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Another Hindu New Age Clone of Kathryn Kuhlman

By Chris Klippert


We are grateful to Chris Klippert for forwarding this information.  I have tried to get to the bottom of Wilkerson's cult for some time with no success. He has distanced himself from Bronsville and the Toronto Blessing, as well as other loonie Charismatics.  This seemed like a good trend.  Yet his vision, which catepulted him into the limelight of Christendom, was a screwy mess, which, when correct, simply parroted the Bible's prophetic things.

According to Dr. John Mac Arthur, a Lutheran Pastor was giving a vision in the some building where Wilkerson gave his at the very same instant. The two visions did not agree, but Wilkerson prevailed, and he was a hit.

So, between then and now Wilkerson has walked a cautious path.  Now, we finally have learned of his origins in Kathryn Kyhlman and the Hindu New Age teachings she passed on to him.  Two other men got their power and origins from Kuhlman-- Benny Hinn, and Dino Kartsenakis (Don't know the spelling).  

Alleged Christian piano musician Dino Kartsonakis uses New Age rifs in the treble to start many of his numbers, and Benny Hinn teaches Hinduism in a Christian package.  So, we now ask you to examine David Wilkerson.  He has to be highly dangerous since he has maintained such a civilized aura in Charismania.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


2012-- Since we posted this examination of David Wilkerson, he was killed in an auto accident. He had made some cryptic prophecy of his death, and, as if the shut down Wilkerson's false prophetic blather, God took him up on it.


Mount Zion School of Ministry

Going to Mount Zion School of Ministry? Be Warned!

My son recently graduated from Mount Zion School of Ministry with the two-year diploma. While he was attending, I definitely felt something was odd but couldn’t put our finger on the problem. Problem? What could possibly be wrong? Dave Wilkerson is the sponsor and founder of Mount Zion School of Ministry! We sent our son with utter confidence and trust. Unfortunately, we had no inkling of what was truly happening at Mount Zion.

What is Happening at Mount Zion School of Ministry?

The administration of Mount Zion is putting forward perverse New Age Theology. These teachings undermine:

* Salvation though faith in Jesus Christ alone
* Divine Healing as provided for in the atonement1
* Empowerment for service through the Holy Ghost Baptism

Rather than being built up with sound Biblical doctrine, Mount Zion students are lead into a mystical world of monkish introspection and scourging of their inner selves. They are taught that only through a long process of breaking and or physical (sickness) can a believer be properly equipped for ministry. Personal Sorrow and suffering are depicted as the only means to attain holiness and full unity or fellowship with Christ.2 Ultimately, students are informed through Hannah Hurnard’s writings that every human affection must be destroyed as a sacrifice to God. The students are lead to believe that in this life, their human affections must be completely removed. When this work is achieved inner sorrow and suffering will supposedly vanish away!3 I have only recently discovered that Dave Wilkerson also puts forward SOME of these ideas in his book Hungry For More of Jesus.4

NOTICE: every teacher at Mount Zion does not promote The above Theology. Nonetheless, every student is exposed to and strongly inseminated with these doctrines. When my son gave a talk about victory in Jesus his message was refused and another had to be submitted.


Implementing Truth? -- Oh Dear!

These bazaar teachings at Mount Zion were clearly exemplified when my son initiated, with some faculty resistance, a love offering to pay for a fellow student’s tooth extraction. This student was suffering with two seriously decayed teeth and defiantly did not have the resources to pay a dentist. A week or so after the collection was gathered the students were informed that it was a sin to interfere with God’s dealings. The students were told, that by giving help, we hinder the suffering that God has willed and thus, a needed lesson will not be learned!

Reader, please remember that the above approach to suffering is a fundamental tenant of Islam but not Christianity. It is certainly not consistent with our past image of Dave Wilkerson and his ministry! Nevertheless, this was not an isolated case at Zion. The prayer of faith is not part of the Zion experience. Rather, suffering in body and soul are put forward as God’s tools for our betterment. If this troubles you and sounds unbelievable than check below and read our book review of Dave’s Hungry for More of Jesus.


