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What it is and what it ain't....
Or, how to stay out of the stampede


UPDATED: Collapse of the Geomagnetic field of the earth, along with the magnetic field of fog from technology, is affecting people and resulting in anxiety and violence. This then results in urges to panic.

By Steve Van Nattan

As with the cattle drives of the Southwest USA long ago, certain triggers stampede the cattle, and people do the exact same thing. They panic over perceptions long before real danger presents itself. The cattle may be bedded down asleep and totally at peace. But, there is always one old bull standing looking around suspiciously. That is what he does every night. The cowboys riding watch will sing lullabies and hymns to the bull, but then some cowboy in a sleeping bag coughs. The bull panics, starts trotting around, and soon the whole herd is up and running full speed into the night with no idea why they are doing so. I am not making this up.


UPDATE: March of 2020
This article in the context of the Coronavirus Epidemic

The Coronavirus epidemic of 2020 has turned from another flu type episode into a worldwide panic and horror fest. The causes can be suspected. Poor health care planning, incompetent leaders, too much information to often, and the element of suspense have caused the masses to go into total panic. People are running away from what they perceive is the danger, and they are hoarding all sorts of products that have nothing to do with health issues.

The 9/11 attack in 2001 in NYC was the exact opposite. All sorts of groups of people saw the thing happen before their eyes, they went into shock, and then thousands of people realized they were needed to help the victims of the attack. Many stories of people organizing quickly and saving lives came out of this attack. What is the difference between 9/11 and the Coronavirus epidemic.

Answer: No one could see the Coronavirus, it came into nations and cities never showing itself, and the governments of the world could not prevent the consequences. So, people went into terror and panic because there was no visual and virtual event right before their eyes as in 9/11. This is the factor that causes crowds to panic and do crazy things. An emergency is reported which is invisible, anonymous, and sneaky. This is like when your brother told you there is a boogie man outside the house that eats little girls. You never saw it, but you went into terror because it might be true, and it might eat you. You finally got over it when you stopped listening to your brother.

Thus, epidemics are one of the most frightening things to leaders. The wise men know they need to prevent a stampede of the masses while they convince them to prepare to avoid infection. It is nearly impossible to talk about both of those topics without causing a mass panic. It is simply the way humans behave. The sad thing is that certain leaders see the stampede and panic as an opportunity to use the thing to get reelected, and they hype the fear factor to get themselves before the microphone and the camera. The media love it because panic and fear are grist for their propaganda mills.

The most deadly factor in the Coronavirus epidemic is the uncertainty and dismal theatrics of the talking heads who are used by the media to allegedly inform the public. They constandly predict hard times, and they admit they have no idea what is coming. Here are two examples of this very unhelpful trend in high places:

How bad could it get? Economists predict
how the Coronavirus could hurt the global economy

Top WHO official warns world may be ‘dangerously unprepared’ for next pandemic
as Coronavirus outbreak spreads

What do people hear? They hear world leaders accusing each other of not being prepared to deal with the epidemic. They hear blame, blame, blame. And, the conclusion by people is that we are hopeless victims with no one at the wheel. The response is to go frantic and take irrational action. Hoard toilet paper, stock up on water, or take your savings out of the Stock Market or the bank. These responses are totally useless, but it is something to do rather than sit at home and listen to more doom and gloom from national leaders.

A real leader, a wise leader, would not say all these stupid terrifying things. He would tell people how to survive. He would tell them positive actions they can take. If a wise leader felt like the future was grim, he would not dump his own pessimism onto the masses. He would try to give them positive things to do that would help.

So, how shall we live through such times?

Start by not believing your leaders. Instead, stand still, face yourself, and ask yourself what you can do to prepare to not be infected. Then, ask yourself what you should do if you do get infected. Make plans to protect your family and friends. Decide what you should change in your life until the epidemic passes over. Then, take action without letting the stampeding idiots carry you along. Lastly, keep reminding yourself that epidemics come and go. This whole period of chaos is temporary. It is not the end of the world.

I shall now suggest preplanning solutions which are simple precautions which you can use to ease the tension, AND the precautions are very practical. Why? Answer: Any one of the panic indicators in the following list could happen without any conspiracy being afoot, and it would be prudent for us to have some notions of our survival methods.  

We are not planning for the chaos caused by mindless panic of the masses. We are not talking about a real crisis. I talk about that elsewhere, but some of the suggestions below apply to real crises as well. I would encourage our readers in the rest of the world to think of how they should respond to such panic mongering in their areas.

