weishoupt. This man was a former Jesuit who embraced the teachings of Babylon and Egypt and Kabbalistic Jews who have forgotten their love for Adonai. Anyway, devil worship, or rather the light of Lucifer, guided these apostates, so Freemasonry was born and the Grand Lodge of England established in 1717.

Hermann Goering, Nazi mad man and murderer,
in his Knights of Malta garb.

So, I suppose that many know that Voltair was a Mason, and look at the result when the King of France was killed and the French revolution took place. Priests and nuns persecuted and killed-- why? Because the Masons in the Kadosh 18th degree pledge to make war against royalty and the Catholic Church-- they desecrate the holy Eucharist in sexual orgies and stab the Papal tiara crying out for death and vengeance against royalty and the Roman faith.

It happened again and again, Garibaldi, Mazzinin (Alte Vendite P2) repeated the same thing in Italy murdering priests and removing the power of the Papal states and confining the Holy See to the Vatican.

During the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, most Bolsheviks were Freemasons financially sponsored by Loeb and Sciff, the Jewish American who wanted to see the Czar fall. I do not hate Jews, I love them, I love their love for God, but I hate the bad Jews who adore Lucifer as I cannot particularly stand the Christian Freemasons who end up becoming Lucifer's minions on earth.

Benito Mussolini in Knights of Malta garb.

So the masons attempted at having a Masonic Pope in 1903. Cardinal Rampolla was an undercover Masonic Cardinal and was a papabile almost becoming Pope before the war during a conclave. However, he was vetoed by Franz the Austrian king, and thank God the Church was spared a Masonic Pontiff. You see we Catholics believe that the Holy Spirit will not allow this from happening and thank Him it did not. Freemasonry has declared war on the Catholic Church. The most vile form of Freemasonry is Catholic Freemasonry, and the Whore of Babylon and the black beast of Revelation is non other than Freemasonry.

So to know that Roman Catholic Church's opinion on Freemasonry you must obtain Pope Clement XII Bull "....Condemnation of the society, lodges, conventicles of liberi muratori or Freemasons, under pain of excommunication to be incurred ipso facto and absolution from it being reserved for the Supreme Pontiff except at point of death." In 1917 Canon 2335 and 2336 "Those who lend their name to a Masonic sect or other association of the same kind who plot against the Church incur the penalty of excommunication resting simply in the Apostolic See."

In 1983 Cardinal Ratzinger (today Pope Benedict XVI) on 26/11/83 Canon 1374 was revised to include other secret socialites which act similarly to Freemasonry and desire to overthrow the Church and Catholic governments - "It has been asked whether the judgment of the Church with regard to Masonic associations has been changed due to the fact that no express mention of them is made in the new code of canon law as was the case in the old law. This sacred congregation is in a position to answer that such a circumstance is to be attributed to the criterion used in the reduction (of the code), which (criterion) was also observed with regard to other associations not expressly mentioned, given the fact that they are included under wider categories. ...Therefore the negative judgment of the Church with regard to Masonic associations remains unchanged, because their principles have always been considered as irreconcilable with Church doctrine and consequently membership in them remains prohibited. Those faithful who are members of Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and cannot accede to Holy Communion... the local ecclesiastical authorities have no faculty to give nay judgment on the nature of Masonic associations which would derogate from the above sentence in accordance with the Declaration of this Sacred Congregation of 17 February 1981"

Pope John Paul ratified this and today Cardinal Ratzinger is Pope. Therefore the argument that a local mason used by saying that Ratzinger was a German and historically nazi Germans persecuted the masons is absolute poppycock just to use one of the words he used or rather nonsense. Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church are at WAR. If freemasonry manages to elect a Masonic pope by way of their undercover and secret apostatized catholic cardinals, then rest assured that that pope is a marionette of Lucifer and antichrist. If this occurs in those days stay away from Rome, however I am Catholic I love my Church and will defend it as much as I can.

Best Regards in Christ



Ediror: Remember, the writer of the above letter is a Roman Catholic.


