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POW! You Have Been Shot

And the ammo used?
Electro Magnetic Field energy (EMF) and Radio Frequencies (RF).


REVISED: The following blog entry I put up yesterday now has a caveat.

The RF emissions are for real, and curly fluorescent lights do give off RF. And, the RF is sent through the wiring of your house when the lights are on.

And, again, your computer and other devices also produce RF and dump it into the wiring of your house.

Even energy efficient refrigerators produce RF energy.


Problem: I have tried to find out how much serious research has been done. Almost all of it is anecdotal, which is the most suspect research. There has been almost no research into ElectroMagnetic Field and RF emissions in our environment in which a control group was included. This is because the only control groups are in the Congo jungle, the Arctic, or the Masai people of Kenya where there is NO electrical field in miles.

For such a research event, the project would be horrendous, and other environmental issues could skew the results completely.

On the other hand, I am reminded of asbestos, lead, mercury, and thalidomide. My Dad used to put Mercurochrome on my scratches and bug bites. The first people to claim such things were deadly were laughed off the planet. And, the first research on all of these deadly things was anecdotal at first.

This seems to be the way with progress in the modern world. You go forward, and you learn the consequences of new technology after thousands of people are sick or dying.

Then, the talking head comes on TV and says, "Ooops."

So, I am leaving the article below online. It may turn out to be a croc, and it may prove to be a lot worse then even these people claim it is. One thing is certain. If EMF and RF energy, which saturate our modern communities, turn out to be very bad stuff, it will cause the most traumatic upheaval since the Industrial Revolution began in the 1800s. I guess I tend to have some skeptical feelings about progress as it is forced on society these days.

We are going to replace all our curly bulbs in table lamps near where we sit. When the price comes down, we will go 100% to LED bulbs which emit nothing but light.

It sounds insane to say that the only one who makes light safely is God. But, it sure looks like the safest light is the old sun coming up every morning.



It is not enough that we are gassed in our homes by formaldehyde, and we are fed 84,000 chemicals in our food, water, and drinks, but now the lighting industry is blasting us with UV and "dirty electricity," and NO government agency is doing a thing about it.

Ham radio operators know about RF (radio frequency). If you have a ground mounted vertical transmitting antenna, you know that you better not stand in the line of what they call "propagation." That is the line of the signal sent out around the country and world. It is very strong at the point of origin, and it becomes very weak as it fans out from the antenna.

These new curly fluorescent bulbs we are encouraged to use are radio transmitters, and YOU are sitting in the direct line of propagation. The radio frequency (RF) is produced by the circuit in the base of the bulb as it alters the current.

Now, how many curly bulbs are there in your office or your living room? Each one is a radio transmitter. The effect is cumulative. High powered short wave radio stations like the BBC and the Voice of America will have several antennas positioned to intensify the signal going out around the world. It seems quite possible that the RF from several of these bulbs is cumulative also. It is the nature of RF.

No one can tell me that the appropriate government safety agency has no knowledge of this. They are simply looking the other way. Too much is at stake to touch this sacred cow of the green machine.

Canada is making incandescent (the old bulbs illegal and with threat of prosecution in 2012. The US, I am told, has the same law for 2012.

So, watch and learn. YOU may be a victim and don't know it:





So, it is not about UV only. In fact, there is research out there to indicate that UV does NOT cause skin cancer. It is the lotions rubbed on which react with the UV and cause cancerous growths.

The point-- there are other factors, and the largest is the "dirty electricity" issue. The question now is, what else in our world makes "dirty electricity"? You can be VERY sure about this though...........

One video above suggested that you can tell if the curly bulbs are causing any of your health problems if you turn them off for a few days and a problem goes away. That is NOT science. It is survival, and that is all it is. The point is, if the RF causes observable health issues, there are body organs and functions which can go very wrong and cause no obvious symptoms or pain. There is brain function, for example. It cannot be felt when you start losing brain function-- it can be very subtle.

The US Government will not touch this monster. It would cost billions of dollars to change all the fluorescent bulbs in the USA, and the Greens and Al Gore would scream blue murder. We are a nation managed by wimps and pimps who do what big business tells them to do.

The moral-- YOU are your own research lab, and YOU have to watch out for yourself. Your nervous system is an antenna, and it can respond to certain wavelengths of Radio Frequency. It is now VERY CLEAR that the human nervous system picks up the RF signals from these bulbs. The only question is, what are they doing to your particular body?

Stock up on incandescent bulbs, and use the LED bulbs if you believe they are safe. They too have transformers in their bases, and the fact that they don't produce UV is beside the point. What else do they produce-- maybe nothing. They are not in any way similar scientifically to the fluorescent bulbs.

It is back to the stone age, and thank God for Thomas Edison, bless his heart. I salute the old fellow wherever he is.

YOU are the guinea pig for big business. They could have done their R&D testing, but they just plowed ahead, and they will fix it eventually. There may actually be a way to shield the base of the bulbs, but they dare not admit they blundered now. The Feds might force them to trade safe ones for dangerous ones. I would like to get an RF meter and test a bulb with aluminum foil wrapped around the base and touching the grounded base of the bulb. I suspect it might work.

Meanwhile, we are going to Lowes tomorrow and buying about 50 old timey light bulbs. Ugh. Thanks to Charlie Wong in Shanghai, we still have an option. I intend to wait on the LED bulbs until the price comes down, and I want to know if they are REALLY safe, as claimed.

To buy the device that is supposed to clean up "dirty electricity," GO HERE. At this site you will learn that the World Health Organization has made a statement on "dirty electricity." The US Government has done nothing about this as far as I know.

Finally, what about the fluorescent tube lights we have been sitting under since the 1950s? They may not be that dangerous. They are controlled, as far as I know, by old technology, which is a transformer. I am not aware that they put off RF. If UV is an issue, most of them are far enough away from us in stores and offices to make any danger doubtful. But, I am just guessing. I do know that this issue never came up until the compact curly bulbs came along.

Another issue is the ElectroMagnetic Field that is produced by the wiring in your home, and an even higher source of EMF and microwave energy in WIFI environments. I may be back up with something on that if I can be sure of my information. Systems are sold to kill EMF and microwave energy in the home, but they are pretty expensive.


Watch how Big Nanny Janet Napolitano wants to baptize us all in RF and EMFs.

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