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Article first posted in 2005 and since edited





This is a masterful and most helpful article, but I have an observation.

Andrew J. Bacevich failed to identify the new adversary, at least in the chapters presented at

The adversary, the boogie man, ceased to be the Soviet Union in about 1990. To launch serious war against the old USSR, from about 1947 to 1990, would have been suicide, or at least very costly. It would have meant to bring war to our own back yard. After the fall of Socialism, a new boogie man appeared, and this adversary did not have nearly the punch of the Soviets.

Enter sacred rage, jihad, the sons of Allah. Enter the spoiler who does not believe in the American ideal of democracy, nor does this spoiler believe that the secular consensus is important. This spoiler believes that Allah must rule the world, and anyone who stands in the way must die. What a nasty surprise after dealing with the rather pragmatic Soviets.

Many of us suspected, from as far back as the late 1950s, that the Soviet boogie man was a set up. We wondered if the Russian leaders knew the rules of engagement, and everyone played a role. The world was thus enriched by the arms race to get ahead of one another, "so they won't get us." Well, Ishmael, the Islamic hate league, is not role playing. They believe, from the depths of their soul, that Allah calls them to die, if need be, to destroy the Kaffir, the Great Satan. All restraint is suspended. Any form of massacre and death is holy, even if the attackers only manage to kill themselves.

So, Wallah, the USA now has an enemy which it can define as the ultimate, the unrestrained, the absolutely committed enemy. Since the sons of Allah have no restraint, and their death making events have born this out, then why should we have any restraint? Furthermore; every time we thrash the Islamic perverts, we end up taking charge of a piece of the oil estate.

War, as America is practicing it, is a response to religious zeal. Ultimately, the Islamic adversary does not have the force to enter our back yard with their attacks, as the Soviet Union could have. 9/11 was an exception, not the rule. The war with Islam is waged far away, so the average American, and you right wing Fundamentalist preachers, can wave the flag and scream for the blood of "them sand niggers," and it will never come home to you or endanger your way of life. What a neat and tidy empire we are building, and the blood flies "over there."




President George Bush told us that God gave him a charge to keep, that is, to spread Democracy world wide. Here is a line from Desert Storm which I memorized from George H. Bush, father of our Napoleonic empire:

"Out of the horror of war will come the recognition?
that no nation can stand against a world united."

Do you see anything moral in that statement? There is none. The point is, in the words of Tennessee Ernie Ford....

"If ya see me comin'
Better step aside;
A lot of men didn't
And, a lot of men died;
I've got one fist of iron
The other of steel,
And if the right one don't get ya
Then the other one will."

Teddy Roosevelt developed the first real international war based foreign policy, NOT Woodrow Wilson. Wilson resisted international war making at first. Later, he was converted as the USA was attacked by a very stupid German submarine fleet that was on a binge to sink anyone's ships for the sheer fun of it. The reason Wilson's war making takes the lime light, and is being repeated today, is because Wilson, once converted, became a maniac for world power, and the military was the engine to make it so. Wilson, once converted, knew no restraint.

Teddy Roosevelt, before Wilson, had a similar but infinitely more conscientious foreign policy, "Speak softy, and carry a big stick." Indeed, Teddy was a genuine peace maker, for he made peace between the Russians and the Japanese. The world feared the US Navy, Teddy's big stick, but they also respected Teddy because he DID speak softly. Our State Department does NOT speak softly. Even the alleged lady, Chorizo Rice, is a female pretender with a manly mouth. There is no respect in the world for our diplomacy, only fear and hate. We do not have one diplomat today, even on the diddle head level of Henry Kissinger, who tries to make a pretext of peace making.

Thus, the sons of Allah have gained much ground psychologically. They are not only the underdog in the contest with the USA, they are seen as the persecuted faithful by fellow Muslims around the world. One billion people tend to cheer for the adversary of the USA. Furthermore, it is VERY clear that we really do not want the top dog dead or caught. Osama bin Laden, whom we invented and trained, has been left to run loose so that the adversary will have its Emperor in place for the escalation of hostilities which are needed to justify bigger and more frequent wars.

