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By Mike Ramey


Want to know the "ins" and "outs" of "Spiritual Warfare"?

Tired of the "hype" and "confusion" over cult / occult issues?

What does the Bible say about these matters?

Mike Ramey takes you on a tour of Christian Duty in this series, as he explains WHO led him onto the same field of battle EVERY Believer must eventually visit.


More than a decade ago, in my home city of Indianapolis, Indiana, a home in a quiet, east side neighborhood was rocked by an occult incident. A family from Puerto Rico, if I remember correctly, had moved to the city. The family, no strangers to occult practices, had a teenage grandson in the home. One night, the grandson, no stranger to the "family hobby", suddenly became unmanageable. He grew violent, destructive, and downright mean. The police were called-- and the two officers were greeted by breaking glass, furniture that moved without someone pushing it, finding themselves pinned to walls, and a teenage boy who could not be restrained. Bruised and battered, the officers called in the Police Chaplain for help. The Chaplain called in a Priest to help him. Eventually, somehow, the boy was calmed, and the "supernatural fireworks show" came to a halt.

The teenager was quickly, and quietly sent back to Puerto Rico.

A local TV station heard about the incident. A few days later, they sent a reporter and photographer to the home and brought along a Channeler-- a medium-- to "read" and supposedly "calm" the house. Knowing that I had recently done several stories and series on cult/occult phenomena, the TV photographer gave me a call to talk about the incident.

Needless to say, he was a bit quizzical about my response to his station"s story.

"All your reporter succeeded in doing was to put those demonic forces to sleep by using stronger demonic forces," I told him. "You guys have NO idea what you were dealing with; someone could wind up real dead-- real quick-- if they don"t have biblical protection in dealing with the occult."

Now, as this series unfolds, let me say up front: one MUST be sure of their salvation in Jesus Christ; one MUST be firmly rooted, and grounded in the KJV Bible; one MUST have ANY sins in their life washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb WELL before venturing out onto the battlefield of Spiritual Warfare. On THIS battlefield, Satan and his demonic forces are using LIVE ammunition, and they are governed by one motto: Shoot To Kill!



My family has been under spiritual attack for nearly a year. We have sought help from our parish priest, prayer teams, websites and books, but we are finding our battle increasing instead of stopping.

Our priest came into our home to pray and bless it and sprinkle holy water all around as a means of protection. We are trying to do all that we can to keep ourselves close to the Lord...attending daily Mass, praying the rosary, frequent confession, reading the Bible, The Divine Mercy Chaplet, time before the Blessed Sacrament and lots of prayer (including those from your website).

The attacks include physical manifestations...two members of the family have seen actual demons and three of us have experienced the feeling of something touching our bodies. I go to bed each night with the feeling of something touching me sexually and awake each morning with fresh bruises on my legs and arms.

We are all suffering from a lack of sleep because of these attacks and the nightmares that my children frequently experience. There is an extended family member who is living with someone who practices in the occult and we believe this is the source of our trouble. We have ceased contact with this family member, which is very sad because we were very close to this person, but this has caused great division in the extended family because this person denies the involvement of her "friend" even though there is proof that it is so.

I believe our family member is a victim of the enemy's plot as well and that is what is causing the blindness toward the situation. We don't know what else to do and I am losing my hope that all will be normal again. My children are all so afraid and this is impacting so much of our daily life.

Thank you for your help.


Dear Ann,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these things. I know how frightening these types of situations can be. Please know that God is with you through these trials and remember, "All things work to the good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28). This promise also applies to demonic infestation.

From what you've described, you are doing what you should be doing; namely, making use of the Church's sacramentals, praying, attending Mass, going to adoration, etc. Also, based on what you have said, it sounds like your efforts are working. Often times in cases of demonic infestation, prayers and house blessings can make things worse for a time. However, do not allow this to stop you from what you are doing, because what you are doing is working.

Without knowing many more details, it will be impossible for us to offer you advice that is specific. However, there are some general principles that you should be aware of. You can read these on the SPCDC website at the following link:
Violent Hauntings. In addition, you should pay particular attention to the hedge prayer and the breaking of household curses and spells. You should pray these prayers on a daily basis (if possible, pray them with the whole family) for as long as this problem continues. You can go directly to the prayers by clicking on the following links:

Breaking Household Curses and Spells

Hedge Prayer for Protection of Household

You may also want to ask your priest to say a mass in your house for the purpose of getting rid of these evil spirits. In our experience, this is very effective at eliminating problems such as what you have described.

The Saint Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling is not accepting new clients until after October 6th, 2003. If you are still having problems at that time, you may want to consider contacting us and requesting a personal consultation. The link, once we activate it again, will be at the bottom of the following page:
Help Request

We will be praying for you and for your family.

God bless you,

Joe Meineke
Intake Counselor, SPCDC

What a fool. Here is what he said to the man who is ready to give up:

"....based on what you have said, it sounds like your efforts are working."

This blithering fool priest has NO real biblical solution for the demonic attack. He can only suggest devotional exercises and attending Mass. How terribly tragic and sad.



Another item of business that has to be made clear: The MORE the Christian studies the KJV Bible, the LESS they will be shocked and amazed when dealing with people who happen to be in a cult, or involved with occult practices. In other words, the MORE you study the KJV, the LESS you will be swayed when the spiritual counterfeits of our day "pop up" in your field of vision, or in your everyday life.

