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UPDATE-- 2012-- This article has been up a long time, but after doing a Google search, I found they are VERY busy trying to trash Sarah Palin and all Conservatives in 2012. And, they are growing and very powerful.

You must consider this article up to date, and I have learned that almost NO Christian group or writer is dealing with Emily's List.

I do not know why, but here is my article anyway.....

What do the Christian Coalition, Anti-Defamation League, National Right-to-Life Committee, Pat Robertson and Accuracy-in-Media all have in common? To find out, please read the following letter by Suzanne Rini, editor of Against the Grain magazine.

You will discover some surprising facts about so-called Christian conservatives and their organizations that are unavailable in other media, i.e., their support of abortion rights candidates and funding by pro-abortion, pro-homosexual individuals and organizations. It seems that respected Evangelical leaders are working both sides of the street and, unfortunately, many who should be exposing them are doing the same.

We highly recommend Against the Grain and have posted subscription and other information on it at our website: . The next issue, available soon, has several lengthy, informational articles on Evangelical leaders James Dobson, Pat Robertson and numerous other high profile leaders of the vast right-wing Evangelical consortium -- all revealing their quiet collaboration with the liberal Rockefeller-funded network they pretend to despise.

The following exchange of letters is found in the Letters to the Editor section, which contains just a portion of the extensive amount of information provided in the magazine proper. For the serious researcher, Against the Grain is well worth the annual subscription price of $26.


The Mysterious Emily's List

Dear Suzanne,

I want to inform you that my Senator is Mary Landrieu, a young, pro-abort feminist who claims to be a devout Catholic. She is from New Orleans. Besides that, she is on the board of Emily's List and was heavily financed by that group of Eastern, wealthy, radical feminists who support abortion and all the other evils associated with it. This group is a well kept secret; you never read about it. Maybe an expose of Emily's List is due.

Cataline White

Reply, with help from reader, Marilyn Kinzel.

Dear Cataline,

Your letter made me remember that a few years ago, after giving a lecture at a Philadelphia pro-life group, a woman who was both a lawyer and a recent candidate for local office, told me that powerful and monied forces were promptly deployed against her. She was eager to tell me this, as my lecture had been on the Rockefeller forces. She'd never heard anything in terms of their being the driving force behind abortion. That is, what she had experienced in her run for office seemed to her to be evidence of behind the scenes machinations. Maybe she had had a brush with the unseen hand of "Emily's list."

I asked several people about the List, but no luck. Then, a subscriber, Mrs. Marilyn Kinzel happened to phone me. The subject of Emily's List came up, and she in fact did know something about it. Mrs. Kinzel kindly made good on her promise to send me some material on the List from her own files.

First was an article mentioning the list, which appeared in the Nashua, New Hampshire newspaper, The Telegraph. The same article, unfortunately missing its headline, featured New Jersey Governor, Christie Whitman. Readers will recall John Cavanaugh O'Keefe's article in our first issue, titled, "Family Cap Raises the Abortion Rate," regarding many pro-lifers' support of the cap on welfare for mothers with more than two children, which then caused the abortion and sterilization rates to rise. Whitman was the point-man in trying out this welfare reduction plan in New Jersey. In the above-cited Telegraph article, Whitman was connected to Mrs. Shaheen, who is now the governor of New Hampshire and her husband is the captain of Al Gore's presidential campaign in that state. Wrote the Telegraph:

Shaheen was a national leader in the abortion rights movement, serving as a consultant to the state's National Abortion Reproduction Rights League before serving six years in the State Senate. She also was one of the few chosen candidates to receive more than $50,000 in legally bundled donations from Emily's List, a national organization that typically supports only women who support abortion rights.

A further note on Whitman, and perhaps also on Emily's List, was in a June 15, 1997 New York Times article, "Election-minded Republicans Try to Join Together." Whitman hosted a new configuration of Republicans who have founded the Republican Leadership Council. It seeks to bury the abortion issue once and for all since it is "divisive" and not good for election prospects.

The Council includes some very well known Republicans who have been lauded as especially "pro-life." For instance, Governor John Engler of Michigan. A few years ago when I lectured at the annual Michigan Right-to-Life conference, Governor Engler greeted the assembly via a glossy, vulgarly self-promoting video. Engler joins Jon Kyl of Arizona, and high rollers such as the Prince of Seagrams, heavy Zionist, and abortion supporter, Edgar Bronfman, as well as Gov. George Pataki of New York, Gov. Pete Wilson of California, and Georgette Mosbacher who is a socialite and entrepreneur in the beauty products area of the market. Engler was quoted in the New York Times article as saying, "Governor Whitman's and my position on abortion are different. But I think we've moved beyond that. The goal now is to elect more Republicans."

