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Steve Van Nattan






By Steve Van Nattan

Will anyone help Billy survive puberty
and become a Christ honoring man?


America, and the rest of he Anglo Saxon world, is in its second generation of sissy men. These men have been subjected to the likes of Gloria Steinem in the 1960s, and soon afterward by Angela Davis. In modern times the feminazy message has been promoted by even Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the US Supreme Court.

Thus, this article is directed to pastors and fathers who may very well have been made into warm slobbery puppies, and they are raising boys who will be twice the child of Hell they are. The only solution is for Daddy, and you preachers, to repent of being sissy men, and you need to start exalting manliness in your homes and churches, AND in your boys.

If you will not make this change on purpose, you will have faggots for sons, and your daughters will be mean mammas flogging their husbands into submission.

Let us look at the battle for your boy.


1. The Culture and Society Attack Boys Where they are Already Weak

Billy is twelve years old. He long ago became exposed to pornography from other boys his age who watched it online. He watches porn a lot, and right about now he has started going through puberty. He is a hormonal mess, like all normal boys have been at this age. But, Billy's mind has been reprogrammed to focus on sex, and he knows more about sexual acts than his Dad. Billy is now able to start a new stage of life, and the girls around him are not yet to that point.

While he has no idea what is driving him along, he feels an intense urge to find a sexual partner, some girl with whom he can duplicate all the perverted porn sex acts he has seen. He assumes this is "love." Sex is everywhere. It is on his computer, his phone, on Facebook, and it is on TV. On top of this, his school has brought a sodomite to talk to his class and tell him how cool it is to suck on another man's penis. Back to the laptop, and he moves on to sodomite porn.

Finally, to make matters unbearable, the girls at school have been dressed up by their mothers to look like strippers. These girls have seen the TV shows of women behaving like whores, and though these girls have no idea the effect it has on the boys, they emulate these whores from Hollywood, and they listen to the sex music on the radio. The girl's Daddy lets Momma take charge of his daughter, and in many cases, Daddy learns to lust after his own daughter.

Meanwhile, the school and society hammer Billy with the message that he must not treat girls simply as a sexual object, and he dare not make any moves toward the girls that would be considered "sexist," a term he does not even understand.

Billy loses it one day, and he "puts the make" on a young lady at school. He is accused by the little whore, and he ends up suspended from school for being a misogynist and sex maniac. This drives Billy mad, and he determines to find another way to take care of his hormone urges. And thus, we have another boy ready to visit the bath houses in the Castro District in San Francisco.

And, Mommy stands and weeps and asks for prayer for Billy during the next Wednesday night prayer meeting. And, everyone wonders how "our Billy" could become a sex pervert.

Then again, suppose Billy manages to apply the teaching he heard at home and church, which is rare from most slow bellied preachers. Billy avoids porn, he learns to control his sexual urges by masturbating before going to school, and he lives what appears to be a godly life. He is still driven nearly mad because all the other boys, and the girls, will mock him for not diving into sexual lust with the mob. And, worse, Billy's Dad is not paying any attention, and Billy's pastor is a high minded type with no time to talk to boys about life.

With the storm of hormone changes in Billy, it is wicked to expect him to live a godly life with no help and no fellowship in the battle. And, Billy's pastor makes no contribution to Billy's personal victory in life other than to blast sodomy from time to time.

Are YOU Billy's pastor, sir?

Are YOU Billy's Daddy, sir?


2. Boys Have No Role Models, at Home or in the Outside World

Seventeen million kids grow up without a father. In Black American homes 70 to 80% of all kids have no father at home. Black kids do have mothers, and they have female teachers by and large. For some reason, Black kids do have grandmothers and grandfathers, and they often raise the kids for the working Mom. So, the only man around home with whom a Black boy can relate is an older man who has slowed down and does not have the energy or creativity to challenge the boy and take him to adventures in life. The boy thus grows up with no mechanical skills and no manly self-image. He then drifts toward other boys who grew up in the same setting, and they all celebrate their miseries. The Black boy soon has real friends who introduce him to drugs and whores.

Girls in the modern world do have plenty of female role models, and that is great. But, these role models are nannies and nags in the eyes of the boys.

In homes ruled by a feminazi wife, the boy may not have a worthy male role model because his Daddy is a cur dog cowering at the heels of a mean Mamma. In an alleged Christian home this is all too often true because Mamma runs the religion, and Daddy is a spiritual slow belly, often not attending some church activities while Mamma leads the kids to church.