You must understand this-- America is at war with Mecca. Mecca ought to lose, if fire power and numbers were the issue, but the real issue is, who will stay to pray? It is real easy to see which forces have the spiritual advantage. Islam.


Answer: America is not a Christian nation. America has rejected God. America has decided that God belongs in brick and crystal palaces, not on the street, and especially not on the front lines in a war. On the streets of America we kill unborn babies, we exalt effeminate pansies, our music calls for suicide and murder, our middle level bureaucracy has a kilo of crack in their golf bag, and God is good for nothing more than a tax deduction on our 1040. Not so with Islam my friend.

America will lose in the end. In this war of attrition, as George Bush has aptly portrayed it, we will lose. We cannot stand up spiritually, as a nation, and say, "God is on our side."


Answer: America has told God to go to hell. God is NOT on our side. The lip service given to God by Bush, and a handful of milque toast pabulum sucking state department officials and Congressmen, is nothing but rhetoric designed to call Bible believing suckers up into their Sunday pulpits to beat the war drums.

George Patton's prayer is in the Patton museum at Fort Knox, Kentucky. I give it as best I can from memory:

"God, we are going in, and we will win.
No one will stop us.
If you will not help us, get out of the way.

Will you be a fool sucker and follow onward in this historically suicidal war mongering when Napoleon calls on the bishops to bless the next crusade?

Think about the empires that have tried to subdue the Middle East. They all had to give up the cause, and Greece, Rome, and Persia, as well as the Turks, learned that the Middle East was a costly and terminal ball and chain in the end. Now, think of the place America has in Bible prophecy-- NONE. Why join the death party?

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel"
Samuel Johnson

2 Peter 2:20 (KJV) For if after they have escaped the pollutions
of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter
end is worse with them than the beginning.





"Fruit springs out of death. Selfishness is always solitary. It is the lives poured our in sacrifice that abound in blessing. The way of conquest is the way of the Cross. The names that are honored in history are the names that stand over graves where self was buried, long before the body died."
Charles Cowman



The Baptist preacher tells you that John the Baptist founded the Baptist movement. Well, what did John say? The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him and saith,

"Follow me, and I will follow Jesus..."

I don't think so.

Let the mighty young men come and finish the battle,
Scale the walls of the fortress of Satan,
Pull down the stronghold of unbelief;
And, I pray that God will allow that....

When the victors come to those ominous walls,
They will find this dreamer, this lonely soldier,
Has been there before them, and
Though mortally wounded, fallen by the wall,
In the heat of the battle,
He has been busy,
Leading captivity captive.





Samuel Pearce was in his own day well known for the anointing that attended his preaching and the depth of his spirituality. It was said of him that "his ardour ... gave him a kind of ubiquity; as a man and a preacher, he was known, he was felt everywhere." William Jay (1769-1853), who exercised an influential ministry in Bath for the first half of the nineteenth century, said of Pearce's preaching: "When I have endeavoured to form an image of our Lord as a preacher, Pearce has oftener presented himself to my mind than any other I have been acquainted with." He had, Jay went on, a "mildness and tenderness" in his style of preaching, and a "peculiar unction."

The mighty warriors of history were not big mouthed fools, like some Fundamental Baptists. These modern preachers wail and scream into the microphone until our ears ring in pain. They tell jokes and use themselves as sermon illustrations. We have no need of them. They make mockery of the quiet spirit we see in Jesus Christ in the Gospels. When Jesus raised his voice it was in the temple in the face of blasphemous desecration of the temple. When with sheep, Jesus spoke quietly and gently. Today, the alleged warrior preacher screams in the church house at sheep, and in the market place, or in the counterfeit religion venue, he is timid as a mouse.