Thus, Emily's List is going to have some high financial, and high pressure company in the near future. The book, Cloak of Green, by Canadian journalist, Elaine Dewar, unveils Mr. Bronfman as one of the secret funders, with David Rockefeller, of the supposedly anti-corporation environmental movement. This is the "green" cover for their corporate greed and their new feudalism. All very interesting and I highly recommend this book. As usual, the Rockefeller Syndicate works all sides of the street.

Focusing on Edgar Bronfman is instructive. He has long been an official of the Anti-Defamation League, the watchdog arm of the exclusively Jewish Freemasonic lodge, B'nai B'rith. A group of Torah Jews in New York City were authors of the Family Defense Council newsletter. In it they regularly exposed the ADL. For instance, as follows from the September 15, 1997 number of same:

In the past decade, under the misleadership of Abraham Foxman, National Director, the ADL has been allied with "Gay Men and Lesbians" and pro-abortion groups. Currently, ADL is combating a provision of the Telecommunications Reform Act that is seen as a "significant threat to the continued flow of information about abortion on the electronic superhighway, and could seriously interfere with a woman's right to receive abortion material on-line." In promoting homosexuality, the ADL has submitted amicus curiae briefs where special protection for homosexuals is opposed by a state or local government. ADL opposed the right of the Boy Scouts of America to exclude a homosexual as adult Scout leader. In its amicus curiae brief, ADL argued that "All traditional organizations do not believe homosexuality is immoral." ADL also submitted an amicus curiae brief to the U.S. Supreme Court opposing the right of sponsors of Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade to exclude an Irish-American "gay and lesbian" group from marching under its own banner. The Court affirmed the right of the sponsors of the Parade....ADL is now undermining Judaeo-Christian Traditional family values.

Anton Chaitkin, in his book, The Ugly Truth About the ADL, (EIR, Washington D.C. 1992), upholds the above charge by Jews exposing the ADL, and exposes the other side of the coin of hostility to religion, including Judaism:

While the ADL has concentrated upon uprooting the traditions of Western Christian civilization from public life..., it has not protested as "New Age religion" has been ushered in the back door, now to permeate society. In fact, while condemning any manifestation of Christianity at every turn, the ADL has used First Amendment arguments in court and elsewhere to defend witchcraft and peyote (an hallucinogen derived from a type of cactus) cults.

In fact, the ADL has provided amicus curiae briefs for most of the separation of Church and State, as well as religious liberty cases. The wondrously documented Italian language (also in French) book, by an anonymous author, titled, Misteri e Segreti del B'nai B'rith [Mysteries and Secrets of B'nai B'rith) (Editions Facta, Paris, 1993 and Sodalitium, Italy) reveals that the ADL's history in this area embraces support for cases preventing public contributions to private religious schools; preventing school prayer; opposing public displays of the Christmas carols in the schools; supporting the landmark case, Church of the Lukumi Baalu v Hialeah in which the plaintiffs representing the Voodoo/Christian syncretic practices of Santeria defended their practice of ritual animal sacrifice. (This case was featured in the movie, The Devil's Advocate, starring Al Pacino, who played the "devil" as a transnationalist with a burning interest in religious liberty.)

And finally, the ADL and B'nai B'rith are also prominent, since the late 1940s, in what is termed "Catholic-Jewish" dialogue, although B'nai B'rith is a Freemasonic lodge. But this is not the place or the time to review this dossier. However, in the next issue of Against the Grain, which will be solely on religious liberty (and Opus Dei and related matters), these subjects will be thoroughly presented.

Returning to Mr. Bronfman, according to a Jewish journalist, writing from Jerusalem, February 21, 1999, Mr. Bronfman and Ronald Lauder "took over 90% of American Jewry by assuming the leadership of their biggest organizations. Bronfman melded the United Jewish Appeal, United Israel Appeal, and the Council of Jewish Federations into one supra-national entity of which he was appointed president." Bronfman and Lauder are (no surprise here) "brothers of prominent CFR members."

Returning now to the Republican Council. It held a meeting in May at the Upper East Side home of the financier, Henry Kravis.

