Resolution of the Singapore Council of Christian Churches



The  New Age Movement  is a combination of Eastern Religious (Hinduism and Buddhism), philosophical ideologies (pantheism, humanism, and dualism), and the mystical arts (witchcraft, Extra-Sensory Perception, astrology and astral travel) within the framework of the ecological movement--

The beliefs of the New Age Movement can be stated thus:

     1.  God is the "universal energy force";

     2.  We are all God;

     3.  All religions are the same and are merely different paths which lead to God.

     4.  There is no such thing as sin and eternal death.

     5.  We are one with "Mother Earth"

     6.  We can discover the divine within us by using astrology to discover our higher Self.  This is called "channeling" through which information is communicated from the level of the human mind to a non-physical higher level of reality and vice versa from that higher level down to the human level.

     7.  The highest good for man is to become one with the "Ascended Masters," the ancient human spirits who have been freed from the confines of the physical world and have reached a higher spirituals level;



The target of the New Age Movement is the human mind; the aim of the New Age gurus is to seize the human mind, brainwash it, radically transform its thinking, and through  every possible way set it to embrace the "new consciousness"

The New Age practice of "channeling" is a form of meditation and is sometimes combined with ritual incantations;

The New Age Movement is seducing Christians and assimilation of its ideas and beliefs is happening at all levels of today's culture and is particularly strong in the mass media and mass entertainment; it has produced a distinctive art form and its exponents represent the themes of this Movement in varying degrees, as for example in the ethereal music of Kitaro, Steven Halpern (who pioneered "Sound Health") and others; in films like George Lucas's  Star Wars, Fantasy Island, Ninja Turtles, Masters of the Universe (Actress Shirley Maclaine is a zealous New Age advocate) and the like [Editor: Balaam's Ass Speaks-- Add Lawnmower Man, ET, and Stargate, which is a subtle plot based upon US Military research. ];  In the literature of JRR Tolkein, [ Editor: Balaam's Ass Speaks-- Add, CS Lewis' writings  and the Greek scholars Westcott and Hort. ] Sci-Fi by Erich von Danikent, [ Editor: Balaam's Ass Speaks-- Add Steven King ]  and others; in magazines such as Her World, Woman's Day, Woman's Weekly, GQ which have featured articles advocating New Age techniques of relaxation, breathing exercises, hypnosis, guided imagery, and creative visualization; New Age art form appeals to those who are tired of traditional forms and are drawn to it because of its strangeness and appeal.

New Age adherents and admirers sometimes are subtle, hiding their beliefs beneath a respectable form; often especially in the West, they embrace a rebellious mind set and life style, and can be seen wearing their symbolic quartz pendants; they are happy to fling traditional beliefs and flout social conventions with their weird dressing and hairstyles. [ Editor: Balaam's Ass Speaks-- Add, which  they got from French queers. ]  

Because of their identification with Mother Earth, they embraced the Ecological and Green Movement and are ardent advocates of conserving Mother Earth; they frequent and run "earth shops" selling recycled paper and other such products; but not all in the Green Movement are New Age adherents;  [ Editor: Balaam's Ass Speaks-- Add, test the spirits, as commanded in I John 4:1-4 ]



The Bible teaches us that God is the Creator (Gen. 1L1; 14:19) and we are all His creatures (Gen. 1:26-31; Deut. 32:6; Eccl. 12:1); we can never be one with His being, though He desires to dwell in us and we can be one with Him in fellowship (I John 1:3);

At the beginning of Creation God endowed man with original righteousness and communion with Himself (Gen. 1:31; 3:7-8), but man fell from that state and became sinful (Gen. 3:1-19) both in his nature (Psalm 51:5; Romans 5:12) and eventually in committing actual acts  of sin for which he can be held responsible and guilty (Romans 5:13-14);

The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23) forever in the Lake of Fire (Mark 9:48; Rev. 20:14-15).

The mind of man after the Fall is depraved (Romans 1:28); sinful, hostile to God, and cannot be trusted (Romans 7:25; 8:6-7); and needs to be renewed by Christ (Romans 12:2);

All who believe in Jesus Christ are redeemed by His precious Blood (Col. 1:20; I John 1:7; Rev. 1:5; 5:9) and at the Day of Christ will be given their resurrection body and will spend eternity in a glorified, bodily existence (I Cor. 15:35-57; I Thess. 4:13-18;


The teachings of the New Age Movement are contrary to the Word of God and stand at variance with everything the Bible teaches;

This council notes the association of the Movement with the Eastern Religions and reiterates its objection to the ecumenical efforts to unite the disparate religious beliefs of the world religions [ Editor: Balaam's Ass Speaks-  Note here the Eastern mystic and New Age input into CBN by using Jerry Rifkin numerous times, Fallwell and Everett Silven with Mr. Moon, Benny Hinn in teaching yoga principles from his Hindu background, and the Rhema crowd with their positive confession and visualizing tricks called name it and claim it. ];


This Council exhorts all Bible-believing and Bible-loving Christians everywhere to listen obediently to the Word of God and reject totally the beliefs of the New Age Movement;

We warn them about this insidious Movement and urge them to reject completely the mind-set and lifestyle associated with it;

We urge all Christian book shops and music shops to stop selling New Age items, and Christians to stop buying such items  [ Editor: Balaam's Ass Speaks  We should boycott any Christian book stores which sell this wicked material. ];

We encourage all Christians to immerse themselves in the Word of God and its life-changing truths and treasure the rich and soul-satisfying spiritual heritage of historic  Christianity, repudiating all aberrant forms in these last troublesome days when false teachers are seeking to lead astray the minds of the children of God.