COMMENT By Steve Van Nattan

It is well known that the Southern Baptist Convention has CHOSEN, after long and exhaustive deliberation, to accept Freemasonry as good and wholesome, and at least 40% or all SBC pastors are Freemasons. Many King James Bible Only Fundamental Baptist churches make no effort to deal with Freemasons in their membership, and the Lodge has plants in most Fundamental churches. The Lutheran churches has stricter standards on Freemasonry than almost all Baptist church groups.

We also note that Bob Jones Senior chose Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, among others Freemasons, to sit on his board of directors. Many Bible believers assume that Bob Jones Senior was himself a Freemason. When questioned about Freemasonry in a question answer session in one church where he preached, Dr. Peter Ruckman turned at once on his heal and walked off the platform.

I attended a church near us with my family for some time here in Tennessee, and they took a strong official stand on Freemasonry, but there was at least one man in the church, a member, who I could see behaved in every way like a Freemason. Nothing was done to investigate.

I get a little self-conscious when I realize that the Vatican has a stronger stand on some things than we Fundamental Bible believers. But, this one is the limit! Freemasonry teachers, in its most powerful texts, that God is the cosmic dong, Jesus is the cosmic vagina, and the Holy Ghost is the cosmic sperm.

Now, you who know you are harboring Freemasons in your assembly, if you do not do anything about it, you are not as orthodox and separated from evil as the Vatican, and you are willfully keeping blasphemers in the sheep fold.

Tell me, are you even born again?



Other sources of information confirm, though, that a combination of Freemasonry, "New-Theology", and the "One-Worlders" has de-railed the Roman Catholic Church at present. To a Catholic priest, like myself, that's depressing news, but I am willing to acknowledge it as a punishment for our own sins. Catholics for the last 100 years have flirted with liberalism, and secretly wished their Church was not so "outdated". God heard their cries, and in punishment thereof, gave them a Church so up-dated that it was no longer even Catholic.

He is separating His flock, even now. Anyone who wants a life of money, sex, pleasure, sensuality, no responsibility, with a window-dressing of respectability, well, its just around the corner at your local modern man-centered Church. If you hold to the inviolate Scriptures, unchanged Tradition, and strict Christian morality, you will have to go elsewhere, friend. (Let me tell you: this business of "Ecumenism" is a fraud-- it was a cheap trick thought up by ecclesiastics with too many diplomas to lure Protestants into the Catholic Church by downplaying the doctrines Protestants find objectionable.

What actually happened? All the Catholics have marched over the bridge "in the wrong direction", or out of the Church altogether. The modern "Catholic" church opens its arms to all religions: a stinking heresy if ever there were one. Witness the abomination of desolation set up on the high altar of the church of St. Francis, in Assissi: a Buddha on the altar, with the baldo bonzos ringing their bells and dancing.

Here is the Novus Ordo Catholic Buddha Mass. A verse comes to mind: 2 Timothy 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

Its not the only time, either. Here in India, the Catholic priests think it is cool to dress like Brahmin priests, and offer Mass squatting at a low table, with all the appearances of Hindu "pooja" (worship ceremony). One "missionary" (of the Devil), made a Tabernacle (where you might know, we Catholics believe the Real Presence of the Hidden Body of our Lord is placed), a Tabernacle modelled after the Shiva Lingam. Shiva is their god, and the lingam is literally his male organ. I think they are still discovering deeper recesses of Hell for people like this.

Anyway, to get to the point, the Society I belong to thinks the Council of Trent was the greatest thing to ever happen to the Catholic Church (you must admit, it draws the lines in double black: no "identity crisis" here!) We say the Mass in Latin, facing the altar, we profess it to be a true sacrifice for the living and the dead, just as our ancestors did. We believe that outside the Church there is no salvation, and that Hindus had either be baptized or perish. Baptized with water and the Holy Spirit.

