Searching for the Truth in the King James Bible;
Finding it, and passing it on to you.

Steve Van Nattan







Modern life offers many ways to give the Gospel out.
Here are some we and friends have used.




1. Your day at WalMart-- David Casper went tracting regularly in front of several stores. He was handing out tracts in front of WalMart one day, and the manager came out and asked him why he was there.

David told him, and the manager told him he had to set a particular day for his organization. Well, Dave thinks on his feet pretty fast, and he made up an organization name real fast and asked to be put on the schedule.

The store put him on a list, and on that day no other organization could solicit or hand out literature except Dave. See if you can get a day that way.

2. In Coat Sleeves-- When you are in restaurants or meeting halls, drop a tract into the sleeve of coats hanging in the foyer. If they drop out when the owner puts them on, they will pick up the tract to see if something important dropped from their coat.

3. Go to the Post Office and hospitals in the area. When employees want to smoke, they almost always have to go outside. Give them tracts to read since they have time on their hands. Many public buildings have such rules.

4. Jack Chick reported that some hippy looking Christians went to a big event for hippies at some park. They handed out tracts and told the people, "Don't let the fuzz see this stuff." Every tract got read, and the word got around. Hippies were quietly coming up later and asking for the tracts.

5. Drop tracts for drunks into beer cartons at the store, and throw one in the window of the beer truck while the driver is unloading (Kathy P.)

6. When you give a tract to a clerk, ask her or him to put it in the break room, "Someone in this store may need the message in that tract." I have had many clerks take it and say they would do it. You give them the idea they are doing God a favor. Never mind, they will read it before they leave it in the break room, and that is the objective. I walked up to a check out girl and grabbed a tract without looking soon enough to see which one I had. It was too late to return it because I had already offered it to her. The tract was about a little girl who had been molested and how her Daddy got saved and the family delivered. The Lord helped. I quickly suggested to the girl, "I bet you have at least one friend who has been molested in the past." She agreed. I told her, "Give that to her. God can deliver her and give her a new life." The girl almost cried. I had to wonder if the one who had been molested was the check out girl herself. You need to target the tracts better than I did that time.

I saw a brother go through the check out ahead of me recently. He finished paying, and he reached into his pocket, grabbed a tract, and dropped it on the counter while suggesting the girl read it. Impersonal! Make small talk. Be clean, especially with a young lady. When you pull the tract, say something like this. "I have something for you to read when you go on break." Almost always, they slip the tract into their pocket or store it around the cash register and thank me. Another idea is to say, "I am thinking about using this tract to give the Gospel. I would like to know how it strikes you when you read it. Could you do that for me, and I will see what you think the next time I am in here?" Of course, you HAVE TO go back before long to not make a fool or yourself and the Gospel. You must ask. If the person is saved, they may have a good observation.

I have had dead beats tell me that Chick tracts are suggestive, or that they have all these dumb cats running around distracting. They are right too. I use VERY few Chick tracts anymore. I don't need to try to give the Gospel in a story line filled with half naked whores. Jesus sure does save whores and sluts, but the graphics in Chick tracts do much too good a job on the whore sometimes. Most of them are all fairy tale and very little Jesus Christ. "They get read," you cry. Well, so do a lot of porn sites on the Web. That notion proves nothing. Make sure you use tracts with lots of Bible in them. That is all you know God will bless for sure.

With publishing software and good printers these days, you should make your own tracts. You can then target them to some particular event. Talk about the county fair and all the hard work that goes into the food and animal care, and note that those kind of people seem to be "good people." Could hard working people like that end up in hell in spite of all their faithful hard work.....? Go from there to the Gospel.


At the Library-- from a reader of the journal:

I enjoyed reading the stealth witnessing ideas.

My public library has what we call a "free bench" in the foyer. Patrons daily use it to drop off what they don't want and to peruse the items to see if they can find something they need. In talking to others I have found that many libraries have something similar. We use our free bench to drop off tracts, good Christian literature, sermon tapes when we are done with them, and paper back KJV Bibles.

They are always taken! It's so easy too. I just drop the stuff off with a prayer that God will bless it. Perhaps someone reading this idea will decide to do the same thing in their public library.

God bless you. Thanks for your frank and faithful website.




1. Wrong number-- Arnie Guikema grabs every opportunity like no one I ever knew. He got a wrong number call one day, and the person on the other end of the line apologized for the wrong number. Arnie at once told them he thought they were supposed to call him. Now, many people these days are really eager to see something mystical in every dumb thing they do. TV, Hollywood, and the Charismatic circus have enhanced this mind set. So, the person on the other end of the line was ready to know why they had called Arnie by mistake. In his jolly but serious way Arnie took them right to the sovereignty of God, and from there to Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Try it-- you may be surprised at the results.

