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A group of mostly Mormon animals have dragged my name into their e-mail ring which is scheming how to destroy and murder the leaders of the USA. This page is the only way I know to really get the attention of the Feds. Their listening and sniffing processes can be useful.

I have a problem. There are loonies who read my editorial on issues which are Bible related, and these idiots then assume that I am party to tax rebellion and militia rage. Men like Greg Dixon, a fool named Otwell in Texas, and Hank the Crank Thompson, along with the creep Phelps somewhere in the Midwest, have mixed rebellion against Caesar with Biblical truth.

There are also Mormons and Muslims who hate me for dealing with their blasphemies, so they drag me into their circle of murderous e-mail exchanges. This is a form of Jihad, for the US Federal agencies will sniff the e-mail and start a file on me. The Mormon and Muslim warriors know what they are doing.

I received a letter from a fellow today which is highly inflammatory, calling for literal revolution and murder of our national leaders. So that some weak minded readers, and the folks at the FBI, NAS, and Weather Mountain do not think I am party to this rubbish, I post their latest letter exchange. This I must do because the above mentioned national enforcers do listen to our phones and monitor out e-mail. I want to make it very clear that I want NOTHING to do with this apparent revolution in the making.

From Duane: research@bmsf.net

Reply to Ron's comments:

My suggestion is to implement a action in a smaller city that has less controls on it to expose local leaders who have not upheld their sworn oath. Then move on to the next higher leaders into the same court to continue until we even reach the President of the United States, if it goes that far. All the time receiving more and more notoriety most likely through emails, as the media has so much control on it, exposing the process of a Constitutional process that is actually working in order to establish a ground swell of support.

It appears from the recent survey, that 84% of those in the vote still believe in God, and most likely would support this Constitutional action.

All in hopes that those in very high leadership positions become struck with the fear of God and begin rapidly to exit the country before its their turn in court.

As the support grows and grows, I would hope that the Statutory laws of the land dwindle as the powers pushing this phony law of statutes, which brought aboard the Federal Reserve Bank and Taxation, etc. run for cover, then we would end up with a Common Law Constitution again running the land and hopefully new uncontaminated leaders.

Hopefully, before Bush can implement Marshal Law, his power in the land will have dwindled so much that Generals and their followers who do not support Bush along with the public would just ignore this action until his time come for him to be court.

I think then God could smile down upon us, and we could begin to depend on his help in this process.

The real power is in the people with God on their side.

K. Duane Erickson (This man is full of Mother Goose Mormonism. Is he thinking of taking America back for the Mormon Church?)


Ron Safsten wrote: whitehorn37@yahoo.com


I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the situation, and I have just one small quibble about your suggested solution.

I think we should move past the idea of warnings and just start executing the leaders. There may be one or two good ones in the herd, but I say shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out.

Ron Safsten

(At least he is in the CC line-- I assume this is he. There is a Ron Safsten in Bountiful, Utah, and there seems to be a Brigham Young U. connedtion.)



To better understand where we are today, as history repeats itself, read and study the past as we today are being warned by God regarding Subtle Captivity.

Look at the Index of your Book of Mormon under "Secret Combinations" most you read about takes place at the time the first group of people were trusted by God to return to Eden, called then after the separation of the lands into the Isles of the sea, or the United States today.

Your breaking the law by paying income taxes... According to what we are warned of it's the sins of us who need to repent of, that is allowing the Secret Combinations to subtly Captivate us and our children.

It appears we have a small window of time in which we can repent of our sins and change things beginning in our own country, but its rapidly closing to where we can do nothing. When your children and grand
children cry for food and the only way you can help them is to take the mark in your body, you will do it. You will then be in complete control of Satan and his helpers. Walmart is leading the way I understand and is already putting this process in place.

The Statutory Laws of the land are completely controlled by the enemy. The only thing we as a people can do is to use Common Law and Common Law Courts where we become the court and is of the people, witnesses and judges and supersedes Statutory Law. Begin in a less controlled state, like Wyoming, or Montana and one by one call the local politicians in tocourt to determine if they are upholding their sworn Constitutional oath. If they are not, they can have their choice to be exiled from this land penniless (without their ill-gotten gain, or be executed, and judged by the people, the same as the handful used Common Law to establish the Constitution of the United States.

Once the locals have been tried, then move on to the National leaders, if they haven't fled the country by now. Once the real law of the land has been truly upheld in a Common Law Court and the people begin to deal with the law breakers I feel a ground swell of the people will take place. All ready Generals of our military are going against the powers to be, a little help from us and all God fearing people should fall into place and stand together. The scriptures indicate its possible. THIS I BELIEVE IS REPENTING OF OUR SINS as we return to the government formation established in the Constitution by God. I think it can be done without firing a shot, just understanding and support. The Constitution of the United States was formed under Common Law by a handful of people. If it can be used to accomplish the creation of a God given Constitution, it surely can be used to uphold it also.




Some faint hearted soul will send me e-mail and tell me the Mormons are nice people, and these fellows are the exception. Thus:

Full book on the massacre
Evidence makes it very clear that the tin horned prophet of the filthy god of Mormondom ordered the massacre of these innocent people. This is Mormon evangelism at its glorious best.