Here is a list of reasons to panic as given by a heretic radio preacher who will go unnamed-- I will not help you find the jackass lest ye be lead astray in his wicked ways.

Thus, the panic list is in black text below:  
[ I shall enter my suggested pre-plan action in blue ]




"Sudden" vacations by politicians, newscasters, etc.

Rejoice, they are out of the country and will be doing little harm.  This kind of behavior is sometimes a clue that a war is about to take place. Can you change that prospect? No? So, why panic? It won't help.

Recall of antibiotics by Merck, Pfizer, etc.

Take a trip to Mexico any time, and get several courses of antibiotics. The US Border people will allow you back with your trove of legal drugs if the Mexican Doctor at the Mexican pharmacy writes you a prescription. You will save a bundle. Stock up on any drugs you regularly use. Make NAFTA work for YOU  :-)

Troop movements, or call up of national guards.

Plan, or make arrangements with missionaries etc, for your draft age sons to exit the USA. This is NOT unpatriotic. It is just plain smart since the next war will clearly be in preparation for the New World Order of Antichrist. When your son has to register with the Draft Board, attach a letter of protest on Bible grounds WRITTEN BY YOUR SON, not by you. I.E. put it in writing BEFORE the call up so they cannot say your son panicked at the last minute.

ANY and I mean ANY admission increase at hospitals.

This is pointless. The hospitals in New York City have been maxed out for about four years already. I hear of hospitals having to put patients in the hallways in the UK. It is a cheap shot when a prophet like this makes a couple of phone calls to learn the facts, then he makes a prediction for the future based upon what is already happening. This is such a ploy.

Again, have your own trove of drugs you may need. Be sure they are stored in a refrigerator in a very tight container to keep them fresh. You might want to make arrangements for dental care and minor medical with a doctor in Mexico. See below regarding doctors. 

Sudden discussions in the media, US Gov. health agencies, and Congress to force the whole US population to be vaccinated.

If you don't hear a clear statement that an epidemic is in progress, this vaccination frenzy, if it is on the order of panic by our leaders, means some bug got loose, and they are terrified it will kill millions of Americans. The vaccination will probably be untested and do no good. Watch alternative media and the deep web for leaks as to the real reason for the panic in high places.

Decrease and/or total lack of bottled water at supermarkets.

Whenever you empty a large bottle of pop in the hard plastic bottle, clean it well, and fill it with clean water. Add a few drops of bleach, cap it securely, and store it in the garage until you have about 15 per family member. Further water preparation can be made by keeping a rain barrel under the down spout for hand washing and flushing in emergencies. In hot dry climates, cover the rain barrel when no rain is coming. Evaporation can draw it down rapidly.

Increase in prices of essential commodities, gas, food, etc.

Simply stay stocked up for 30 days of supplies, and rotate stock. Buy in quantity. Try to purchase a flour mill and any other do-it-yourself hand operated devices, especially in used stores. You save a bundle when you do your own food processing, and you will have extra in case of emergency.  

Now my dear friends, listen to your Dutch uncle Steve. I will give you some real "inside information." A friend of mine used to be a banker. I asked him, during the panic years of Jimmy Carter, what would happen if the worst general collapse (planned or accidental) took place in this country. His answer: You can plan on evil manipulating men in high places acting like the sinners they are. Their lust for money will be starved if they let a crisis go for more than 30 days. They need us cows to produce milk so that they can skim the cream. Application: See if, in the course of normal peaceful life, you can always be ready for a 30 day survival period. If you expect to go in the Rapture of the Lord's Church, this plan will probably see you through the worst.

As to the notion that the overlords will put us all in detention centers-- Those centers are a myth. They do NOT exist. I have proved one alleged detention center is NOT where the panic mongers have reported it, so I don't believe ANY of those stories. There are also facilities IN EXISTENCE which would be far more logical as detention centers, but the panic pundits have paid NO attention to them.  

Furthermore; the overlords at the top of the Chase Manhattan Bank know that hard working godly saints are just the type to produce lots of cream for their banks and tax coffers. So, are they going to put us all away and turn us from cream makers to cream eaters? Not a chance friends. Start thinking biblically-- "The love of money is the root of ALL evil." They LOVE our tax dollars. They NEED us. Until the Tribulation, after we are out of here, they will pretty much leave all producers alone. Now, if you are a gold bricking freeloader who is using the tax rolls to survive, I wouldn't give a nickel for your chances in a crisis. Get a job.