What is really a miserable aspect of modern culture is all the fathers who do stay home, but they refuse to participate in their boy's journey to manhood. They may take the boy to some church and school activities, but they do not play ball and go fishing with the boy. The boy thus never has his Daddy all to himself, that special place where a boy can ask, "Daddy, why does my Peter get hard in the morning?" So, the boy asks other boys at school, and the door to cultural myths and filthy ideas is opened. Even worse, he may ask his sodomite teacher, and, Lord have mercy on that young boy.

This boy may get help from Mommy, but probably not with things that are man to man discussions. Thus, the boy learns about the world he lives in from TV or the Internet, and he soon learns that his friends watch porn and seem to know a lot of things he does not know about. He will also see rappers and movie stars, some of whom are marketed as superheroes. His idea of a real man soon becomes a man who is a thug most of the time, uses ladies as sex toys, and at the very end of the scenario the thug does some banal good deed.

This cultural pattern has been in progress for a long time folks. Here is a song done by Gene Watson celebrating the life of a boy without a Daddy. I believe this song was popular in the early 1970s.

Is there a boy in your neighborhood or church who has the same swagger and lingo as Silvanus Slim? What are you going to do about it, sir? Is that boy, by any chance, right there in your home? If so, you have failed to be a biblical father, and you need to do some serious repentance and make a lot more time for you son, mister. Some of you Dads will not be involved in your son coming to manhood until you stand before a judge and try to convince him that, "Billy is really a good boy, your Honor."


3. Girls are Pampered by The Culture at the Expense of Boys

How many girls have you known who were called "Princess?" This, and other such exalted titles, are used for girls, but you never heard a boy addressed as "Prince."

When a boy sees girls and women pampered and treated like they are entitled to special privileges, he turns on girls and women in resentment. Either that, or he learns to be a girlie boy, and later a sissy cur dog of a man who rolls over and pees on himself every time a woman enters his life. And, all the time, he is sexually stalking them in his imagination. That is, if he is not becoming a sodomite.

Girls are not smarter, on average, then boys. So, why do girls do better than boys in school? First, they have almost always got female teachers who relate to girls better than boys. Some teachers make no effort to hide their preference for girls, and some of these teachers are lesbians.

Why is this? Answer: The classroom, from the lowest grades, is arranged to be quiet and calm, and those who comply are rewarded and treated to advantages. Boys are boisterous and rowdy and full of pent up energy. They cannot sit still, and if this gets too advanced the boy will soon be designated with ADHD and put on Ridalin. What is really happening is that the boy is diagnosed as abnormal for being a boy.

I have seen this when I did a lot of substitute teaching in California. Nearly all the students on some drug to calm them down were boys. I had one boy in and Educationally Handicapped class who had to run around the quad every twenty minutes. If I let him do that, he could finish all his math and other assignments. Someone had learned how to deal with him as a boy instead of as a mental case.

The boy soon learns that he is a social misfit and youthful criminal because he is a boy. No one dares say it just that way, but every time he does a boy thing, he gets into trouble. So, do you wonder why so many boys drop out of school or get expelled? Schools need to change from memorizing facts to challenging kids to think, debate, and adventure into the unknown. There needs to be action and movement in learning. This sounds insane to you because you instinctively assume that real learning is done in a dead silent room by memorizing the dates when William the Conqueror crossed the English Channel to whip the British and rule England from Normandy. [By the way, it was in 1066, but who in blazes cares. Tell us boys about William the Bastard and why he was called a Bastard. THAT is boy stuff.]


While the schools do not openly look for girls over boys, they look for children who can deal with an environment designed around girls' emotional and social behavior. So, boys will always be failing and dropping out and taking their drugs. Does this help us understand why boys get into illegal drugs later? Are boys being conditioned to believe that they must live on drugs to cope as men? Hmmm

Sadly, churches, especially in Sunday School, create the same girlie environment and demand that boys behave and adjust to it.