Now, there ARE those who make light of the KJV. They eagerly run to "this" modern translation, or "that" modern translation. They believe the satanic lie that the KJV is "out of date" or is the "white man"s Bible". Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are three reasons WHY Christians must be loyal to the KJV:

*Its Origin and History:
King James, the ruler who authorized the translation of the available scriptures of his day into a Bible that the common person could read, brought together a host of scholars and experts who painstakingly went over the Greek and Hebrew texts, avoided attempts to "water down" the gospel by the Roman Catholic church leadership, and were willing to suffer all kinds of persecution to get the job done. In 1611, the world was introduced to the King James Version. It stood alone as THE biblical standard for more than 260 years and still has just as much power today, as it did when it first rolled off the presses.

*Its Linguistic Authority and Purity:
Some might think that this is a small point, but whenever the Scripture states: "Thus saith the Lord"", it does something to the spirit of the believer. It is written in the same King"s English language used by Shakespeare. One knows what happens when you try to "modernize" Othello, or Romeo and Juliet. The same can be said for attempts to fix or tamper with the KJV! Many, many translations that have come since the KJV lose something when it comes to using modern terminology rather than sticking with a proven winner.

*Its Ability to uplift:
Several surveys have been done on the various translations over the years as to their educational abilities. Did you know that a person who masters the KJV is able to comprehend at a 12th grade-plus level? NO other bible version can make such a claim! Our fore parents had it right when they INSISTED to be taught how to read out of the bible, rather than out of "just another reading book". The bible, for many is STILL math book, medical book, marriage manual, and rod of correction for children.

Pastor Wayne Anderson, City of Refuge Church, Honolulu, Hawaii put it this way in one of his messages during the 1990s: "There are those who say that the KJV is out-of-date. It was good enough to get YOU saved! And, when you come right down to it"its King Jesus who makes the difference!" Another Pastor, D. L. Thomas here in Indianapolis, Indiana brings home the point even stronger: "You can LOSE what you"ve GOT by trying to GET what you ALREADY HAVE!"

The KJV has withstood the test of time, and the onslaught of the critics. Why settle for a cheap copy when you have the original Word of God that has a proven track record over the centuries?



The Christian has ENEMIES!

When one turns their life over to Christ, there are three forces that immediately go to work against the believer: The WORLD (established economic, religious, social, political, and military systems); The FLESH (our pre-Christian nature, otherwise know as the Adamic nature); and The DEVIL (those supernatural forces that throw at the Christian all manner of evil, from lust to mistrust). We are commanded to resist those things and forces that aim to take us off track for Jesus Christ. "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." (James 4:7, KJV)

What does Satan set out to do to a Christian; especially a NEW Christian?

Destroy their testimony!


Check Revelation 12:11 and you"ll understand!

A man's--or a woman's--testimony is the key to winning others to the Kingdom of God! The Woman at the well in the New Testament who met Jesus became one of the best billboards for the Kingdom imaginable. She tasted of the "living" water, and--once she saw the difference that Christ made in her life, she shared that difference with others. The Apostle Paul, who wrote 14 of the 27 books of the New Testament, shared--in more than one place--how HE came to Christ from a background steeped in pride, legalism, and law. THAT"S why, on Mars Hill, when the philosophers and thinkers gathered to hear about "this" god and "that" philosophy, Paul could point out the "Unknown God" and lead some of the "intellectuals" to get to the real God, through Christ!

Everyone is familiar with Dwight L. Moody. NOT everyone is familiar with the man who led him to Christ in--of all places--a Shoe Store! That man won one. Moody won thousands! Who says our testimony is ineffective?

So, exactly WHAT is spiritual warfare? Here"s my definition:

Spiritual warfare is merely the Christian"s continuing resistance to the world, flesh, and devil, on such a regular basis--and with such deadly accuracy--that those held hostage to any one of the "unholy trio" can be freed and pointed to Christ.

Once a Christian believes and acts on the Word of God, enemies are going to appear and be spoiling for a fight! But, we already have the victory in Jesus Christ! For greater is He that is in us (the Christian) than he that is in the world!



So, how did a dazzling urbanite like myself, who already had a successful career as a broadcaster and journalist, wind up involved in spiritual warfare? Well, first--a few years before the example that opened this segment of the series--I became a Christian.

I staked my claim on the Lord's side on a Sunday in 1986, and went back into the newsroom the next day. My world had changed; but the world at large had not. Over the course of several months, major scandals broke in the Christian world. Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, and a few other Christian notables were falling from the battlefield after years of service. Then, a few ritualistic murders and ritualistic child abuse cases took place in and around Indiana, causing me to meet and interview various other Christians who were active in the field of cult/occult research. A few of them were Pastors. Many of them were police officers, detectives, journalists, and researchers.

From these humble Saints, I learned seven very simple rules concerning cults and the occult, and spiritual warfare which I will share with you:

1) There are NO experts in the field, save Jesus Christ! As fast as they are exposed, cults will "go underground", change tactics, and change their doctrine. It wasn"t that long ago, that the Mormons and Jehovah"s Witnesses prohibited African American members. NOW these two cults are operating in AFRICA with a vengeance.

2) If the Christian studies the true, the false always give themselves away! The Secret Service has its agents study, handle, and examine REAL money BEFORE they are allowed to handle counterfeit cash. Thus, when the phony comes along, they can spot it without batting an eye!

3) Not every Christian, nor every church, is going to be overjoyed with your progress in spotting and stopping the enemy! You can show people--right from the pages of scripture--that certain activities, practices, and habits are wrong; but it is up to the Lord to convict them and lead them out! You may have to move to a bible-believing church once it gets around that you DON"T celebrate Halloween, and DON"T have Pokemon cards or Goosebumps books in your household.