In Tennessee and North Carolina, USA, when the pavement is still dry and the sun shining, AND when the weather forecaster says, "There is as a 2.5% chance of snow flurries tonight," the masses in these two states all panic in unison, jump in the old pickup truck, and race to the grocery store for the four staples in those states: Bread, Milk, Chewing tobacco, and Toilet paper. Arrive five minutes late, and the shelves will be cleaned out.

Medical staff and/or supply shortage.

Make a good friend of a godly nurse and doctor. Be ready to cut a deal to barter from your storeroom for medical service. In a real pan-crisis, godly doctors will be only too eager to be involved with other saints.

Announcements of epidemics of say, E. Coli, Coronaviruses, etc.

We already HAVE an epidemic-- It is called AIDS. Stop eating out, and use Lysol. Limit your movements in the market place. Get the antibiotics on hand as I suggested. If you really want the medical panic to be covered, also have on hand some saline IVs. In case of cholera, you can save anyone's life with antibiotics and plenty of IVs. Be sure to acquire the needles and IV tubing delivery trappings also. I am much more interested in cholera than these other exotic diseases. If an epidemic breaks out, that is another reason to have a food supply so that you don't need to do a lot of shopping. Have a way to pay bills and make deposits from a distance. That calls for using the "beast" to the max. We will NOT be able to take the mark of the beast since we go to be with the Lord BEFORE Satan offers the mark. So use the system all you can.

Stock up on toilet paper. The Coronavirus of 2020 showed us that panic mobs are total idiots. They cleaned out the TP and water as if the epidemic was a hurricane. Take precautions that should already be your regular way of survival. Do not have to reinvent your life because you slacked off on precautions like a Sooner dog.


Sudden reason for presidential staff to leave country.

Reason to panic: Hillary, or the Attorney General, is about to get an indictment. So what. That will keep them out of trouble. Rejoice. Is there a precaution needed? Forget it. It doesn't matter that much.

Phone and/or electrical outages.

These pin heads who make such panic lists need to go live in Cairo or Ethiopia and use their phones when there is NO crisis. Phone outages are also getting to be more common in the USA. It might just be that gridlock is approaching, and it means absolutely nothing except that the phone company needs to put in some new lines, and the supervisors are all off playing golf. I am serious about that comment. That is the story of US West in Arizona.

Sudden movement of FEMA or any other federal agency to any metropolitan area. Even though this would seem to indicate only that area was affected, it must be the tip of the iceberg if you are panic shopping.

Do have some means of self-defense. This is NOT  to go gun down the BATF. It is to see you through a period of anarchy by the loonies around the area who think they can defeat the US Military at their game-- war. Or, your gun will take care of crime against you in case the good sheriff cannot get to you in time.

Any indications of unusual activities picked up by persons with Internet or short-wave radios.

Friends, nearly EVERYTHING on the Internet is weird.  Emergencies are not normal, right? If you sit online all day in order to be the first to hear the national collapse reported by an EMP who sees a Russian invading Puduka, Kentucky, you will become a very morbid soul.  

Now, Bonnie Heimstra in Croton, Michigan has a scanner going all day. She is alone, and when she hears of someone in a  health crisis, or when an ambulance driver is lost and has to radio over and over for directions, she drops to her knees and prays for the emergency. Hey, I can see that. Indeed, I DID see it while tuning her piano one day, and I was moved by her practical Christianity. But, if you are surfing the Web, night and day, looking for the end of the world--  get a life!!!

Short wave radio is going to disappoint you also. You will have to listen to a lot of fluff from the BBC before you get some real New Age end-of-the-world material. I am a short wave listener-- trust me.

Instead, try to make a friend of the local police dispatcher. If there is ever a real national or local emergency of a really monumental type, ask the dispatcher to give you a coded call. Then leave it at that. The problem here is that these terror mongers are not getting you ready to survive. They are trying to get you to follow them as gurus. They want you hanging on their every word, but they don't give you solutions, do they? They just motivate you to panic. Oh, how very helpful.

Increase in traffic at any major airports.

If you are not trying to leave the country, so what? Let the beggars leave. We shall take up with what is left. I suppose the implication is that the bomb is about to drop, and the rats are fleeing. It may simply be that they are the overlord criminals in Washington DC, and they are terrified of what might happen if Alex Jones caught them.