2. Cell Phones-- Put a head set on, and run the wire to a cell phone in your pocket which is not turned on. Walk around a store, and pretend to call a friend who is not born again. Dial so the peeps can be heard, and then hit disconnect and act like the phone is ringing. Start a conversation with your imaginary friend and lead into his need for salvation. Then give him the Gospel in normal voice level. Be sure to pause regularly to let him allegedly talk so the thing is believable. End up telling him that anyone can be born again and he should give the Gospel to other people.



1. Paul Beverly method-- When a telemarketer calls Paul Beverly, he cuts a deal with them. He says, "I will listen to your presentation if you will give me the courtesy of the same time you use to give you my presentation." They will often go for this because telemarketers get hung up on all night long. Paul tells them he will time them, and when they are done, he reminds them of the deal. They are usually honest enough to comply, and he gives them the Gospel. He does NOT go over the time allotted-- bad testimony to cheat. They may ask questions in the end anyway. Be careful not to mess with them if their supervisor comes along. They could get into trouble.

2. My method with windows-- The window company called me one evening and asked if I was the home owner. I told them I was not now living in a home that I owned but that my builder was building me a home. They asked if he knew about their wonderful windows. I told them he might consider them if they met his requirements. The seller said they had this warrantee for many years. I told them the windows had to be able to last forever, for eternity. There was a long pause on the other end. The seller asked, "Who is your builder?" I said, fully expecting to be hung up on, "He is The Lord Jesus Christ, and he said he is building a mansion for me in heaven and will come and take me to it soon." There was another pause, and the lady rejoiced, saying, "He is building a mansion for me too." I asked her if she was born again, and she said, "I went forward to be saved two weeks ago, and I am your sister in Jesus." We started having a shouting time. She was Black and impossible to out-rejoice, but we had a time of it. Her supervisor came along, and she quickly had to go. You may not always find a sinner on the other end of the line. Indeed, some of the most blessed times I have had were trying to give a tract to a Bible believer.

Michael Wright was making a delivery to a company, and a new man was in charge. The two men walked up to each other, drew (at tract), and fired (Do you know Jesus as your Savior?) at the same time. They then fell out in delight as they realized they both loved the Lord. What a time they had. And, ZEAL was the foundation of a new friendship. Soldier, there ain't no better way to make a friend.

3. Call number back and give the Gospel-- If a telemarketer calls and it is a recording, you could let the thing come to the recording, and give them the Gospel. Or, give the phone number of a Gospel message from some local Bible believing church.



1. "It is required by my religion"-- Federal Court has ruled that a public school, which holds a kid captive by law, cannot forbid him from practicing his religion. The teachers cannot pray or witness, but the kids can. You preachers need to cut out all this verbal blather in the church house about how we have lost our rights. We happen to have GAINED some rights lately. Send the kids to the public schools trained to USE those rights. They better get good grades and behave though if they want the Principal to take them seriously.

2. Chess club-- I was substitute teaching in a school in California in the '70s. In one school there was a Pentecostal preacher who taught English and Spanish. He was not the usual jerk for manifestations, but he was zealous for souls. I can live with a born again Pentecostal like that. He asked me to sub in his class because he knew I was born again. I agreed, in spite of the fact that I only knew enough Spanish to order in a restaurant. Well, the day was all planned out in the lesson plans, and I really had an easy ride. But, he asked me to eat in the class room at noon instead in the teacher's lounge. He said he had a "chess club" for the kids at noon. I like that anyway because most school teachers, in the staff lounge, smoke and cuss like tug boat pilots.

At noon, I sat at the teacher's desk, ate my lunch, and did what the man suggested-- nothing. The kids started piling into the room to "play chess." Well, maybe six of them were playing chess, but the rest were playing Christian music and having a prayer meeting. The law said they could as long as I did nothing to enhance it. I ate my sandwich and tried to look disinterested. Bobby was playing chess right in front of me with another kid. A bunch of kids were at the chalk board putting up names of kids to pray for-- that they would get saved. Someone wrote, "Bobby" up there. Another kid called, "Hey, Bobby, we are praying you will get saved." Bobby looked at the board and saw his name. He grinned, turned and check mated his opponent. Behind the front of terror the media and Dr. James Dobson paint, God has his soldiers, like that Pentecostal preacher, warring a good warfare. How about you? What opportunities are you missing?