I had a class of fourth and fifth grade boys in Sunday School while I was going to college. I thought I was pretty much a failure as a teacher because the boys would come into class every Sunday and start talking about some horror movie they saw the night before. Or, they would ask me about some weird and ugly aspect of everyday life. I would answer their questions, and finally, the last ten minutes of class, I would get in a couple of licks from the Bible lesson. The strange thing though, was that those boys loved me and thought I was a great theologian. Years later, I realized those boys were talking to a man for the first time all week, and I listened and tried to answer questions. If I had had girls in the class, instead of just boys, I would have probably lowered the boom on the boys and demanded more order. And, they would have forgotten me at once. And, they would have learned nothing about the Bible either.

When the men are talking during church dinners, do they welcome the boys to sit and listen to man talk? If not, close down your church. It is a spiritual slum and needs to be eradicated. Some of my best memories were when Dad let me go with him to the general store and sit on the porch and listen to the old men gossip. I still love to sit with hunters and farmers and listen to them gossip about each other and brag on the biggest coon they every shot.

Finally, are you making your home a girls' campus where perfect manners and order must prevail? Are your sons able to be boys while your daughters are able to be girls? My older son totally depended on his older sister to give the final verdict on his wardrobe choices, especially on Sunday. We did not encourage this. It just happened. That was because my son figured his sister was the expert at clothing combinations. He could be a boy though in all other areas. He dug holes in the back yard, some of which were real hazard zones. He went fishing at the creek on his own. And, when we moved to the house, his bedroom had a wretched looking carpet. Rather than replace it, I built a work bench against one wall, and he fixed things and dismantled every toy he owned and put them back together. The carpet was not going to stop me from letting my boy be a boy.


4. Masculinity is Mocked and Marginalized

How many times have you heard what seems to be decent people having a good time, and some woman says, "That's just like a man." But, if you say, "That's just like a woman," the room goes silent, right? Even what seems like innocent talk is governed by political correctness, and the boys standing around learn that they are the enemy of the culture.

The implication of the sign in the photo is that men devour women. This is what boys are told about themselves in school and by society and the medio. Photo sourced from Wiki Commons

Who is responsible for this? Answer: The worst enemy is the boy's school teacher. Next comes the Internet. Open society even has moments when boys hear or see women denigrating boys or men. Finally, the boy may have a "good godly Christian woman" for a mother who nags him regularly to be careful about allegedly sexist talk and PC offenses. Dad just sits and lets Mom lay down the rules and regulations of everyday interaction with society. It is even possible that the boy gets nagged at the church house by faminazi women in the congregation who are constantly cautioning people about PC issues. And, 85% of the time, the PC issues involve men and how they treat women.

The boy concludes that he, and all men, are innately born mean and sexist. He learns to fear being manly, and he is often rewarded for his sissy personality by being commended by wretched hags in his family, or at church, for his good girlie conduct. Thus, he either learns to hate the system, or he becomes a faggot. And, that means he hates church. Meditate on THAT, preacher. Do you have nagging biddies in your assembly who are driving young boys out the back door with their propaganda? So, what are you going to do about it? Maybe you need to ask your wife's permission to be manly, right? How many boys have you lost because you are a sissy wimp of a preacher? Your soft hands and fat belly are the product of a Roly Poly loser, sir. One way to lose that fat belly of yours is to take that sissy boy in the church fishing or hiking or to a NASCAR race.

One of the men I remember with the best feelings was a missionary teacher in our boarding school in Kenya. He would take a group of us boys on hikes, and we went far away and hiked into areas that none of us, including that man, knew anything about. We knew when he took us on a hike, weird and exciting things might happen. One time we discovered a Mau Mau terrorist hide out in a bamboo forest. Another time we returned to the school through the ranch of a Kenya White Settler couple who had us stop and have a tall glass of lemonade. Another time we found a puff adder, which is capable of killing a person with its venom. Furthermore, I really tried to please that man when he taught me trigonometry and solid geometry. I did not try hard for many of my teachers, but I did for him.

Once a boy is broken and whipped, like a wild horse, he will stay broken. That is why we have a whole generation of men your age, Daddy, who are broken men and behave like cur dogs in the presence of their wives. If you are one of them, you need a whole make over by the Holy Spirit of God. You need to get into the Bible, and read the stories of real men. If you keep peeing all over yourself when you wife barks at you, your son will become a sodomite or worse. I am told that every mass killer so far, in the USA, has been a boy who grew up without a father. THINK


Here are some things pastors and Dads can do
to make men out of their boys.