Listen to the funny part, Steve-- the Modern "Catholic" Church falls all over themselves to embrace Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, animists, worshippers of the "Great Thumb". But WE, who are exactly what they (the Vatican) USED TO BE, are "excommunicated"!! Such stories I could tell you! We "Latin Mass people", are the only ones locked out of heaven.

The bishops and priests will do any favor at all for their separated brethren, but for us? They put us in a unique category, for especially bad treatment. You know what we call that? Apostasy. The whole church turning its back on its own past, renouncing what it used to be, willing to be anything for anybody--- except what it was. In earthy language, that is what a whore does-- anything for anybody.

What are we waiting for? Realistic people wait for Armageddon. Dreamers like me wait for the next Pope--he will either be a Saint, and immediately martyred, or a Devil. If the latter, then we promptly become realists, and wait for Armageddon.

Fortunately, the fate of the Church is not my personal problem. I know what I need to do to save my soul, and I am making my best effort. It is a pity, though, to see so many well-meaning people led astray. As an "excommunicate", though, there is little I can do to convince them that they are on the wrong path. However, God has inspired many people worldwide to stand up for the Truth. These are the people we serve-- those who are determined to live a truly Catholic family life, with the support of Catholic priests like-- us.

In a later letter from the same priest, he speaks of the Vatican's effort to regain the seat of power in Christendom. He also sheds light on the ongoing evil in the Vatican. This letter was written before Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope.

Well, I told you this ecumenical movement was a fraud. The row over "Dominus Jesus" naturally upsets those who have devoted their whole careers to dialogging with other religions. Ever since Vatican II, the Vatican has been trying desperately to catch up with the World Council of Churches, and "take charge" of the globalization of religion.

Eventually, though, the nature of Catholicism must reassert itself-- the inertia, you might say, of 2000 years of unchanging dogma simply can't be erased with a single stroke. Ultimately, the ecumenical movement emasculates Rome, and makes Billy Graham as much an authority as Joe Ratzinger (whom I pity more than I despise). So there is a brief re-statement of the pre-vatican II doctrine that the only way to salvation is the Catholic Church. Naturally, there will be a small war.

Personally, if Cardinal Ratzinger keeps it up, he will be pushing up daisies. As Malachi Martin pointed out, there are some powerful and ruthless forces interested in carrying through the dismantling of the Catholic Church. Stand in their way, and you will be steamrollered.


COMMENT by Steve Van Nattan

It is interesting that, since this letter by the priest, Ratzinger was elected Pope. Some of you may have wondered why I predicted that Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, might be snuffed shortly after his investiture. This has not happened, which means the present Pope is winning the battle against the Satanic element in the Vatican, and against the Freemasons who are quite eager to kill him. This corroborates what the fellow from Malta wrote above.

But, there is a much larger issue for us Bible believers to consider:

Just this-- If Freemasonry, and the Satanic New Age powers of this world, will attack the Catholic Church in order to control it and destroy what little light it has left, do you suppose these entities are at all timid about invading Fundamental Christianity? I believe there have been men in recent times who sinned big (like Jack Hyles using his church secretary like a whore) and taught mystical things (like Lester Roloff who taught mystical things about food and died in a plane crash with a plane load of women) who were used by Satan to destroy the witness of the Gospel.

There are other men in our midst, famous beyond anything in the example of Paul or Christ, who are leading the sheep into man worship, and they will lead them on into Satan worship soon. It will be subtle, it will be given zealous vocabulary, but the insane devotion of Jack Hyles' followers, and the followers of guruistic men like Hank Thompson, prove me right. Hate, violence, patriotism, and tax rebellion are being used to divert the sheep from green pastures into the wilderness where Satan and wolves will devour them. Thus, there is no place left for the saints to move on to for fellowship. Many remain at home alone, with the Lord to be sure, but, ALONE.

The last great movement in the Church Age seems to be to go down to the Brook Cherith, and wait for the Lord to take his Bride out. But, you better be thoughtful about who you give attention to.