3. Magazine Rack-- Mr. R was an SDA. I don't know if he was saved of not. Most of them are works based and on their way to hell. But, he had a Bible and a concordance on the desk in the room where he taught shop at the High School. He also had Christian magazines in the rack with all the trade and mechanical magazines. When the Spanish Catholic kids passed Mr. R in the hallway, they put up their fist, and in their smooth Pachuco style said, "Mr. R save souls." This is an alteration of a Catholic Mass ritual prayer, "Jesus save souls, Mary save souls, bla bla bla...." These young men saw in Mr. R what they did not find in real life as Catholics. Whatever Mr. R was spiritually, he was a marked man. They knew he lived to save souls. Was he breaking the law in doing all those things? Yes, and if the school officials have messed with him, the whole Chicano gang would have gone on the warpath. Mr. R was a quiet unpretentious men, so nothing ever came down. How about you and me, soldier? When I left California, on my last visit to that school, I had kids come up to me and tell me they would miss me because they would not have someone to ask Bible questions anymore. It don't get any better than that.



1. Leave a web site, or back ground, on your computer with the Gospel while you go to lunch. Bring up a Gospel site, and leave something up that the rest of the workers can read. If you have a cube you work in, fill it with Gospel things, and leave tracts on the desk for passers by.

2. Leave tracts in the rest rooms. The other men often leave girlie magazines-- leave your stuff too. Pete did this, and some employees complained to the boss. The boss told Peter to stop putting religious tracts in the rest rooms. Peter said, "They have their religion in there, so I have a right to put mine in too." The boss got mad when he realized the complainers were doing the same thing. He asked Peter what other religious reading he found in the rest room. Pete said the other guys worshipped naked women and put their religious magazines in there. The boss went off in a huff. Later in the day the boss put a notice on the bulletin board that no religious literature or girlie magazines could be left in the rest rooms. If you cannot give them the Gospel, SALT THEM.



We are now the Fourth Reich. It is all over folks. Settle down, live quietly, watch what you say in your car, phone, and bedroom. You have only one right left-- the right to be watched. Later, you will receive the right to be herded.

While the Feds read your email, and can listen in on your conversation anywhere and anytime with some very small effort on their part, they can also see you. The one meter official picture is a joke. A Military Intelligence retired Federal employee told me they can read the shoulder patch of a soldier from a satellite, and he said his information was old in 1999.

In Popular Science December 2011, An article tells of the way the Federal Government has turned the technological border surveillance into an all inclusive system which combines all video cameras in the USA into one "pipe." This literally means that an Federal entity can bring up the "pipe" online, and they can combine all watching sources, from your bank's camera to thousands of satellites, making the "border" virtually the whole nation. This is what the authorities tell us officially, and we know that they never tell the full extent of their capabilities.

So, it is entirely possible that they can read a book you are reading if you are sitting at your picnic table.

To you who want to use the Fourth Reich to spread the Gospel, try this:
1) Phone a friend who is willing to participate.
2) While talking, use key words like Iran, nuclear, infiltrate, gun, North Korea, and militia.
3) Tell your friend you will tell him something important at the end of the conversation.
4) Then give the Gospel, and quote lots of King James Bible.

The NSA, Homeland Security, and Echelon Dictionary people will be forced to listen to all your conversation to see what the end message will be. Makes sure that is in invitation to repent and confess Jesus Christ as Lord. No cursing, no politics, no ridicule.

Combine the two issues discussed above. Get on the phone, use some deadly key words, greet NSA or Weather Mountain in a friendly way, and tell them there is a secret message on your picnic table, or on your roof. Give your GPS coordinates, and then print out a section of the Bible with the Gospel. Use No. 14 font which should be enough. Add an invitation to send their address, and you will send them a Bible. Ask them if their kid needs a Bible.

Look here-- The fact that Caesar was a jerk and Herod was a beast did not stop Jesus or the Apostles from getting the job done. So, America is the Fourth Reich, so what? If you are not married to patriotism as your creed, then USE these paranoid people's system to spread the Gospel. You could force thousands of Federal agents to read the Word of God-- people who would never hear the Gospel any other way.

At the risk of sounding like a Fundamental Baptist jack boot, may I suggest you think about this-- If you think God does not see you, would you stop doing something you do in secret if you knew a bunch of Federal agents, with nothing to do, had you (and maybe a friend) on the monitors in the big room? A phone man, after he got saved, told me that the employees at the hub, where many employees worked, put racy phone calls on the public address system frequently. There is official policy against intrusion by phone, and Federal spy agencies, but I KNOW they are violated. How many of your activities would you not want on some Federal hard drive?

Romans 12:17 Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.

2 Corinthians 8:21 Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

1 Peter 2:12 Having your conversation honest among the Gentiles: that, whereas they speak against you as evildoers, they may by your good works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation.