1. Help your boy become a voracious reader. Find him books on exploration, big game hunting, prisoner of war escapes, and about the old West. Start with books by J. Frank Dobie and Teddy Roosevelt's book on his game safaris in Africa. Find stories about the old early missionaries before 1920. Modern missionary stories are often about soft sissy missionaries playing games with nationals. Rather than buying you son an I-phone, buy them a Kindle, and learn to load good books onto it from The Wayback Machine, and Gutenburg Project. Do not settle for the movie version of these books. Hollywood always warps the story and fills it with naked women.

2. You may wonder why I put faith in Jesus Christ in second place. While confession of Christ is top priority for any boy, it is not possible to really understand the Gospel until you can read it for yourself. We talk about "the age of accountability," but accountability runs in the same race as learning to read. No boy can have victory over the culture, the profane message of the schools and the media, until he is born again, and God put it all in writing for us.

1 John 5:2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments.
3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.
4 For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
5 Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?

Only a born again Christian, living by faith in Jesus Christ, will overcome the world. Your boy needs to be regularly reminded of this fact.

And, to prove my point aout needing to READ the Gospel.....

John 20:31 But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.

It is very typical that people who claim to have been born again without reading the Gospel for themselves are fake Christians. They responded emotionally to an invitation to take a walk down the aisle, but they have never fleshed out the real Jesus and his works, life, and death and resurrection for themselves by reading the Gospels. If salvation could be acquired by word of mouth, why did God give us such a huge book written over thousands of years? If you don't understand the power of reading, GOD DOES. I suggest you use the King James Bible as his reading primer. It has been found to be the only Bible in our day which is at a 12th grade reading level. What do you want in the end, a Dick and Jane boy, or a son of the Monarch?

Teach your boy how to go to the Bible to find answers all the lies and propaganda of society. Get a Bible search program, and look for answers to daily issues. Check up on the pastor to see if he used a Bible quote correctly. Your son needs to learn to do more than just read the Bible. He needs to study it (2 Timothy 2:15). He especially needs his Daddy to show him all the manly men in the Bible who were exceptional at living a robust and vigorous life. Examples would be Moses, David, Jonathan, Peter, Paul, but especially Jesus.

3. Find a godly older man in your area who will take time to teach your son a skill which you, Dad, do not have. This will help him see the world as larger than his home and family. My older son learned to build fishing rods from a perfectionist woodsman, and he can always fall back on that skill if he needs work desperately. My other son took photography lessons from a local photographer. Instead of letting your son dive into cyberspace and become addicted to that warped world, buy an old beater pickup truck that runs well, and help him restore it. Never let your son coast in life. Make sure his world is getting larger and larger and manly all the way. And, include his sister in some of these adventures. Most Dads fail to realize that girls love a fair dose of the vigorous life also. A girl who knows how to change a tire on her car will make a lot better wife for a manly man than the lazy princess who sits for hours poking at her I-phone.

4. When possible take your son along when you are doing man things with your friends. For one thing, it will keep the other men from telling filthy jokes and getting into vicious gossip because a boy is present. Teach your son, BY EXAMPLE, that the vigorous life is the life of a real man. Once a year minimum take your son on an adventure hunting, hiking, or fishing. Do not carelessly send you boy along with another man unless he is spotless as to his personal life. Also, beware of sissy pastors and youth leaders. Some are sex perverts, but most have pretty soft hands and have no zeal to see the boys in their church think for themselves as manly. They want good little girlie boys who learn to tithe and connect the dots.

5. Get the boys down to the second row, preacher. Put them to work on laptops finding proof texts and searching for key words for cross references as you preach. If you cannot make a place for boys in your teaching time, please go sell insurance, sir. You are a loser. Some boy you get to digging into the Word could one day be preaching your funeral if you do this right.

6. Treat your wife like a special lady in front of your son. Also, teach your son to be a gentleman, open doors for ladies, and dress well. This is not a Baptist standard thing. This is based on the principle that a man should make any lady in his company look good because she has only manly gentlemen for friends. All the girls are crazy for a sharp dressed man. That is still true in spite of what you may see at the local restaurant and super market.

7. If your boy's school is a girlie kingdom where sodomy and trannyism is being exalted, bring the boy home and teach him there. If you will not make a way to do this by making changes in what YOU prefer to do, then plan on going to your son's wedding to another faggot a few years from now.

8. Find a church where the pastor and youth leader are manly but not bedding down the ladies of the church on the sly. Make sure the men in that church talk about man things freely without their wives butting in.