4) This is a worldwide ballgame. Pagan practices that start in one area of the globe wind up, one way or another, on American shores. Repackaged and ready for another generation to fall prey. My generation had to suffer through "Bewitched". Now, "Harry Potter" has surfaced, mark on the forehead and all! A teen in California can learn from another teen in London how to conduct Wiccan rituals over the Internet.

5) Cult and occult practitioners are very well entrenched, very well financed, and HATE exposure! They each have a spy network that would make the CIA hang their heads in shame. Many cult groups own newspapers, radio, television stations and publishing houses. Still others have access to weapons, cash, and drugs to expand their reach. A few others have full diplomatic access, and are protected by international law. Followers who come out, and come to Christ often have a price on their heads! Folks who share Christ with them are marked and targeted for embarrassment, scandal, financial ruin, or WORSE!

6) Ninety percent of satanic attack is aimed at the MIND! Don"t laugh when you read of people saying that they "hear" voices. Don"t laugh when you read stories of ritualistic child abuse. Don"t get bored when you hear of a cemetery having headstones tipped over or gravesites robbed. These are visible signs of occult activity.

7) The Bible is the key in how to deal with these groups. The Book Of Joshua and the Book of Ephesians BOTH contain excellent keys in dealing with those who are not on the Lord"s side--HOWEVER, ONLY the Christian can USE the Armor of God, and claim the protection of God, through Jesus Christ! Study carefully how Paul confronted those trapped or active in the occult in the Book of Acts.

Times may change. Places may change. Satan"s tactics NEVER change. Once you understand how his crew operates, you will be able to minister to others with a passion for souls that you didn"t know that you had! However, Praise God--Christ never changes, and neither does his Word. If it was wrong yesterday, it is wrong today, and will STILL be wrong tomorrow!

See you for part two, very soon.

Mike Ramey is a new contributing writer for our site. To correspond, you can contact him via email, manhoodline@ yahoo.com. "Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications, 2002.



By Mike Ramey


I still remember vividly the late night conversation I had with a Cult expert who made his living teaching Law Enforcement agencies as to the signs, symbols, and tactics of various Cult groups more than a decade ago. He told me some of the items he used, and displayed at some of his seminars--including some of the "trinkets" he had collected from crime scenes over the years. He was widely sought to conduct such seminars.

At one particular event, he had a robe he had obtained from a raid on a Satanic coven. One officer was intrigued by the robe, and asked a host of questions about it, at the end of the seminar. The expert told me that he had later heard that the officer had decided to "cross over". Meaning, the officer had obtained his OWN robe, and became a practicing Satanist. The expert was still a bit shaken by the experience, but rationalized that it was a part of the "risk" to inform the Law Enforcement community about the genuine dangers of coming up against cult/occult groups.

However, he had learned several hard lessons. The first: When teaching, lecturing, or sharing information on these groups, one must take care NOT to give the glory to Satan, or any of those groups under his control. The second: The trinkets or objects themselves can cause curiosity to rise up in a person, and lure them into the very area that you are trying to keep them out. The third--and most important: Unless you explain the biblical truth--with a healthy dose of scripture--you will be doing more to encourage your listeners to serve Satan, rather than Jesus Christ.

Sadly, I have noticed that many people who deal with this issue are more interested in making a name for themselves, rather than setting the captives free.



As I mentioned in Part One, I became a Christian in 1986. Jesus Christ found me in a church that I had been for several years. I was a church officer, usher, treasurer, and on the Board of Trustees, but was NOT a Christian. When an Interim Pastor came in during my fourth year in this church, (after the previous Pastor resigned) I heard the true gospel PREACHED and became a Christian. Soon, I dropped all those other church offices because I was serving in them out of ignorance.

I learned that this one of the MAIN reasons why people get wrapped up in cult/occult activity. Out of their own ignorance. As my research into cult/occult activity unfolded, the Lord led those veteran saints from various walks of life to me to help me in this task. Their names are not important, but their information and teachings remain with me. Through their battles, I was blessed to put together a radio series that covered Satanism, Wicca, Witchcraft, the Satanic Bible, Ritualistic Crime, and a host of other issues. It had its share of critics--in house and in the community. However, more than a few people wrote or called in, requesting audiotape copies--a first for the station I had been working as a Reporter and Anchor.

The public response perplexed my bosses, but they allowed the copies to be mailed. It turned out that the series was right on time, as several local Pastors were teaching on these topics to their various congregations. One woman called me and said that the series had confirmed the very dangers her pastor was preaching about in the pulpit the previous Sunday morning. Eventually the Pastor of her church called, and requested a copy of the series for his own study.



The ignorance factor opened my eyes, and proved to be the tip of the proverbial iceberg as my initial research began. However, for those who made it OUT of cult/occult activity, this was the first card on the table. Here are some others:

1) Family Tradition: Just as there are Christians who can point to their Christian ancestors, there are those in cult/occult activity who can point to THEIR ancestors. Couple this with the fact that there are some people BRED into some occult groups for either ritualistic sacrifice, ritualistic sexual abuse, or merely to serve at the whim of the group or coven.

2) Fear and Threats: The cost for entering cult/occult activity is cheap--in the beginning. However, those trying to exit such activity find that they are bombarded with fear and threats of retribution. For example: Mormons, Jehovah"s Witnesses, and Moonies are told, flat out, that IF they leave, not only will they be excommunicated from their church; ALL family ties will be severed, and they will CEASE to exist in the minds of family members who decide to stay.

3) Power and Control: Some groups offer those who have less-than-glamorous lives the chance, and opportunity to "lead" others, or, "rule" others deemed to be "less" than worth the flesh that contains them. For example: A Wiccan woman who may be a bit on the "plain Jane" side in terms of looks and ability, can develop a following and servants merely by starting her own coven.