1. Echelon Dictionary-- There is a system of listening satellites in the sky. They have a dictionary system used to listen in on all email transmissions that go through them. When a suspicious key word comes up, a copy of that email message is forwarded to the CIA or NSA or Homland Security and checked for various reasons from international trade issues to terrorism. Someone has to read each message I am told. So, when you send email to an adventuresome friend, add a few choice words like Mitsubishi, Osama, and Plutonium, and that message will be read by someone with a nasty view of the world. In the same message, give the reader the Gospel, and tell them that at the end a very important international secret will be revealed. At the end tell them that the Gospel is truly international, and that no matter who they are, they can be born again.

2. Spy Planes-- Spy planes and satellites are watching all the time. I am told that they can read a postage stamp from space now. So, why are we joining Texe Marrs, Dave Hunt, and Alex Jones in trembling and fear over these things. That accomplishes nothing. In Arizona, we were right in the flight line of a Russian satellite which watched the missile destruction process not far away. When the USA would destroy a missile, the Russians would check it out from the sky, and then the Russians would destroy a missile.

The US satellite would then peek to see if the Russians had really destroyed one. This has gone on for years according to some treaty. Well, I knew they could easily read a Bible on the picnic table, so I gave them some excitement. I printed Bible verses in large font and put them on the roof of the house. I told them that if they sent me an anonymous post card, I would send their kid a Bible. They never did, but I had the satisfaction of knowing that some Russian may have seen the Bible verse. The US snoops also watched our area closely, so they must have read it. You could even do a series with neighbors like Berma Shave signs. You could have a riddle with the clues changing every week. Instead of wide eyed terror, we should use the stealth of Caesar and turn to the use of Christ.

3. Taps-- The phones are tapped all the time. The same method as the Echelon Dictionary is in use. When a word is spoken that is considered sensitive, a machine records the conversation from that point onward. This was in place in the '70s, so you can imagine what in incipient presence it is today. Again, why the fear and trembling? Speak some suspicious words you know should turn the machine on, and then tell the listener that a very important message will soon follow. Give them the Gospel with several Bible verses, and end with a secret message-- and invitation to confess their faith in Jesus Christ. They have to listen until you are done talking.

4. Cameras in Stores-- Take along a Gospel sign, not too big, and flash it at the camera.

5. Air Port Security-- I wonder about finding a metal plate with a Gospel verse on it and putting it in some luggage? When they see it, they would have to have a look. Give the thing to them and tell them Jesus is the answer to terrorism. You might get the full search treatment though. :-) I guess you could tape "Jesus Saves" across your chest with foil tape so it shows up in the scanner. What can they do about it? They are the one who peeked at you.



1. Spam-- Has any reader sent the Gospel to a spammer? Did it get through or bounce back? I suppose this would not work well. You could rebuke a porn spammer I suppose, or one of these groups trying to look half way legitimate selling something.

2. Sign up if you can stand the chaos-- Sign up for some news or information, but only if they let you answer back. Send the Gospel to them regularly.

3. Links on "Dangerous" Pages-- If you want to live dangerously, put up a page that looks subversive. Add links supposedly to more sites of reactionary and activist content. The links should all go to the Gospel based sites so people will find themselves scanning the sites of Bible believers.

4. Search for Mosques and Buddhist temples world wide--
Send URL of my site to Muslims Allah, Divine of Demonic.
Send your own witness to the other religions if you are wise in their things. Otherwise, find a good Gospel site for their religion, and send the link. Do this also with cult promoting sites. Send them the Gospel and links to those trying to win those in the cults to Christ.

5. Send mail to the Vatican and other religious headquarters. Either engage them in discussions of the truth, leading them on for several exchanges, and then move into issues of their heresy. Ask sincerely, then when they respond, give them back Bible verses that contradict their heresy and ask why the Bible seems to disagree with them. Do this with Islamic sites for sure. Don't leave the Jewish sites out.

6. Send mail to High School sites, in the USA, Europe, and the whole world. Ask some sincere questions about their country and the school, then move on to ask about their religion in their country. You young adults in Singapore, Australia, and other nations should do this with our pagan American and European schools. Try it with university sites as well. It is quite possible these days to slip behind enemy lines and reach lost souls with the Gospel on the Internet. Remember, High School is called "Secondary school" in the world outside the USA. Grade Schools and Middle Schools are called by other names also. Some research is needed to search intelligently.

For this article, I went to Google and put in "schools"+"Malaysia". I dove into the pages poking around until I had the "contact" page of an Islamic educational club in Malaysia. I offered them the CD of the book I wrote on Islam. They may never respond, but I have made many of these offers. One response will be worth it.


If you have other stealth ideas on witnessing, SEND MAIL



My daughter came up with this one. She puts a small one sheet track into her library books before she returns them.


Tell us the stealth methods of witness you use.