What is needed today is a spiritual warrior who is so powerful in the Holy Ghost that he can be gentle, yet all present know that God has visited them in the gifts of the Spirit. The very fact that preachers holler and scream and hack PROVES they do not have the "peculiar unction" of the Holy Ghost."




Our Anglo Saxon leaders have managed, whether by stealth or by accident, to militarize the USA and Great Britain. The children of the war protesters of the 1960s are screaming for blood in the Middle East. Frankly, I am convinced that the whole world, EU, UN, right down the the smallest nation, is already shuffling toward Armageddon.

Many Fundamental Bible believers have joined right in and militarized their pulpits with war rhetoric. This is insane. What fools these pastors are. The true Bible believer is NOT eager for the profane warfare of the world in which Satan takes millions of people directly to hell. These slow bellied preachers have never seen a real war, like Vietnam, but they wrap their Bible in the American or British flag, and they scream for the blood of Osama bin Laden. These same preachers rage out against abortion, but killing thousands in five seconds with a fuel bomb is OK. Never mind that most of those killed were helpless bystanders.

The Bible believer IS in a warfare AGAINST Satan to SAVE souls. Could just one Fundamental Baptist preacher get on with the real war and leave the One World machine to kill for Satan? Jesus told the disciples to get a sword, and they came up with two swords. Jesus said that was enough to defend eleven men where there was civil peril. Obviously, Jesus was not tossing knives and talking tough in the church foyer like some of you macho twinks. Can you see Jesus walk up on the temple porch and, SNAP, flip out a switch blade and growl something about castrating queers?

By the way, Jesus lived in a land ruled by queers from Rome where every Caesar but two were sodomites.

Point: Get back to the real war, the war for souls which must be snatched from the flames of hell and from the jaws of the wolf.

Historically, when the Church's pastors join the mongrel rage of nationalistic war cries, the Church suffers horribly, and eventually finds she is on the wrong side spiritually. Hitler was a classic example as the pastors of Germany joined his Reich. They thought that Hitler's righteous counterfeit zeal for morality would rescue Germany from moral decay. Later, they nearly all professed they had made fools of themselves. The new Pope, Benny No. 16, was one who joined Hitler's Youth Wing. In this day, we have no truck with the nationalist mongrel patriotism of this world.

Our war is for souls and in defense of ONLY the Lord's Church.

For any nosey Feds wondering what goes here: We are dealing with only spiritual warfare. If that sounds strange, see if you can find a Bible believer in your department and ask him to explain it to you. We do not attack flesh and blood, but we DO plan to take out the spiritual forces standing in defiance of the Church of Jesus Christ as presented in the Word of God. We will not recruit tax rebels, militia, libertarians, drunks, or political animals in this warfare. YOU guys deal with them. But, let me say this-- If a US Federal department attacks the Lord's sheep in a way that is designed to force Satanic morals or standards on those sheep, we will attack you with our weapons. You don't have access to our weapons, and they originate in the hands of God. If you don't think that is ominous to a devil worshipping Fed, may I quote Queen Mary or Scotland about the Reformation warriors, John Knox:

"I fear the prayers of John Knox more that ten thousand soldiers."

History proves me correct in saying that any government which tries to destroy the Lord's Church will lose and be gone quickly. The Soviet Union tried to destroy the Baptists of Russia. The Soviet Union is GONE, and the Baptists are doing very well, thank you. They prevailed the USSR era, and they are growing fast today. As we say here in Tennessee, "Deal with it." We have not declared physical war on human government, but if human government declares war on the Lord's Church, we are ready to stand against any and all of you in the power of God.

Also, there will be Baptist Briders and Heritage groupies, as well as Charismatic Vineyard and Rhema boys, who will try to use this area as a venue to promote their egomaniac devilment. When caught, they will be sent back to the barracks. We have no need of Satanic agents provocateur.

We have no truck with rebellion against Carsar.