A second lead on Emily's List also cuts through the fog. Mrs. Kinzel also supplied Against the Grain with a July 1997 letter to members of the New York State Right to Life Committee, quoted as following:

One political action committee raised more money than any other political action committee in the United States in last year's election campaign. It was Emily's List - $13.6 million; the pro-abortion Political Action Committee dedicated to electing Democratic women who are pro-abortion. They raised more PAC money than any union. They raised twice as much political cash than the National Rifle Association (NRA); they raised more than the Association of Trial Lawyers; they raised more than three times as much as the American Medical Association PAC. Emily is an acronym. It stands for E.M.I.L.Y, or Early Money Is Like Yeast.. ..That means early money or "yeast" makes "dough" rise. "Dough" is cash and when it comes in early it helps the dough to raise even more. Not only is Emily's List the largest PAC in America, its members, as individuals, gave more money directly to candidates for congress than any other group of people.

Another sighting of Emily's List appeared in the September 4, 1997 New York Times article, "Nonprofit Groups to Defy Subpoenas in Senate Inquiry." Two dozen nonprofit groups which were subpoenaed by a Senate inquiry committee to turn over information regarding their activities regarding political fundraising, are uniting to defy the subpoenas. These included Emily's List, the Christian Coalition, the Sierra Club, and the National Right to Life Committee. Unable to master what could be called "unified field" power politics, which knows no sides, the New York Times reporter, Mr. Neil A. Lewis, opined that these groups comprise an "extraordinary coalition." Not really. They breathe together (as in con-spire) behind the scenes. The groups are contending that the subpoenas are unconstitutional. James Bopp, longtime legal paladin for National Right to Life Committee, is quoted as saying that the subpoenas sent out in July, "pose a substantial threat to free speech." The challenge to the subpoenas is being coordinated by ACLU attorney, Laura W. Murphy. Is it noteworthy to add here that NRLC has recently been buttonholed by Mr. Thomas Drolesky, mentioned earlier in this letters section. In the Fall, 1998 issue of All These Things, Drolesky reveals that in 1979, "Dr. John Willke, author of Handbook on Abortion,, while a leader of National Right to Life, induced Cincinnati Right to Life PAC to endorse pro-abortion councilman Jerry Springer (yes, the same one now the king of sleaze TV talk show) over four pro-life candidates who were part of the first slate ever put forth by Cincinnatus PAC, thus hopelessly dividing the local pro-life movement."

Thus, it isn't all Emily's List's fault that pro-life candidates, yesterday and today, are quashed or not even supported in the first place. Drolesky also lambasted, "the most astounding betrayal of their supporters to date by the traitorous leadership at National Right to Life and the Christian Coalition [which] occurred in the 1996 GOP primaries. Both groups did for the Ruling elite what they could not have done for themselves: confuse pro-lifers by falsifying Dole's voting record..." I can add, in line with the Masonic subtext that peeps out from all of the faithlessness, that it was also Dr. Willke who arranged for NRLC to have its Washington, D.C. offices in a Masonic building housing every Masonic organization alive and well in the U.S.A., including the DeMolay youth members, the Encampments, the Odd Fellows, The Knights Templar, and the Masonic ladies' Eastern Star. When I asked Dr. Willke about this rather outrageous fact, he brushed it off, saying that the only reason for his choice of digs for NRLC was "cheap rent."

The plot concerning Emily's List thickens considering a prior, March 20, 1997 Wall Street Journal article, titled "Group Targets Politically Active Churches for Audits." The article reported on a group, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, whose mission is to cause politically active churches to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service, since they are disallowed from politicking. The head of Americans United is Mr. Barry Lynn, a minister who became a lawyer. Wrote the WSJ reporter:

Whether sinner or savior, the 48-year old Mr. Lynn and his followers are pioneers in the growing field of self-appointed IRS snitches—tax code vigilantes attempting to help the government police the porous border between tax-exempt organizations and the election activity from which they are legally barred.

Lynn's organization also campaigned against Robertson's Christian Coalition's voter guide projects which ranks candidates according to their allegedly biblical correctness, which no doubt can be matched to Robertson's financing by big business. In the 1980s, when running for President, Robertson admitted to Mother Jones magazine that the lion's share of the Christian Coalition's empire came from "sympathetic corporations," not donations to the 700 Club. The anti-population control information group, Africa 2000, headed by Elizabeth Liagin Sobo, one of the leading experts on population control and the politics behind it, wrote, in "Religion or Subversion?":

Even as the so-called Christian Coalition attempts to woo unwary Catholics with its new Catholic Alliance organization, boss Pat Robertson has entered into a sweetheart deal with dictator Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire for diamonds.

(There will be more on the Catholic Alliance in the forthcoming issue on religious liberty and on Opus Dei, whose member, Mr. Robert Best, was the first head of the Catholic Alliance, which garnered much criticism from Catholics because of the Christian Coalition's weak to nil opposition —-despite the highblown rhetoric—-to abortion, and its pro-birth control stance.The response of the Catholic Alliance was simply to make a corporate distinction between themselves and the Christian Coalition.)