9. Teach your son to hunt, fish, and shoot guns. Manly activities are what that boy needs, and if this is all alien to your preferences, then YOU change. Stop assuming your boy will grow up normally by living in a girlie sissy world..

10. Talk about sex and perversion with your son before the world teaches it to him. Describe sodomy and transexualism in a graphic way so that your son will be grossed out to the point of nearly vomiting. When I told my sons that sodomites lick each other's anus and poop in each other's mouth, they nearly puked. [Did you know that is true? If not, YOU are the one who needs some education, Daddy.] I had taught them that sex is given from God for a married man and woman to enjoy in love, so my graphic description of sodomite sex gave them a towering revulsion of sodomy. Make sure your son is not spending time with boys who are into porn and excessive gaming on the Internet. Put him to work doing things for other people who have needs, and join in yourself. A good Daddy LEADS his son to manhood.

11. Teach your son, by example, to reject and mock at political correctness. Use sarcasm and a manly attitude in front of your son to show him what a feminazi woman is like. On the other hand, do let your romantic side show toward your wife when your kids are around. Show your son that a real man loves his wife and treats all woman with honor and care because they are the "weaker vessel." Defend you wife and daughters vigorously, and let your son know that this is EXPECTED of a real man. Make it also clear that the woman is not the final authority in the home, and marriage is not a 50-50 proposition. It is a 100-100 percent relationship.

12. Let your son know that, in the ongoing feminized world, he will be mocked if he owns a Ford pickup truck and a chain saw. Teach him the manly men mock right back at the girlie men around them, especially when they are ridiculed for being manly. Your son should be known in the community and at church as a gentleman with the ladies and a man among vigorous men. In the vernacular, teach your son to kick ass with the mockers until they are in terror of him. We are not talking about his fists. We are talking about his mind and attitude.

13. If this is not working where you live, move to Texas, Montana, or Tennessee.

14. To pastors: Read the list above, and start headlining manly men in the Bible, beginning with Jesus. Show the manliness of Jesus, but also show his tenderness with women and children. Do manly things with your men and boys, like going hunting and running to auctions. Teach mothers to be in subjection to their own husbands, NOT to you. Make time for your men to gather and eat breakfast and chew the fat, and tell them to bring their sons. Stop worrying about whether the men are pious enough. It is a lot more important that your men and boys are manly enough and live a vigorous life. Finally, mock at Political Correctness, and slap down any nanny women in your church who try to butt in with comments about being PC. Run them and their cur dog husbands out the door if they will not submit to manly Bible teaching.

15. Train up a child:

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Here are seventeen kinds of women whom your son must avoid, and indeed, mock openly.

1. She says, “I am a strong independent woman.”

2. She makes it clear, “My career comes first.”

3. She says, “I don’t want to be ‘just a mom.” She also does not want to keep the home and let her husband earn the income.

4. She says, “I’m not a bra-burning Feminist, but I do think Feminism has been a good thing.” (This is akin to the argument: “Planned Parenthood does some good things so let’s not condemn it.”)

5. She scorns films that aren’t Bechdel-approved.

6. She insists on paying her half of the tab.

7. She looks down on courtesies that you provide, such as opening the door, driving, and paying, as insults.

8. She advocates government policies that promote sterilization, Planned Parenthood, no-fault divorce, slut-walks, women’s reproductive rights, etc.

9. Profuse profanity and mocks at men, even in humor. Every Feminist I have ever met has been generous with profanity. They love dropping the F-bomb, in particular. I suspect Feminists believe that this is “empowering” or makes them “like one of the guys.” In reality, it’s ugly and degrading.

10. She shows annoyance around babies or small children.

11. She makes fun of her father by mocking him. And, like unto it, her mother bosses her husband around.

12. She frequently uses the word “patriarchy,” but she is not referring to the bishops of Antioch, Moscow, or Constantinople.

13. She believes that women can teach men in church gatherings. She is bold to spout off during services and when men are gathered in man talk.

14. She finds fault with the pastor of the church in issues which you know speak of authority.

15. She dresses in manish clothing and has overly short hair. A woman who wants to look like a man is a lesbian at heart.

16. She walks and talks like a drill sergeant. She may also have a manish hair style.

17. She is terrified of guns. Find out why. Some childhood experience may have caused it. But, if this fear is based on the premise that guns cause death, she is an air head. Another issue: She disparages male cops who use force on criminals and trouble makers.