This warrior learned who he wanted to fight with.
Here is his letter to me:

It's been a while since I e-mailed you -- about 8 years I suppose. I dropped by your website again and as before I found many things that were enjoyable, and many that were a blessing so I thought I'd drop you a note to tell you how things are going.

I appreciated your article on the "Gospel of Doubt" and the related material on "jack-boot" preachers. A few years ago I left the church I was attending and went to a bigger "Fundamental Bible believing" church. I suppose I was impressed by the show they put on every Sunday, with the altar calls and all. I had been spoiled by the ministry of godly men, and I didn't know what I had. I didn't realize that the impressive veneer of this new church was just whitewash over a sepulcher. At this new church we had traveling evangelists with all kinds of slick sermons. They'd sell you the sermons on tape too, word for word the same as what they preached from the pulpit. Each of them had 10 - 12 sermons, and they'd give a few of

them in every church where they stopped. Every sermon was memorized word for word. Every word, every inflection, every joke, every pause for laughter or amen's, I think they even memorized their prayers. Of course they'd leave their families behind while they traveled. One of the girls in the church went to Bible college with the daughter of one of these evangelists, and the evangelist's daughter told this girl that she didn't even know her own dad. She had barely seen him growing up as he was always on the road.

The church was just like what you described on your website. Sunday morning and Sunday night it was the Gospel, with special emphasis on making sure the saints are really saved. Several saints were "saved" during the year or so I was there, because they became convinced that they didn't properly repent the first time. Sunday school and Wednesday it was always a different text, but the message was always the same -- get saved if you're not and if you are, start praying, reading the Bible and attending every service. That is, unless it was January, "Stewardship Month," in which case just about every message was about tithing, including a show of hands of people who tithed and another show of hands for people who were going to commit to tithe that year. A high-pressure altar call was the norm, and they passed the plate during every service.

After about a year I was spiritually starved. I hadn't heard a single expository sermon, I was beginning to wonder if maybe I hadn't really repented, and the only fellowship I was getting was with the people in my old church. So I went back to my first church, now being able to appreciate it like I couldn't before.

I'm convinced that there's an evil spirit working in churches like the one I described. I couldn't put my finger on it, but there was something there. Maybe in time it will come out, but for now I'm just glad to be back in a church where the brothers and sisters genuinely love me and my family, where the pastor is intimately involved in the lives of the people, where the whole counsel of the Bible is taught and where I can serve the Lord out of love instead of guilt.

I agree with you that wolves should be exposed, but the folks in that church adore their jack boot preacher so much I don't think it would do any good to expose him openly. Once you've been there for a while and peeked beneath the surface, the problems are so obvious that I wonder if there's a truly born again person in the whole mess. I'd almost just as soon believe that a person could be born again and remain a Catholic. Is it possible to be born again and have zero discernment? Is it possible for a believer to go years without really feeding on the Word, without real fellowship, and not feel like he's starving? I suppose I'll need to think on that one for a while, but my first reaction is no. I suppose I can't be sure, as I can't look into people's hearts, but from what I could tell, I certainly didn't feel like I was in a group of believers there. Nobody ever showed love to me or my family that didn't feel fake. The Lord said "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." and based on this I don't see evidence of anyone at that church being born again. If you have any thoughts on this, I'd like to hear them.

When I first left that church, I felt bitter about this, until the Lord showed me that He only gave me what I wanted (a big show, weeping, altar calls, "standards"), and even then He gave it to me only so He could make me appreciate what I had all along and had despised (the simple company of a few true saints). Now looking back on the whole thing just makes me so thankful for the fellowship I have, and all the more anxious to enjoy the company of the saints again this weekend.

I'm going to try to start a Bible study in my apartment complex, so if you have an opportunity to pray for this I'd appreciate it, and thank you again for your website, it's been a blessing to me.

The Lord bless you and keep you,





Jesus and John Wayne
The lady may not be born again, but she deals with hyper macho church life and nationalism in the pulpit. This will make you think twice about the message you are sending, even if you don't totally agree with her.





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