Present Mormon submission to the US Federal Government is only temporary,
for they believe they own Utah.


By Jerald and Sandra Tanner



Mormons are very hard on each other. The church forces the members to keep a two year supply of food, allegedly in the event of an end times famine sets in. The result is that Mormons have dry beans, rice, and other perishable foods sitting around their homes. Bugs get in, and it has to be replaced. The food us sold by the tin horned bishops of Zion, and the profit goes into their pockets by and by.

Mormons are cruel on each other beyond measure. Rich Mormons may be abused to poor Mormons, and employment may be lost for not attending church faithfully. It is violent NOW, so the theological notion that Utah is the center of the earth, and that the LDS Church should rule America, opens the door for any rebellion to again rise up.

Steve Van Nattan: The above Header Details will give any Government agency that cares the names of others who received the mailing. By the way, there is a Mormon connection in this. Who "Ron" and "Duane" are is beyond me.



Since when did rage and rebellion become fashionable among Bible believers. Pastors and their men stand around the church foyer and throw knives around and talk tough about what they would like to do to queers. They beat on young boys for lying about their memory verse. They drive women out of their church and force them to accept a divorce from their husband, and then when the wife flees to another state, the husband and pastor threaten to come and physically assault the woman. One pastor has a Sunday every year when the fellowship people all bring guns and have a shooting time with AK-47s. Hate and arrogance are on the face of all too many Fundamental Baptist evangelists and 80% of Baptist pastors. Why?

Did Jesus glare with hate at the world like the alleged evangelist at the right? NEVER!

Matthew 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

It you threaten me with violence, if I hear from two or three witnesses that you are plotting, even discussing, the overthrow of the US Government, or if I hear you are launching mental of physical Jihad on God's people of ANY variety, I will post what I learn about you here for the Echelon Dictionary to grab and send to the Feds. I intend to make it very clear to the Feds that there is a ground swell of murder in the hearts of TBN, Fundamental Baptists, tax rebels, Coalition on Revival, the Militia, Patriots, Mormons, Hindus, Muslims, Libertarians, on and on ad nauseum.

I will now make a statement that will shock you-- it shocks me that I have to come to this point in my thinking.



I have changed my views on this subject after seeing the beating of Louis Gererro (see photo for evidence of the loving ministry of the Thompson twins) by the jerk preachers in Austin, Texas, after seeing the video of Benny Hinn and Paul Crouch saying they are looking in the Bible for approval to machine gun their detractors, of seeing Jerry The Jerk Falwell join Mr. Moon who makes his followers drink his blood, and since seeing Kim Clements and these Sophomore Mormons rage with murder in their hearts. Phelps and his death wish on sodomites, as well as Greg Dixon's lust to destroy the US Government, also contribute to my experience with murder mongers.

Mike Huckabee is a close friend of many Coalition On Revival leaders. COR calls for the execution of all who stand in the way of their Reconstructionist movement to bring in the Kingdom of Messiah by force. They opening talk of revolution in the USA. COR leaders have made it clear that they are willing to set aside doctrinal differences to overthrow the US Government and put themselves in power. I saw how this worked in Uganda- while the self-righteous militia was chasing the President out of Uganda, Idi Amin walked into State House in Kampala and declared himself President and Field Marshall. What followed is history- mass genocide of minority tribes and Christians.

They are all cur dogs who roll over and pee on themselves when a real man rebukes them. But, when a bunch of cur dogs start running together, watch out. If these murderous demon possessed animalistic groups ever join forces, and if per chance they find some mongrel doctrine to justify joining with Al Qaeda, we will have a full blown revolution in the USA, and ALL Bible believers who decline to participate will be massacred.

George Bush is painted in the image of Adolph Hitler. I fell for this imagery at first. There are parallels that deceive a person. But, now I see that the rabble from the killer Bible waving forces only need a man to rise up and make the dynamic and nationalistic exaltation of the "old way," the "old religion," and the "old days of morality," as Hitler did. Bush is not doing this. Jesse Ventura could do it, and so could a dozen other flaming fools on the right.

So, if George Bush or Hillary Clinton were to declare the Executive Powers Act, it would be the fault of the mad dog right, and I would be delighted for the sense of order that would be imposed by high tech power from above.

Psalms 22:20 Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog.

Romans 13:2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

You say you are born again. You are not, according to the above verse. You are damned to hell.

Let me be very blunt-- I would prefer a Liberal Marxist government any day, rather than see the USA fall into the hands of Fundamental Baptists like Hank Thompson, Fred Phelps, Greg Dixon, Muike Huckabee, Kent Hovind, the Sword of the Lord, and W.N. Otwell of Fort Worth. In fact, the bully tactics of these men, and a thousand other Baptist bastard preachers, remind me of Adolph Hitler a lot more than any Liberal Democrat.

Pray for a Philadelphian alternative as we come to the end of the age.

Presbyterian Church- USA is totally involved supporting Islamic terror. You need to see that there are church groups who love to see killing and death. In the case of the PCUSA, these Satanists want to see Israelis killed by suicide bombers.