Get your son started early learning to sniff out these faminazis. Give him the same revulsion for them as you give him for sodomites because the vast majority of feminists are lesbians or approve of it. If you are too fair minded, tolerant, or sissified to turn your son against feminists, don't wail and howl when the boy brings home a mean mamma and tells you he wants to marry her.

Now, Daddy, let's see if you can train up your son to be manly and fear God.



By Matt Walsh

This article at this journal discusses the attacks now in progress against you and your kids in order to make sex perverts and sodomites of them.

Discuss this with your son.

Great article with some good suggestions.

As sodomites and Muslims get more rights, they become more physically bold and aggressive. You need to learn self-defense moves to neutralize them.


When I was around the age of 16, I had somewhat of a rebellious streak—perhaps it was my raging testosterone levels, or perhaps it was my righteous dissatisfaction with our absurd school system. Regardless, I recall an incident that happened between a teacher and I during my Junior year in high school.

I walked into my English class, on the very first day of school—the teacher was a tall man, a couple of inches over six foot, who must have weighed around 230. He was dressed in a pair of khakis, a button down dress shirt, and a tie… and for some reason, I thought it’d be a good idea to mess with him. I can’t remember what I said or did, but I vividly recall what happened afterwards.

He immediately pushed me up against the wall, and physically confronted me: “Listen, Bub—if you think you’re going to start trouble in my class, you’ve got another thing coming. Now you’re going to sit down in that chair, and show me the respect that I deserve. Do you understand?”

I was completely stunned—up to that point, I hadn’t even imagined that one of my teachers could do such a thing. I was used to a decade of female schoolteachers, who may have been able to control me when I was seven, but who could barely do anything to manage a class of rowdy high school boys. This man, for having the balls to confront me on my bullshit, had my respect. I sat down and did as I was told, and from then on it was smooth sailing.

I went on to have one of the best English classes that I’ve ever had in my entire life. I ended up getting a 99% in the class, and was his star pupil—I recall learning of the nature-loving philosophy of Thoreau, reading the cryptic, darkly poetic writings of Poe, and delving the depths of the human experience with Shakespeare’s Hamlet and King Lear. As much as I would’ve hated to admit it at the time, being physically confronted is what I needed. I needed an actual alpha male, for lack of a better term, to put my rebellious 16 year old dumbass in his place—and he did.



While I pastored a church in the High Desert in California, I did substitute teaching in about 20 public schools. My approach was to walk into the room, pull a bundle of referral slips to the office out of my portfolio, and start taking roll. If anyone lipped off, and it was usually a boy, I grabbed a referral slip and wrote the kid's name on it. They at once asked if I was going to send them to the office. I told them, "Not yet, but keep mouthing off, and that is where you go." When I sent a kid to the office I told the office to keep them, NOT send them back with a scolding. If the principal sent them back, I walked out of the class, told the office they did not really want my services, and I never went back. All the principals soon learned they could not mess with me either.

When a boy gave me grief, I made him stay after school and write sentences. They did not believe I would do that because they would miss their ride on the school bus. I told them not to worry, I would take them home. They were shocked that I would do that because some were far across the desert from my home. I made the investment a couple of times, and my reputation spread like wild fire.

Meanwhile, I never carried a grudge and showed them so. Every trouble maker started over from square one every time I came back to his class. By the time I left the High Desert, I had a whole passel of "bad boys" who were actually my personal friends, boys who would look me up and ask questions. One Catholic boy who was a trouble maker did a serious turn around and joined the Ligourian Society. I would have rather seen him born again and following Christ, but at least he was on his way to live a civilized life.

The punch line is this: I was a freak among the school teachers. They loved to see me substitute for them because they knew I would leave the class better than I found it as to discipline. But, they were repulsed by my manly way of handling students. And, I really enjoyed the teaching times, AND I was delighted as a pastor to be thought of as far too aggressive with the kids. I also had the reputation of being the ideal substitute teacher to take an Educationally Handicapped class. That is another whole story in itself. The EH kids loved me, and I considered that the highest compliment.

And, you may ask, "What did the girls learn from you?" They learned it was a very bad idea to try to be an attorney for a scum bag boy. They got the same treatment he got.

It is all about being tough and tender at the right times, and never back down. Boys loved it, and a bunch of them came to our church and dropped by my back yard for cookies and some man talk after school.



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