This page consists of an E-Mail from a reader and two links to a rebel Baptist page.  I have no problem with folks who are pleased with their part of the world and their nation.  The USA is far more diverse than most nations in the world, so this local "pride" is understandable.  But, this hate for others, and the defense of the South in the USA, is NOT based upon the love and teaching of Jesus Christ.  The pastor involved is a natural brute beast and undoubtedly not born again.  He is simply using a Baptist church and a bunch of bigots in the pews to promote his hate message.  God has a way of exposing these kind of folks, but we want to warn you of this kind of thing and this local church in particular.  Many of these bigot barns are KJV only, and we are KJV only as well.  So, you need to understand that the KJV issue is NOT the only one out there, AND you need to stop giving these scum any slack just because they wave the KJV in the air.


From: "Frank Ebell" To: Steve Van Nattan 
Subject: a warning
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 15:54:36 -0500

Dear Brother Steve:

Recently I visited this web page

It's the web site of Landmark Independent Baptist Church in Archer, Fla. This is a very deceiving page and I think you should warn Brothers and Sisters in Christ about it, lest they become deceived by them. You see, my family and I are originally from Phila. PA. and now live in SC for the past 3 1/2 years. We moved here for a better life (?) and to live peaceably with our neighbors, and we still do. Now and then, we do get some persecution for being "Yankees".

So, when I came upon this "Baptist" church, at the bottom of their page, It asks the visitor, to visit the "pastors" page. Well, I did. The whole page is devoted to attacking "Yankees", "the South Shall Rise Again", etc, etc. Not one word to encourage Christians, not one quote from Gods' Word, not one prayer, not one link to other Christian web sites that would help Brothers & Sisters in Christ. This is a "pastors" web page, and I would think that it should offer more than the worldly cry for war! He even gives web links to other Confederate web sites! I wrote an email to him to protest that a "pastor" of the church of Christ should be more concerned for the welfare of men's souls than to encourage hate! Well, he replied, and I have attached it with this email. My soul, Come sweet Jesus, quickly! Sincerely in Christ. ( His reply is below) Mr Frank Ebell




I am sorry that you feel so persecuted in South Carolina. Many of those nasty Southerners there have not yet learned to lick the boot that kicks them. You see they still remember the Yankee invasion in which Southern homes were burned, Southern crops were destroyed, Southern possessions were stolen and Southern women were violated.

We still believe in those dangerous words contained within the Declaration of Independence. They were true in 1776 and they were still true in 1860.

You say: "If the South were to secede again, would there be another war?"

Only if the Yankees once again violated the Constitution as was done by the war criminal Abe Lincoln. President Davis well stated the Southern position: "We just want to be left alone." The South did not invade the North. The South did not force the North into a union at the point of a bayonet.

The Word of God does not prohibit or condemn slavery. It does, however, regulate it, recognizing the responsibilities of both slave and master.

The Confederate Constitution does not allow for the impressing of one into slavery who is not already in that state, so your arguments about making blacks slaves again is a typical Yankee straw man.

You ask: "Do you hate yankees?"

Well, I suppose by "Yankee" you mean all Northerners. No, I don't. My wife is an Ohio girl. Some of my best friends in the ministry are of Northern birth--most of them would also acknowledge the justice of the Southern Cause, though I do not make that a requirement for my friendship. One of my G-G- Grandpas was a Confederate soldier in the Marion Light Artillery. Another was a Yankee soldier from Ohio. There children married and were the parents of my maternal grandpa. I do not hate or blame the individual Yankee soldier, anymore than I hate or blame the individual German soldier for WWII. The leaders, such as Hitler and Lincoln are the guilty parties, and their own soldiers were often victims of their hateful lust for power and blood. Some "soldiers," however, covered themselves with guilt such as the German SS or Gen. Sherman and his pillaging troops.

This entire country suffers the effects of the Northern "victory" -- both the North and the South. The out of control, monolithic central government is a direct result of the Southern defeat.

Your ridiculous charges against my personal page deserve no answer. That page is minuscule compared to our church homepage. It's purpose is not the same.

Our church webpage seeks to glorify our Sovereign Lord and proclaim His holy truths. I have the distinct impression that you have little tolerance for an Absolutely Sovereign God and His Absolute Predestination of ALL THINGS either. It seems that you would exalt the will of man above the decrees of God with your "plan of salvation."

I am always amused at those who have been specially called to accuse others of pride and to foist their humility and advanced knowledge upon us lessen enlightened ones. But I should not be surprised, your arrogant and paternalistic attitude reflects that of the Northern leaders that instigated that bloody and needless war of 1861-65.

There are many in the North who have come to see the justness of the Southern cause. Please visit the site of the Southern league ( from there go to the listing of State Chapter webpages. The webpage of the Ohio Chapter is most enlightening. Of course many brave Northerners opposed Lincoln's immoral and illegal war and they experienced the very real persecution of the renegade Northern government. Many Northern "Copperheads" were arrested, imprisoned, removed from elective office and even deported to the South.

Well, I suppose that I am just wasting my time, so I will close.

D. V., Greg Wilson


I need make little observation.  The pastor involved damns himself very well on his own.

Here are the links to the pastor and his church page:
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