A May 21, 1995 Newsday article, titled "Robertson's Ties With Zaire Leader Questioned," found Robertson's spokesperson trying to confound the inquiry by claiming that his for-profit development company's money would be "plowed into future humanitarian efforts." Robertson is loquacious when it comes to his millenarian Armageddon scenarios, but less so when explaining his ties to a dictatorship such at Mobutu's.

And scholar Steve Bruce, in his interesting book, From Cathedral to Cults: Religion in the Modern World (Oxford University Press, New York, 1998), points out the contradictions Robertson himself invites by comparing Order of Orange, Northern Ireland clergyman-cum-Catholic bigot, Ian Paisley, to Robertson:

Compare Paisley's public persona with that of Pat Robertson. Whereas Paisley stresses that his primary motivation is religious, Robertson went to great lengths to shed the designation "evangelist" and to present himself as a successful businessman whose business just happens to be running a Christian broadcasting network.

Robertson and others of his ilk who achieve "non-profit" status but who have a mixed base of income like to shout that they are being persecuted for their religion. Yet, few really know where the charitable money leaves off and the taxable begins, nor how both are really gotten. Nor what other business and geopolitical interests Robertson and others might be serving under the guise of Christianity. (See article in this issue, "Pat Robertson: Created from Above.") But really, except for those who simply negate what's there to be clearly seen, Robertson and the other members of the transparent "alliance" simply exist to deliver the willing to the opposition. Anyone who, after 30 years of this exquisitely sleazy game, still follows them gets what they deserve.

Or, let's take another non-profit organization, Accuracy in Media, long a watchdog on the right preaching that the liberal media is biased. Of course, that is so that rightwing followers only read mags and papers such as The American Spectator, and Human Events, funded by paymaster of the right, Richard Mellon Scaife, perhaps the most liberal man in the United States, if you define liberal according to its classical meaning which embraces laissez-faire capitalism, its link to Social Darwinism, pop control and within that, abortion rights.

Returning then to Accuracy in Media, it seems to us on the surface to be a non-profit watchdog group. But note its funding by well-heeled corporations: Bethlehem Steel, Scaife's Carthage Foundation, Chevron, Ciba-Geigy, Coors Foundation (Coors Brewing and Scaife originally funded and still do fund the extremely influential Heritage Foundation, which ties into the pro-life, pro-family consortium), Dresser Industries, Exxon, Lawrence Fertig Foundation, Getty Oil, Horizon Oil and Gas, IBM, Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical, F.M. Kirby Foundation, Mobil Foundation, Pepsico, Phillips Petroleum, Smith Richardson Charitable Trust, Texaco Philanthropic Foundation and Union Carbide.

Mr. Irvine's corporate and foundation patrons want to make sure that those who slavishly check their faculties at the door of the "conservative right wing" have fear and loathing about reading the allegedly unbalanced and "liberal" media. Never mind that the type of anarchic capitalism—-a mirror image of unfettered and brutal Social Darwinism—-that the same corporations and foundations who finance Accuracy in Media are liberal. I mentioned this to Mr. Irvine when I recently had an occasion to phone him. Predictably, he asked me if I am a socialist! I also informed him that his long-standing patron, Dick Scaife, one of the major paymasters of the right, is an abortion and population control funder from way back. Immediately, Mr. Irvine became a pluralist, informing me that he has all kinds—-gay, straight, pro-choice, pro-life—-working for him at AIM. I neglected to quip that the tie that binds is being on Scaife's take, hyper-free market, and neutral on the morality of using dead babies to bring in the vote for the monetarist capitalism of Rockefeller's original Chicago Boy, Milton Friedman, whose ideological theories on capital suffuse the liberal "right wing" think tanks that are Mr. Irvine's community.

So, the truth about corporate and other funding, sleeping with the perceived enemy, and using people as though they were slaves being brought in wagons and trucks to vote the candidate of the plantation owner, my view is that I hope the IRS gets all of them, and further, that the entire non-profit community, left and right, is put out into the regular labor force, where they shall have to work for a living. Let's call it "corporate-cum-think tank fare." Non profits are street organizations and behavior modification program of the big corporations. Yet, most people think of non-profits as being above the political fray. The entire fever swamp of influence peddling under the guise of non-profits is a very old and highly successful form of socio-political and cultural control, a kind of conveyor belt using the factory model. Non-profits are simply part of the elite's masked influence, covered over by men and women who are for sale, who are simply ward bosses by another route.



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