1 Corinthians 16:9 (KJV) For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

Jude 1:4 (KJV) For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
5 I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.
6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
8 Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.

Preacher, saint, there are creeps out there, and they like to destroy church fellowships. If you do not watch unto prayer and test the spirits you WILL be invaded. I hear almost nothing about devils in people, or of incipient New Age attacks and activities these days. I followed it closely in the 1970s - 80s, and I did massive presentations on it, including New Age music. The New Age is now a bust. Why? Answer: The forces of Satan have gone to seminary, or Bible college, gotten a degree, fooled men into ordaining them, and these devils are now parked in Fundamental Baptist pulpits right around the world. I hear stories of mad Baptists from almost every continent in email.

Mark 14:38 (KJV) Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.



The paganizing of the Catholic Church via Hinduism-- We cry no tears over this, but if you thing you have immunity to this kind of attack, you are a gullible fool. Anyone who strays from the Word of God ALONE, and runs after Baptist tradition, or Charismatic thrills, WILL be infiltrated by and by.

Paganism in the Vatican-- This is a bit loud, but it shows that Catholics do not believe the Vatican is clean.

This page makes it clear that the Roman Whore will never return to even her own small vestiges of orthodox Christianity.
"Incidentally, one of the "conferences" that pushed me over the edge was on one afternoon of reflection with Opus Dei. The priest in question is a good man who gave me some excellent spiritual direction. However, from previous conferences, I knew that he, as well as Opus Dei in general, went right along with the new post-Conciliar orientation, such as ecumenism. Well, on this day, I believe it was in November, he said something to the effect of, "We are not looking to return to Christendom." As I wrote in my letter to the Archbishop, "That said it all." I did not think that statement would ever actually benefit me, but it did sooner than I could have imagined at the time. It is one of the many indications that the Novus Ordo structure has abandoned the traditional Papal teaching on the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ."






And, a call for a return to tradition.
YOU MUST SEE THIS-- Then, answer this question:
Will you defend "Baptist standards" and traditions, or will you stay with the King James Bible? If you will NOT stay the course in the Word of God PLUS NOTHING, you will follow the same path the Whore followed. Already, we see Baptists building expensive cathedrals and claiming they show the greatness of God (Pensacola Christian College). Popes like Lee Roberson and Clarance Sexton demand and receive the submission of the saints to them, and many of YOU claim the unbiblical power of "pastoral rule." And, the present step of moving from worship music to honky tonk Southern Gospel Music will move right along to the rock drums and dance leaders. You WILL not stay with your mere "Baptist Standards." It is not possible to walk the middle ground forever-- you will return to the Word of God PLUS NOTHING, or you will move right on into the arms of Mother Whore and boogie woogie religion.

Someone, after seeing the above video, will conclude that the new Catholic Church has made many good changes which seem to remove some blasphemies of the past. Wrong! The changes have resulted in Hinduism and Buddhism also being added to the Mass, and rock drums to alleged worship. So also, in our ongoing experience as Bible believers, the only solution in Laodicea is to stay with the King James Bible PLUS NOTHING. Damn your pastoral rule, tithing, church membership, faith promise, voting, democracy, constitutions, patriotic events, Baptist heritage to John the Baptist, and "many other such things ye do." You will NOT remain in this foul compromised Whorish mode for long-- you will go right on into the Slough of Despond, or you will shuck off your damned traditions.

What is your choice, preacher?

Did you see the ending of the above video? Did you notice how "Fundamental" it sounded-- calling for faithfulness to the purer religion of Rome? It is absolutely no different from our dilemma today in biblical Fundamentalism. Where the traditionalist purist Catholic seeks the purity of the Roman Whore in its roots, we must turn away from "Baptist standards" and modern practices which are NOT backed by our own heritage. Our repentance and restoration is found in the King James Bible and the teachings of the Apostle Paul and Christ. It will take nothing short of a war on the modern evils in Baptist land to find ourselves ONLY in Christ Jesus PLUS NOTHING.