Polluted Wells

We have told you the good news and from here things get much worse. At Mount Zion School of Ministry President Catherine has stayed the course upon two books. First, the Bible (good! very good!) as might be expected and secondly, the writings and spirituality of Hannah Hurnard. In Dave Wilkerson’s graduation speech he admitted twice that Catherine was no Theologian but was deeply spiritual. What Dave failed to say or realize was that Catherine is a Hannah Hurnardite. In my son’s first year Catherine used Hannah’s Hinds’ Feet on High Places as the main chapel devotional guide. President Catherine continues to base her life’s message upon Hannah’s teaching. Hannah’s writings are not simply another book at Zion but are described by Catherine as "inspired by the Holy Spirit." Hannah’s book Mountains of Spices was used in a class during my son’s second year while the Hinds’ Feet message was ongoing in all that Catherine emphasized and imparted.


The Spawn of Satan

So, who is Hannah Hurnard? By the end of her life Hannah Hurnard established herself as an extreme heretic of the first order, who, put forward a smorgasbord of extreme New Age Theology including, open rejection of the Gospel, Hyper Necromancy, Universalism, Pantheism, Reincarnation, and much more. Her final book The Inner Man, is only available though New Age book suppliers. My Christian bookstore could not trade with these sources. Nevertheless, Hannah’s Hinds’ Feet remains very high on the Christian, best sellers book list. Having a "flowers and spice" approach, Hinds’ Feet simply appears to be another "girl thing" book. Actually, Hinds’ Feet has some very hurtful Theology but you must read carefully and listen to what is being said, rather than what is being felt. Remember, every feeling must bow to the Word of God!

Hannah’s fall from the truth was no fall at all. A malevolent spirit controlled her before she ever started writing. In her first book Hind’s Feet she introduces several extreme New Age teachings but dresses them in flowers, nature, lovely animals and a idealistic romance with the Shepherd. She wrote of a long journey to the High Places or Kingdom of Love. In her last book The Inner Man she confirms that this climb to the High Places depicts our exodus from Physical consciousness to inner "mysticism" or soul world awareness. She says that this process of passing from one world to the other is called dyeing to self and is only achieved through our personal sorrow and suffering.

In Eagles’ Wings Hannah asserts that her message contradicts the Fundamental Gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus and the repentance of sin. Remember, Hannah’s false spirituality is only achieved through our personal sorrow and suffering. Conversely, we know that if our personal sacrifice could save us than the shepherd might just as well be Buddha. If Christ’s blood brings our Salvation than only Jesus will suffice! The message that we preach is just as important as the name we follow!


Far, Far, Far Out!--  Talking to the Dead

In Hannah’s The Inner Man she declares that our awakening to the unseen world is a wonderful liberation. We are then free to travel about in the spirit and to congregate with other kindred spirits. We are also told that we may converse with the dead in spite of Scripture’s prohibition, because, Jesus has approved this practice and he acts as the medium between the dead and the living. Hannah asserts entering this mystical world awakens us to new inner powers. She says that our mind cannot only read thoughts but our mind can altar the physical world around us. Through positive thinking Hannah ascribes powers to us that belong only to God in heaven. All of this occurs after we have earned the high places via sorry and suffering.

Consider how that all of these Satanic teaching began with a supposed righteous journey up to the Kingdom of Love. Was this an innocent journey or one of the great deceptions of the 20th Century? The end of the matter has not yet been told. How many well meaning Christians are drawing their spirituality from Hannah’s well and in the process are drinking from a cup of demonic deception? How many are seeking holiness through their own sacrifices rather than Christ’s Cross and are thus trusting in an anti-Cross? How many place their inner revelations above the Scripture and in so doing are following another Christ? May God save us! Will he find faith when he comes?