4) Thrills: The ability to do something to cater to one"s flesh in terms of excitement, sexual pleasure, or to act like a "god".

5) Prestige and Position: Jim Shaw, who has written on the evils of Freemasonry and the Eastern Star groups, found that while he was a Mason, there was no problem with securing employment, making deals, and having the money roll in. Once he became a Christian, those opportunities dried up overnight. However, he admitted that while he had lost, he had gained in Christ Jesus.

6) Love and Acceptance: This is the crucial way that cult/occult groups recruit young people. Giving them a place to "fit in"; providing physical and tangible means of acceptance; even having their sexual desires met.

7) Knowledge: Those who fancy themselves to have a "superior" intellect to the rest of us "mere" mortals flock to groups that offer knowledge that goes beyond the everyday. This is true of practitioners of Voodoo, Santeria, and Palo Mayombe and other occult arts.

8) Manipulation: There are those around the recruit who "egg" them on to join the group. This is also another subtle way that young people are "drawn" into occult activity. We best know this as "peer pressure". However, there are adults who also join up because of the same type of pressure.



It has been estimated that there are some 1,500 to 2,000 active cult groups in the USA. Some of them have worldwide reach; some of them don"t. Some of them are more visible than others. Some of them make the headlines; some of them CONTROL who makes the headlines. Some of them have various items used for worship and rituals; some of them have things reduced to writing, CD-Rom, or other means of communication.

One cannot study ALL of them, let alone list all of them.

Yes, there is countless information on the WWW about the various groups. Some of these sites name names, publish information, and list followers.

Let me save you some time and effort before you troop off to research the various groups. I learned this the hard way, because of the mountains of research, interviews, and checking I did on cult/occult activity both when I first became a Christian, and to this present day: It is MUCH easier, practical, and scriptural to study your KJV Bible to separate the false from the true. However, you also have to practice what you preach concerning cult/occult activity in, and around your life--and the lives of your family.

For example: The Bible tells us that Satan is behind ANY group, activity, or scheme that seeks to enthrone man, and dethrone the Godhead (God the Father, God the Son--Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit). Those practitioners may not see Satan at work, but the true Christian--armed with the Word of God can.

There are only two forces at work in this world: Christ and Satan. Just as Christ is alive, so is Satan:

*Satan has Intellect (II Corinthians 11:3).

*Satan has Emotion (Revelation 12:17).

*Satan has a Strong Will (II Timothy 2:26)

BUT--Jesus Christ whipped him on the Cross-, and at the Tomb (Colossians 2:15).

That"s why MY definition of a cult/occult/false religion is as follows:

ANY group that sponsors/spreads/supports teachings or beliefs CONTRARY to the Word of God; AND uses deception in order to maintain its membership, power base, OR to draw in NEW followers, worshippers, or converts to serve their cause!



The reason why I emphasize the Bible, and take a biblical line on the subject of cult/occult phenomena and spiritual warfare is that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Churches, denominations and individual Christians have gotten into trouble by taking a gray area of the Bible; or an area where the Bible is silent, and--through legalism--proclaim something to be occult in origin when, in reality, it is a matter of taste, style, or culture.

For example: In the African American church community, our worship style is different from other cultures. If the choir isn"t rocking; if the Pastor isn"t sweating after he preaches; if the musicians aren"t "peppy" in their musical selections, then our worship experience isn"t true, in our opinion. When you mention "Sunday morning service" to a Christian of African American culture, it runs three or four hours! Because of the music, the drums, the beat, the "ring shout" the "call and response", there are SOME Christians of other denominations who try to say that our worship experience is occult-laced--while some of these same individuals will yell themselves hoarse over the antics of a pro-sports team on a Sunday afternoon.

In reality, one church may do things one way, and another church does things another way. After all, our God is big enough to be praised for one hour--or four--or all day. He delights in praise. He delights in His people bragging on him, worshipping him, and shouting about him! One Christian may like Steak and Eggs, while another may be a Vegetarian. Is one any less a Christian because they wear a black suit to church, rather than blue jeans and a lumberjack shirt? NO! This is a matter of Grace, which Paul covers explicitly in Galatians, Chapter Five, and Romans, Chapter Eight.



The Bible is ALSO clear on matters of the spirit realm. Just as Jesus Christ is alive, and Satan is alive, there is a spirit realm that is also alive, active, and very much a part of any discussion on spiritual warfare, deliverance, and counseling cult/occult survivors.

The Book of Revelation proves conclusively that there IS a spirit realm. The Book of Genesis proves conclusively that there IS a spirit realm. Jesus, in the Gospels, had to battle the forces of Satan in the wilderness.

So, why don"t many Christians believe someone who has been under spiritual attack? Why do so many Christians act disinterested on the subject of spiritual warfare?

Their eyes have not been opened to this fact.

If I may go back to an Old Testament example, there was a Prophet of God and his servant in a city that was about to undergo an attack. His servant could see the enemy camping about the city. He could see the spears, the horses, the shields, and the men, massing for an all-out attack. And, of course, the servant was visibly shaken, and worried.

The Prophet, on the other hand, was cool. If I may paraphrase his response: "Lord, open my servant"s eyes to truly see." At once, the servant"s eyes were opened, and he saw the angels and forces of the Lord--larger in number--in very close proximity to the visible enemy.

Some Christians need to have their eyes opened to the reality of the supernatural forces at work as we continue our journey through this world. Not only that, but we need to follow the biblical provision supplied to us in I John 4:1-6. We need to try things, people, groups, and ideologies by the Sprit of the Lord--meaning the Holy Spirit.

Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are asleep, in these last days.

This is NOT the time to be ignorant of the devil and his devices.

Mike Ramey is a new contributing writer to our site. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, and does a monthly, syndicated column on men"s issues called: "The Manhood Line". To correspond, contact him via email at manhood line@yahoo.com. " 2002 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications. Used by permission.



By Mike Ramey


On one beautiful afternoon more than a decade ago, I sat down for coffee with several former Jehovah"s Witnesses--who had walked out of their former organization and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, several years earlier.

Some of the questions and issues covered during our time together, resulted in tears being shed, voices responding in broken tones, and pregnant pauses as these former cult members had to search for words to describe how they could believe in something that was false--and how they found out that it was false.

My tape recorder was going, and my pen was moving furiously. I was doing an interview on the Constitutional protections enjoyed by cults, occult practitioners, and false religions that do business in America. Since this was to be a balanced news series, I also had to interview a current leader in the JW ranks.

I also did interviews with former Mormons, and a current, local Mormon leader.

Since we live in the USA, the U.S. Constitution protects us. The First Amendment is still the law of the land. Boiling it down for easier consumption, one has a freedom to join any religious organization that strikes their fancy. One also has the same right to leave that organization, should they feel the need to do so.

As I mentioned in Parts One and Two of this series, the Lord set it up so I could get the stories, and get them on the air. The right people were sent along, at the right time, for the right people to hear the goings on. As for myself, as a "newbie" Christian at the time, I had no idea of the Lord"s training plan for myself in this area; but the training WAS needed, and still serves me well to this day. To warn others that when it comes to cult/occult/false religions--nothing is as it seems.



As those who had been former members in the JW and Mormon ranks told me, staying in the fold appears to be good--but leaving can produce dire consequences. And, when these groups come to YOUR door, here is what is going on beyond their smiles:

*They are taking notes on you, your family, your home and your responses.

*That information is kept--on file--at their houses of worship.

*That information is ALSO sent to their national headquarters.

*They keep track of who moves in to your neighborhood.

*They mark down who are Christians, and who are not.

*They also keep track of each other, and whether or not YOUR testimony impacts those Mormons and Witnesses that visit your home.

*They also, if they suspect someone is going to leave their organization(s), see, or ask where they went, and whom they were seen talking to.

*On the happenstance that someone wants to leave the group, they are excommunicated from the fold, and the "believing" spouse and children are re-located to a "safe" house away from the excommunicated member.

*Other family members of the excommunicated person regard them as being "dead", so they don"t have access to family gatherings, or other family members.

*Other cult groups and organizations use the SAME tactics, even to the extreme of threatening the ex-member with death, financial ruin, or other such mayhem.

*Sadly--and this is the most critical part--there are FEW Christians that have the patience, love, and counseling skills to help these "escapees" out of darkness and into the light. Once some of these former cult members (and others) give their public testimony, some Christians--including Pastors--give them the cold shoulder out of fear, ignorance, or threats of withholding of financial support by other, fearful church members.



Prior to these in-person interviews, I had done telephone interviews with a former Satanic High Priestess and the Christian mother who had gotten through to her and helped to protect her during the transition from Satanic worship to Jesus Christ. This happening during an earlier series on cult/occult practices.

The Former Priestess provided accounts of her travels around the country as a leader in her movement. When I mentioned my home state of Indiana, and named a few cities that I had heard were "hotbeds" of satanic activity, ritual abuse, and such, she was more than kind in giving me more than I thought I knew. A few years after the interview, a published account surfaced about her conversion--and how those in her movement were still trying to "silence" her.

While this set of interviews also took place more than a decade ago, some of the information is still worthy of note:

*The reason why the public doesn"t hear more about ritualistic child abuse is that some of those involved in its practice are employed in the fields of law enforcement, medicine, and child welfare agencies. Crime scenes are cleaned up quickly, and quietly.

Sometimes, portable crematory devices are brought in, to dispose of bodies.

*There is a standing bounty on the head of anyone who walks away, or tries to escape from a coven. The person"s rank in the coven determines the price on their head.

*Many of their agents are in the mainstream press. It"s not by accident that Christians look like fools, and stories and series such as the ones I worked on more than a decade ago RARELY see the light of day. In many cases, they wind up "spiked" or "shelved".

*Christian churches are regularly infiltrated. Each week, various cults and occult groups send spies to "check out" what the Pastor is preaching, and how the congregation is responding. YOUR CHURCH IS NOT IMMUNE. A praying church keeps the devil at bay, or away!

*Drugs are regularly supplied and obtained by coven practitioners. It is easy for them to "get around" the cops and the feds, because some of THEIR ranks are members and will "protect" their membership at all costs.

*Spells are cast on those who try to help to free those trapped in such bondage. Where spells don"t work, the conventional methods of blackmail, gossip, and financial pressure are brought into play.



So, you are probably thinking to yourself: "I had NO idea that this was going on!"

It MAY be going on, right down your street, or, in your workplace, or, in your child"s school. That"s why the Christian is called to put on the WHOLE Armor of God, prepared to stand"and withstand"the enemy of our souls (Ephesians 6:10-20, KJV). We are also to renew our minds DAILY in Christ Jesus (Romans 12:1-2, KJV). However, no matter HOW dark it may seem, the Christian CAN see through the darkness, by the power of God, through the Holy Spirit (Psalms 94, KJV).

This stuff doesn"t surprise the Lord.

It should not surprise His people; those called according to His purpose.

The next step is doing something about it. Remember; some of these groups come door-to-door in our neighborhoods several times a year. This is a great starting point to get you ready to become a soul winner and a spiritual warrior.

