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If you have fears, anxiety, depression or other life issues, you are not normal,
you are a candidate to be defined as mentally sick.

Psychiatric mental health.

Now, three is an Oxymoronic word set for you. A psychiatrist is a blind man in a dark closet looking for a black cat that isn't there. Stay with me, and you may avoid a lot of trouble.

What is a disease? Diseases and conditions are popping up daily.

A US. News article by John Leo deals with all the new psychiatric disorders which are being invented. Apparently "road rage" is soon to be an official disorder.

If someone is in court for anything that took brains and emotions to accomplish, the "court psychiatrist" will be called in to analyze the victim. Does the shrink send the defendant to a clinic and do lab tests? Impossible-- there are NO tests for any of the 365 "disorders" in the shrinks big book.

There is the caffeine-induced anxiety disorder, the Internet addiction disorder (LGD) and GAD, the general anxiety disorder which psychiatrists say afflicts 5% of the population. These are only a few of the 374 official disorders that psychiatrists say hit half of all Americans.

The author says, "Psychiatrists are busy broadening definitions and lowering thresholds so that much of the other half will be listed as disordered too.

The clearest current example is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a label now being applied to many perfectly healthy small boys who bother school officials by behaving badly in class."

The drug makers obviously love it. Make no mistake about it, through their faulty perceptions, manufactured illnesses and drug dispensing, psychiatrists have great power in this land.



Steve Van Nattan-- Editor: Blessed Quietness Journal--

I took a psychology minor in college, so I believe I am as qualified as anyone to make the following observations.

We have identified a new mental illness.

It is suffered by deranged Psychiatrists.

The early symptoms are seen as the Psychiatrist gets a glassy stare in his eyes while listening to a patient tell of his financial problems. The Psychiatrist next shows agitation as he hears of all the ways the patient is spending money.

Finally, the Psychiatrist wanders the room stroking his small beard and talking of ways to help the patient to be more controlled about spending his money. This is followed by a prescription for several mind altering drugs, after which the Psychiatrist hands the patient a bill for $300. He tells the patient that as he pays the bill, his troubles will all go away.

We have named this disorder, "Munchcash Syndrome by Proxy."

"By proxy" stands for the collection agency which shows up later to collect the $300 by threat.



The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is frequently referred to as psychiatry’s “billing bible.” This is because they can use any disorder added to the DSM to label you mentally ill and then bill you for it. Unlike medical conditions/diseases which are discovered and proven as medical conditions (through biopsy, test, physical abnormality) psychiatric disorders are literally voted into existence by a show of hands. Perhaps more disturbing is that the psychiatrists voting on the new disorders are frequently being paid by the pharmaceutical companies which manufacture the drugs for these disorders.



ADHD is a bogus mental “disorder” based only on a checklist of behaviors.

There are no medical tests to prove any child has ADHD, yet more than 4.5 million kids have been diagnosed and put on drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall and Concerta, which the U.S. DEA places in the same highly addictive category of drugs as cocaine, morphine and opium.

Photo from woodleywonderworks-Flickr

According to the Center for Disease Control, boys are much more likely to be diagnosed “ADHD” than girls. The “checklist” for ADHD could fit any normal child and literally includes such ridiculous criteria as ” runs about or climbs excessively in situations when it is not appropriate” (we are talking about KIDS here… right?) ” is often ‘on the go ”acts as if driven by a motor” ”blurts out answers” ”is easily distracted” ” loses pencils or toys” “often doesn’t seem to listen”

To be perfectly clear — this is ALL that it takes to diagnoses a child with a ‘mental disorder’ of ADHD; a checklist of behaviors (the above is taken directly from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), psychiatry’s billing bible.

There is no medical or scientific test that is then taken afterwards to ‘confirm’ this diagnoses – simply because there isn’t one. So the ONLY way a kid is ever diagnosed is simply based on the checklist.

That’s it. There are no blood tests, brain scans, chemical imbalance tests, X-rays or “genetic” factors to prove any child has a mental “illness” called ADHD. This is simply a list of child-like behaviors that psychiatrists clustered together, repackaged as a mental disorder and the result is a multi- billion dollar empire — the child labeling and drugging industry....

If your child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, it is YOU who was not paying attention. You failed to read the book of Proverbs:

Proverbs 22:15 Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.

A wiggling child has either got a bad case of sin, or the kid is being fed rubbish. Hot dogs, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, Aspartame..... You need to get the trash out of your kid's diet, and start cooking real food for him.




The day is coming soon when all of us will be declared mentally ill. We will then be told we must take our pills or we will lose our rights to guns, jobs, driving, and even walking about loose in public.

I must confess that I have suspected for some time that I have a mental disorder which has not been officially cataloged by the the shrinks' convention.

I have BAUDAHLAO disease (Ba-Da-La-o).

Bad Attitude Upside Down And Hate Liver And Onions

Who can help me? Must I be doomed to spend he rest of my life fixated on my hate for liver? Can no good shrink out there give me a Big Pharma pill and some US Federal Government money to seek a cure in a resort in Spain with a sauna and lovely gardens where I and my wife can escape this terror I have for liver?

Alas, so many disorders, and no one to take me seriously.




I want to cure you by showing you how bad it can be.

If you really MUST find a cure for an imagined disorder, please be my guest:

Now, bunkie, think............ that guy is running loose in Los Angeles at this hour.
And, you are not in any danger.
Relax-- eat a bar of dark chocloate, and SEND MAIL.