Reports of interstate shutdowns due to some mysterious type of natural disaster.

So what? Disasters DO happen. Only if many highways are shut down would we need to take notice. In that case, have a plan for getting to work by taking Slawson to Imperial, then go east to Lutweiler, turn north on Beach Blvd, right on Whittier, and there you are at the office. Late? Of course, but all is well anyway.  

Do you realize how revolutionary it is NOT to panic. The overlords are no doubt convinced that we can be made to panic easily. Indeed, I am suspicious that some of these right wing panic mongers are agents, used by the overlords, to cause panic by just such lists as this one. I have a pastor friend nearby whom I feel may well be a Federal agent assigned to cause panic in the Jim Jones manner. He is a "soul winner," and is KJV only. So what? Why is he preaching panic around the clock? To have a simple plan of survival, then to live in hope and faith in the Lord Jesus, is one of the most potent weapons AGAINST panic and world control. People who are NOT in a state of panic are still thinking, and they cannot be easily herded.

Unusual troop movements in the middle East, or aircraft carrier movements.

This sounds Mid Trib or Post Trib. Furthermore, aircraft carriers are moved around all the time. Wars and rumors of wars are on the increase. So what? That is right on schedule. Can we not learn to rejoice, and look up? What can I do about the aircraft carriers moving? Shall we all make a depth charge and hire Putin to go bomb the aircraft carriers? What do we do about this kind of "watch" notion?  "God hath not given us a spirit of fear..."  I'll tell you what to watch out for-- "Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation..."


Added by Editor (with tongue in cheek):  Blessed Quietness Journal --  


Watch the US - Mexican border.  Closing over a major disagreement is one possibility. This would shut off fully 90% of the vegetables flowing into the US IF it happened in the dead of winter.  You should dutifully panic in that case :-)

Solution: Can vegetables from area gardens, or your garden, every summer. You already do that don't you? No panic needed!! See how easy it is to trash this panic nonsense. Now, if you really want to get way far ahead of the masses, buy raisins and dried prunes from California. That will start a great liberation movement.

Can you tell I am having a hard time to join you in your panic party? :-)




Above all else, "be at peace with all men," short of compromise of course. Don't tell all your troubles to the unsaved and backsliders. They will fink on you in a crisis to get preferential treatment from the overlords.  

And, remember:

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

It is a sin against the Lord Jesus to fill our minds with this panic and terror, especially since we have about 30 years of no-show panic reports to go on. I think some saints, and their distracted pastors, would find it pleasantly surprising to cancel Spotlight, turn off Rush Limbaugh, and just read through the Psalms in their spare time. It would be shocking to see how much panic just goes up in smoke.

We simply are NOT encouraged by our Lord and the Apostles to panic. It is an act of doubt, and doubt is sin:

Romans 14:23 And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

I may be out of context a bit, but "eating" panic is a sin. It is eating doubt, not feasting on faith. Don't you agree? And, stop this standing around the church foyer before and after services exchanging terrifying news from your favorite Right Wing nut case. That is NO way to prepare to worship the Lord.

Whether eating, or surviving, we are NOT called to doubt God's provision for us. He is in charge, and He has promised to keep us in the hour of temptation and testing.  Do YOU believe that?







I know-- get serious, right?

I will as soon as I plant my radishes and carrots. The weather is perfect today.





Something significant is happening with the Geomagnetic Field of the earth. This section sounds like a contradiction of the rest of the article. What I am concerned about is that there may be a connection between modern technology, and earth's magnetic field, and panic reactions. If so, we need to remove the negative factor from our life. When I say "we," I am talking about all of humanity because the whole earth is going into geo-magnetic collapse. The poles are shifting, and that is not a panic point. It is a fact, and we are magnetic creatures and can be affected by magnetic fields, both for medical cure and for mental disturbance.

We may need more knowledge of the Geo Magnetic Field, but this article is saying that the GMF directly affects some people's nervous system..... some with increased anxiety and some with decreased anxiety. There is a direct link to suicides and violent behavior. Also, cosmic rays are a big player in this as well and since the GMF is not protecting us from cosmic rays, we're getting a lot more of this "weird radiation" than ever recorded in modern history.

Find more research like this.

General radiation of Electromagnetic Field from industry and technology

Scientists Find Evidence That Your Brain Can Sense Earth's Magnetic Field

Effects of Moderate Static Magnetic Field on Neural Systems Is a Non-invasive Mechanical Stimulation of the Brain Possible Theoretically?