Oh yes, Jesus Christ did urge his followers to love. However, when believers were getting hard pressed, He also did mention that there would be a time to pick up a sword and do battle. Christ didn"t route the Moneychangers in the temple out--more than once-- with fancy words; he broke out a Cat of Nine-Tails and scared a few backs, and kicked over a few tables.

The Bible is also a book of warfare. Of planning, tactics, and conquest for the Kingdom of God. Moses, Joshua, David, Samson, Gideon--and others--knew how to fight! And, fighting is NOT just reserved for men! Read your Bible and see how many women of God were used to protect hearth and home.

It costs to be a soul winner. It costs to be involved in spiritual warfare. You may lose some friends. You may lose some family. You may even lose your marriage! BUT, the cost of what we lose here is offset by the gains of setting people free to discover WHO Jesus Christ was, and IS.



First, let us remember that to be a soul winner, and engage in spiritual warfare takes study, practice, prayer and opportunity. The next time a pair of representatives from a cult or a false religion come to your door, remember that these folks are BLIND. They have their facts--but they DON"T have the Holy Spirit.

The Christian does.

Next, they don"t have God working in their lives through Jesus Christ.

The Christian does.

So, after studying your Bible; after prayer and rehearsing your testimony; after shaking off your fear of a good fight FOR the faith, the cults will come to your door!

Be ready with the following:

1) A good selection of bible-based tracts to share with them. They will try to offer you something to read about their group. Turn it down. Why accept a lie when you KNOW it"s a lie? Offer them something to read about YOUR God. If they won"t take it (and, in many instances, if they do take it, they have to turn it in--or be "squealed on" by their partners), then move to the next step.

2) Your Testimony. One may argue scripture. People in cult study the Bible for HOURS and know its contents. But, they can"t testify of what God has done for them BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT CONNECTED TO HIM! Let them know about how God healed you; how God delivered you; how God has blessed you.

3) Talk in a language that they can understand. Yes, quote the scriptures, but be prepared to explain the principle behind the scriptures you quote. Talk about favorite bible characters. Talk about what you USED to do--before you got saved!

4) Lastly, be prepared to talk about how Christ forgives SIN! Cult groups have no knowledge of how to receive forgiveness. It doesn"t exist in their ranks. Deadlines, quotas, and fear pressure many of these people. Fear is a SIN! Christ forgives AND cleanses. Their "gods" can"t do that!

5) Don"t argue, don"t debate, and don"t shout! These groups that go door-to-door have been trained to handle rejection! The more agitated they get, the calmer you become. Our God represents Peace, and will keep His Peace upon YOU!

6) Let the Holy Spirit lead you. Many times, I"ll talk with these folks on my sidewalk. Sometimes, on my porch. I don"t argue with them, I use the tactics of Christ; I answer their questions with a question. I take their teachings and push through the truth of the Gospel. You can to, with study, prayer, and activity. If you plant the seeds of Christ, God is responsible for the water--and the harvest. Soul winning is merely the spreading of the gospel seed.



Cult/occult groups own media entities, newspapers, radio and television stations, lawyers, PR people, and big sections of the recording and entertainment industry. It may surprise you to know who actually owns your local newspaper, or radio station.

It"s no accident that the "Harry Potter" series went from being unknown, to a worldwide phenomenon in a few short months. It"s also no accident the speed at which Hollywood turned out a "Harry Potter" Movie, or several "Pokemon" movies. There are more than a few Wiccan sympathizers and practitioners in Tinsel Town. Its no accident that "Harry Potter", the "Goosebumps" series, and other books that glorify witchcraft and satanic worship have ended up in classrooms and libraries.

However, the Bible STILL outsells them all.

Remind yourself of that.

Remind yourself also of what happened in New York, and Washington on 9/11.

It"s a worldwide ballgame now, baby!

In 1970, no one had heard of CD technology, and media outlets were pretty much local. By 1980, CD technology was starting to move, the broadcast industry was deregulated, and by the end of the 80s, we saw the birth of the fax machine and mobile communication. By the end of the 1990s, the Internet was in full swing, satellites were beaming movies into our homes, and email was starting to take revenue from the Postal Service.

A scant two years after the close of the 20th Century, an article that I would have to have spent several days typing and correcting on a manual typewriter, pay for a stamp to mail, and wait for a mail response, can NOW be sent to an editor--spell checked and grammar checked--with the push of a button. A few more clicks and it can be viewed, via the Internet, by someone in South Africa or Australia.

It"s a worldwide ballgame now, baby!

Yet, unless the Christian becomes wise in the ways of Christ and learns how to work smarter, instead of not working at all, there is going to be MORE problems with cults. Not less.

We"ll finish out the series next time with some practical, and biblical advice to keep you going, and growing in Christ. The battle is one EACH believer must fight alone, with the prayers of others for support.

Prayer is a weapon that is very effective at short, and long range!

Mike Ramey is a new contributing writer to our site. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, and writes a monthly, syndicated column on men"s issues called: "The Manhood Line". You can correspond with him via email, at "manhood line@yahoo.com". " 2002 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications. Use With Permission.




By Mike Ramey


More than a decade ago, I was introduced to a Man of God--a Pastor--who had extensive experience in cult/occult phenomena and spiritual warfare. While his name is not important, the information I was taught still serves me well to this day.

When Jesus Christ performed the miracle of transforming water into wine, the Governor of the wedding feast proclaimed that the ""best wine had been saved for last"" That"s why I"m ending this series, leading of with the words of this Pastor.

