Steve's Yarns-- All those years growing up
and living in Oklahoma, California, Arizona,
Texas, and Africa..... Ain't done growing up
'til I get over on the other side :-)

Steve Van Nattan






By Steve Van Nattan


This is a bio of no particular color really.
It us simply where the Lord Jesus Christ,
in his sovereign will, has lead me along.
Perhaps it will help you to understand
the context of the yarns in this section.



Birth-  1943-- Where?
City of the Angels-- Los Angeles, California
I could never be a California governor-- I was not born in Austria or Mexico.

The following transpired between 1943 and the present.

-- Oklahoma and Arkansas when my Dad was a pastor and student at John Brown University
              I was "born again" during this time of my life.
-- Back to Los Angeles--  School at 79th Street School
-- Mojave Desert where my Dad pastored
-- Deputation and Travel to live in Africa-- My parents were missionaries
-- Lived in Tanganyika when at "home" and Kijabe, Kenya at school--  Rift Valley Academy
-- Furlough with my parents-- lived in South Gate, California--  School at South Gate High
-- Tanzania when at "home" and Rift Valley Academy at school
-- Spent a year after high school with parents in Tanzania
-- Biola College (now university)-- BA in Christian Ed.
-- Moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan--  Married Elizabeth and worked at Brown Paper Co
-- US Army--  Fort Knox, Kentucky the whole time-- "Chair born" Chaplain's Assistant (AKA Porch Monkey)
-- Taught at Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music--  Rented from Denny Den Hollander.
-- Deputation and travel to Ethiopia as missionaries first term--  Lived at Decamhare (Boys
              school), Eritrea, --Debre Birhan and Langano, Ethiopia--  Youth Camp development
-- Short furlough to raise funds for youth camp at Langano
-- Lived at Lake Langano, and finally had to leave Ethiopia  due to Marxist coup
-- To Kenya as missionaries-- At Nairobi and finally Eldoret
              Headmaster of Hope Bible Institute
-- Religion (Dini) classes taught in Secondary School--  Teacher training in night school
-- Returned to Michigan, and later to Yermo, California to pastor Yermo Bible Church
              Also, restored cars and public school teaching.
-- Delton, Michigan to pastor Interlakes Baptist Church
-- To Grant, Michigan to pastor Grace Bible Church--  Took up piano tuning during this era--
             Periodic member of the the Hilltop Cafe Committee of 45-- Frank Hall presiding.
-- To Whetstone, Arizona to be near my parents and pastor Independent Bible Church
            This Journal, Blessed Quietness Journal originated during this era.
-- Our family moved to the green hills of Eastern Tennessee where orange and white
            are the colors of choice. This is due to the fame of the E. Tennessee University Volunteers.
            I kid you not-- A fully decked out Ford '68 pick up, in orange and white, to include orange and white
            tuck and roll and airbrushed pictures of the coach and quarter back, is the most sacred icon
            of this part of the world. Alabama is hated for no other reason than that they have defeated
            the Vols too often.
-- This is where I had my Web business selling piano parts and tools to Do-It-Yourselfers. CHECK IT OUT :-)
-- GTT- Sold the business and moved to the Texas Hill Country just north of Austin where I am the grounds keeper, gardener, mule skinner, and irritable old man for my son and son-in-law. I do tune a few pianos in the area for extra cash.
-- Next? Looking for my blessed Lord Jesus Christ to appear soon, or if he so chooses, to die in Texas and move on up to the Glory with all my old friends in Christ.





During her tenure as Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitan said that there are two types of "potential terrorists" at large in the USA. This caused me much fear and trembling, and I was only too pleased to find this dear lady hard at work watching out for us hapless peasants in America. Here are the two varieties of terrorists lurking about your city, town, and out behind the woods in the back forty:

1. US Military Veterans

2. People who carry a Bible, go to Bible studies, and believe in Bible prophecy.

When I read this, I realized Janet baby was spot on. We all know that most of the terrorist acts committed in the past 50 years were by American Veterans, well, except for all those committed by Muslim fanatics, lunatic militia members, Black racists, pathological nut cases who were turned loose from mental hospitals, and so on. Why, just yesterday a Muslim terrorist tried to shoot up a train in France, and........................... sorry, I got that wrong. The US Marines on leave subdued the man. I will soon remember a US Vet who shot up a mall or downed an airliner. Let me get back to you on that one.

Then again, we all know how many Fundamental Baptist preachers and deacons have shot up a local mosque as a result of studying Bible prophecy............... well, maybe we remember................... let me get back to you on that one also.

So, why the CAVEAT?

Answer: I, Steve Van Nattan, citizen of Texas, owner of a big dangerous shot gun in the closet with which I shoot varmints that eat our pecans, am both a US Veteran and a Bible thumping, carrying, loving, reading, believing, and teaching hick in the Hill Country of Texas. And, we all know that all Texans have their guns loaded and ready to shoot someone just to break up the boredom, right?

So, be forewarned. We have it on the best (cough, cough, cough) authority from Homeland Security that I am very dangerous, folks. So, you read here at your own risk. Now, if you are also a US Vet and a Bible thumping prophecy junky, why don't we start a conspiracy? Let's do what Jesus told us to do, and not tell anyone:

John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Next time you see Janet Napolitano, or any other US Government agent trying to make us paranoid and terrified of their accusation, BE OF GOOD CHEER, and take the creepy US agent to coffee.



NOTICE: If you wish to communicate with me by phone, call: 512 673-3309




During my parents' missionary era and that of my wife and I, we traveled to South Africa, England, all of East Africa, the Netherlands, nearly every state of the USA, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Canada, and Mexico.  My wife could add France, Italy, Germany, the Congo, and most everywhere I have been.  I have lived with people in Africa who were from Somalia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Goa, The Seychelles, New Zealand, The UK, Australia, Arab lands, Egypt, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, The Lebanon, South Africa, The Republic of Texas, and other countries.  I am also quite proud to tell you that I have visited Putney, Kentucky and I learned to say "Putney" right.  I had to, or the folks I preached to would not have given me the offering.  

I have never flown in a UFO, but I have flown in a Viscount which landed on cobblestones at Bengazzi. I have never seen Yannis or Greys, but I had to listen, for three hours, to an alleged Baptist preacher who claimed he was being asked by the US Government to be a missionary to Yannis inside the earth. I was, of course, left a bit skeptical, but life sure ain't boring folks. "The rest of the story" will hopefully work its way out in the various yarns told in the Table of Contents. :-)



May I invite any of my past friends to contribute to this page of yarns?  You must have been there when I was there so I can be sure there are no tricks on this page.  There are a number of yarns which I cannot recall properly, such as the luxury flight of Lyle Jacobson to Catalina Island.  By this point in time, the Feds would probably overlook the FAA infractions-- Please send the story Lyle.  Norm Goss, would you like to tell about your tour of the oil fields in the old Comet?  Splendid opportunity to terrify my readers!  It would be very interesting to hear an account from another culprit :-)


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