Geomagnetic Storms and their Influence on the Human Brain Functional State

This is a shocker. Low energy magnetic storms cause more trouble than strong storms.

New perspectives in the study of the Earth’s magnetic field and climate connection: The use of transfer entropy
This shows that the geomagnetic field, depending on its level of activity, can cause climate change.

There are hundreds of articles online and many research reports on geomagnetics and static magnetic fields online, and many of them relate to physical and health issues.

It is clear that we are now suffering the mental and physical effects of technology overload, and it will only get worse.

Based on that I went looking to see if the rest of the northern hemisphere is struggling and found riots and protests are occurring all across Russia, Belarus, Germany, the UK.

We aren't the only ones losing our minds.

Hong Kong

And, of course, the riots, burning, and looting in the USA.

he Bible says that God will send them strong delusion... but I never expected that it was... PHYSICAL. What a concept!

Demonstrations in Russia for the third week

Make a study of which Bible prophecies indicate general unrest and hate and rage in the Last Days? Blind hate. Mindless behavior socially and publicly.



Faraday cage- Here is one for sale, but you could look at it and make your own. Research the maximum size of the holes to stop Extremely Low Frequencies and Electro Magnetic Pulses.

Five Tips to Safeguard Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Building a home- If you are building a home, look into buying building grade aluminum foil wrap to put staple to the studs before you put up the sheet rock on the inside of the walls and ceiling. You must do some research to see how practical this is and how it will affect your cell phones etc.

Mental health precautions and solutions.

Panic is not in order. But, this issue of electrical and magnetic radiation and fog is a real issue. I have proved it to myself. I used a volt meter to test the electrical load in my body, and I came up with 600+ volts. I put my bare foot on a ground rod used on our WIFI tower for about five minutes, and my body voltage was .4 volts. That is the voltage Adam and Eve had in them long ago. Technology people can run as high at 1200 volts. Of course, the amperage is minuscule, but I am convinced that spending all day, or many days, loaded up with voltage like that has to have some effect on well being, both physically and mentally. Think about it..... your shoes are insulated from the ground, as is your car. You spend the whole day out of contact with the earth, and this can go on for several days. Also, understand that it takes at least five minutes for discharge into the earth. I find that fifteen minutes gets the best results. There are alleged experts saying that earthing through the wall plug ground is not sufficient, or at least not as complete as possible. Recent theory is that a ground is a ground. Even if you don't discharge the last five volts, going from 1200 volts to 5 volts has to be a vast improvement for your health.

The moral is, get grounded. Go on a walk, and stop and grab a metal fence post and stand there holding it for a while. Take off you shoes and stand on damp earth for a while. If it is safe in your area (it is NOT here in Texas) go barefooted outdoors. Buy shoes with leather soles instead of man made material. Hold your cat or dog. If they are an outdoor animal, they are totally discharged, and as you hold them you will partially discharge into the pet. The pet will lose it quickly when they run around outside. Milk a cow or goat. You can learn more about this by Googling "earthing" online. You can also buy an earthing bracelet which you can plug into the ground hole in a wall plug HERE. When you sit down next to an appliance or tech device that is grounded to the wall plug, lay your hand on a metal part of it to rest for a while. Weed the garden bare handed.

Earthing is a concept that is mocked by many technology people because they do not want to know the facts and realize they need to take defensive action. So, you will be laughed at by your tech friend if you mention this. Someone in the sciences may even discourage you. This is because some of the most ignorant people about medicine are doctors, and some of the most ignorant about the sciences are scientists. In both cases this results from not keeping up with the latest news in their fields.

History tells us that there are thousands of things that had to be learned the hard way. Bleeding people was once thought to be a great cure for all sorts of ailments. So, three different doctors bled George Washington when he showed signs of the flu...... and, they killed him. Those who think outside the box are the ones who avoid pain. If you work in a virtual fog of technology emissions, I would strongly encourage you to get the earthing bracelet. Other techs will laugh at you, and they will regret it when they need to go see an oncologist. Put up a note somewhere- "DISCHARGE TO GROUND".

The last thought is this...... The increase of anxiety and panic in recent years may not all be because of sin and wrong living choices. It may be due to the exponential increase of technology and magnetic fields which technology creates around us. The issue is real, and it may help us all to calm down if we find ways to limit our exposure and find ways to discharge to ground.




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