When it comes to the fact that the Christian IS going to have to battle against both seen--and the unseen--when it comes to soul winning, evangelism, deliverance, ministry, and, yes, the possible counseling of those coming out of cult/occult/false religion activity, a firm grounding of one"s OWN salvation is CRITICAL. The believer has to KNOW that they KNOW that they ARE a Christian!

"HOPE SO" salvation has to be replaced with "KNOW SO" salvation. In addition, the biblical line--or standard--MUST be maintained whenever a believer enters this arena.

If you are not sure that you are a Christian; you nor your family will be able to fully withstand the onslaught of those involved with cult/occult/false religious activity in these last days.

The Christian must KNOW, so they can answer the seeker.

The seeker will always have a reason why not. We have to meet that with a firm, unwavering knowledge of who Jesus Christ is, and what he has done in each of our lives.



The Christian CANNOT be possessed by evil spirits or demons, but CAN be oppressed, harassed, and/or blinded by evil spirits or demons IF their spiritual guard is not up; or if their spiritual discernment is not sharp. Not only are Christians supposed to be trying ALL spirits by the Spirit of God (I John 4:1-4, KJV), they are also supposed to be exercising discernment--meaning being able to spot, and separate, the true from the false.

Matthew, Chapter Four shows Jesus Christ being tempted in the wilderness. Just as they (demons/evil spirits) are subject to HIM, as joint heirs with Christ, they are also subject to US! BUT, we must not get "haughty" over this fact--rather the Christian should rejoice in the fact that our names ARE written in the Book of Life.

I"ve noticed by studying the scriptures that Jesus rarely--if ever--mentioned what HE could do in HIS own strength as a man; HE always gave the glory to God--and was glorified by God in his death, burial, resurrection, and ascension to sit at the Lord"s right hand. This is also the stance that the individual believer should take. Like the Apostle Paul proclaimed later in the New Testament: "I am what I am by the grace of God".



In the early 1990s, I happened across a teaching by Evangelist Bob Gass from Ireland that provided both a vivid illustration and reminder that the enemy of our souls can hammer us when WE are not prepared. His teaching simply spells out to H.A.L.T., and simply boils down to the following, which I have amended over time and growth.

Whenever a Christian is:

*H: Hungry, Hurting, or Horny (sexually aroused)

*A: Anxious or Angry

*L: Lonely or Lazy

*T: Tired or Tempted

They will often NOT make the best spiritual decisions for the Kingdom of God, and must take the opportunity to check themselves, and their walk, before making a potentially unwise move. In other words, the believer MUST not get "too much in a hurry" to walk ahead of the Lord"s timing. We must be both PRAYERFUL and CAREFUL in our daily walk, and daily decisions.

Now, I must throw this in for single believers, as there are those who are members of various non-Christian groups and beliefs who may become "interested" in dating you.

Love makes a poor substitute for faith.

The biblical admonition is clear. A believer CANNOT marry an unbeliever! Unless that person is willing to become a Christian well BEFORE marriage, the odds of a conversion AFTER marriage are long at best.

Countless tears have been shed in many a Pastor"s study, after he gave the couple the biblical standard, and they disobeyed him. Only to come back several years down the road seeking help and counseling, when they overlooked doing first things first.

Being "unequally yoked" applies also in business decisions, church worship decisions, and even friendship situations. Yes, be friendly to all; seek to live peaceably with all men and women. But when it comes to those close relationships, use wisdom and discernment BEFORE you get into trouble.



Now is where we start to separate the denominational from the biblical.

From a biblical point of view, a believer DOES have the AUTHORITY to BIND demons and CAST THEM OUT in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST (Mark 16:15-17, KJV). There are SOME denominations that teach against this--which is exactly what the devil and his crowd WANT! We should NOT be ignorant of the devil and his devices, NOR should the Christian be ignorant of the Word of God, nor the power contained within its covers (I Timothy 3:16; II Timothy 3:16, KJV).

There is NOT a demon under every rock; but demons DO exist:

1) SOME demonic powers are broken, or flee merely because of the approach of a Christian!

2) SOME demonic powers can be broken, or severely hampered by the prayers of a Christian! The prayers of a righteous man/woman release much in the way of spiritual power and blessing.

3) SOME demonic powers can be CAST OUT by the Christian through the weapons of prayer AND fasting (Matthew 17:21, KJV).

However, the Christian MUST exercise biblical wisdom and discernment through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. A good individual bible study on our authority in Christ can be found in John, Chapters 14 through 17, as Jesus is instructing his disciples before His having to undergo the horrors of the Cross. Paul had to deal with some of these matters in the Book of Acts, as he delivered a girl wrapped in the chains of divination. However, the best example of those acting OUTSIDE of the authority of Christ can also be found in the Book of Acts via the example of the seven sons of Sceva who tried to deal with a demon-possessed man, without THEY THEMSELVES being Christians.

God"s protection is meant ONLY for the Christian.

God does not have step children, relatives, nor cousins.



Now that we understand the realm of the unseen from a biblical point of view, how do we deal with those who have been, are, or are in the process of contemplating going into a cult or a false religion?

Remember that it is our DUTY to warn them of their decisions. Each person has been created with a free will to decide for Christ, or for the enemy. It is the spirit that motivates men and women to either come to Christ, or serve the whims and fancies of a cult or false religion. WE who believe MUST hold up the biblical standard in order to draw men and women to the Cross. Our words mean a little, but it is Christ who has paid the price of our salvation!

Thus, there is a need to further arm believers in the knowledge of the mindset of those in cult/occult activity. I have found that "listing" boils down the matter to an easy-to-digest format. Thus, I offer my own "Top Ten" list on the subject.