New Age Teachings  And Book Reviews

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David Wilkerson is forward Hannah’s Quaker Theology of personal suffering unto inner purification.


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Hannah’s New Age Friends

Hinds’ Feet finds a home with the New Age Crowd! Do the New Agers understand something that that we have overlooked? Do New Agers read with more comprehension, or is it simply that they are about to convert to Christ? You decide -- I trust your judgment!


The Haunted Bookshop;

New Beginnings; a New Age, Metaphysical on-line bookstore carrying a complete line of books, audio tapes, CDs, and videos.

The Aquarian Age Bookshelf; This book shop advertises Hinds' Feet as A Classic, Very Highly Recommended.


Shall I Attend Mount Zion School of Ministry?

Well, if you are considering attending Mount Zion School of Ministry you now have something to pray about.
* Ask any Mount Zion student about Hannah Hurnard’s books at Mount Zion.
* Inquire about "brokenness" and sorrow and suffering at Mount Zion.
* Read Hinds’ Feet for yourself or look at other books by Hannah.
* Judge weather the graduates of Mount Zion display the love and anointing that you seek.
* Don’t follow any man’s great name but follow Christ and His Word!

I might suggest a visit but visitors have not generally been welcome. Apparently, the leaders of Mount Zion are genuinely frightened that Hannah’s Theology might be exposed. Boo0!!!!


Touch Not the Lord’s Anointed!

I know that some will shutter because they believe that I have touched the Lord’s anointed. Yes, I take that thought very seriously! I remember that David’s heart smote him for simply cutting off Saul’s skirt. Do you think I am smiling? No, I am not. Yet, I place God’s Word above all men, reputations, and all experiences and presumed anointing. "And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:" Acts 17:30

I refuse to remain silent while Satan damages the cream of future Pentecostal ministry! No one can be allowed to sabotage the message of salvation or the truth of enduement with power for service through the Baptism in the Holy Ghost! When you are sick, do you want a minister with "sympathy" or Holy Ghost power? Be careful about who prays for your healing. They might believe that your sickness is a blessing from God! You won’t find much faith or power in their empty hands. You might even hear a little voice murmur, "Welcome to the high places of SUFFERING AND AFFLICTION."

NOTICE: Twice, I contacted Dave Wilkerson and informed him about Hannah Hurnard and her abominable heresies. I thought Dave would want to explore the documentation that I had gathered. I believed Dave would do something to distance his school from such shame! Finally, Dave has done something. He has sent word saying that since my son does not agree with Mount Zion’s teachings (Hannah Hurnard’s Heresy) he must not to return to fulfill his required internship. What could Dave's response mean? Why would he not stand for truth?

Now, my son suffers and is persecuted for righteousness sake and the Word of God. Although, his sufferings will not make him more holy, his sufferings will certainly increase his heavenly reward. (Matthew 5:12) I am posting this information as a sincere warning to aspiring ministers. I have no fear, because, the God that I serve places his Word above even his name. (Psalm 138:2)


Written by: James Thorpe

In the 1960s I personally participated in Dave Wilkerson’s ministries by being placed in charge of a weekly reform school ministry that Teen Challenge had initiated. Furthermore, I later worked a few evenings at the Lost Coin with Dave’s sainted mother. I also distributed his Cross and Switchblade book on the streets and drove teens to his meetings where I was a personal altar worker. I am an Ordained Pentecostal Pastor, former children’s evangelist, teen minister, and missionary to Honduras. I love the Word of God more than life and Jesus most of all. I am aware of the broad support that Dave Wilkerson enjoys. Nevertheless, I must fulfill my commission to warn those who stray and those who will be hurt. Hannah Hurnard’s doctrine is certainly being taught at Mount Zion. Think of the harm that this deceptive spirit will bring to future generations!

* Hungry for More of Jesus, -- David Wilkerson, pp. 162-165 + 138-140
* Hinds’ Feet on High Places, -- Hannah Hurnard, Living Books, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
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* See our book review.



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