1) Hatred of Christians and Christian institutions, while maintaining their own outward "form" of godliness (II Timothy 3:5, KJV).

2) Denial of the Deity of Christ.

3) Denial of the Blood of Christ.

4) Misrepresentation of God.

5) Misrepresentation/Denial of Satan.

6) Misrepresentation/Denial/Manipulation of the Word of God.

7) Love of Religion, including ritual and legalism--for public show!

8) Misrepresentation/Denial of the Plan of God concerning Salvation, the Family, etc.

9) Oppression/Exploitation of the poor, needy, fatherless, or widows.

10) No visible evidence of the Holy Spirit, nor the Fruits associated with Him (Galatians, Chapter Five).



Over the course of time, study, and observation, I have found that cult/occult/false religion groups release massive amounts of propaganda to mask their movements. As quickly as they are exposed, they change tactics, belief structure, and appearance.

For example, the teachings of Islam--over the course of time (and especially since the events of 9/11)--have been changed to show the religion as "people friendly". While traditional Islam places huge burdens on women, threatens non-believers with death, and has Mohammed being greater than Jesus Christ, in the western world, the picture portrayed is a religion of love, peace, and tolerance--with a revised and "market friendly" Koran. Under the surface, traditional Islam still exists. This religion has a proviso that maintains it is all right to lie, to protect the faith. Thus, this religion says one thing, but does something else!

Scandal has plagued the Roman Catholic Church for a number of years in the area of its priests and indulgences. Martin Luther understood this when he nailed his 95 Theses to that Wittenberg church door centuries ago, ushering in the way for the Protestant Reformation. Has Rome reformed? Open your local newspaper, or turn on your television news for the answer. Yet, Protestants have been swayed into believing all is "right" with a relationship with Rome, and her Catholics. Thus, Rome says one thing, but does something else.

Homosexuals and Feminists fill our streets, classrooms, and airwaves with talk of fairness. With the coos of equality, respect and love. With big church contributions and smooth rhetoric. With the smooth oil of peaceful coexistence and dialogue All the while trying to take over the very institutions that helped to make this country God blessed, and God created.

Tony Evans said it best a few years ago: "Everyone ELSE is coming out of the closet; its about time the Church of Jesus Christ and Christians do the same thing!"

The Christian has two very real choices in these last days: Go along to get along, or fight to keep the truth of the scriptures alive, serving as a beacon of hope for those who want to be set free.

Now, we can sit on the sidelines and mouth "Come quickly Lord Jesus", or we can occupy the land until he comes from a standpoint of victory, upright living, and biblical morality.

Who am I to be writing all of this? Am I some "super saint"?

No. I just believe the Bible and what God said in it.

Christianity--which is NOT a religion but a free relationship and association of men and women with God through Jesus Christ--has no such "lying" proviso. Christians are NEVER to lie to protect the faith! Through the witness of our faith, the truth is shown to the world. And, there is a HOST of people who want the truth.

They are just waiting for us to step into the ring, and go public on a worldwide battlefield. A field, by the way, that gets shorter and shorter--every time someone stops by your door and wants to "introduce" you to some "new" religion.

It has been said that everything free is not good for you. Well, to be honest there is one thing that is free that is good for everyone. That being Salvation.

*It can turn sinners into saints.

*It can turn drunks into deacons.

*It can turn drug dealers into trustees.

*It can turn streetwalkers into Pastor"s Wives.

*It can turn weaklings into warriors.

*It can turn Wall Street Wizards into Pastors.

But ONLY if the believer goes public; and puts the truth on display.

There are those trapped in darkness that want the truth, and want to be set free. They are waiting for you to get involved, in a worldwide ballgame.

Mike Ramey is a new contributing writer for our site. To correspond, you can contact him via email at manhoodline@yahoo.com . COPYRIGHT 2002 Mike

Ramey/Barnstorm Communications.




[ The discussion of the odor is not founded sell, but the discussion of Hip Hop is very useful, and anyone participating in the Black community must listen to this. ]

[ Quote from web:
"He is: The Godfather of Hip Hop Culture. Knowledge. Wisdom. Understanding. Freedom. Justice. Equality. Peace. Unity. Love. Respect. Work. Fun. Economics. Mathematics. Science. Facts. Faith. Life. Truth." ]

[ Allow the video series to continue, and you will see an assortment of typical mythology composed by gullible fools who have no idea what the Bible teaches. ]





Disclaimer: I was not able to learn everything about these people.







This is a loonie notion that you can sit in Dubuque and take charge of devils in Perth, Australia

See David's links-- Highly useful !! David is a true Bible believer and sound in doctrine.

This prayer walk thing is supposed to have greater power than kneeling in your living room.
It is also used in alleged "spiritual warfare" all around the world.
It is in reality a religious notion tacked onto tourism-- Nothing else.



".... if demons occupy a neighborhood, then a "Prayer Walk" is required. If the demon controls a city, then a "Praise March" is necessary. If a demon exercises power over a region, then a "Prayer Expedition" is demanded, and if a demon rules in a nation then a "Prayer Journey" should be carried out. "Spiritual Mapping" is the process of discovering the exact location of the demons domain."

This is your chance to go to Ukraine and see the sights and pretend you are a powerful warrior for God.


There is a mad sense in which the lunatic fringe of Charizmania asks us to sit still while they attack us...
They promise us they will kill us if we don't submit-- They now threaten us with death daily...
We reject this-- It is not a form of religious persecution in the New Testament model of Christ...
This is nothing but crass lawlessness, and we will refer these lunatics to Messrs Smith and Wesson";